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68. It's a VERY well thought out point!
Fri Aug 30, 2013, 04:37 PM
Aug 2013

I worry about the imaging of the U.S. bombing yet another Muslim country. Oh yeah, SUUUUUUUUUUUURE! THAT'LL fix it! THAT'LL make it stop. THAT'LL be a sure-fire deterrent against the use of chemical weapons.

We sure sent that message effectively in Iraq, didn't we? Remember how many times among the many musical-chairs campaign of revolving justifications for going in there - "he gassed his own people!!!!!!" What a message THAT sent. What a meaningful, effective, and long-lasting lesson THAT taught.

And who takes over in Syria if we were to remove Assad through this? Do we even know????? It wouldn't surprise me to see instant sympathizers popping up behind him all over the Arab world with our first bomb strike. Whoever hates him now will embrace him because he'll be a symbol of opposition to the dreaded West. WHAT WILL THIS ACCOMPLISH - SERIOUSLY??? And do you think, realistically, that doing this WILL make it stop? Seriously?

This is a well thought out point el_bryanto Aug 2013 #1
It's a VERY well thought out point! calimary Aug 2013 #68
I just wonder how killing more Syrians is going to stop them from killing Syrians liberal N proud Aug 2013 #2
Questions like yours need to be ask more often. RC Aug 2013 #7
I agree. LuvNewcastle Aug 2013 #28
Ike warned us DissidentVoice Aug 2013 #53
MLK told us: thecrow Aug 2013 #64
Exactly. calimary Aug 2013 #69
You aren't alone. Brigid Aug 2013 #3
Worse. joshcryer Aug 2013 #4
Will give my objectives as I have elsewhere The Straight Story Aug 2013 #5
We can degrade the Syrian air force Recursion Aug 2013 #6
If we want to degrade it we can have Miley Cyrus twerk their air force The Straight Story Aug 2013 #8
And there it sits, your level of thoughtfulness and respect. A thread about horrific things and of Bluenorthwest Aug 2013 #18
+1 nt Javaman Aug 2013 #48
+ 2 n/t marew Aug 2013 #59
Look at what some of the US military leadership thinks about that BainsBane Aug 2013 #9
I had seen that earlier, and the guy on the second page I think said it best The Straight Story Aug 2013 #12
I agree there is no good solution BainsBane Aug 2013 #26
This iis not adout a petty dictator kmlisle Aug 2013 #45
60 cents of every dollar does not go to the defense budget. 7962 Aug 2013 #78
Doubts are a very good thing bhikkhu Aug 2013 #13
None of those points to US involvement 4Q2u2 Aug 2013 #34
You may say it is not the responsibility of the US, my take is The Straight Story Aug 2013 #35
They work for me as well 4Q2u2 Aug 2013 #41
My son served in Iraq as well The Straight Story Aug 2013 #42
Will it stop at Air Strikes? 4Q2u2 Aug 2013 #49
Is chemical weapons your tripping point? Is is ok to stand by and watch a government rhett o rick Aug 2013 #66
Ok, I'll reply. Cheviteau Aug 2013 #73
Sir... 99Forever Aug 2013 #10
In a nutshell, that's what is happening here BlueStreak Aug 2013 #33
K&R G_j Aug 2013 #11
K&R pinboy3niner Aug 2013 #14
excellent point, thank you nt steve2470 Aug 2013 #15
You're not alone a la izquierda Aug 2013 #16
You aren't unpopular n2doc Aug 2013 #17
Well that is how you bum rush the show. zeemike Aug 2013 #21
Even Fox News shows the huge majority being against attacking. 7962 Aug 2013 #79
a bracing dose of common sense. thanks. cali Aug 2013 #19
Your position is with the majority, the informed majority. Bluenorthwest Aug 2013 #20
I absolutely agree with you A Little Weird Aug 2013 #22
with you there, well thought out and presented. Semper Fi sir. nt littlewolf Aug 2013 #23
Agree beemer27 Aug 2013 #24
Much better that we support refugee camps -- THAT saves lives mainer Aug 2013 #25
If we really want to do some good over there, we'll do that. LuvNewcastle Aug 2013 #31
YES. (n/t) klook Aug 2013 #76
k&r Little Star Aug 2013 #27
I'll be unpopular with you. backscatter712 Aug 2013 #29
We dont need to become involved with their civil war Cryptoad Aug 2013 #30
Perhaps we could devote our efforts Shankapotomus Aug 2013 #32
And a plan for protecting the Christian/Alawite/Kurdish and other minority populations MNBrewer Aug 2013 #37
Agreed...my major objection here is that a policy of intervention doesn't promise any results alcibiades_mystery Aug 2013 #36
I don't trust my government.I wouldn't put it past those in power Oldenuff Aug 2013 #38
Great post! lark Aug 2013 #39
Do not worry about being unpopular Scalded Nun Aug 2013 #40
Thank you get the red out Aug 2013 #43
Thank you for this.... peace13 Aug 2013 #44
You're a patriot. Eddie Haskell Aug 2013 #46
That is hard to say treestar Aug 2013 #47
This message was self-deleted by its author Ocelot Aug 2013 #50
You're actually in the majority Ocelot Aug 2013 #51
Well said, Marine DissidentVoice Aug 2013 #52
Agreed! n/t marew Aug 2013 #60
Hardly makes you unpopular here n/t michigandem58 Aug 2013 #54
Doves ROCK! kpete Aug 2013 #55
That is the problem I have with all of this Harmony Blue Aug 2013 #56
No clear Military Objective = No Exit Strategy = Quagmire bvar22 Aug 2013 #57
I suspect the REAL Enthusiast Aug 2013 #58
War never makes things better. Even when they say it will. DeSwiss Aug 2013 #61
I stand with you! gopiscrap Aug 2013 #62
It'll work out as well as "hope" and "change" worked out. blkmusclmachine Aug 2013 #63
I thought the plan was to keep killing people until they love us. tclambert Aug 2013 #65
I agree. I believe our interference will only make things worse. nm rhett o rick Aug 2013 #67
I have been to Auschwitz, JimboBillyBubbaBob Aug 2013 #70
+10e10 Sand Wind Aug 2013 #71
You are not a lonely dove and neither am I. nt TeamPooka Aug 2013 #72
The MIC wardogs don't give a damn about precise military objectives workinclasszero Aug 2013 #74
+1 toby jo Aug 2013 #77
I'm with you. klook Aug 2013 #75
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