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60. I sure do, too! She reminds me of how I felt about then-First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy.
Fri Aug 30, 2013, 01:37 PM
Aug 2013

Granted, I was very young and I only resonated with the "young mom who was a young President's wife, with little kids in the White House." I was only in fifth grade when JFK was assassinated. But that whole First Family really resonated with me. But that Jackie Kennedy, MAN did she ring a bell with me. My mom idolized her in particular because of her understated elegance and style and taste, but the whole Kennedy thing - the Catholic thing, the noblesse oblige thing - that went over HUGELY in our house when I was little.

I loved Rosalynn Carter for her sense of public commitment and obligation, I revered Eleanor Roosevelt (about whom I only had read and studied second-hand), I dearly loved and appreciated Betty Ford - for MANY reasons, and Hillary Rodham Clinton was the first First Lady to whom I could relate in any personal way - she was an independent professional, a working mom, and very near my age - after the dumpy imperious grandma during the bush1 years and the rich, skinny, manipulative hag in the reagan era - neither one of whom I found anything to which I could relate on a personal basis.

But Michelle Obama has it all, at least for me. The surface stuff and the deep stuff - glamour, elegance, style, class, poise, intelligence, a BIG heart - very loving and as classy as she was she still has the common touch; AND a strong commitment to be an example for good - a deep devotion to the greater good.

That first photo Pab Sungenis Aug 2013 #1
Yes wonderful images! gopiscrap Aug 2013 #2
He must have gotten the WiFi option for the camera nadinbrzezinski Aug 2013 #3
Those Lumias are RoccoR5955 Aug 2013 #29
They have the largest sensor nadinbrzezinski Aug 2013 #43
I just fill with pride and tears libodem Aug 2013 #4
1+ n/t Isoldeblue Aug 2013 #28
I love the POTUS, FLOTUS, Carter, Clinton one. Three living Dem presidents, nice. k&r Little Star Aug 2013 #5
+1,000,000!!!! calimary Aug 2013 #32
She is beautiful and very down to earth. I really like her alot. Little Star Aug 2013 #49
I sure do, too! She reminds me of how I felt about then-First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy. calimary Aug 2013 #60
Exactly. Little Star Aug 2013 #61
it's a group thang Supersedeas Aug 2013 #59
Brings tears to my eyes Peacetrain Aug 2013 #6
Maybe today's the day we should recognize him solely for who he is, not what he is . . . Journeyman Aug 2013 #7
I think admirers of his appearance today have an even deeper understanding and appreciation bigtree Aug 2013 #10
And yet . . . Journeyman Aug 2013 #24
Well said - Journeyman! Iliyah Aug 2013 #12
Black President Obama is a dream that many of us had madokie Aug 2013 #8
Can't recommend this one enough!!! calimary Aug 2013 #36
His speech was good but the Obama's look tired and drained. I feel for them both. nt kelliekat44 Aug 2013 #9
At the beginning yes BumRushDaShow Aug 2013 #16
I guess W couldn't make it. Mr.Bill Aug 2013 #11
He was probably afraid he would be struck down on the spot Aerows Aug 2013 #14
Or Poppy KamaAina Aug 2013 #15
He could legitimately plead health issues, W can't. Mr.Bill Aug 2013 #17
Wow. I wondered about that. thanks Mr Bill nm Cha Aug 2013 #20
They are disgusting treestar Aug 2013 #22
Oh yes meanit Aug 2013 #27
I hope voters remember THAT next election day. calimary Aug 2013 #37
Actually, W just had a stent put in BumRushDaShow Aug 2013 #41
Still recovering from a procedure to unbblocked artery question everything Aug 2013 #38
What a load of bovine fecal matter! RoccoR5955 Aug 2013 #54
I regret posting this before doing a little investigating. Mr.Bill Aug 2013 #44
It's reasonable to suspect that he was using his medical condition as an excuse. totodeinhere Aug 2013 #58
K&R BumRushDaShow Aug 2013 #13
Great pics. Thanks. nt SunSeeker Aug 2013 #48
So awesome that we have Honest Abe in the background! Rex Aug 2013 #18
An emotional day lillypaddle Aug 2013 #19
Wonderful images. Thank you. nolabear Aug 2013 #21
Mahalo for the thread of POTUS,FLOTUS, Carter, Clinton, MLK, and Lincoln, bigtree Cha Aug 2013 #23
And because they kept marching, America changed. sheshe2 Aug 2013 #25
K&R. . giftedgirl77 Aug 2013 #26
yes, that dress... she has such awesome taste in clothes! Whisp Aug 2013 #34
She knows what she can wear...and it's wonderful. That's one great dress! Demoiselle Aug 2013 #50
I wonder what happened to... RoccoR5955 Aug 2013 #30
Both are recovering from health problems question everything Aug 2013 #39
I don't. Didn't need them there. Glad they were absent. calimary Aug 2013 #40
Beautiful photos of beautiful people. ty. n/t Whisp Aug 2013 #31
This morning I was thinking that, had we not have now a black president question everything Aug 2013 #33
Yes, indeed! MoonRiver Aug 2013 #35
Beautiful. Thanks so much. Hekate Aug 2013 #42
I have a nightmare.... N_E_1 for Tennis Aug 2013 #45
K&R proverbialwisdom Aug 2013 #46
K & R SunSeeker Aug 2013 #47
A farce. OhDemMom Aug 2013 #51
Welcome to DU. n/t Laelth Aug 2013 #52
K & R Scurrilous Aug 2013 #53
few more . . . bigtree Aug 2013 #55
Both Lincoln's and King's dream realized in these photos to quite a degree Coyotl Aug 2013 #56
Is it just me obama2terms Aug 2013 #57
5oth Anniversary Marchers Excluded from Speeches and Ceremony on the Mall FOR SHAME! School Teacher Aug 2013 #62
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