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38. I was born and raised in that state
Wed May 29, 2013, 10:44 PM
May 2013

and take it from me, nothing on this earth will keep some redneck from going home, getting a gun, and hunting you down with it. Whatever the law says and however it is interpreted will make no difference whatsoever. Even if they make it double secret illegal there will be guns in cars on employers parking lots.

The AG may or may not be full of shit, but they'll figure it out eventually. And the NRA will be there to litigate it with money they hoover out of people's pockets because of all the confusion.

I'll say it again: Your employer doesn't have the right to tell you what to have stored in your own property no matter where you park it. It may be legal to do so, but that doesn't make it right. I'm arguing the principle, not the law. The banksters didn't have the right to run the economy of the entire planet off a cliff either, but we wound up paying them to do it. This is a conflict of property rights issue. Can your employer tell what you can and cannot have in your car? Since you need a job, it's not right for them to use their power over your financial welfare to tell you what you can store on your own property. To do so is using the power of their property to trump your property rights and make you pay for it by compromising your time and security. Money wins again.

Here's an interesting book -

An eye-opening look at the phenomenon of school and workplace shootings in America, Going Postal explores the rage-murder phenomenon that has plagued — and baffled — America for the last three decades, and offers some provocative answers to the oft-asked question, "Why?" By juxtaposing the historical place of rage in America with the social climate that has existed since the 1980s — when Reaganomics began to widen the gap between executive and average-worker earnings — the author crafts a convincing argument that these schoolyard and office massacres can be seen as modern-day slave rebellions. He presents many fascinating and unexpected cases in detail. Like slave rebellions, these massacres are doomed, gory, sometimes even inadvertently comic, and grossly misunderstood. Taking up where Bowling for Columbine left off, this book seeks to set these murders in their proper context and thereby reveal their meaning.

When some guy loses his shit and shoots up his office, there will be a million reasons for his actions, not one of which alone would cause him to snap. But the accumulated injustices, slights, insults, dirty deals, manipulations, and all around fucking over by the 1% causes a tiny percent of people to go apeshit and do something violent and bloody. And when it happens everybody asks why and in response entire industries make money providing easy answers to complex problems that do nothing but tell people what they want to hear. And those industries are owned by the 1% as well.
Is The Pop-Corn Franchise Available, Sir? The Magistrate May 2013 #1
The invisible hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. Robb May 2013 #4
Sure, extra butter is $0.75. Initech May 2013 #42
It seems that the store owner's property rights trump the gun-owner's carrying rights. antigone382 May 2013 #2
No.. it's about car owner property rights v employers. X_Digger May 2013 #5
But employers DO have billh58 May 2013 #7
So you'd be cool with a 'no bibles' or 'no DU bumperstickers' rule? How about.. X_Digger May 2013 #8
I didn't say that billh58 May 2013 #9
You didn't say it.. then you proceed to say it. LOL! X_Digger May 2013 #10
Not in Tennessee. And other employment-at-will states. Robb May 2013 #11
You're basing this on an AG's opinion in an untested premise? Okaay. X_Digger May 2013 #19
You gunners are certainly billh58 May 2013 #12
LOL, if you say so. X_Digger May 2013 #16
If you say so billh58 May 2013 #26
Any reason? Think again. X_Digger May 2013 #29
In a right to work billh58 May 2013 #31
Ahh, but 'no reason' is not 'for any reason' as you said. X_Digger May 2013 #32
Not walking anything billh58 May 2013 #35
This message was self-deleted by its author friendly_iconoclast May 2013 #40
You should walk it back, as he was correct and you were not friendly_iconoclast May 2013 #43
So there are no EEOC charges in those states? Fascinating. ;) n/t X_Digger May 2013 #44
"At will employment" means you can be fired for any unprotected reason. Brickbat May 2013 #36
You are misstating the law. former9thward May 2013 #34
Define objectionable. rrneck May 2013 #28
And again, we are billh58 May 2013 #33
I was born and raised in that state rrneck May 2013 #38
Growing up the sixties... discntnt_irny_srcsm Jun 2013 #46
The clear intent of billh58 May 2013 #3
Hah! Search Google News for: fired employee "returned with a gun"... friendly_iconoclast May 2013 #13
How many does it say billh58 May 2013 #18
That also means there's no way to gague the effectiveness of bans on guns in parking lots. friendly_iconoclast May 2013 #23
Let's see now billh58 May 2013 #30
Inconveniencing people "for the public good"-where else have we seen such a mindset? Oh yeah: friendly_iconoclast May 2013 #39
Right. What could possibly go wrong as a result of this bill? SharonAnn May 2013 #14
How many permit holders have been caught drinking? X_Digger May 2013 #21
The "If it only saves *one* life" meme is strong in this thread, isn't it? friendly_iconoclast May 2013 #25
That is disturbing, yep. X_Digger May 2013 #27
Carrying guns in bars is legal in quite a few states, actually. friendly_iconoclast May 2013 #24
Hmmm. Employees will be packing heat on their employer's property. madinmaryland May 2013 #6
Indeed, Sir The Magistrate May 2013 #15
Also, Sir madinmaryland May 2013 #17
If We Are To Have An Armed Populace, Sir The Magistrate May 2013 #20
This is the law in several right to work states. aikoaiko May 2013 #22
Um, you can have it both ways. You can't fire people due to race, even in states with at will laws The Straight Story May 2013 #37
What you have stated billh58 May 2013 #45
Wow, billh58 May 2013 #41
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