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7. Agreed.
Fri Aug 30, 2013, 04:20 PM
Aug 2013

Gee, didn't we try this once before - one of the many flimsy arguments bush2 cited for getting rid of Saddam Hussein was invariably "he gassed his own people!!!!"

Well, we sure showed him, alright, didn't we? We sent a message out there about the folly of using chemical weapons on your own people. EVERYBODY learned from that one, didn't they? NEVER saw the likes of that atrocity again, did we? Sure took care of that problem once and for all, didn't it?

I just don't think anything good, longterm OR short, will come of this if we go ahead with it. Innocents will still be killed - and probably by us and our "surgical strikes", and we sure won't get any thank-yous or be met with flowers and sweets after we do this. Even if we topple Assad, the people fighting him don't like us. Whose side do we take, and who do we arm and assist - al Qaeda or Hamas? Which pro-Western set of rebels is that, again? And we're likely gonna get stuck in deeper and deeper when it starts. And all we need to fire up the Arab world further against us, and up the ante against us, is yet another scene of the U.S. bombing another Muslim country. Yep, that's the ticket fer sure!

Thank You Mr. Grayson [View all] malaise Aug 2013 OP
I'll thank him but I'll also thank Rep. Welch who was aganst it well before cali Aug 2013 #1
Welsh is a good guy malaise Aug 2013 #2
K&R Myrina Aug 2013 #3
K&R DeSwiss Aug 2013 #4
K & R ~ nt 99th_Monkey Aug 2013 #5
Mr. Constitutional Scholar blkmusclmachine Aug 2013 #6
Agreed. calimary Aug 2013 #7
What this Syria buildup is showing delrem Aug 2013 #8
Guy sounds like some kind of Democrat LearningCurve Aug 2013 #9
k&r thanks for posting. nm rhett o rick Aug 2013 #10
Was he briefed yesterday by the White House about Syria? KittyWampus Aug 2013 #11
Briefing won't make it legal malaise Aug 2013 #14
yes, but it would answer to claims intelligence is bogus. If you don't know the answer just say so. KittyWampus Aug 2013 #18
So says Putin malaise Aug 2013 #20
K&R. woo me with science Aug 2013 #12
Hear, hear! Little Star Aug 2013 #13
Damn pesky Democrat... 99Forever Aug 2013 #15
Obama will seek Congressional authorization malaise Aug 2013 #21
I truly hope you are correct. 99Forever Aug 2013 #22
big k and r nashville_brook Aug 2013 #16
Looks like the worshippers are going to have a tough time keeping this one under the bus. n/t L0oniX Aug 2013 #17
Why aren't we going to the UN? spooky3 Aug 2013 #19
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