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Mon Jun 24, 2013, 05:32 PM Jun 2013

If you wanted to buy a brand new car this weekend, could you? [View all]

Me, no.

I don't have the cash and a dealer who saw my credit report would probably send me to the used car place in a rough part of town; the one owned by his money-laundering loan-sharking brother-in-law.

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Yes, no problem.
14 (58%)
Yes, I know this lottery ticket I just bought is a winner!
2 (8%)
Little Tikes Cozy Coupes and Hot Wheels are awesome.
8 (33%)
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I got very, very lucky Warpy Jun 2013 #1
We sold my nine year old Corolla and replaced it with a 2013 Corolla malaise Jun 2013 #3
Third world cars were great when I was working Warpy Jun 2013 #37
LOL malaise Jun 2013 #39
luv my corolla. Liberal_in_LA Jun 2013 #50
In Texas, mine is approaching Ranch Rocket status. Eleanors38 Jun 2013 #21
My credit rating is excellent but I have been saving for a car ever since I paid off this one. Walk away Jun 2013 #2
1993 seems to have been a good year for Toyota dixiegrrrrl Jun 2013 #6
So was 1991 pscot Jun 2013 #41
Sounds like a great plan. dixiegrrrrl Jun 2013 #43
Our two family cars, bought used, each have mileage to the Moon... hunter Jun 2013 #10
Wow! My brother used to buy used Volvo station wagons with over 100,000 miles on them... Walk away Jun 2013 #45
Wife loves the RAV4 I got for her last year.... Pelican Jun 2013 #58
Yes, but I don't plan to any time soon. NaturalHigh Jun 2013 #4
I don't buy cars, I lease bigwillq Jun 2013 #5
Could, but for a variety of reasons, never would. Cars are strictly a liability, Egalitarian Thug Jun 2013 #7
Yes, I could, but I wouldn't..... Uben Jun 2013 #8
Wow, that is a really sad story buried within your post. I do hope you will be good to yourself HardTimes99 Jun 2013 #53
I could, but I love my current car an unreasonable amount REP Jun 2013 #9
No wonder economic issues don't resonate very much on DU Fumesucker Jun 2013 #11
Merely having enough cash to maybe buy a new car is not necessarily "comfortable" Art_from_Ark Jun 2013 #42
We have "Oh shit" in our checking account and we are waiting for people to pay us. hunter Jun 2013 #48
I've noticed this too Puzzledtraveller Jun 2013 #66
I could, but I don't want or need to. premium Jun 2013 #12
Nope. Not a chance in hell. nt bunnies Jun 2013 #13
Not with cash, no. Habibi Jun 2013 #14
Why would I want to do that? Sounds like a hell of a lousy weekend... Bluenorthwest Jun 2013 #15
Nope. HappyMe Jun 2013 #16
No, I'd have to Spirochete Jun 2013 #17
I'm a big time saver ecstatic Jun 2013 #18
I used to care about my credit rating and I thought our health insurance was good too. hunter Jun 2013 #35
Bought a 2013 F-150 crew cab 3 months ago, paid cash (certified funds). oneshooter Jun 2013 #19
This message was self-deleted by its author savalez Jun 2013 #20
I might be able to buy a new car that's not officially a new car Art_from_Ark Jun 2013 #22
No? So why not make that an option? LWolf Jun 2013 #23
You don't have a dollar or two for a toy car??? hunter Jun 2013 #38
Sure. LWolf Jun 2013 #40
Nope. Not unless I sold a bunch of drugs, which I also don't have The Straight Story Jun 2013 #24
I'll actually be test driving a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited shortly after I type this. Rod Walker Jun 2013 #25
On Saturday, yes. Not on Sunday. MineralMan Jun 2013 #26
My newest vehicle is 24 years old Link Speed Jun 2013 #27
I could, but I won't. I will wait til my 1999 Altima gives out entirely... CTyankee Jun 2013 #28
Yes, as long as Hotwheels count. Otherwise I need a FUCK NAW option TheKentuckian Jun 2013 #29
damn no wonder most DUers aren't concerned with our country's economic policies. liberal_at_heart Jun 2013 #30
44 people is "most DUers"? bigwillq Jun 2013 #32
yes, probably, but hfojvt Jun 2013 #31
Oh hell no. Apophis Jun 2013 #33
I could, but have no plans to buy a new car any time soon tammywammy Jun 2013 #34
yes, but i wouldn't shanti Jun 2013 #36
Answered yes JustAnotherGen Jun 2013 #44
I sold my 2007 Altima for a 2013 model. Initech Jun 2013 #46
Two questions: H2O Man Jun 2013 #47
My credit score is over 800, so I suppose I could, but Zorra Jun 2013 #49
Used car dealers won't talk to me Kennah Jun 2013 #51
Ten Franklins usually work for me... hunter Jun 2013 #52
Yes, except that I'd define new car as a replacement to my current SheilaT Jun 2013 #54
No, but I'm about to buy a scooter. LuvNewcastle Jun 2013 #55
As a consumer? Yes. As an economist, No. flvegan Jun 2013 #56
actually buying a new toyota rav four this week so yes loli phabay Jun 2013 #57
Could but won't. politicat Jun 2013 #59
Where is the "if you are crazy enough to take on a car payment with a fixed income" option? n/t eridani Jun 2013 #60
Buy a 10+ year old Honda or Toyota with under 100,000 on it. mhatrw Jun 2013 #61
no problem, but I won't. quaker bill Jun 2013 #62
Today? Easily. FreeJoe Jun 2013 #63
At the moment, no... Earth_First Jun 2013 #64
Not at all for many reasons beyond price of buying and credit Arcanetrance Jun 2013 #65
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