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38. Update: The 'newest' Warren comments
Tue Sep 3, 2013, 03:35 AM
Sep 2013

Elizabeth Warren: Obama Request For Congressional Approval On Syria 'Appropriate'

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) said "it's appropriate" for President Barack Obama to seek approval from Congress before taking military action in Syria.

"It's appropriate that he ask for that," Warren said at the annual Central Massachusetts AFL-CIO Labor Day breakfast, according to the Worcester Telegram & Gazette.

"What the Assad regime did is reprehensible, but we have to consider what's in America's best interest," Warren said.



LOL Cali_Democrat Sep 2013 #1
Suleiman the Magnificent DURHAM D Sep 2013 #2
If you want Suleiman's advice, Art_from_Ark Sep 2013 #31
Elizabeth Warren has absolutely NO foreign policy background or experience. Tx4obama Sep 2013 #3
So. Look at all the folks with "foreign policy experience" who MannyGoldstein Sep 2013 #18
Other: Carl Levin Barack_America Sep 2013 #4
I fully trust my president. I know he LukeFL Sep 2013 #5
No one in that inside the Beltway bubble, sorry Warpy Sep 2013 #6
Barbara Lee. David__77 Sep 2013 #7
The Dalai Lama Art_from_Ark Sep 2013 #8
Whoever has the common sense to avoid another war. NaturalHigh Sep 2013 #9
+100% -- n/t mazzarro Sep 2013 #35
LOL Arctic Dave Sep 2013 #10
No DC politician... nadinbrzezinski Sep 2013 #11
Congresswoman Barbara Lee. Voted correctly on Afghanistan, Patriot Act, Iraq. The only one to do so. Dems to Win Sep 2013 #12
Bob Graham HooptieWagon Sep 2013 #13
That is a compelling recommendation -- in fact the only one in this thread Hekate Sep 2013 #37
Your poll should have included "Other (please explain)". scarletwoman Sep 2013 #14
If Warren votes to strike, what will you do Manny? joshcryer Sep 2013 #15
I'll probably agree with her MannyGoldstein Sep 2013 #17
Fascinating. joshcryer Sep 2013 #19
He needs an excuse to crank up his crackdowns? MannyGoldstein Sep 2013 #20
Yes. joshcryer Sep 2013 #26
Elizabeth Warren ProSense Sep 2013 #42
I *tend* to agree MannyGoldstein Sep 2013 #43
I wonder what Senator Ted Kennedy would say....if only. nt snappyturtle Sep 2013 #16
Nobody. Lasher Sep 2013 #21
How bout the freaking AMERICAN PEOPLE!!! 90% AGAINST grahamhgreen Sep 2013 #22
I love them all. But I trust the President even though I disagree with him on this. hrmjustin Sep 2013 #23
You, Manny... SidDithers Sep 2013 #24
Welcome to the dark side MannyGoldstein Sep 2013 #25
Bernie Sanders - Statement on Syria Tx4obama Sep 2013 #27
Elizabeth Warren - Statement on Syria BEFORE the August gassing deaths Tx4obama Sep 2013 #28
Update: The 'newest' Warren comments Tx4obama Sep 2013 #38
Alan Grayson - Comments regarding Syria Tx4obama Sep 2013 #29
Democrats do not normally pit Democrats against each other treestar Sep 2013 #30
I'm a little confused by your comment MannyGoldstein Sep 2013 #32
You aren't confused at all treestar Sep 2013 #39
No, not any more. MannyGoldstein Sep 2013 #44
Daniel Ellsberg who's had experience in exposing the lies of warmongering politicians. Tierra_y_Libertad Sep 2013 #33
That R&B singer, Gerald Levant n/t RZM Sep 2013 #34
You should combine the entries for Obama and McCain/Graham, since they're teaming up now Alamuti Lotus Sep 2013 #36
Other: The UN. nt LWolf Sep 2013 #40
The day I hear Jimmy Carter, Bernie Sanders or Alan Grayson say... Little Star Sep 2013 #41
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