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Tue Jul 16, 2013, 12:55 PM Jul 2013

Are you ashamed of the state you live in? [View all]

Thought about this after reading an article at Salon on Texas, and of course the recent discussion of Florida after the Zimmerman Verdict

41 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
16 (39%)
7 (17%)
Somewhat not
1 (2%)
Definitely not
16 (39%)
Are you ashamed of this bullshit poll?
1 (2%)
I like to vote!
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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New York State is a great place to live. hrmjustin Jul 2013 #1
I miss it. Agschmid Jul 2013 #107
I love California! AsahinaKimi Jul 2013 #2
+100! zappaman Jul 2013 #51
Yep!! There too! AsahinaKimi Jul 2013 #56
Me, too! displacedtexan Jul 2013 #104
I am ashamed of the nation I live in. Safetykitten Jul 2013 #3
+1 forestpath Jul 2013 #8
Do you think being ashamed of your nation influence the way you talk to people about it? el_bryanto Jul 2013 #13
Ditto marions ghost Jul 2013 #106
Yes HockeyMom Jul 2013 #4
far from it. cali Jul 2013 #5
California makes me proud mitchtv Jul 2013 #6
I see what you did there. Blue_In_AK Jul 2013 #55
I love my state, CA PasadenaTrudy Jul 2013 #87
I live in PA where the thugs just recently gerrymandered all the districts to favor them making it appleannie1 Jul 2013 #7
I'm ashamed of PA. Voted in Teabagger Corbett as governor.PA House &Senate are teabagger controlled. AlinPA Jul 2013 #96
Ashamed? No. Pissed off at the state of things? Yes. WorseBeforeBetter Jul 2013 #9
I'm ashamed that so many North Carolinians voted for these idiots. eom tarheelsunc Jul 2013 #11
Agree marions ghost Jul 2013 #110
Not at all, premium Jul 2013 #10
Somewhat. Brigid Jul 2013 #12
Rhode Island - Lobsters and Mobsters! nt hack89 Jul 2013 #14
Thrilled We Passed Ammenment 64 - Sickened By Guns otohara Jul 2013 #15
wisconsin--need i say more? dembotoz Jul 2013 #16
I've been proud of my beloved Commonwealth all my life Blue_Tires Jul 2013 #17
Conch Republic here tavernier Jul 2013 #18
No., because I am not responsible for how others act in this state. dixiegrrrrl Jul 2013 #19
I don't think the stereotyping charge works in this case el_bryanto Jul 2013 #29
^^this^^ Puzzledtraveller Jul 2013 #30
That's the attitude that allows 29 States including the entire South to allow legal discrimination Bluenorthwest Jul 2013 #72
I live in Virginia and while ohheckyeah Jul 2013 #20
How could anyone be ashamed of Vermont? karynnj Jul 2013 #21
I wish to heaven Aerows Jul 2013 #24
This message was self-deleted by its author zeeland Jul 2013 #94
Mississippi Aerows Jul 2013 #22
MN...yes, sometimes. Apophis Jul 2013 #23
Embarrased, sometimes, by the politics NoPasaran Jul 2013 #25
I'm pretty proud of MD Xyzse Jul 2013 #26
I live in Texas Horse with no Name Jul 2013 #27
No. If the whole country was like my state, we'd be better off. RedCappedBandit Jul 2013 #28
Well, some silly shit pipi_k Jul 2013 #31
To the contrary, from New York - so much to like about New York. closeupready Jul 2013 #32
NY is where I grew up mitchtv Jul 2013 #90
If I didn't live here, I'd likely live in CA, too. closeupready Jul 2013 #91
The UK is a great place to live. dipsydoodle Jul 2013 #33
Hell no! Colorado here! SomethingFishy Jul 2013 #34
Colorado. No. nt DevonRex Jul 2013 #35
I live in northern VA, which I like very much, all american girl Jul 2013 #36
I'm also in NOVA, and I love our part of the state. 11 Bravo Jul 2013 #37
Yep, south of F'burg and you come to my town, Richmond, tea bag central. It's almost Nay Jul 2013 #50
Holy crap, isn't that the truth.... all american girl Jul 2013 #67
I live in California. Democrats ONCE AGAIN saved the state and balanced the budget Taverner Jul 2013 #38
Sucked that Californians voted for Prop 8. Good thing the courts overturned it (nt) Nye Bevan Jul 2013 #44
Yes and yes Taverner Jul 2013 #47
The "Courts" didn't overturn it without Le Taz Hot Jul 2013 #65
Happy to be living in CA upaloopa Jul 2013 #39
I live in Minnesota when not in South America. Puglover Jul 2013 #40
North Carolina has become a conservative fringe cesspool bowens43 Jul 2013 #41
Washington is a great state LittleBlue Jul 2013 #42
CT: Second state to allow same-sex marriage. Dem governor, two Dem senators, Nye Bevan Jul 2013 #43
Since I moved out of the south, no! I'm fed up with Confederate-Americans coldmountain Jul 2013 #45
Where do you live? n/t Dawgs Jul 2013 #46
I love Texas! arely staircase Jul 2013 #48
That's the right attitude. This wholesale trashing of entire states needs to stop. (nt) Paladin Jul 2013 #61
We need to reward the more progressive states and punish the more institutionally bigoted states coldmountain Jul 2013 #68
or come to Texas and help us register Hispanic voters? nt arely staircase Jul 2013 #75
Thank you, Sir or Madam. May we have another? (nt) Paladin Jul 2013 #92
If you believe all the south is like that Sissyk Jul 2013 #101
Thank you staircase!! Manifestor_of_Light Jul 2013 #66
Just remember one major reason Texas rebelled against Mexico was Mexico outlawing slavery coldmountain Jul 2013 #73
Like I said, come to Texas and help us register young Hispanic voters nt arely staircase Jul 2013 #76
Thank you, Sir or Madam. May we have another? (nt) Paladin Jul 2013 #93
You said it better than I could derby378 Jul 2013 #86
California embarrasses me olddots Jul 2013 #49
Me too aint_no_life_nowhere Jul 2013 #62
another coloradoan checking in fizzgig Jul 2013 #52
I'm a Floridian, and not at all am I ashamed of Florida. Tommy_Carcetti Jul 2013 #53
No, I love Alaska. Blue_In_AK Jul 2013 #54
Tennessee, and a lot of the time, I am. Punkingal Jul 2013 #57
I live in Florida and am definitely not ashamed of my state. NCTraveler Jul 2013 #58
I don't think someone is their state Shankapotomus Jul 2013 #59
I like it here Bluzmann57 Jul 2013 #60
Proud to be a 6th generation Pennsylvanian MadrasT Jul 2013 #63
My dad grew up in Pennsylvania and went to an integrated high school in 1950 coldmountain Jul 2013 #74
I love Pennsylvania but I am ashamed of our current government. femmocrat Jul 2013 #103
Oregon? No. nt LWolf Jul 2013 #64
I love New York footinmouth Jul 2013 #69
Absolutely - I ought to tidy up, and look after the garden more muriel_volestrangler Jul 2013 #70
Of course not that is ridiculous. I am ashamed of the PEOPLE Rex Jul 2013 #71
We moved from CA to OR to WA. BC was to be next but we got old. Tierra_y_Libertad Jul 2013 #77
I live in Connecticut, and definitely Not, N/T Throckmorton Jul 2013 #78
This message was self-deleted by its author LumosMaxima Jul 2013 #79
Arkansas. I love it here. Seeking Serenity Jul 2013 #80
Heard great things about Arkansas. nt Eleanors38 Jul 2013 #83
Lots of natural beauty. Seeking Serenity Jul 2013 #89
Beauty is the ticket. I love hunting, too. Eleanors38 Jul 2013 #112
I used to be, but not so much now. musical_soul Jul 2013 #81
Born & raised in FL, live in Texas. Ashamed of neither. Eleanors38 Jul 2013 #82
Well, maybe not "mostly". A minority. Or things would be better. n-t Logical Jul 2013 #109
So many are apathetic due to lack of a meaningful alternative. Eleanors38 Jul 2013 #111
My two cents re: North Dakota Iceberg Louie Jul 2013 #84
I love Virginia, dgibby Jul 2013 #85
Not sure what you mean. The people? The gvt? Prevailing attitudes? uppityperson Jul 2013 #88
Washington State is an oasis. zeeland Jul 2013 #95
No, I am not ashamed. Lone_Star_Dem Jul 2013 #97
Not sure what state I'm considered living in tabbycat31 Jul 2013 #98
HELL YES, I live in kansas!! n-t Logical Jul 2013 #99
after I'm with grad school can not WAIT to leave GA bench scientist Jul 2013 #100
Other than Chris Christie, not at all. name not needed Jul 2013 #102
Hell no and actually none of the states I've lived in... Agschmid Jul 2013 #105
Not at all. I live in MA. smirkymonkey Jul 2013 #108
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