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63. Because the population in general
Sun Jul 28, 2013, 11:59 AM
Jul 2013

and liberals in particular aren't hungry enough yet.

Do you think only conservatives were flipping houses and investing in questionable securities during the last bubble? How many leading liberal thinkers have spent more time ensconced in university chairs pontificating than actually interacting with the people they are ostensibly trying to help? How much liberal political capital has been squandered on the culture wars instead of the class wars?

People didn't get nothing since 1980, they just didn't get as much as they deserved for their efforts. So, for example, women expanded their role in the workforce and now it takes two people to afford a middle class lifestyle. Wage stagnation is only half the reason. The other half is that a middle class lifestyle has become a hopelessly inflated orgy of consumerism. Both of these causes profit corporations and the 1% that controls them.

The United States is just another empire in a long line of empires, and we are in decline. Over consumption of resources, an economy based on finance rather than manufacturing, the conversion to a service economy (a thousand years ago it would have been a slave economy), and dependence on a bloated military to defend the profits of a greedy oligarchy are all part of the same pattern. Between the greed of a few here and a shortage of resources caused by actual depletion and competition for same around the world our population is being squeezed into the corner of a contracting lifestyle. Get ready for it, it's on the way.

No matter who you are or what you have, your lifestyle will contract. For those who are blessed with a surfeit of resources, that contraction will be unpleasant. For those just getting by, it will be painful. It will be disastrous for the rest simply because they have nowhere to contract to.

The terms liberal and conservative refer to rates of cultural change. Most people think they refer to certain issues of the day, but that just turns them into products that enrich the wealthy. That's how they get people to vote against their economics interest. Ideology has become little more than social plumage. Sooner or later liberals will have to get down to the business of actually changing a culture that simply doesn't work any more. To do that, they will have to be hungry enough to want to make those changes rather than simply pontificate about them and living off the royalties. The sad truth is that generally speaking, people don't climb into the trenches willingly. They generally fall into them. Or get pushed.

Why Liberals Lose [View all] Phillyindy Jul 2013 OP
The GOP gets votes in the face of unmitigated unreason through fear lebkuchen Jul 2013 #1
we need somone who is good at politics. Obama and Clinton are very good politicians. liberal_at_heart Jul 2013 #2
True...but lets face it... Phillyindy Jul 2013 #4
It won't be Obama. He has already proven that, but that doesn't mean there won't be other liberal_at_heart Jul 2013 #6
Love your optimism but... Phillyindy Jul 2013 #10
The answer, in part, is that choices are reduced and we, as ordinary Americans, cannot pay AnotherMcIntosh Jul 2013 #3
Occupy had a shot... Phillyindy Jul 2013 #5
I don't get that. How was Occupy any different than the hippies in the sixties? liberal_at_heart Jul 2013 #9
Hippies in the 60's... Phillyindy Jul 2013 #12
They didn't blow anything. They are an organic, grass roots protest movement that opposes the liberal_at_heart Jul 2013 #32
C'mon... Phillyindy Jul 2013 #35
If they had done what the Tea Party had done it would have defeated the whole purpose of the liberal_at_heart Jul 2013 #38
Think we're talking past each other Phillyindy Jul 2013 #40
"while the Democrat party, driven by liberals, has worked tirelessly for the working man" Agony Jul 2013 #7
that line has to be a joke, right? hfojvt Jul 2013 #56
Nailed it Mnpaul Jul 2013 #64
They appeal to the one issue voters by catering to their fears. hobbit709 Jul 2013 #8
To a big extent it's because Democrats don't draw stark enough distinctions Fumesucker Jul 2013 #11
Totally agree, and I think Phillyindy Jul 2013 #13
It's obvious... Phillyindy Jul 2013 #14
More than a few elected Democrats have bought.. or been bought.. into the Republican talking points Fumesucker Jul 2013 #16
Yep, left has zero power anymore Phillyindy Jul 2013 #18
well this abused wife has had enough. I'm gone. liberal_at_heart Jul 2013 #20
? Abused wife? Phillyindy Jul 2013 #23
I'm tired of the verbal abuse liberals have to put up by other democrats, but more so I am tired of liberal_at_heart Jul 2013 #30
I hear you, Elizabeth Warren! Phillyindy Jul 2013 #36
Nail on head LittleBlue Jul 2013 #55
"Democrat party?" gulliver Jul 2013 #15
*sigh Phillyindy Jul 2013 #17
Not sure if you are aware... gulliver Jul 2013 #19
Oh... Phillyindy Jul 2013 #21
It's actually more the norm for the more dirtball... gulliver Jul 2013 #29
... because they are afraid to be Liberal, and so run, act and functionally are republicans panzerfaust Jul 2013 #22
Great post Phillyindy Jul 2013 #25
If the answer you keep getting doesn't make sense... Bunnahabhain Jul 2013 #24
I have.. Phillyindy Jul 2013 #26
If I had enlightenment Bunnahabhain Jul 2013 #28
Republicans have a good propaganda machine Rosa Luxemburg Jul 2013 #27
Despite your talking points, I think the problem is with older Americans. reformist2 Jul 2013 #31
No, the youth just don't vote Phillyindy Jul 2013 #39
Because liberals have this weird aversion to propaganda Scootaloo Jul 2013 #33
My reply Phillyindy Jul 2013 #48
Republicans win because America isn't the America we think it is. Drunken Irishman Jul 2013 #34
Yes that is when we went from the vision of a "great society" to the "greed is good" Mojorabbit Jul 2013 #52
Lies are also available at your fingertips 24/7. Beartracks Jul 2013 #37
funding grassroots organizations and policy shops would be a good start nashville_brook Jul 2013 #41
It is that 25% who are voting Republican. Curmudgeoness Jul 2013 #42
25% is about the percentage of the population that votes for the GOP. JoeyT Jul 2013 #43
All Politics is Local. And, Better the Devil You Know. Tierra_y_Libertad Jul 2013 #44
By obliterating their propaganda outlets Doctor_J Jul 2013 #45
So true, I remember... Phillyindy Jul 2013 #49
"the Democrat party, driven by liberals, has worked tirelessly for the working man, et al" YoungDemCA Jul 2013 #46
That's a shame...I recommend... Phillyindy Jul 2013 #50
Simple, it's a lot easier to rile up people who are afraid of losing something... WCGreen Jul 2013 #47
I don't know. The left has made actual policy blunders in the past we're still suffering from Recursion Jul 2013 #51
How, by facing reality... brooklynite Jul 2013 #53
Actually it is 3 groups, Demcratic voters, Republican voters and half the country who Bluenorthwest Jul 2013 #58
Actually liberals win and have been for a while. wickerwoman Jul 2013 #54
Outside of social issues... Phillyindy Jul 2013 #61
So in 2008, wickerwoman Jul 2013 #66
Ok so... Phillyindy Jul 2013 #67
I am guessing you were napping during the election s of Doctor_J Aug 2013 #68
This post seems odd to me, the whole 'rail and rage at the stupid electorate while Bluenorthwest Jul 2013 #57
Ummm... Phillyindy Jul 2013 #62
A lot of our candidates are fucking terrible Sen. Walter Sobchak Jul 2013 #59
Because some people think you should only have what you earn mathematic Jul 2013 #60
Because the population in general rrneck Jul 2013 #63
Another factor Arugula Latte Jul 2013 #65
Message auto-removed Name removed Aug 2013 #69
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