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19. The argument "they just collect meta-data . . ."
Sun Jun 23, 2013, 02:27 AM
Jun 2013

. . . and thus you have nothing to fear, because the NSA does not get the content of your messages is of course a strawman.

You get a telephone call from your doctor, after which you call a confidential HIV testing service, then your health insurance company. But they do not know what the content of your calls were.

You get an E-mail from your local National Rifle Association organiser, after which you telephone your senators and your representative. But they do not know why you called.

You logged in to Ashley Madison and spent ninety minutes, immediately after which you made a ten-minute local telephone call, but no one can surmise the content of either what you viewed on the Website nor the context of your call.

You received an E-mail from an organisation planning a protest, after which you call the organisation and chat for fifteen minutes. But no one can deduce what the call was about.

You call a suicide prevention hotline and chat for half an hour, then a psychiatrist for ten minutes, but the content of your calls are secret.

This is why the Fourth Amendment prohibits dragnets. All sorts of legal activity, in the wrong hands, can be used to blackmail or ruin a person. Just ask Valerie Plame.

No, I don't support it at all. dawg Jun 2013 #1
I'm pleased you included the 'political repression' angle in your poll. eom Purveyor Jun 2013 #2
IMHO, it's not a yes or no question. Should be other options in the poll. n/t Tx4obama Jun 2013 #3
Like? dkf Jun 2013 #5
For instance? Th1onein Jun 2013 #6
I don't want the question to be intangled in issues of personality politics Douglas Carpenter Jun 2013 #7
But you're the one that added the 'second sentence' to both of the two options Tx4obama Jun 2013 #8
The way the media presents it is worse... Spitfire of ATJ Jun 2013 #20
NO. Th1onein Jun 2013 #4
Nope, but I guess you could guess nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #9
Nope. NaturalHigh Jun 2013 #10
HELL NO! N-t Logical Jun 2013 #11
I voted "yes", because I read that Snowden picks his nose MannyGoldstein Jun 2013 #12
Yeah, I saw that. scarletwoman Jun 2013 #15
I forgot about that super power of mine MannyGoldstein Jun 2013 #16
The old "skunk at the garden party" ploy! scarletwoman Jun 2013 #18
So I can blame you for this nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #35
I'm not suppose to laugh this hard so early in the morning. think Jun 2013 #27
In a democracy, the people shouldn't have to fear their own government..or trust it. Tierra_y_Libertad Jun 2013 #13
No. Against ot when Bush did it, against it when Obama does it. HooptieWagon Jun 2013 #14
Big Brother, Where Aren't Thou? mhatrw Jun 2013 #17
The argument "they just collect meta-data . . ." Anymouse Jun 2013 #19
What Program? They have a program? RobertEarl Jun 2013 #21
Well, I see Obama and Holder voted ''Yes'' in the poll..... DeSwiss Jun 2013 #22
No temmer Jun 2013 #23
Not only NO, but FUCK NO, and don't ask again. n/t cherokeeprogressive Jun 2013 #24
kick (nt) scarletwoman Jun 2013 #25
I've been wanting to see just such a poll carolinayellowdog Jun 2013 #26
Hell no. nt DLevine Jun 2013 #28
No. I do not support a national security state cali Jun 2013 #29
kick for more resuts Douglas Carpenter Jun 2013 #30
I was expecting a fuck no option. pintobean Jun 2013 #31
aNOTHER Douglas Carpenter Jun 2013 #32
Where's the "HELL FUCKIN' NO!!!" option??!? lastlib Jun 2013 #33
No,no and Fuck NO! undergroundpanther Jun 2013 #34
one more Douglas Carpenter Jun 2013 #36
some more results? Douglas Carpenter Jun 2013 #37
any more results now? Douglas Carpenter Jun 2013 #38
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