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41. It's not the liberal elite. It's liberals.
Tue Jul 23, 2013, 09:43 AM
Jul 2013

Ideology has become a sort of affectation or social plumage. On the right that affectation is manifest in libertarian ideology. On the left identity politics makes money for those who make a living at it, but the practice of it by the rank and file isn't profitable at all. So people who claim to be liberals, (there ain't many) wind up expressing emotional solidarity with any number of culturally oppressed groups and then telling their accountants to squeeze another 1% out of their investments no matter what. Do you really think teabaggers were the only people flipping houses and buying esoteric investments during the housing bubble?

People need resources to live. That need has been turned into a product to be sold to them. People also need to be recognized as people who are unique and have unique desires and goals. That has become a product too. The marketplace of ideas has been turned into a weapon to be used against us. When we stop behaving like ideological consumers and start behaving like citizens the tide will turn. Unfortunately, I expect that we won't start doing that until we run out of money to pay people to tell us what we want to hear.

Hedges routinely blames just about everything on the "liberal elite" cali Jul 2013 #1
I Agree With Hedges - Many Identity Politic Issues Are Distractions From Economic Fairness cantbeserious Jul 2013 #2
Totally agree with that Ichingcarpenter Jul 2013 #4
that's so simplistic. cali Jul 2013 #5
Maybe he expects nothing of the Republicans, of the "Tea Party". MNBrewer Jul 2013 #10
Clearly! Why comment on the party of crazy, the left is being pushed right, fix that! Civilization2 Jul 2013 #13
I totally agree. nt Mojorabbit Jul 2013 #65
Yep....It's divide and conquer... midnight Jul 2013 #12
I'm from the working class/working poor and I agree with Hedges, too deutsey Jul 2013 #15
Well Said - Thank You cantbeserious Jul 2013 #16
Yep, exactly. The issues that unite the working class have a lot of common ground, but Nay Jul 2013 #32
Rare among the working class? Fawke Em Jul 2013 #38
I said among those I know deutsey Jul 2013 #39
In fact, because I live in a more "purple" part of a red county/red section of a blue state deutsey Jul 2013 #42
American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America Ichingcarpenter Jul 2013 #3
not compared to his fixation on liberal elites. not even close. cali Jul 2013 #8
DUer Davis X Machina said it best I think Fumesucker Jul 2013 #6
Jesus, ain't that the truth. It's sad. Nay Jul 2013 #33
I think he is coming from the view...... Bonhomme Richard Jul 2013 #9
My view as well. Calling out Republican conservatives to liberals, is preaching to the choir. canoeist52 Jul 2013 #11
Yes, he picks on liberals. The reason, to me, is..... Bonhomme Richard Jul 2013 #30
He's self-critical of the socialist left because he expects better. joshcryer Jul 2013 #14
He's a socialist like me which Ichingcarpenter Jul 2013 #22
Looks like he has gored your sacred cow. His critique of the left is correct and then some,. Civilization2 Jul 2013 #19
The word "liberal" has to be one of the most maligned and mis-used HardTimes99 Jul 2013 #21
I'll have to give your assertion that he's letting republicans off the hook some thought. matthews Jul 2013 #26
"it sure seems us plebs are on our own" deutsey Jul 2013 #34
I have always wondered this myself, mostly in the context of "where are the wealthy Dems Nay Jul 2013 #36
I agree. nt matthews Jul 2013 #43
Senator Schumer? Ichingcarpenter Jul 2013 #40
But is he a Liberal 'elite'? Does he have the money/influence to do what matthews Jul 2013 #45
He agrees with the right Ichingcarpenter Jul 2013 #59
Hedges not only gives you a clue as to the identities of the liberal elite, Vinnie From Indy Jul 2013 #31
Which is why I think a law should be passed that would make it a matthews Jul 2013 #46
He never mentions Republicans or Cock Bros.? Total fucking garbage. Skeeter Barnes Jul 2013 #35
It's not the liberal elite. It's liberals. rrneck Jul 2013 #41
Hedges has written plenty about Republicans. If you were reading him during the Bush years. sabrina 1 Jul 2013 #47
Aw, Cali. You don't know who he means by the Liberal Elite? bvar22 Jul 2013 #63
Du rec. Nt xchrom Jul 2013 #7
One need only work for a large national or even international corporation to know Cleita Jul 2013 #17
+100 Fuddnik Jul 2013 #18
Your last paragraph . . . Le Taz Hot Jul 2013 #20
I agree. Cleita Jul 2013 #25
An example of a cooperative that shows promise: Dragonfli Jul 2013 #24
Great idea. I must have missed the original post.nt Cleita Jul 2013 #27
Great post. woo me with science Jul 2013 #49
My last job was like that. Cleita Jul 2013 #50
^^^ this PowerToThePeople Jul 2013 #57
Spot on. Reaganites everywhere. MrSlayer Jul 2013 #23
k&r Puzzledtraveller Jul 2013 #28
Um...When was America a democratic state? Yavin4 Jul 2013 #29
Never knew Hedges to mince words. Fawke Em Jul 2013 #37
Yes. Let's bold and repost that last paragraph. woo me with science Jul 2013 #44
Why do intelligent writers feel the need to destroy their credibility with unleashed hyperbole. grantcart Jul 2013 #48
Where do the corporations get their money? treestar Jul 2013 #51
All that stands between you and a totalitarian state is the Democratic Party.. kentuck Jul 2013 #52
It hasn't been asleep but it has been taken over by the former DLCers, Cleita Jul 2013 #58
Kick woo me with science Jul 2013 #53
so gender equality doesn't count as justice? arely staircase Jul 2013 #54
Today is my birthday Ichingcarpenter Jul 2013 #55
Happy Birthday! and thanks for all of your enlightening posts through the years. adirondacker Jul 2013 #60
Message auto-removed Name removed Jul 2013 #56
This message was self-deleted by its author Lifelong Protester Jul 2013 #61
Chomsky's work at its best differed from what Hedges is doing in a very important respect: struggle4progress Jul 2013 #62
Kick woo me with science Jul 2013 #64
In other words - a Fascist State. n/t truedelphi Jul 2013 #66
K&R liberal_at_heart Jul 2013 #67
K&R idwiyo Jul 2013 #68
Kicked and Recommended Enthusiast Jul 2013 #69
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