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192. I'm not, either. So what we offer then is yet another image of the US bombing a Muslim country.
Fri Aug 30, 2013, 01:45 PM
Aug 2013

Oh GREAT. EXACTLY what we need. Just freakin' great.

I'm torn - just a little bit. YES it's awful. YES the visuals are awful. But also YES the intel is inconclusive. This is NOT a slam-dunk. Didn't we learn ANYTHING from what happened a decade ago??????????????????? Does NO ONE think there won't be unintended consequences here? Does ANYONE think this will be quick and surgical, and that'll be that? That it won't linger and grow and metastasize out of control as soon as we pull the first trigger? And now soon will boots be on the ground? Hell, we can't cope with the wounded and injured veterans we've already created! Are we sure we can deal with more?

This is where I'm torn and I feel your pain. JaneyVee Aug 2013 #1
You should call 1-888-550-ARMY (2769). AnotherMcIntosh Aug 2013 #2
chicken hawks never put on the uniform markiv Aug 2013 #65
They always seem to have, one might say, "other HardTimes99 Aug 2013 #107
She "bleeds red", clearly she is sacrificing her own blood for the good of Syria CreekDog Aug 2013 #132
This! AsahinaKimi Aug 2013 #100
Precisely. Jamastiene Aug 2013 #156
Would you be okay with another country using a military strike in the US 1awake Aug 2013 #3
We're Okay With Daily Gun Deaths otohara Aug 2013 #164
SIgn up or shut up. Arctic Dave Aug 2013 #4
Actually, I have friends with family in Syria. IdaBriggs Aug 2013 #16
You don't even know what you're talking about leftstreet Aug 2013 #22
Have I *said* there was a plan to remove Assad? IdaBriggs Aug 2013 #35
Your bloodthirsty rant is noted leftstreet Aug 2013 #40
Google is your friend. Go use it. nt IdaBriggs Aug 2013 #44
You first n/t leftstreet Aug 2013 #56
Amnesty: Satellite images prove Assad violates human rights muriel_volestrangler Aug 2013 #141
Yet the WH wants Assad to stay leftstreet Aug 2013 #142
What makes you say that? muriel_volestrangler Aug 2013 #143
If he left voluntarily that wouldn't be regime change? leftstreet Aug 2013 #144
What they are saying is they're not using military force to make it happen muriel_volestrangler Aug 2013 #145
Obama included? Arctic Dave Aug 2013 #26
"No, I will not sign up" Vinnie From Indy Aug 2013 #39
Well, like many of the dead, they are too young (being six). IdaBriggs Aug 2013 #46
how very convenient. magical thyme Aug 2013 #48
The situations are not the same. IdaBriggs Aug 2013 #52
So you bleed red, but not for your friends the Syrians, and magical thyme Aug 2013 #57
+ Infinity! - nt HardTimes99 Aug 2013 #109
Did the US rob Iraq? HangOnKids Aug 2013 #167
we have both back door and economic drafts markiv Aug 2013 #76
True. And the poster has made clear *she* has no intention of bleeding red or any other color magical thyme Aug 2013 #82
yup - makes me sick nt markiv Aug 2013 #85
you said you "bleed red" but you won't sign up? so those words were hollow? CreekDog Aug 2013 #133
Then you are a coward. n/t backscatter712 Aug 2013 #160
So only those acceptable to the military can have an opinion? treestar Aug 2013 #58
If you want to spout off about killing other people then sign up. Arctic Dave Aug 2013 #64
Thus everyone over 31 can have no opinion right? treestar Aug 2013 #70
Classic strawman. Hassin Bin Sober Aug 2013 #118
So that applies to all older people? treestar Aug 2013 #146
More accurately they can have an opinion that agrees with you or you will call them names mythology Aug 2013 #148
+1, It was true in the Bush years, and it's true today. Marr Aug 2013 #80
it's not about 'only those acceptable to the military' having markiv Aug 2013 #81
honestly then, you need to do more research cali Aug 2013 #5
Assad needs to go. Period. IdaBriggs Aug 2013 #20
that's just ignorant as can be.. sorry, Ida, but you clearly aren't informed cali Aug 2013 #24
The "experts" have their opinion. IdaBriggs Aug 2013 #31
wow. clueless. cali Aug 2013 #38
you sound exactly like the people who had friends from iraq.. frylock Aug 2013 #121
You cannot turn a Blind eye to what your actions can Cause 4Q2u2 Aug 2013 #103
this is as well thought out as your medical experiments CreekDog Aug 2013 #135
oh, this is what I'm talking about CreekDog Aug 2013 #139
Why, THANK YOU! The nicest reply in the thread! IdaBriggs Aug 2013 #149
OFFS. In addition of being totally clueless about the situation in Syria and pushing for a bloodbath NealK Aug 2013 #172
ROFLMAO! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! IdaBriggs Aug 2013 #173
I did some searching. NealK Aug 2013 #174
Again, Fox News worthy investigation. IdaBriggs Aug 2013 #182
Yeah, sure. NealK Aug 2013 #185
Not a problem, Faux News Guy. IdaBriggs Aug 2013 #189
"I am as informed as I feel I need to be." WorseBeforeBetter Aug 2013 #140
The US throwing more rocks in the pond won't calm the pond waters. It will aggitate RKP5637 Aug 2013 #177
Then you should also support the US marching into Jeddah and Doha and Amman and Ankara to march leveymg Aug 2013 #6
I Sympathize With Your Feelings, Ma'am The Magistrate Aug 2013 #7
I feel likewise! bobGandolf Aug 2013 #17
I support someone's intervention in... the US of A. Amonester Aug 2013 #8
I think this message might be lost on the OP HangOnKids Aug 2013 #112
Canada, please liberate us. We apologize for all the moose jokes. - nt HardTimes99 Aug 2013 #134
We can't even rebuild our own country. CJCRANE Aug 2013 #9
While the Syrian people are in a tight spot.. StopTheNeoCons Aug 2013 #10
And the hell with the aftermath? What if Iran comes to the aid of Syria? Or sinkingfeeling Aug 2013 #11
Were you also for the invasion of Iraq? rdharma Aug 2013 #12
No, I opposed the invation of Iraq. IdaBriggs Aug 2013 #21
I'll have to take your word that you weren't for the invasion of Iraq. rdharma Aug 2013 #27
I took my dogs to the march in Lansing, Michigan. IdaBriggs Aug 2013 #37
You won't bleed nearly as much as the human beings we will be bombing. woo me with science Aug 2013 #13
+Infinity! - nt HardTimes99 Aug 2013 #43
More info: There is no plan on the table to take Assad out cali Aug 2013 #14
I don't have any brothers or sisters in Syria atreides1 Aug 2013 #15
Go join. former9thward Aug 2013 #18
So you don't like murder but you like war? What do you suppose we will bomb them with? Prozac? KurtNYC Aug 2013 #19
I do not want to BOMB them; I want the leaders taken out. IdaBriggs Aug 2013 #23
It just doesn't get more clueless than advocating that we remove cali Aug 2013 #28
Yes, removing a "hereditary" rule who has amassed billions of dollars IdaBriggs Aug 2013 #41
It's what Chogyam Trungpa called "idiot compassion" cali Aug 2013 #45
Sigh. We simply have to agree to disagree. IdaBriggs Aug 2013 #51
Post removed Post removed Aug 2013 #60
You know, I was being okay with the disagreement. IdaBriggs Aug 2013 #127
you "bleed red"? oh, when do you go on active duty to take military action in Syria? CreekDog Aug 2013 #131
I do respect your opinion. jessie04 Aug 2013 #165
yeah, that's gonna happen. NOT A CHANCE. cali Aug 2013 #29
I'm sorry, but even Hollywood would call that script "unrealistic" Scootaloo Aug 2013 #33
Just have some of our Spec Ops troops ..... oldhippie Aug 2013 #49
Yeah, that's what I was thinking deutsey Aug 2013 #119
How, Ida? enlightenment Aug 2013 #61
You would replace one murdering asshole with some even worse murdering assholes. GreenStormCloud Aug 2013 #25
Which murdering asshole would you put in the previous murdering asshole's place? Scootaloo Aug 2013 #30
She said "Period", goddamit! Iggo Aug 2013 #183
I take this to mean you are enlisting right now. magical thyme Aug 2013 #32
March your happy arse over to Syria and put the hurt on them, please. n/t PowerToThePeople Aug 2013 #34
I've seen this movie before. It didn't end well CJCRANE Aug 2013 #36
By far and away the most uninformed nonsense posted cali Aug 2013 #42
Couple of things wrong with that: Dash87 Aug 2013 #47
I find your ideas quite grotesque. Vinnie From Indy Aug 2013 #50
+1000 AsahinaKimi Aug 2013 #106
Only those Americans in uniform, will be bleeding red markiv Aug 2013 #53
Then you support Al Qaida n2doc Aug 2013 #54
Just like we did in Iraq? How'd that work out? NightWatcher Aug 2013 #55
Quite well really ConcernedCanuk Aug 2013 #122
In the 1970s-80s, it was viewed that a Mideast involvement would get us into WWIII markiv Aug 2013 #59
FYI - Not abandoning thread. IdaBriggs Aug 2013 #62
Who gives a shit really? Vinnie From Indy Aug 2013 #68
hey vinny cali Aug 2013 #71
No need, apparently. Results: Lizzie Poppet Aug 2013 #95
OMG - Juror #2, WTF???? - nt HardTimes99 Aug 2013 #111
Serious props to you for the allusion to HardTimes99 Aug 2013 #137
Go read up about the World Court. Bluenorthwest Aug 2013 #69
excellent point about the world court cali Aug 2013 #72
I only bothered because Ida is pontificating about how uber informed she is. Bluenorthwest Aug 2013 #75
Well, I appreciate it. I'd completely forgotten that most salient fact. cali Aug 2013 #77
carefully cultivated bobduca Aug 2013 #96
it's not feigned. it's real ignorance. cali Aug 2013 #97
Ok, willfull ignorance is more apt. bobduca Aug 2013 #98
Willful and active. Note that neither the OP nor those who agree with it have bothered Bluenorthwest Aug 2013 #110
They aren't your troops. Dash87 Aug 2013 #89
I find your statement "I bleed red." to be offensive Marrah_G Aug 2013 #180
So stop the murders by killing more civilians? Marrah_G Aug 2013 #63
Ida, I have deep issues with folks who take strong positions while shouting false 'knowledge' Bluenorthwest Aug 2013 #66
I do not.... mike_c Aug 2013 #67
If you are in Syria and we punish them, then you might just bleed red. Autumn Aug 2013 #73
So...did you join the military yet? Vashta Nerada Aug 2013 #74
so you want the US to become the murdering asshole....wow bowens43 Aug 2013 #78
You have yet to advise us which murdering assholes you would have replace Assad? magical thyme Aug 2013 #79
She refuses to acknowledge that it could be worse apres Assad cali Aug 2013 #84
Hey, the guy who ate the human heart might make a great new leader! Marrah_G Aug 2013 #87
I [Heart Symbol] Syria? New campaign sign... David__77 Aug 2013 #115
feel free to put on a uniform and 'bleed red' for real markiv Aug 2013 #83
As shameful an op as I've ever seen here, but not only because cali Aug 2013 #86
+1000 Vinnie From Indy Aug 2013 #88
+10 000 tsuki Aug 2013 #90
Excellent fodder for DU parody sites leftstreet Aug 2013 #93
some are so blase' about other people's kids and grandkids dying..... steve2470 Aug 2013 #124
Agreed donheld Aug 2013 #171
You don't bleed red, you bleed green. You're not alone. Gormy Cuss Aug 2013 #91
You ought to make this its own OP and build on its themes. At any rate, HardTimes99 Aug 2013 #114
completely agree, excellent point nt steve2470 Aug 2013 #126
simply amazes me that someone promotes/supports war but is not willing to do any of the DrDan Aug 2013 #92
I bleed blood too LostOne4Ever Aug 2013 #94
Do you honestly believe the US can just "go in, remove that murdering asshole from power, etc." deutsey Aug 2013 #99
They said that about Iraq... backscatter712 Aug 2013 #101
It Has Only Been 10 Years But People Must Have Forgotten HangOnKids Aug 2013 #105
I've bled red, on this country's orders. I don't see a compelling interest for this country Recursion Aug 2013 #102
then what? cause the problems won't end there. rurallib Aug 2013 #104
Ultra Fail n/t whatchamacallit Aug 2013 #108
So you support al Qaeda? David__77 Aug 2013 #113
Any assistance to the rebels will aid Al Qaeda. Dawson Leery Aug 2013 #116
So once Assad goes, everything will be peachy keen? KamaAina Aug 2013 #117
pssst.. AsahinaKimi Aug 2013 #120
puhleeze--like you would if Bush were pushing for this MisterP Aug 2013 #123
my stance, not gonna copy and paste every time: steve2470 Aug 2013 #125
Hot Spots: Central African Republic, Democrati Republic of Congo, Egypt, Mali, Nigeria, Somalia, notadmblnd Aug 2013 #128
excellent point nt steve2470 Aug 2013 #152
Good thing I didn't hold my breath for an answer. notadmblnd Aug 2013 #190
Sorry - when it became obvious this was a flame fest IdaBriggs Aug 2013 #193
I didn't have any desire to call you any names. notadmblnd Aug 2013 #195
Thank you. Your post did have some good points in it, too. IdaBriggs Aug 2013 #196
Fair enough. I'm not in favor of being the Planetary Police notadmblnd Aug 2013 #197
luckily, if we take out the bad guy, no matter what happens, it will be better afterwards CreekDog Aug 2013 #129
Said the wealthy American non-combatant from the comfort and safety of home. LeftyMom Aug 2013 #130
Where next? China? Russia? North Korea? Uganda? Zimbabwe? Iran? MNBrewer Aug 2013 #136
Two things nadinbrzezinski Aug 2013 #138
Good luck in the war. darkangel218 Aug 2013 #147
If only it were that simple Bradical79 Aug 2013 #150
I sort of disagree JustAnotherGen Aug 2013 #151
It's easy to send other people's children off to die, isn't it? I guess for some it is. REP Aug 2013 #153
Your plan sounds an awful lot like a GI Joe script except Guy Whitey Corngood Aug 2013 #154
"And knowing is half the battle!" REP Aug 2013 #155
And I'm not saying it can't be done. But the question is. Guy Whitey Corngood Aug 2013 #158
Duh. REP Aug 2013 #162
. Guy Whitey Corngood Aug 2013 #163
It'd be nice if war was actually like a GI Joe cartoon... backscatter712 Aug 2013 #159
i understand where you are coming from... actslikeacarrot Aug 2013 #157
My eyes started bleeding red after reading this OP Oilwellian Aug 2013 #161
+1 sarcasmo Aug 2013 #194
Then suit up... fujiyama Aug 2013 #166
Let the UN inspectors do their job FloridaJudy Aug 2013 #168
Really, until we're willing to escort our own murdering assholes to The Hague dflprincess Aug 2013 #169
Amen. jsr Aug 2013 #170
That's probably because you've convinced your self they will throw flowers and will come together... dkf Aug 2013 #175
lol Sheldon Cooper Aug 2013 #176
not convinced demosocialist Aug 2013 #178
I'm not, either. So what we offer then is yet another image of the US bombing a Muslim country. calimary Aug 2013 #192
I support in making sure that his ability to war on his own people is neutralized... cynatnite Aug 2013 #179
WTF ...don't they know we are exceptional? L0oniX Aug 2013 #181
Not your first huge FAIL! mentalsolstice Aug 2013 #184
Oh and BBC found little support nadinbrzezinski Aug 2013 #186
The problem is the rebels are not good people, either. alarimer Aug 2013 #187
As do I. And I'm DAMN proud to do so. It's the right thing to do Number23 Aug 2013 #188
I don't Aerows Aug 2013 #191
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