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37. That is a compelling recommendation -- in fact the only one in this thread
Tue Sep 3, 2013, 02:58 AM
Sep 2013

But under the circs, I'm still clicking on Obama. Good luck to us all -- a bumpy road ahead.

LOL Cali_Democrat Sep 2013 #1
Suleiman the Magnificent DURHAM D Sep 2013 #2
If you want Suleiman's advice, Art_from_Ark Sep 2013 #31
Elizabeth Warren has absolutely NO foreign policy background or experience. Tx4obama Sep 2013 #3
So. Look at all the folks with "foreign policy experience" who MannyGoldstein Sep 2013 #18
Other: Carl Levin Barack_America Sep 2013 #4
I fully trust my president. I know he LukeFL Sep 2013 #5
No one in that inside the Beltway bubble, sorry Warpy Sep 2013 #6
Barbara Lee. David__77 Sep 2013 #7
The Dalai Lama Art_from_Ark Sep 2013 #8
Whoever has the common sense to avoid another war. NaturalHigh Sep 2013 #9
+100% -- n/t mazzarro Sep 2013 #35
LOL Arctic Dave Sep 2013 #10
No DC politician... nadinbrzezinski Sep 2013 #11
Congresswoman Barbara Lee. Voted correctly on Afghanistan, Patriot Act, Iraq. The only one to do so. Dems to Win Sep 2013 #12
Bob Graham HooptieWagon Sep 2013 #13
That is a compelling recommendation -- in fact the only one in this thread Hekate Sep 2013 #37
Your poll should have included "Other (please explain)". scarletwoman Sep 2013 #14
If Warren votes to strike, what will you do Manny? joshcryer Sep 2013 #15
I'll probably agree with her MannyGoldstein Sep 2013 #17
Fascinating. joshcryer Sep 2013 #19
He needs an excuse to crank up his crackdowns? MannyGoldstein Sep 2013 #20
Yes. joshcryer Sep 2013 #26
Elizabeth Warren ProSense Sep 2013 #42
I *tend* to agree MannyGoldstein Sep 2013 #43
I wonder what Senator Ted Kennedy would say....if only. nt snappyturtle Sep 2013 #16
Nobody. Lasher Sep 2013 #21
How bout the freaking AMERICAN PEOPLE!!! 90% AGAINST grahamhgreen Sep 2013 #22
I love them all. But I trust the President even though I disagree with him on this. hrmjustin Sep 2013 #23
You, Manny... SidDithers Sep 2013 #24
Welcome to the dark side MannyGoldstein Sep 2013 #25
Bernie Sanders - Statement on Syria Tx4obama Sep 2013 #27
Elizabeth Warren - Statement on Syria BEFORE the August gassing deaths Tx4obama Sep 2013 #28
Update: The 'newest' Warren comments Tx4obama Sep 2013 #38
Alan Grayson - Comments regarding Syria Tx4obama Sep 2013 #29
Democrats do not normally pit Democrats against each other treestar Sep 2013 #30
I'm a little confused by your comment MannyGoldstein Sep 2013 #32
You aren't confused at all treestar Sep 2013 #39
No, not any more. MannyGoldstein Sep 2013 #44
Daniel Ellsberg who's had experience in exposing the lies of warmongering politicians. Tierra_y_Libertad Sep 2013 #33
That R&B singer, Gerald Levant n/t RZM Sep 2013 #34
You should combine the entries for Obama and McCain/Graham, since they're teaming up now Alamuti Lotus Sep 2013 #36
Other: The UN. nt LWolf Sep 2013 #40
The day I hear Jimmy Carter, Bernie Sanders or Alan Grayson say... Little Star Sep 2013 #41
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