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6. Probably not
Wed Aug 14, 2013, 02:34 PM
Aug 2013

Of course Powell isn't the best example. Nowadays Allen West and Herman Cain are more conservative than Powell is.

But I gotta ask. If this were 2003 would DU be all that concerned about a clown in a Bush mask? I wouldn't be.

I actually think it's less about party and race and more about the president being an easy target. Remember the Reagan humor in the 80s? Dana Carvey as H-Dub? All the Clinton-Lewinsky stuff? All the Bush jokes?

While this particular rodeo clown probably wouldn't have tried to get laughs off of President Cain, it's not like the left would be giving him quarter.

I think this is VERY hypothetical and VEY unrealistic...Colonoscopy Powell joeybee12 Aug 2013 #1
I was just going to say mindwalker_i Aug 2013 #12
and after everyone votes in this poll you still will not know. CBGLuthier Aug 2013 #2
But I will know what those I respect and admire think! That's something! MoonRiver Aug 2013 #3
He would have presented the skit with computer generated figures. PowerToThePeople Aug 2013 #4
We need not try to defend this clown liberal N proud Aug 2013 #5
Not defending him, just wondering about "his" motivation. MoonRiver Aug 2013 #7
What? SCUBANOW Aug 2013 #21
Probably not RZM Aug 2013 #6
The clown is only part of the problem someone scripted this display they need to be identified. gordianot Aug 2013 #8
Because their hatred of the POTUS has nothing to do.. SummerSnow Aug 2013 #9
We'll never know, and we can't even make informed or educated guesses. Donald Ian Rankin Aug 2013 #10
I would like to know what you are implying. MoonRiver Aug 2013 #13
I'm implying pretty much what I said - that all this speculation is uninformed. Donald Ian Rankin Aug 2013 #14
I didn't leap to any conclusion. I was wondering if it would happen to an African American president MoonRiver Aug 2013 #16
Simple, but not currently possible to answer. N.T. Donald Ian Rankin Aug 2013 #19
now that is a good question. I'm going to lean yes based on the way okieinpain Aug 2013 #11
Why would a rodeo clown make a political statement? Rex Aug 2013 #15
Well, I don't know who was under the clown mask. MoonRiver Aug 2013 #17
And the difference that makes? Rex Aug 2013 #18
Other. Jamastiene Aug 2013 #20
Other... pipi_k Aug 2013 #22
I have no idea loyalsister Aug 2013 #23
Yes, because he's a pragmatist ecstatic Aug 2013 #24
Half of my family is black, let me tell you what Kitty said about Powell 1-Old-Man Aug 2013 #25
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