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8. All 3? No... Iraq War and immediate post 9/11 Bush, yes...
Tue Jul 23, 2013, 04:46 PM
Jul 2013

I might get slammed for this but immediately after 9/11 the world changed for many people.

I was young at the time, and it is formative years. Before that time, I was not as much in to politics.

So, it was a different time for me. After 9/11 I felt that we should support the leadership for the nonce, till we find stability and bounce back. Unfortunately, I found myself bamboozled. He used that goodwill to promote a crazy war agenda, cut taxes, increase privatization and many other atrocities.

A year later, they heavily pressed on the media to sell the war in Iraq. Sure, there were reservations, but given the flawed intelligence and the usage of Colin Powell, the Iraq War went through. This, much to the dismay of many, the reasons were false. As for me, I didn't want it, and thought it was ill advised, but I didn't feel too strongly about it if it were to happen. In that, it was a tepid acquiescence. Not actual support, but I thought it understandable at the time. I was wrong, especially when more information came out.

Needless to say, I felt betrayed. By 2003, most of these were already well known. I supported Kerry enthusiastically, and went from the Kerry boards to cgcs, which was hosted by some of the admins from there.

I can never support the Citizens United Decision however, as that is some crazy idiotic sh..

So yeah, I don't think absolutist measures in regards to what is "Left" and "Right" really helps. It just divides us, and I think 2014 is very important.

As one famous admiral said: Pretzel_Warrior Jul 2013 #1
Leave Hillary alone. Tierra_y_Libertad Jul 2013 #2
Best.Answer.Ever. bigwillq Jul 2013 #7
I think she's talking about jazzimov Jul 2013 #10
No, He wrote a book in 2006 in which he criticized Bush from beginning to end. Luminous Animal Jul 2013 #16
For the WIN! woo me with science Jul 2013 #12
Oh, behave! Dr. Strange Jul 2013 #13
Hahaha!!! Luminous Animal Jul 2013 #17
Anyone can have a change of heart. silverweb Jul 2013 #3
What? Quantess Jul 2013 #4
I agree! Cali_Democrat Jul 2013 #6
I think they're actually meeting downstairs in the Socialist Libertarian Ballroom struggle4progress Jul 2013 #5
All 3? No... Iraq War and immediate post 9/11 Bush, yes... Xyzse Jul 2013 #8
Agree. DireStrike Jul 2013 #9
You can never support the Citizens United Decision? The ACLU does. AnotherMcIntosh Jul 2013 #11
Well good for them Xyzse Jul 2013 #14
how bout if you continue bush's policies and want to start even more wars? nt msongs Jul 2013 #15
You can do all of those things and be a Republican and still be in the Obama Bluenorthwest Jul 2013 #18
Message auto-removed Name removed Jul 2013 #19
FYI: ProSense Jul 2013 #20
Not exactly. See #16. AnotherMcIntosh Jul 2013 #21
Yes indeed. Especially if you look at your own question: The Straight Story Jul 2013 #22
Not just no, but HELL no! Of course, MY definition of left... socialist_n_TN Jul 2013 #23
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