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Tue Jun 18, 2013, 01:22 PM Jun 2013

Do you believe the FBI and NSA when they say more than 50 plots were foiled by NSA surveillance? [View all]

51 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
10 (20%)
41 (80%)
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Here's more information regarding these claims: Cali_Democrat Jun 2013 #1
That one was also previously detected by other means. Proves Zip. leveymg Jun 2013 #5
. Hissyspit Jun 2013 #31
Interesting. Thanks for the link. n/t Cali_Democrat Jun 2013 #32
just think how many plots they could foil with surprise home inspections! unblock Jun 2013 #2
Ah yes Savannahmann Jun 2013 #8
Ridiculous Alex Jones-like exaggeration of Boston. Very pathetic. FSogol Jun 2013 #11
Ah I see. Savannahmann Jun 2013 #62
Comparing the actions of the LAPD against the actions of the Boston Police after the bombing FSogol Jun 2013 #64
I have seen the video, and I've seen similar and heard of similar through history. Savannahmann Jun 2013 #66
Kudos on Godwin. We either agree with you or we're Nazis? FSogol Jun 2013 #67
No, I answered your question. Savannahmann Jun 2013 #68
It's possible that I'm a government plant... MannyGoldstein Jun 2013 #77
If you prefer that sort of policing, then you are entitled to your opinion Savannahmann Jun 2013 #79
There was a guy on the loose, probably nearby, who'd MannyGoldstein Jun 2013 #80
A pretty reasonable response? Savannahmann Jun 2013 #90
Well, now I can see why you're so concerned. MannyGoldstein Jun 2013 #95
Exceptional post. nt Demo_Chris Jun 2013 #92
We can see good and happy citizens thanking the police right here. nt Demo_Chris Jun 2013 #91
Oopsie! Goin' off the deep end here, aren't we? longship Jun 2013 #53
+1 True dat. n/t FSogol Jun 2013 #65
yes and no... allin99 Jun 2013 #3
So far, every single incident has proven to be plots already known to US intel. leveymg Jun 2013 #4
Think of it as a Jobs Program. Octafish Jun 2013 #15
Notice that those who post and repost pro-surveillance propaganda have nothing to say? leveymg Jun 2013 #34
No. I don't believe any real plots were foiled. MrSlayer Jun 2013 #6
Right, like the two supposed terrorists... AgingAmerican Jun 2013 #18
Yep. MrSlayer Jun 2013 #26
Exactly. After they helped create these supposed plots, closeupready Jun 2013 #49
Maybe so. HappyMe Jun 2013 #7
oh look, weapons of mass destruction! nt msongs Jun 2013 #9
I doubt it. kentuck Jun 2013 #10
I don't believe either agency made the claim you say they did. Bluenorthwest Jun 2013 #12
Here: Cali_Democrat Jun 2013 #27
It's not hard to imagine that between those two mammoth agencies, ucrdem Jun 2013 #13
There you go imagining things again. Hissyspit Jun 2013 #30
FBI alone probably instigated more than 50 plots. Octafish Jun 2013 #14
Well, ya know, premium Jun 2013 #17
Yep. The FBI instigates plots that the NSA takes credit for stopping. HooptieWagon Jun 2013 #54
Rec AnotherMcIntosh Jun 2013 #59
that may foil the people who would do the plots treestar Jun 2013 #74
well just rip it down, drown the NSA and any government agency Whisp Jun 2013 #16
And just think how low our taxes would be! ucrdem Jun 2013 #19
No, don't tear them down, premium Jun 2013 #23
That's a pretty Manichean view you have. Demit Jun 2013 #29
I'd like to see the 5 people that believe this bullshit Aerows Jun 2013 #20
The claim is unverifiable, not subject to scrutiny by the general public. Nimajneb Nilknarf Jun 2013 #21
Apparently they are going to present the evidence in a closed-door meeting with Congress Cali_Democrat Jun 2013 #24
It is my understanding that members of Congress won't be able to discuss the information with anyone Nimajneb Nilknarf Jun 2013 #25
If ever there was ever anything that should be leaked by Congress, that briefing is it. leveymg Jun 2013 #36
No details, no sale Hydra Jun 2013 #57
I believe them, but that's irrelevant to the debate on the program. eom tarheelsunc Jun 2013 #22
If you define "threat" as someone saying the hate the USA then yes! N-t Logical Jun 2013 #28
See sign dipsydoodle Jun 2013 #33
That's the CIA Bush Center for Intelligence sign on the Memorial Pky past Spout Run, isn't it? leveymg Jun 2013 #37
Dunno dipsydoodle Jun 2013 #43
Sure looks like it> leveymg Jun 2013 #50
I believe that like I believe Sarah Palin is a genius. hobbit709 Jun 2013 #35
That's nothing. I thwarted two plots all by myself yesterday, before lunch even. Buns_of_Fire Jun 2013 #38
LOL. premium Jun 2013 #42
Thank YOU. And since I've got a $1.8 billion check coming, no charge either. Buns_of_Fire Jun 2013 #46
Nope, it depends on what you mean intaglio Jun 2013 #39
+1000!! HooptieWagon Jun 2013 #56
I voted "yes", but there was no option for "I'm not sure" LeftInTX Jun 2013 #40
After all the lies from that past Administration? Rex Jun 2013 #41
The FBI creates "terrorists" by intoxicating and setting up regular people. n/t Fire Walk With Me Jun 2013 #44
About as much as I believe the snoopers value privacy and the 4th Amendment. Tierra_y_Libertad Jun 2013 #45
I vote yes but sarisataka Jun 2013 #47
No. closeupready Jun 2013 #48
Yes....if was a plot of Marijuana. Terrorist plot.....no. yourout Jun 2013 #51
No. And as a result, I think we should cut taxes ... JoePhilly Jun 2013 #52
How many people do not drive 90 because the sign says 55? graham4anything Jun 2013 #55
I don't trust in their definition of "terrorist plot". Marr Jun 2013 #58
They probably stopped as many plots as the TSA employees did with free feel-ups at the airports. AnotherMcIntosh Jun 2013 #60
Sure they did! And I am a Klingon Princess! Honest! idwiyo Jun 2013 #61
It's their job to lie. Boomerproud Jun 2013 #63
I voted yes PennsylvaniaMatt Jun 2013 #69
You are gullible IMO. n-t Logical Jun 2013 #71
OMG! kentuck Jun 2013 #75
Creepy! PennsylvaniaMatt Jun 2013 #83
Did they count foiling plots by medical marijuana clinics? former9thward Jun 2013 #70
I can't exactly go with Yes or No... NaturalHigh Jun 2013 #72
Maybe treestar Jun 2013 #73
That number is probably low. baldguy Jun 2013 #76
I agree you won't know because they won't tell....... Historic NY Jun 2013 #78
I so hope to encounter you IRL someday. You would make my year. Egalitarian Thug Jun 2013 #81
+1000! n-t Logical Jun 2013 #85
. baldguy Jun 2013 #87
LOL! Define terror attack! n-t Logical Jun 2013 #84
No way! If the FBI and NSA had foiled any of these so called "50 plots" they themselves would have avaistheone1 Jun 2013 #82
Nope Dyedinthewoolliberal Jun 2013 #86
No krispos42 Jun 2013 #88
If you all believed the FBI and NSA railsback Jun 2013 #89
With a broad enough definition of "plot" and "disrupted", yes Recursion Jun 2013 #93
Nope Harmony Blue Jun 2013 #94
Especially since libodem Jun 2013 #96
They are not mining the data to get the terrorists. sibelian Jun 2013 #97
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