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Can someone enlighten me..... clarice May 2013 #1
no one ????? nt clarice May 2013 #2
I want to learn as well. This story came to me as a complete surprise. Fire Walk With Me May 2013 #4
Fire, I actually broke down and looked up a link. clarice May 2013 #8
Interesting, thank you! n/t Fire Walk With Me May 2013 #16
Sweden isn't part of the Netherlands. Or 'Netherland regions'. Matariki May 2013 #46
Apparently my geography is as poor as my awareness of their current goings-on. Fire Walk With Me May 2013 #60
:-) Matariki May 2013 #62
Sweden was an early adopter of neoliberalization. A lot of people still think Sweden is what it was HiPointDem May 2013 #34
And here I thought Sweden was perfect. Dreamer Tatum May 2013 #3
"And here I thought Sweden was perfect" Cali_Democrat May 2013 #5
It's one of the few countries used to contrast the bad ol' USA. Dreamer Tatum May 2013 #6
I don't get it. nt clarice May 2013 #7
All the countries you mentioned.... Cali_Democrat May 2013 #9
And as we speak, more rioters. nt Dreamer Tatum May 2013 #10
And how many deaths from the riots? Cali_Democrat May 2013 #11
Sweden, where even the riots are awesome. Dreamer Tatum May 2013 #13
Who said riots are awesome? Cali_Democrat May 2013 #14
Oh for fuck's sake Uzair May 2013 #54
apples to oranges. (no text) Quantess May 2013 #55
So the U.S. has nothing to learn from Swedish society? Blue_Tires May 2013 #27
Nope. Riots. MNBrewer May 2013 #29
that's because most americans don't know (because US media doesn't see fit to tell them) that HiPointDem May 2013 #35
Apparently the Swedish PM and Karl Rove are buddies. dixiegrrrrl May 2013 #32
Dam...how does that slime ball find work?! Rex May 2013 #49
He is the Prince of Darkness. Slime wannabees pay him big time for his tricks. dixiegrrrrl May 2013 #52
How cute. Rex May 2013 #45
This is terrible.. jessie04 May 2013 #12
That's not true. Quantess May 2013 #15
OK...why do you think they're rioting? jessie04 May 2013 #19
Why should Sweden elevate multiculturalism over geek tragedy May 2013 #20
It all started when Quantess May 2013 #21
it has less to do with multiculturalism than neoliberal economic policies. HiPointDem May 2013 #36
BINGO! Got it in one..... socialist_n_TN May 2013 #53
I wasn't aware leftynyc May 2013 #17
I don't know, but clarice May 2013 #18
I have no idea leftynyc May 2013 #24
Sweden. nt clarice May 2013 #42
Also, There are no "poor jobs" in Sweden, due to high minimum wage Quantess May 2013 #22
Spending on welfare benefits such as pensions, unemployment and incapacity assistance has fallen HiPointDem May 2013 #37
That's nice to know. However, I was on the topic of wages, welfare, and student aid. Quantess May 2013 #38
and i was responding to your comment about how they get welfare if they don't get a job. HiPointDem May 2013 #39
I'm not sure what is supposed to be so compelling about those figures. Quantess May 2013 #40
OECD nations include greece, hungary, spain, turkey, portugal, poland, mexico, estonia, hungary, HiPointDem May 2013 #41
This is interesting. Quantess May 2013 #43
"60 Minutes" did a recent story on Afghan boys moondust May 2013 #23
That's a shitty reason to emigrate leftynyc May 2013 #25
It is. moondust May 2013 #26
To be fair, when you're poor and your country is mired in shit Blue_Tires May 2013 #31
I have no problem with immigration leftynyc May 2013 #33
Total bullshit. Daniel537 May 2013 #44
Yep, well said eissa May 2013 #47
or possibly things have changed in sweden since the 60s. HiPointDem May 2013 #48
The '60s? Oh please. Quantess May 2013 #51
maybe if you paid attention to the conversation....you might get it. nothing to do with pot. HiPointDem May 2013 #56
Curious... what do you think about the lengthy response I wrote to you downthread? Quantess May 2013 #57
i haven't seen it yet. HiPointDem May 2013 #58
Oops I meant upthread. Quantess May 2013 #59
you mean this one? HiPointDem May 2013 #63
WTF are you insinuating?! Quantess May 2013 #61
what is this something that i don't feel comfortable talking about? i have no idea what you mean. HiPointDem May 2013 #64
That is completely true! Quantess May 2013 #50
They'd faint then Aerows May 2013 #28
Message auto-removed Name removed May 2013 #30
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