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Tue May 28, 2013, 04:25 PM May 2013

DU Pet Survey: What is your Pet? [View all]

This discussion thread was locked as off-topic by UnderReviewFor3Years (a host of the General Discussion forum).

Hi all, there have been several posts about dog and cats lately and I wondered what critters DUers have for pets.

I have a cat. And here he is stalking a Mockingbird.

Thread updated to delete farm animals and add rabbits. Forgot about the bunnies. Oops!

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20 (48%)
13 (31%)
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1 (2%)
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0 (0%)
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Other - Farm, Wild, etc.
1 (2%)
A variety of critters from several categories mentioned above.
7 (17%)
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DU Pet Survey: What is your Pet? [View all] devilgrrl May 2013 OP
Currently caretaking for the oldest damn cat I've ever seen Scootaloo May 2013 #1
My cat was born in '96. :D She's a crotchety lil' thing. LOL. Butterbean May 2013 #8
I have an old, ornery cat Aerows May 2013 #26
3 kittah's at present SteveG May 2013 #53
Dog, cat, lizard, rat. The box turtle escaped into the woods. Buzz Clik May 2013 #2
My progression was hamster, rat, ferret, cat, dog, dog. tridim May 2013 #3
my pets are all deceased ATM Motown_Johnny May 2013 #4
c'mon johnny...some critter at the pound is VERY ready to meet you!! DonRedwood May 2013 #22
You are correct Motown_Johnny May 2013 #48
We lost Tikki (the dog) last year...this year will not pass before we get a new dog.... Tikki May 2013 #41
2 cats Borchkins May 2013 #5
Three dogs and a hamster. femmocrat May 2013 #6
I rescue dogs- ruffburr May 2013 #7
heya ruffburr, welcome to DU! DonRedwood May 2013 #23
if this was free repubic olddots May 2013 #9
I'd bet good money that dogs would be far more prevalent than cats there. Arugula Latte May 2013 #10
Oh, Please Coyote_Bandit May 2013 #20
I have two cats in the yard(life used to be so hard) JitterbugPerfume May 2013 #11
I only have one kitty right now. Arkansas Granny May 2013 #12
One Golden Retriever. n/t Earth_First May 2013 #13
I voted cats Polly Hennessey May 2013 #14
A variety ...... H2O Man May 2013 #15
I have 2 cats; roomie has 2 cats meow2u3 May 2013 #16
. baldguy May 2013 #17
Two indoor cats, 15 outdoor cats, 10 outdoor dogs, and several wild chickens DJ13 May 2013 #18
wow. two rescue cats here Liberal_in_LA May 2013 #57
I have two cats. I'm more of a dog person but my dog died just before I inherited two cats Raine May 2013 #19
I voted Cats... Ohio Joe May 2013 #21
Does my youngest grandchild count? Skidmore May 2013 #24
This message was self-deleted by its author PotatoChip May 2013 #25
5 cats! hrmjustin May 2013 #27
We have five dogs and an African Grey parrot. xtraxritical May 2013 #28
Fish... surrealAmerican May 2013 #29
What about a cat that acts like a dog? sakabatou May 2013 #30
3 cats, a dog, and 14-year-old boy. ScreamingMeemie May 2013 #31
We have three kitties and a dove. countryjake May 2013 #32
at the moment, 2 indoor only cats. One is like a Russian Blue cat adopted from shelter graham4anything May 2013 #33
cats - rescued strays and ferals Loup Garou May 2013 #34
Two guinea pigs. MichaelMcGuire May 2013 #35
Fish, Rat, Cat, Bunny... n2doc May 2013 #36
I have 7 cats and a dog. MrSlayer May 2013 #37
one cat and one dog La Lioness Priyanka May 2013 #38
Down to just one dog for now... Phentex May 2013 #39
At the moment, 2 dogs and a Rabbit... defacto7 May 2013 #40
two cats from the humane shelter MrYikes May 2013 #42
2 cats, 1 dog. All awesome. RedCappedBandit May 2013 #43
My cat protected us from a poisonous centipede last night. Bonobo May 2013 #44
3 cats NV Whino May 2013 #45
Three Himalayans, rescued from hoarders 8/9 years ago. Now I need to find another home for them due Mnemosyne May 2013 #46
two cats and undergroundpanther May 2013 #47
3 rescued cats Freddie May 2013 #49
We have six cats. City Lights May 2013 #50
that lizard on mars arely staircase May 2013 #51
Five parrots sarge43 May 2013 #52
Two cats, one dog Canuckistanian May 2013 #54
I have three house spiders. Does that count? Buns_of_Fire May 2013 #55
3 dogs a la izquierda May 2013 #56
2 dogs and a cat... one_voice May 2013 #58
HAD dog, that is. elleng May 2013 #59
4 cats & 3 dogs giftedgirl77 May 2013 #60
Sorry folks, we need to keep pets out of GD. Unless you have a current pet event, they really do not bettyellen May 2013 #61
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