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17. When the OP says "more military-style weapons on the streets", why do you
Fri Aug 30, 2013, 06:46 PM
Aug 2013

think that phrasing was selected? What impression do you think it was intended to convey? And based on the answer to those, do you honestly think it's "perfectly accurate" in correctly discussing the subjects of this re-import ban?

You know as well as I do what the purpose of the phrasing is, and it's not to be informative. Rather, the purpose is to confuse people into believing that these pre-Vietnam-era semi-automatic rifles are in fact the select-fire infantry rifles seen in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere. Which, we know, they are not. (But I'm actually not sure the OP knows they are not - looking elsewhere in the thread it seems he thinks these are modern infantry rifles. Which just goes to show that the spin and deceptive framing has worked.)

You also should know perfectly well that it's irrelevant to this discussion whether or not people like or desire military style or even 'badass looking' guns, because that taste - no matter how much you abhor it or how icky it makes you feel - is irrelevant to policy.

But the question still remains: if a rifle is functionally identical to many typical hunting rifles, and even looks like them, why does it matter that they are "military surplus"? In what possible way does banning the re-import of such rifles affect crime or safety, when exactly equivalent firearms are available from private dealers and directly from the government itself? The answer, obviously, is that it serves no purpose other than theatre, and the emphasis on 'military' is intended solely to influence policy opinions through fear and misdirection...

K&R BumRushDaShow Aug 2013 #1
These EOs were useless foot-shuffling. X_Digger Aug 2013 #2
Too bad Duckhunter935 Aug 2013 #3
It's shooting himself in the foot politically at the very least. n/t X_Digger Aug 2013 #4
The import ban LuckyTheDog Aug 2013 #6
What it 'sounds like' is what makes it theater - these typically petronius Aug 2013 #9
Do we really need thousands more semi-auto rifles to come in? LuckyTheDog Aug 2013 #23
"Do we need them?" isn't the question, the question ought to be "why not?" petronius Aug 2013 #25
So, basically, what you are saying is... LuckyTheDog Aug 2013 #27
Import is managed by the SoS & ATF X_Digger Aug 2013 #32
My 1953 Mosin Duckhunter935 Aug 2013 #34
No, that's not quite what I'm saying petronius Aug 2013 #35
If they are cheap enough... and if S. Korea exporters had their way they would be... LuckyTheDog Aug 2013 #40
May I ask you to consider, in all seriousness - have you really thought petronius Aug 2013 #46
I don't think you are being realistic... LuckyTheDog Sep 2013 #47
The point you're missing, is why would this particular set of rifles become petronius Sep 2013 #49
The re-import ban is pure theater, and will have no effect at all on petronius Aug 2013 #5
Substitute the word "Scary" and it makes more sense... Mr_Teg Aug 2013 #7
You Gun Enthusiasts are the the ones who are horny for military styling. Paladin Aug 2013 #8
Thanks for the amateur telepsychoanalysis. Lizzie Poppet Aug 2013 #10
I am familiar with the firearms involved, thank you very much. Paladin Aug 2013 #11
I should think it would be obvious why we're complaining: it's useless grandstanding. Lizzie Poppet Aug 2013 #12
Yeah, right. Paladin Aug 2013 #14
FFS, lay off the insipid telepsychoanalysis. Lizzie Poppet Aug 2013 #16
Monumentally unconvincing. (nt) Paladin Aug 2013 #19
If you were capable of being convinced by reason (or anything else)... Lizzie Poppet Aug 2013 #22
Is a 1903 springfield Duckhunter935 Aug 2013 #36
The popularity of AR and AK style rifles has nothing to do with this topic, petronius Aug 2013 #13
Your side caused the usage of "military" and military style" Paladin Aug 2013 #15
When the OP says "more military-style weapons on the streets", why do you petronius Aug 2013 #17
Let's dispense with the "functionally identical" bullshit, shall we? Paladin Aug 2013 #18
Nothing in the OP or the thread is about plastic anything or anything petronius Aug 2013 #20
You seem to not realize what this "reimportation ban" actually affects. X_Digger Aug 2013 #21
There's a SLATE article that appears to echo those sentiments derby378 Aug 2013 #24
Because it was NEVER about curbing firearms related crimes or public safety. HolyMoley Aug 2013 #42
Those do not look very harmless. LuckyTheDog Aug 2013 #29
That's right, let's legislate based on looks *rolls eyes* X_Digger Aug 2013 #30
Import tens of thousands all at once and they'll be cheap LuckyTheDog Sep 2013 #48
They're all imported through the CMP, they always have been. X_Digger Sep 2013 #50
All firearms can be lethal. (n/t) spin Aug 2013 #37
Bad part is the repro's don't have any historical value. ileus Aug 2013 #31
I'd love to have a collector grade winchester X_Digger Aug 2013 #41
Since psychos are not showing up Jenoch Aug 2013 #28
The reason the Winchester Model 70 Jenoch Aug 2013 #26
I post in the gungeon. Both action rifles such as the Winchester Model 70 are excellent firearms. spin Aug 2013 #33
The problem is in the second half of your subject line. WeekendWarrior Aug 2013 #38
I'm not sure how many trusts were used sarisataka Aug 2013 #39
Possession by a felon would have still been illegal. X_Digger Aug 2013 #43
I recall an interview with sarisataka Aug 2013 #45
3 maybe 0 at the most... ileus Aug 2013 #44
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