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63. Welcome to DU, Precisely!
Sat Aug 31, 2013, 03:41 AM
Aug 2013

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Good to have you with us! I've always admired Jimmy Carter. I wish he would have won a second term, instead of that bastard reagan and all his felonious robber-baron friends. Carter has always stood tall. He's still the most moral President we've had in many decades.

Oh brother - I apologize! Just noticed - I didn't mean to address you by your reply title! Where the hell was I? D'OH!!!

Gotta respect Carter's words. panader0 Aug 2013 #1
+1 million! BlueMTexpat Aug 2013 #17
+1 leftstreet Aug 2013 #31
Yes. At the same time, launching a few missiles might get reluctant parties to a peace JDPriestly Aug 2013 #50
Bombing for peace. LWolf Aug 2013 #56
Assad may be trying to save face by not negotiating. JDPriestly Aug 2013 #62
We don't really want them to end the use of the chemical weapons. RC Aug 2013 #68
You could be right. After Bush, and seeing the massive ever-dominant corruption in our JDPriestly Aug 2013 #71
There's always a rationalization. nt LWolf Aug 2013 #77
Then maybe some country should bomb crap out of the USA? delrem Aug 2013 #58
Exactly and that was brought up in the British Parliament yesterday, the hypocrisy of the sabrina 1 Aug 2013 #72
I do. Supersedeas Aug 2013 #51
Sanity: "Those responsible for the use of chemical weapons must bear personal responsibility" Coyotl Aug 2013 #2
++++++++++++++++++++++++ ReasonableToo Aug 2013 #52
Yes and he is not alone in this advocacy: Jefferson23 Aug 2013 #3
al Assad doesn't WANT a "peace conference." MADem Aug 2013 #67
I'm so glad you have it all figured out, especially the moral backbone aspect. n/t Jefferson23 Aug 2013 #70
So--you can find a circumstance where you perceive the use of chemical weapons to gas civilians MADem Aug 2013 #76
Snark was not my intention, I truly believe you are certain your opinion Jefferson23 Aug 2013 #78
I cannot help but note how many are glossing over Carter's statement. MADem Aug 2013 #79
Your comments to me about the OP I posted which supports a similar approach Jefferson23 Aug 2013 #82
"I" didn't "reject" it--I am just telling you that al-Assad is uninterested in that approach. MADem Aug 2013 #83
Well many of his enemies are, we are told at least, OUR enemies also. Al Queda is sabrina 1 Aug 2013 #73
Which is why a Yemen scenario is the best solution... MADem Aug 2013 #75
How about we mind our own business and start prosecuting the war criminals we sabrina 1 Aug 2013 #80
What a morally "convenient" approach you have! MADem Aug 2013 #81
Here, let me 'throw down what I believe once again' since it is the overwhelming sabrina 1 Aug 2013 #85
TRANSLATION: Two wrongs DO make a right. MADem Aug 2013 #87
I am saying what I am saying. Angry at you? I am sad for you, and the rest of the minority sabrina 1 Aug 2013 #89
You sure ARE "saying what you are saying!" MADem Aug 2013 #90
Of course I am saying what I am saying. I think I made that clear and will say it again sabrina 1 Aug 2013 #91
How nice that you are "more than proud." MADem Aug 2013 #92
Big k&r from me. Little Star Aug 2013 #4
Recommended Autumn Aug 2013 #5
Carter earned the Nobel Peace Prize for a reason. Triana Aug 2013 #6
Agreed - a wise man. polichick Aug 2013 #26
It is a tragedy of epic proportions that conservative Democrats joined with republicans and elected Zorra Aug 2013 #7
It was not only conservative Dems joining with Republicans who gave us Reagan. BlueMTexpat Aug 2013 #18
No, that's simply not true in the case of the 1980 election, and if you have proof that it is true, Zorra Aug 2013 #27
There was liberal opposition to President Carter in the primaries that weakened him enough that he totodeinhere Aug 2013 #30
Sorry, with all due respect, that's an extremely weak argument. Zorra Aug 2013 #36
I said that he was weakened by Teddy's primary challenge but I also said that there totodeinhere Aug 2013 #37
You're right about the Kennedy challenge... Blanks Aug 2013 #41
"part of his defeat came from his personality"... awoke_in_2003 Aug 2013 #47
Carter lost because Reagan and GHW Bush committed treason dflprincess Aug 2013 #60
+1,000 Euphoria Aug 2013 #61
Yes, people forget that for some reason. I think that was treason but they got away sabrina 1 Aug 2013 #74
Actually, not true re: Anderson OmahaBlueDog Aug 2013 #34
Well, OK, the term "liberal" is relative, I suppose. Zorra Aug 2013 #39
Teddy Kennedy was the candidate of many "liberal" Democrats BlueMTexpat Aug 2013 #46
Statistics prove that self-described moderate and conservative Democrats voted for Reagan in Zorra Aug 2013 #86
reasoned and well put. heaven05 Aug 2013 #8
That statement no longer appears on the FB page... berni_mccoy Aug 2013 #9
Statement was just UPDATED berni_mccoy Aug 2013 #10
I still see it, and I just refreshed OmahaBlueDog Aug 2013 #11
Yep, I noticed that. Thanks. I agree with the Carter Center on this. berni_mccoy Aug 2013 #12
We literally must have seen the update at the same time OmahaBlueDog Aug 2013 #13
Kick And Recommend cantbeserious Aug 2013 #14
The statement is now also on the Carter Center website OmahaBlueDog Aug 2013 #15
Carter is such a wise man. lark Aug 2013 #16
It might be easier to be wise when you are not surrounded by Washington DC hogwash perpetrators and Maineman Aug 2013 #43
k and r niyad Aug 2013 #19
K & R for a voice of reason. nt Granny M Aug 2013 #20
Kicked and highly recommended. avaistheone1 Aug 2013 #21
A sensible approach. kentuck Aug 2013 #22
President Carter made 'Human Rights' the nation's top foreign policy priority. Octafish Aug 2013 #23
I was just lectured at 4 am and told that any response other than bombs would be akin to "praying Dragonfli Aug 2013 #24
I agree about punishment for whoever was responsible, I will never agree on a military intervention. idwiyo Aug 2013 #25
Stop the arms flow RobertEarl Aug 2013 #55
Yes. Just like I said - full blockade against everything but humanitarian aid. idwiyo Aug 2013 #57
what they said.... mike_c Aug 2013 #28
But we threw President Carter under the boss when he defended Edward Snowden, right? totodeinhere Aug 2013 #29
This is an ProSense Aug 2013 #32
I love you Jimmy Carter malaise Aug 2013 #33
I absolutely agree that this needs to be done with the UN, NATO, the Arab League and as many Number23 Aug 2013 #35
Sorry, Jimmy. jessie04 Aug 2013 #38
Right -- I mean, what could the man who brokered the Camp David Accords possibly have to teach you? markpkessinger Aug 2013 #44
Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe Aug 2013 #40
Your welcome! OmahaBlueDog Aug 2013 #88
Time to give back the "Peace Prize," BHO. blkmusclmachine Aug 2013 #42
so much k and r nashville_brook Aug 2013 #45
I agree with this. I want to see a consensus before any potential action. Waiting For Everyman Aug 2013 #48
Carter obviously doesn't own defense stocks. Spitfire of ATJ Aug 2013 #49
I'd like Carter to pay a peace visit to Damascus. David__77 Aug 2013 #53
A peace conference? Daniel537 Aug 2013 #54
word Precisely Aug 2013 #59
Welcome to DU, Precisely! calimary Aug 2013 #63
Thank you! Precisely Aug 2013 #84
Big K&R! eom 99th_Monkey Aug 2013 #64
Yeah, but what does the Bush Library say about the matter? quakerboy Aug 2013 #65
Kick for my favorite President evah! Scuba Aug 2013 #66
K&R n/t myrna minx Aug 2013 #69
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