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Tue Aug 6, 2013, 10:38 AM Aug 2013

WaPo: Why You Shouldn’t Underestimate Elizabeth Warren (More Favorable Than Obama, Rubio, Biden) [View all]

Just saw this pop up on Twitter from Alex Wagner.

"But, a new Quinnipiac poll proves why Warren would be formidable in 2016 if she decided to run. Using a feeling thermometer — 0 meaning you feel totally cold about a politician, 100 meaning you feel warmly (aka) strong favorably toward a pol — Quinnipiac tested the majority of major national figures.

Warren finished third — behind only New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (53.1 degrees) and Hillary Clinton (52.1 degrees). She finished ahead of, among others, President Obama, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Vice President Joe Biden."


I know it's not likely, but every day I see more and more about this. At the very least it raises her profile to be Senate leader someday.

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Count me in. Scuba Aug 2013 #1
Don't look now, but Jackpine Radical Aug 2013 #7
If she runs she has my support. JRLeft Aug 2013 #44
+1 krawhitham Aug 2013 #74
Senator Warren would certainly do a good job, but that's why they won't let her near it Hydra Aug 2013 #2
lol, she bet not get in hillary's way, her supporters would go nuts son .. okieinpain Aug 2013 #14
That's funny, I wanted to correct you demwing Aug 2013 #67
What are they going to do? Point out she's obviously white again? Neoma Aug 2013 #110
K & R for Elizabeth Warren. Le Taz Hot Aug 2013 #3
If President Warren does not, on day 1, pardon Snowden and make him head of NSA and CIA uponit7771 Aug 2013 #4
This. A THOUSAND times this. Arkana Aug 2013 #5
I think she would rather lose than NOT tell the Truth as she understands it. Volaris Aug 2013 #34
"I don't want Warren to be President because there are elements on the left that would declare her a NorthCarolina Aug 2013 #95
That and the fact that I'm sick of special elections. Arkana Aug 2013 #105
That actually made me laugh ChangeUp106 Aug 2013 #6
Thanks for the reality check. nevergiveup Aug 2013 #8
BINGO Metric System Aug 2013 #10
What a collection of tripe. blackspade Aug 2013 #13
tripe = Obama bailed out the banks, no really this was posted yesterday.. FUDr has overran DU with.. uponit7771 Aug 2013 #47
Nonsense post. blackspade Aug 2013 #56
Oh they DLC'ers are out in full force as of late. These Warren post's must be ringing bells at Purveyor Aug 2013 #81
Give me 8 years of President Warren.... daleanime Aug 2013 #15
+1 Fearless Aug 2013 #25
+1 silvershadow Aug 2013 #33
Nope, never EVER EVER given the left another chance...they CONSTANTLY prove as a group that they uponit7771 Aug 2013 #46
So your into traps? daleanime Aug 2013 #50
No, just think trap post are funny because of the science behind them. People sholdn't be so sloppy. uponit7771 Aug 2013 #51
Yes, people "sholdn't be so sloppy".... daleanime Aug 2013 #53
...of Obama??!!? Yes, I agree, more forgiving of him...I believe he's trying his best to do good uponit7771 Aug 2013 #57
Very narrow definition there.... daleanime Aug 2013 #58
Lol dreamnightwind Aug 2013 #60
Check with them about how serious they are... daleanime Aug 2013 #61
The poster is either a really bad parody or ... Fantastic Anarchist Aug 2013 #72
"never EVER EVER given the left another chance" woo me with science Aug 2013 #107
Nicely done! Fantastic Anarchist Aug 2013 #71
Is this the pivot? woo me with science Aug 2013 #106
The Corporate House of Cards would fall quickly under a Warren Preidency. NorthCarolina Aug 2013 #99
........ daleanime Aug 2013 #102
Spot on. LordGlenconner Aug 2013 #18
I've heard there's coffee cake left in the breakroom Hydra Aug 2013 #19
If she even attempted any one of those things Fearless Aug 2013 #26
Yeap, Obama has done NOTHING to lead the pack on ANYTHING...so yeah, he better get to uponit7771 Aug 2013 #48
Being anti corporate would be a start Fearless Aug 2013 #83
I thought the topic was Senator Warren, not your personal issue of choice Coyotl Aug 2013 #28
The reply was about Warren, people are inflexible and unreasonable why in the world would she put uponit7771 Aug 2013 #49
Which is why Warren, like Sanders, will never run for POTUS. They both.... Tarheel_Dem Aug 2013 #84
Thinking that the New Deal was a great idea = whining n/t eridani Aug 2013 #87
I wrote similar below, then saw your reply. There are about half a dozen of these that are Egalitarian Thug Aug 2013 #70
I'll bite.... daleanime Aug 2013 #111
Absolutely nothing at all, ever. n/t Egalitarian Thug Aug 2013 #112
I hear that.... daleanime Aug 2013 #119
wrong Enrique Aug 2013 #37
But, to his credit, Glenn would never take that job [n/t] Maedhros Aug 2013 #42
! Fantastic Anarchist Aug 2013 #73
Oh, it's already starting . . . HughBeaumont Aug 2013 #43
+ a million brazillion. And alot of people wouldn't take the job either for the exact same reasons Number23 Aug 2013 #62
Isn't it just too easy to turn down a job demwing Aug 2013 #65
This message was self-deleted by its author Egalitarian Thug Aug 2013 #66
Such bullshit. Fantastic Anarchist Aug 2013 #69
Nah, we'll have a lot more patience with someone who we know isn't faking it. Zorra Aug 2013 #78
^^^THIS^^ summer-hazz Aug 2013 #89
cause Obama is evil!!! uponit7771 Aug 2013 #116
As long as she actually tries, I think it'll be OK. nm MannyGoldstein Aug 2013 #79
How true and how sad. nt Progressive dog Aug 2013 #93
Lol!!! JoePhilly Aug 2013 #97
I've never seen a point more nailed than this. tridim Aug 2013 #101
I'd also like to know exactly what her SheilaT Aug 2013 #9
I want a Warren Presidency. Safetykitten Aug 2013 #11
Me too! nt Plucketeer Aug 2013 #35
Warren is awesome. blackspade Aug 2013 #12
Can we PLEASE concentrate on 2014? PLEASE? No one has announced for 2016. nt antigop Aug 2013 #16
Please tell this to all the Clinton worshippers. n/t L0oniX Aug 2013 #27
I've mentioned it. nt antigop Aug 2013 #29
Huh? All I see is thread after thread of posters bashing Hillary. I've seen few pro-Hillary threads. Metric System Aug 2013 #31
Hear, hear!!! Beacool Aug 2013 #54
The right (Republicans) fear her primarily because they think she might win. Maineman Aug 2013 #94
+1000! eom BlueMTexpat Aug 2013 #113
For me, 2014 is not an issue. Maedhros Aug 2013 #45
IMO, this says more about Warren's message than Warren herself. winter is coming Aug 2013 #17
Expect a fail on that Hydra Aug 2013 #20
Count me in too! ananda Aug 2013 #21
I really like her, but she doesn't have the charisma necessary ecstatic Aug 2013 #22
I live in the Mass. TV market and I saw enough of her to agree with this point. Don't get me wrong, Metric System Aug 2013 #32
I'm not sure if she has any intention of running in 2016? Rosa Luxemburg Aug 2013 #52
I like Warren and hope that she remains in the Senate for many years. Beacool Aug 2013 #55
True, but Kerry has really come out of his shell! ecstatic Aug 2013 #59
I haven't heard any of his recent speeches. Beacool Aug 2013 #109
she did come out of virtually nowhere to defeat an incumbent Senator foo_bar Aug 2013 #82
Like you, I would prefer Warren to have more Senate experience before BlueMTexpat Aug 2013 #117
I agree. Beacool Aug 2013 #121
I read the same article concerning Scott Brown two years ago. Not that I want to compare them Mass Aug 2013 #23
I like what Elizabeth Warren has accomplished so far, but just because someone feels "favorably" antigop Aug 2013 #24
Please! I would love for a human being instead of robot run for President one of these days. nt. AppleBottom Aug 2013 #30
Why would anyone choose Obama? Life Long Dem Aug 2013 #36
She is a badass. n/t DirkGently Aug 2013 #38
I'm in. mountain grammy Aug 2013 #39
I would prefer Warren to Hillary any day. earcandle Aug 2013 #40
I agree. Maineman Aug 2013 #96
We need Warren in the Senate loyalsister Aug 2013 #41
Same here demwing Aug 2013 #64
K & R GiaGiovanni Aug 2013 #63
The only reason she's in third.... DeSwiss Aug 2013 #68
This is the truth, and the corporatists in both parties know it. woo me with science Aug 2013 #108
Considering the pathetic crew of 3rd Way'rs and Repugs she's compared with she should rate higher. Tierra_y_Libertad Aug 2013 #75
Elizabeth 2016 Zorra Aug 2013 #76
I understand the sentiment … 1StrongBlackMan Aug 2013 #77
Anyone But Hillary cantbeserious Aug 2013 #80
Run, Elizabeth, Run! closeupready Aug 2013 #85
She's a female FDR. NCarolinawoman Aug 2013 #86
She's a saint....but, Hulk Aug 2013 #88
This message was self-deleted by its author mother earth Aug 2013 #92
Yes! Integrity. Not to be confused with tough talk and stubbornness. Maineman Aug 2013 #98
This message was self-deleted by its author mother earth Aug 2013 #114
Good for her, but Jesus Christ, why is Ted Cruz even on the radar? Not Sure Aug 2013 #90
Kicked and Recommended! nt Enthusiast Aug 2013 #91
Sorry, the problem isn't that she's being underestimated... brooklynite Aug 2013 #100
This message was self-deleted by its author mother earth Aug 2013 #115
Thought about adding that... brooklynite Aug 2013 #120
Elizabeth Warren tiredtoo Aug 2013 #103
Post removed Post removed Aug 2013 #104
All On Board For Warrren!! ChiciB1 Aug 2013 #118
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