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Mon Jun 10, 2013, 04:10 PM Jun 2013

hi from europe, i "love" watching "democrats" apologise for fascism! [View all]

hi all!
havent posted here in years.
figured i would check out how this hope we could believe in was doing.
im pretty stoked to see all these "democratic activists" making excuses for fascism, blaming the messenger, seeing conspiracies, the cognitive dissonance is deafening.
you can make excuses all you want, but if presidents can use executive privilege to break national and international law, can trample on the constitution, obama sure as hell could of used it to end this.
by the way, there was a pretty cool study done recently, If you pay them money, partisans will tell you the truth. why not google that?

has anyone actually looked at the prism slides?
200 billion pieces of data collected every month, and stored permanently, ready to be "rewound" when the government decides you are a target.
and a large part of that data is from targeting your allies, and much of it in europe.
has anyone actually stopped to think what this means for america, when european companies stop using american tech companies, are banned from storing data in the usa by the EU?
all these companies that cooperated with the NSA have broken european laws on data protection, and probably human rights laws too, the european commission has fined companies to the tune of billions of dollars for breaking european law in the past.

if the democrats are no different from the republicans, and you do nothing to stop this, the USA will become a pariah state.
how do you think it looks to the world when a whistleblower feels safer in china than in the usa?

have you heard the term "little eichmanns" before?
at least the german people had some excuse, but with modern communications, and access to the free press in foreign countries the american people have no excuse.

how will history view you now?
what action have you taken?

what are you all going to tell your children and grandchildren?
maybe its best this post is just deleted, and you can all go watch the opening number of the tony's award show again.

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That's a good point, but I didn't watch the opening number of the Tonys the first time el_bryanto Jun 2013 #1
"democratic activists" warrant46 Jun 2013 #46
gosh H2O Man Jun 2013 #2
Hey, Europe has no problems. nt geek tragedy Jun 2013 #4
Is Texas in Europe? H2O Man Jun 2013 #8
Paris and Lebanon are in Texas, as is Palestine. nt geek tragedy Jun 2013 #12
Okay. H2O Man Jun 2013 #40
You didn't get the memo? Uh, motto? freshwest Jun 2013 #108
Actually, sulphurdunn Jun 2013 #71
Virginia geek tragedy Jun 2013 #72
Minnesota sulphurdunn Jun 2013 #74
around the Möbius strip we go nt geek tragedy Jun 2013 #75
Euler characteristic equals sulphurdunn Jun 2013 #81
As is Athens.. n/t ReRe Jun 2013 #90
Athens is in Georgia, which was once part of geek tragedy Jun 2013 #91
Sorry... I misunderstood ... ReRe Jun 2013 #94
Was doing that too, mostly just engaging in absurdities nt geek tragedy Jun 2013 #95
ReRe, you are 100% correct. Indeed there is. Picture and information: freshwest Jun 2013 #111
Thanks, freshwest... ReRe Jun 2013 #126
Remember "We're not the jet set?" by George Jones and Tammy Wynette? Tanuki Jun 2013 #163
I remember tiny bits of that song, thanks for the lyrics! freshwest Jun 2013 #165
"The black-eyed pea capital of the world" Aerows Jun 2013 #186
The picture is much nicer than the town Horse with no Name Jun 2013 #219
Yeah, the city of Arlington, TX did pretty much the same thing... Raster Jun 2013 #230
Oh, don't worry, after spending 40 years of my life in TX, I know the underbelly of all of it. freshwest Jun 2013 #234
No. Athens is in Ohio. OilemFirchen Jun 2013 #99
Hell is in Michigan, but so is Paradise. dmr Jun 2013 #106
I think you just won the internets today Aerows Jun 2013 #110
This whole discussion is DUzy caliber! truebluegreen Jun 2013 #139
And there is... ReRe Jun 2013 #129
Don't forget Intercourse, Pennsylvania! Tanuki Jun 2013 #189
Hahaha! Cool! n/t ReRe Jun 2013 #190
How about, Blue Ball? jdadd Jun 2013 #233
Berlin is in Wisconsin - top that! AAO Jun 2013 #208
Kind of like it was in East and West Germany? nt geek tragedy Jun 2013 #211
I don't believe the WI Berlin has a wall. AAO Jun 2013 #212
How do they keep the FIBs out then? nt geek tragedy Jun 2013 #213
We welcome all people to the state, including our great neighbors to the south, in Illinois. AAO Jun 2013 #237
Challenge accepted! kentauros Jun 2013 #215
Holy Moley! Is that where they all escaped to after WWII? AAO Jun 2013 #238
You'd have to ask the feds about all those Operation Paperclip Germans... kentauros Jun 2013 #239
Berlin, on the other hand, is in New Jersey. name not needed Jun 2013 #92
Unless it is in New Hampshire. nt OrwellwasRight Jun 2013 #101
New Berlin H2O Man Jun 2013 #109
italy and moscow as well arely staircase Jun 2013 #119
Earth and Hell's Half Acre are in Texas, too. freshwest Jun 2013 #156
scotland, i think arely staircase Jun 2013 #116
OP posted like they're not spied on in Europe, and not just through software... Amonester Jun 2013 #164
And then there's the London CCTV system kentauros Jun 2013 #216
nice example of whataboutery, i have addressed this elsewhere Monkie Jun 2013 #223
Well, you Europeans are the inventors and high practicitioners geek tragedy Jun 2013 #3
true true Monkie Jun 2013 #22
Funny, I don't think a website like Democratic Underground geek tragedy Jun 2013 #24
Certainly it would have been tolerated. As long the messages touted the party line. GoneFishin Jun 2013 #43
Welcome to DU. aquart Jun 2013 #59
I think it would, so that they would know who to round up. wilsonbooks Jun 2013 #50
Welcome to DU. May your mind open like a flower. aquart Jun 2013 #58
Hell, the Stasi probably would have operated a site called Demokratische Untergrund Art_from_Ark Jun 2013 #82
How many DUers have been arrested for posting here? nt geek tragedy Jun 2013 #83
What's that got to do with anything? Art_from_Ark Jun 2013 #86
This ISN'T a phony state-sponsored dissident trap, it's an actual discussion board. nt geek tragedy Jun 2013 #87
Even if it were a privately operated discussion board in the old East Germany, Art_from_Ark Jun 2013 #89
You can of course, support your premise with peer-reviewed historical evidence LanternWaste Jun 2013 #93
Anecdotal evidence from a pen pal in East Germany Art_from_Ark Jun 2013 #153
How many open, public dissident forums existed in East Germany? geek tragedy Jun 2013 #195
No. It's the machinery for just such a state-sponsored dissident trap though. DisgustipatedinCA Jun 2013 #194
I guess the DU rule against crazy talk has been suspended. geek tragedy Jun 2013 #196
I said one thing and I very much believe it DisgustipatedinCA Jun 2013 #198
You said Democratic Underground is a latent dissident trap just waiting to be exploited geek tragedy Jun 2013 #199
No. No I did not. You may wish to read again. DisgustipatedinCA Jun 2013 #200
Here's what you said about DU geek tragedy Jun 2013 #201
I got it wrong and I apologize. My error was in the reading of your post #87 DisgustipatedinCA Jun 2013 #203
Ah, the conversation makes much more sense now. Peace, nt geek tragedy Jun 2013 #204
This message was self-deleted by its author Egalitarian Thug Jun 2013 #205
The error was mine. DisgustipatedinCA Jun 2013 #207
Your understanding is incorrect, but that person and I have figured out the source of the geek tragedy Jun 2013 #210
I think Skinner said it expired last Thursday. AAO Jun 2013 #209
This message was self-deleted by its author DisgustipatedinCA Jun 2013 #197
You would never be able to find out... n/t jtuck004 Jun 2013 #162
Stasi again! OilemFirchen Jun 2013 #102
Wow. That's a ridiculously broad brush you're using. Laelth Jun 2013 #47
Hey, the OP labels Americans a bunch of "little Eichmanns" geek tragedy Jun 2013 #69
I believe he was referring to the rabid authoritarians on this board whatchamacallit Jun 2013 #143
Little Eichmanns was coined to suggest that the victims geek tragedy Jun 2013 #145
dont lie because you have no factual arguments! Monkie Jun 2013 #174
You remain obnoxiously ignorant. geek tragedy Jun 2013 #180
i asked you to stop lying. Monkie Jun 2013 #184
"limitless spying on my friends" geek tragedy Jun 2013 #185
that is the claim, your government does not deny it is true, franken admitted it is so? Monkie Jun 2013 #191
of course there is spying, geek tragedy Jun 2013 #193
I "love" watching "europeans" create "straw men" emulatorloo Jun 2013 #5
I love to see progressive take what wingers say WITHOUT... WITHOUT question... Regards uponit7771 Jun 2013 #6
you know you are on the right side of the argument when donald trump is on your side ;) Monkie Jun 2013 #13
I don't give a shit what birther donald trump has to say Cha Jun 2013 #16
Actually The Donald is cutting it both ways marions ghost Jun 2013 #21
Uh-oh! That is a bad sign for sure, being on the same side as Trump. brush Jun 2013 #176
As opposed to Glennn Beck leftynyc Jun 2013 #217
So you arent a progressive? What are you? nm rhett o rick Jun 2013 #115
Thank goodness you took the time to post. Brickbat Jun 2013 #7
+ a million. Number23 Jun 2013 #98
This is my favorite post of this thread, thus far....! nt MADem Jun 2013 #154
Hope you are having fun RobertEarl Jun 2013 #9
I hear you. Tuck your tail and bow your head for the fundie Right. Lower... Ash_F Jun 2013 #29
I'd rather go down with honor Aerows Jun 2013 #76
They don't seem to understand they are killing their chances of a Democratic majority in 2014 Ash_F Jun 2013 #77
Pretty much Aerows Jun 2013 #79
So ProSense Jun 2013 #10
i checked in here because i remembered the outrage about bush Monkie Jun 2013 #15
I hate it when ProSense Jun 2013 #17
indeed, wonderful use of semantics by that right winger Hague Monkie Jun 2013 #25
Global Coverage:.UKUSA Agreement DevonRex Jun 2013 #61
Onyx: The Swiss Echelon System. Yes, Switzerland! DevonRex Jun 2013 #63
So you decided to insult us. maindawg Jun 2013 #68
Good post, maindawg brush Jun 2013 #183
I hate it more when our country does it. I don't live there, I live here. But nice turn off the main sabrina 1 Jun 2013 #36
OMG, Frechelon even!! DevonRex Jun 2013 #64
HOLD ON BrotherIvan Jun 2013 #149
Another thing, ProSense Jun 2013 #20
so they made it legal, big big deal Monkie Jun 2013 #31
No, they didn't "make it legal" ProSense Jun 2013 #35
And then Congress saved him by making his lawlessness legal. You always forget that part. sabrina 1 Jun 2013 #37
If DU is the last hope we have we are done for. n/t cui bono Jun 2013 #26
"you people" AsahinaKimi Jun 2013 #41
We will cover ourselves with sackcloth and ashes immediately! freshwest Jun 2013 #140
feel free to take some more time off olddots Jun 2013 #67
"You people...!!!!!" Could you be any more obvious? MADem Jun 2013 #155
MADem, oh, no uppity colonials, think they run the place. Bow to your ancestors! freshwest Jun 2013 #158
not content with defending the limitless spying on your friends, you are also the language police? Monkie Jun 2013 #171
Don't "you people" realize that words--and particular phrases--have specific meanings? MADem Jun 2013 #175
im sorry i had no idea? Monkie Jun 2013 #178
Sure. Whatever you say! MADem Jun 2013 #181
You missed insulting: "this place turn into freeperville" (quote from monkie) uppityperson Jun 2013 #23
Lots of inaccuracies in your post. Plus Google, Microsoft; Verizon are trending up on 5 day chart. BenzoDia Jun 2013 #11
Bwahahahaha...... zeemike Jun 2013 #57
;) BenzoDia Jun 2013 #62
Once you've stepped through the looking glass you find that there are many more Egalitarian Thug Jun 2013 #14
Oooof. Out comes the Eichmanns alcibiades_mystery Jun 2013 #18
Yeah, it was Churchill's way of saying they deserved to be burned alive, geek tragedy Jun 2013 #27
when the shoe fits? Monkie Jun 2013 #55
Yeah, it's a stupid expression, since Adolf Eichmann was deeply complicit and knowledgeable alcibiades_mystery Jun 2013 #80
I don't always post on DU, but when I do, MineralMan Jun 2013 #19
Stay quirky, my friend BeyondGeography Jun 2013 #30
+1 JustAnotherGen Jun 2013 #96
OMG, each post, better than the next! MADem Jun 2013 #157
It's embarrassing. Sorry. Laelth Jun 2013 #28
Thanks. Freedom. It's a big word, a vast concept all too JDPriestly Jun 2013 #32
Please define "fascism". What does that mean, in this context? pinto Jun 2013 #33
in my words? Monkie Jun 2013 #51
Excellent definition and reminder. zeemike Jun 2013 #60
Spot on Phlem Jun 2013 #66
+1 leftstreet Jun 2013 #132
Good explanation. Thanks. GoneFishin Jun 2013 #168
^^ Required reading ^^ harun Jun 2013 #188
How's that austerity working out for you? AtheistCrusader Jun 2013 #34
Real Democrats though? NoOneMan Jun 2013 #38
Very well said and.... TRoN33 Jun 2013 #39
It is truly depressing. Luminous Animal Jun 2013 #42
DURec...and thanks for posting a view from outside the bubble. bvar22 Jun 2013 #44
So True n/t warrant46 Jun 2013 #49
my apologies to those who dont close their eyes Monkie Jun 2013 #52
True, it must be hard to have to keep trying to defend the indensible so you have to sabrina 1 Jun 2013 #104
They have certainly worked themselves into an incoherent lather. bvar22 Jun 2013 #114
EU is going to stop using technology from US companies huh? JoePhilly Jun 2013 #45
Yes, because EU is so backward they don't know how to make things like that. zeemike Jun 2013 #65
Regardless of what you think about the OP... awoke_in_2003 Jun 2013 #105
You are confusing the propaganda of 20 years ago with the world today. Egalitarian Thug Jun 2013 #150
your post, by far, datasuspect Jun 2013 #173
Awe, you hurt my feelings. JoePhilly Jun 2013 #179
Uhhhh.... sibelian Jun 2013 #225
Well sweetie pie I'm telling them now that facism was brought to you buy republicans and their southernyankeebelle Jun 2013 #48
as a former expat who lived in Germany LittleGirl Jun 2013 #53
Hi from the USA with no apology Progressive dog Jun 2013 #54
Thats OK. I love watching people who dont have the facts make judgments! nt stevenleser Jun 2013 #56
Steven, it's a mental version fast tracking, isn't it? n/t freshwest Jun 2013 #159
Britain Has Cameras EVERYWHERE otohara Jun 2013 #70
Monkie Business kenichol Jun 2013 #73
Standing up for privacy Aerows Jun 2013 #78
Hope and Change.....Its.. ITS A COOKBOOK!!!! markiv Jun 2013 #84
Nothing like being lectured on privacy from the land of ubiquitous cameras and warrantless searches Recursion Jun 2013 #85
That you would find ANY equivalency between legislatively authorized, court reviewed grantcart Jun 2013 #88
KILLED It, grantcart. Harsh but every word true. Number23 Jun 2013 #100
of course you think grantcart's unhinged hyperbole is just awesome. boilerbabe Jun 2013 #112
So let me get this straight, the OP posts from Europe and that's just grand Number23 Jun 2013 #113
You aren't sitting in the USA Aerows Jun 2013 #117
I don't give a damn if I am sitting on Pluto Number23 Jun 2013 #120
Oh, so this doesn't affect you Aerows Jun 2013 #121
I'm sure you'll be deleting this gem of utter moronity soon. Number23 Jun 2013 #122
I heard there is some Aerows Jun 2013 #123
Sounds like if anyone would know, it'd be you Number23 Jun 2013 #125
LOL Aerows Jun 2013 #128
Call it quits? This is the stupidest conversation in this forum and it has been intiated Number23 Jun 2013 #130
Well, if anyone is going to exacerbate Aerows Jun 2013 #131
Two sentences is a diatribe??! LOL Somebody just learned a new word! Number23 Jun 2013 #133
I wound you up tight Aerows Jun 2013 #134
Verbal Pugilism Aerows Jun 2013 #136
Neither is Greenwald...nt SidDithers Jun 2013 #170
He won the thread, that's for sure. It's a sad thing to see the Idiocracy at DU. freshwest Jun 2013 #160
"It's a sad thing to see the Idiocracy at DU." Including my exchange above Number23 Jun 2013 #161
+1 uponit7771 Jun 2013 #124
++ People here get a little "zealous" defending their heroes. DirkGently Jun 2013 #97
It will go on record that DUers shouted N O usGovOwesUs3Trillion Jun 2013 #103
This may sound strange to you, but many view points are being expressed here. Are you only still_one Jun 2013 #107
hey not all of us are politician groupies. there aren plenty of lefties pissed just not on DU. boilerbabe Jun 2013 #118
Real "democrats" don't side with Lindsey Graham. ForgoTheConsequence Jun 2013 #127
"Little Eichmanns" b.durruti Jun 2013 #135
Hey Monkie. Glad you posted, cause I'm watching DU from the exact same perspective BelgianMadCow Jun 2013 #137
I'm embarrassed knowing that people in other nations browse here and are able to see how easily DisgustipatedinCA Jun 2013 #147
i have to believe there are people here who are paid to post positions which align them with ultra xiamiam Jun 2013 #232
Sadly, I can't disagree. Though, you are also living in a police state. n/t NoodleyAppendage Jun 2013 #138
I am surprised that a person can set foot in Europe without understanding what fascism is. nt bluestate10 Jun 2013 #141
We've had far worse. sibelian Jun 2013 #226
Europe, a land without upper case letters NoPasaran Jun 2013 #142
K&R'd! snot Jun 2013 #144
Your post is excellent, but please keep in mind woo me with science Jun 2013 #146
The back and forth is very important to them. sibelian Jun 2013 #172
I will tell them that I went with others now on DU to Sen Wellstones office kickysnana Jun 2013 #148
Was the German Democratic Republic fascist? BainsBane Jun 2013 #151
One favor, please (maybe it's already begun?). Start a movement for refugee status Egalitarian Thug Jun 2013 #152
"how do you think it looks to the world when a whistleblower feels safer in china than in the usa?" Cha Jun 2013 #166
Boy did you draw fire or what? fasttense Jun 2013 #167
Oh, and p.s., care to explain the difference in Free Speech between the US and Euro zone countries? stevenleser Jun 2013 #169
heard of the term whataboutery? this thread is about your government spying on me Monkie Jun 2013 #177
If you don't want to discuss civil liberties don't bring them up stevenleser Jun 2013 #182
the difference in free speech has nothing to do with limitless spying on your allies Monkie Jun 2013 #187
"there are considerable differences between the USA and ... europe concerning... Free Speech" stevenleser Jun 2013 #206
you are lying and this thread was about your governments limitless spying on its allies Monkie Jun 2013 #221
Nope, I'm not, and you know it. You have no standing to talk civil liberties. When you stevenleser Jun 2013 #228
i see elsewhere you are crowing that a torture apologist is going to smear snowdon Monkie Jun 2013 #229
I pulled this quote from "Time." brush Jun 2013 #192
What I tell my children proudly... Bonobo Jun 2013 #202
+1,000,000 n/t Catherina Jun 2013 #236
This is good to put out to the public, the somnolent public tavalon Jun 2013 #214
+1 nt Javaman Jun 2013 #218
I worked for the NSA FairWinds Jun 2013 #220
I'm heaven05 Jun 2013 #222
This message was self-deleted by its author devilgrrl Jun 2013 #224
in other words you are putting words in my mouth, address the issue! Monkie Jun 2013 #227
Excellent Post pmorlan1 Jun 2013 #231
Many poor Amer. have been speaking ... mntleo2 Jun 2013 #235
I'm with you 100% duuser5822 Jun 2013 #240
+1 uppityperson Jun 2013 #242
Hello there, you made a lot of good points, however, Europe is not a akbacchus_BC Jun 2013 #241
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