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Vinnie From Indy

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7. Thanks!
Fri Jun 21, 2013, 05:48 PM
Jun 2013

As I suspected, the OP is simply being a jackass.


I only know Gandolfini BainsBane Jun 2013 #1
wtf are you talking about? n/t leftstreet Jun 2013 #2
Michael Hastings? Ptah Jun 2013 #3
Here is link to the article: dixiegrrrrl Jun 2013 #25
Rent the Sopranos DVDs somewhere. You'll get sucked in and blow through them in brewens Jun 2013 #4
I am sure I would disagree with you if I could understand Vinnie From Indy Jun 2013 #5
he's saying that Michael Hastings wasn't very important Enrique Jun 2013 #6
Thanks! Vinnie From Indy Jun 2013 #7
excellent translation from gobblydegook to English! cali Jun 2013 #10
No, I am saying I never heard of him. I never heard of even one 2013 professional hockey players too graham4anything Jun 2013 #11
bullfuckingshit. then why an op about how you never heard of him? cali Jun 2013 #12
You know, it reminds me of a few years ago when that race car driver died graham4anything Jun 2013 #14
Mark Roth backwoodsbob Jun 2013 #17
They made a great doubles team. graham4anything Jun 2013 #22
I may not like everything you do here..but backwoodsbob Jun 2013 #27
Cool! Wish bowling was as big as golf. graham4anything Jun 2013 #31
yep backwoodsbob Jun 2013 #33
It's funny, the senior tour is getting more exciting than the pro tour graham4anything Jun 2013 #35
left hander?Cheater!!!!! backwoodsbob Jun 2013 #40
LOL. graham4anything Jun 2013 #44
do some research backwoodsbob Jun 2013 #47
Mine was 16, but I am too old for a 16.(better say 16 pound ball, someone might read this wrong). graham4anything Jun 2013 #48
look at the trackball series backwoodsbob Jun 2013 #52
thanks. graham4anything Jun 2013 #54
just tell them backwoodsbob Jun 2013 #53
if you ever get the chance backwoodsbob Jun 2013 #43
I have heard of something like that. That sounds like fun. graham4anything Jun 2013 #49
You are exactly correct. Iggo Jun 2013 #16
Hastings embarrassed Obama JW2020 Jun 2013 #42
Thanks, I honestly could not understand what the fuck the tiny seed of an idea was... Bonobo Jun 2013 #63
when hes not fantasising about droning muslims he comes up with some really incoherent stuff Monkie Jun 2013 #24
Of course you didn't actually know any of these people, while others actually did. Bluenorthwest Jun 2013 #8
...but he would give Ben Fong Torres a run for his money. Iggo Jun 2013 #18
It is fun to say. So is Lester Bangs for that matter. Bluenorthwest Jun 2013 #36
Not a fan of Hunter Thompson's style of writing. To each his own. graham4anything Jun 2013 #50
so you're proud of your abject ignorance? And you're name dropping? bwahahaha. cali Jun 2013 #9
This message was self-deleted by its author graham4anything Jun 2013 #13
I said nothing of the kind. put up or ferme la bouche. cali Jun 2013 #19
This message was self-deleted by its author graham4anything Jun 2013 #21
weasel words. yes, you said it. cali Jun 2013 #23
its a bit sick that a buffoon feels the need to ramble about dead people Monkie Jun 2013 #26
James Gandolfini is very relevant you know, what with wellness being in right now. graham4anything Jun 2013 #41
Post removed Post removed Jun 2013 #39
thanks. glad people remember that. cali Jun 2013 #45
You're welcome. n/t Moses2SandyKoufax Jun 2013 #51
"There are 325 million people in the world." Blue Cheese please. Fresh ground black pepper too. cherokeeprogressive Jun 2013 #65
Well, this makes more sense... rrneck Jun 2013 #15
Does that mean you are only 75%-25%? Fla_Democrat Jun 2013 #20
Not nice. dkf Jun 2013 #28
This message was self-deleted by its author JustJoe Jun 2013 #29
If you say "The guy who broke the General McChrystal story, where his staff was badmouthing the MADem Jun 2013 #30
No surprise you didn't know him. Hissyspit Jun 2013 #32
Well, that explains a whole lot. sabrina 1 Jun 2013 #34
I know Taibbi obviously. graham4anything Jun 2013 #38
I read the article by Mr Hastings about General McChrystle. I think it was in the southernyankeebelle Jun 2013 #37
That article I do know, didn't know he wrote that by name til it was brought up yesterday. graham4anything Jun 2013 #46
One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn't belong... JimDandy Jun 2013 #55
I defy most people who aren't political junkies to name the 44(actually only 43 different presidents graham4anything Jun 2013 #56
i am lousy at names questionseverything Jun 2013 #59
Yeah, yeah, yeah. You never heard of him, so he doesn't matter. Iggo Jun 2013 #57
Sometimes I get the sneaking suspicion... LanternWaste Jun 2013 #58
i don't believe you. HiPointDem Jun 2013 #60
These are the Daves I know Electric Monk Jun 2013 #61
"Some of them are David, but most of them are Dave." Iggo Jun 2013 #62
Dave? Dave's not here, man. Electric Monk Jun 2013 #64
Four people of various celebrity died within a day of each other, and you know what, I only knew 3. graham4anything Jun 2013 #66
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