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2. So have I...but I am not surprised that a key
Tue Jun 25, 2013, 11:31 AM
Jun 2013

Part was struck down.

Not at all...in fact, I hate to say it, I expected it.

I am not angry about the Civil Rights act [View all] nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 OP
I've always thought the Civil Rights Act was a good thing Nimajneb Nilknarf Jun 2013 #1
So have I...but I am not surprised that a key nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #2
I hadn't heard anything about that. Nimajneb Nilknarf Jun 2013 #7
Section four struck down nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #11
The map can be redrawn to include the entire company marshall Jun 2013 #14
If congress picks the hot potato nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #54
Isn't that Section 4 of the *Voting* Rights Act that was struck down? There are several threads bike man Jun 2013 #53
Basically what the court said was that the federal govt. premium Jun 2013 #12
After the dentist, getting the decision and reading it nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #15
That's just my rough understanding of it. premium Jun 2013 #16
Yup... nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #17
My, my. Skidmore Jun 2013 #3
You know, I think it's time to send you to the ignore list nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #4
A true act of courage undoutedly. Skidmore Jun 2013 #13
please add me too! DCBob Jun 2013 #28
Nope...you have not given me reason nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #30
hehe.. DCBob Jun 2013 #31
+1 DCBob Jun 2013 #27
Anger is very hard to sustain. At this point there are too many Autumn Jun 2013 #5
Exactly. It has become not another day, nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #9
+1 LiberalLoner Jun 2013 #44
"Yup, I am glad I don't have kids." BeyondGeography Jun 2013 #6
And your point? nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #10
It's OK to be dark BeyondGeography Jun 2013 #23
Trends...that is all nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #25
It's the issue that will propel Dems into the house in 2014 demwing Jun 2013 #8
Actually, it was a good decision, premium Jun 2013 #18
I can see that demwing Jun 2013 #19
What the court should have done premium Jun 2013 #20
Still, if it had to happen, better now than after 2014 demwing Jun 2013 #21
I agree. premium Jun 2013 #22
I am not a bit surprised. janlyn Jun 2013 #24
Asleep...and when they finally wake up nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #26
But, But I didn't know!! janlyn Jun 2013 #39
Post removed Post removed Jun 2013 #29
What a non sensical response nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #32
ok maybe not thrilled.. DCBob Jun 2013 #34
Reading comp issues? nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #36
If you truely concerned about what is happening here.. DCBob Jun 2013 #37
Gee...the bad republicans are the only guilty ones nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #38
+10000 n/t janlyn Jun 2013 #41
This isn't about the 'precious' security issue. HappyMe Jun 2013 #42
yeah, I expected something like this defending the Republicans. DCBob Jun 2013 #43
sorry if history is not nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #45
They're just trying to prevent people DevonRex Jun 2013 #50
Please stop being an asshole. nt Romulus Quirinus Jun 2013 #52
I hate conservatives. alarimer Jun 2013 #33
I don't hate them nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #35
Just to be clear: you're furious about a years-old intel program... Recursion Jun 2013 #40
Just to be even clearer DemocratsForProgress Jun 2013 #47
I was going to let that one slide Recursion Jun 2013 #48
Amazing.... SidDithers Jun 2013 #51
The takeover is complete. liberal_at_heart Jun 2013 #46
Evening kick nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #49
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