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47. Wow! WUNNNNNNderful!
Fri Aug 30, 2013, 01:55 PM
Aug 2013

And, for the first time, long enough! Watterson's work always left me wanting more. A LOT more. Love the way he draws! Love his style! And his messages, too! One panel, or one Sunday funnies spread, was NEVER enough.

I love this.nt sufrommich Aug 2013 #1
K&R liberal N proud Aug 2013 #2
That is freaking beautiful. Hayabusa Aug 2013 #3
So very true. 99Forever Aug 2013 #4
uplifting when there so much from so many brining you down Supersedeas Aug 2013 #5
I can not recommend this enough! It is a wise man that knows what is true success. Dragonfli Aug 2013 #6
Important message with... Mr_Jefferson_24 Aug 2013 #7
True subversive that he is Hydra Aug 2013 #8
Thank you Bill! BillyRibs Aug 2013 #9
I so loved Calvin and Hobbes... Moostache Aug 2013 #10
I agree so much! nt littlewolf Aug 2013 #19
The words are Bill Watterson's (from 1995), but the art is Gavin Aung Than's Bibliovore Aug 2013 #24
It's like I've posted elsewhere here. A long lost, nearly forgotten expression.... Spitfire of ATJ Aug 2013 #11
I think that's changed. Doc Holliday Aug 2013 #44
"Real" Americans are supposed to hate everything too. Spitfire of ATJ Aug 2013 #55
As I've told many of my co-workers over the years: kentauros Aug 2013 #59
Time and a half is closer to what actual pay should be. Spitfire of ATJ Aug 2013 #62
I guess that depends on the job. kentauros Aug 2013 #65
There are a lot of people in life sucking cubicles that can't afford lunch. Spitfire of ATJ Aug 2013 #66
You seem to be countering your original post of "It's only money." kentauros Aug 2013 #67
The "it's only money" is a GOAL that we as a society haven't achieved yet.... Spitfire of ATJ Aug 2013 #68
Just to be clear, the quote is Watterson's, the artwork is by Gavin Aung Than PrestonLocke Aug 2013 #12
I can't tell you how much I needed this today, right now. Thanks, kpete. Gidney N Cloyd Aug 2013 #13
This is why we love you, kpete. blm Aug 2013 #14
I posted this a couple of days ago. You clearly reach a wider audience. nolabear Aug 2013 #15
I'm a very fortunate human being. hunter Aug 2013 #16
K&R NikolaC Aug 2013 #17
The goal of the one percent is to make a happy life free of domination by the one percent... AdHocSolver Aug 2013 #18
I love this. And I feel pretty fortunate to be managing to do it, as well.... NRaleighLiberal Aug 2013 #20
Shit! Look at those tomatoes! Are those yours? calimary Aug 2013 #48
they sure are! thanks.... NRaleighLiberal Aug 2013 #50
Pure gold. n/t DirkGently Aug 2013 #21
As a painter of little men/women.... blackspade Aug 2013 #22
So cool madokie Aug 2013 #23
Thank you soooo much kpete I really needed this right now... you rock nt demosocialist Aug 2013 #25
Lifetime Link. bluedeathray Aug 2013 #26
Beautiful! defacto7 Aug 2013 #27
Wonderful! K&R myrna minx Aug 2013 #28
Terrific! democrank Aug 2013 #29
You still have to buy food, pay the utilities, rent (or mortgage), etc. GreenStormCloud Aug 2013 #30
+1 especially in this day in age.. Javaman Aug 2013 #31
Re: Mortgages / Rent and Property Taxes HumansAndResources Aug 2013 #34
Totally agree with this. Fix The Stupid Aug 2013 #41
does your neighbor get a ag tax exemption? nt Javaman Aug 2013 #58
Someone once said . . . Brigid Aug 2013 #32
A little bit out of touch - most people can't afford to quit their jobs, go off on their own. reformist2 Aug 2013 #33
Thanks for posting that (nt) Babel_17 Aug 2013 #35
The only glaring error in this lovely piece is the part where a baby plays happily alone in a play morningglory Aug 2013 #36
And a reply from a current (web) cartoonist TlalocW Aug 2013 #37
Bill Watterson is in his 50s (nt) Recursion Aug 2013 #38
David Willis (author/artist of the rebuttal) is the one in his 30s... JHB Aug 2013 #42
Message auto-removed Name removed Aug 2013 #45
...and a not so subtle nod that it's easier to do that... JHB Aug 2013 #53
I get the 'reality check' Blue_Tires Aug 2013 #52
Message auto-removed Name removed Aug 2013 #54
To the few negative responses above shebornik Aug 2013 #39
beautifully put heaven05 Aug 2013 #40
That was excellent ermoore Aug 2013 #43
A wonderful montage and message Populist_Prole Aug 2013 #46
Wow! WUNNNNNNderful! calimary Aug 2013 #47
I was so hoping when ... DakotaLady Aug 2013 #49
Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe Aug 2013 #51
That's beautiful Xyzse Aug 2013 #56
Best message ever! JNelson6563 Aug 2013 #57
this blog gave me much to ponder barbtries Aug 2013 #60
Thank you for that link! LunaSea Aug 2013 #61
you're welcome! barbtries Aug 2013 #64
A most wonderful sentiment... LanternWaste Aug 2013 #63
Such brilliance. He stopped C and H because he got tired of being told to compromise his artistic Nanjing to Seoul Aug 2013 #69
This is terribly outdated advice, IMO AZ Progressive Aug 2013 #70
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