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Wed Sep 4, 2013, 04:21 PM Sep 2013

stand your ground. yes? no? [View all]

i read an Op about stand your ground. i know the gun discussion is complicated and varied on du. but, i do not know how people feel on stand your ground, even those that very much stand up for their right to own guns. so, a simple poll so i have an idea where people are on this issue.


stand your ground...

23 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
9 (39%)
10 (43%)
not that simple
2 (9%)
laws need to be adjusted, but the basic argument is good.
2 (9%)
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stand your ground. yes? no? [View all] seabeyond Sep 2013 OP
It is that simple BainsBane Sep 2013 #1
You did great, putting it in the most simple terms! TY! Isoldeblue Sep 2013 #2
You're welcome! BainsBane Sep 2013 #3
Here's a scenario to consider. ... spin Sep 2013 #4
One's ability to retreat is considered in self defense law BainsBane Sep 2013 #6
If a "stand your ground" law is properly written .... spin Sep 2013 #18
Your second paragraph has Jenoch Sep 2013 #51
I read that earlier today pintobean Sep 2013 #52
Oh, please, you draw a weapon, you are dead before you get it pointed Warpy Sep 2013 #53
I don't disagree ... spin Sep 2013 #56
Excellent and clear explanation etherealtruth Sep 2013 #7
It is. If you're an idiot. flvegan Sep 2013 #25
Florida is definitely one of the states to be BainsBane Sep 2013 #34
Thanks for that explanation. HappyMe Sep 2013 #43
So, reading through pipi_k Sep 2013 #44
My preference now is for the law to be silent on both stand-your-ground petronius Sep 2013 #5
based on the verdicts of some recent high-profile cases Blue_Tires Sep 2013 #8
I was surprised to see you supporting it at all BainsBane Sep 2013 #12
+1 JustAnotherGen Sep 2013 #38
No. dawg Sep 2013 #9
Ordinary self-defense laws, including excepting DirkGently Sep 2013 #10
No Ohio Joe Sep 2013 #11
Yes 1awake Sep 2013 #13
Duty to retreat creates an onerous burden at trial Taitertots Sep 2013 #14
Duty to retreat was a failed 60 year experiment. X_Digger Sep 2013 #15
maybe we should give this a little more time Supersedeas Sep 2013 #61
Guns? No. Politics? Yes. LWolf Sep 2013 #16
Unless you cannot turn and walk away safely rustydog Sep 2013 #17
When I was much younger and far more foolish I used to drive recklessly. ... spin Sep 2013 #19
And all those who faced those same scenarios and died can't talk about it joeglow3 Sep 2013 #47
SYG is a get out of jail free card... Iggo Sep 2013 #20
Home invaders have more of a right to a person's house than the family living there. Nuclear Unicorn Sep 2013 #26
no Liberal_in_LA Sep 2013 #21
Yes, absolutely. Scary so many would want to relinquish their right to Skip Intro Sep 2013 #22
So what happens if a armed stalking bigot screws with you -- say an unarmed teenager -- first? Hoyt Sep 2013 #54
Hoyt, you can be a helpless victim if you like, that is your decision. Skip Intro Sep 2013 #58
You need to understand most of us can defend ourselves without a gun in our pants. Hoyt Sep 2013 #59
Really? Tell me all about it. n/t Skip Intro Sep 2013 #62
It's a license for whites to murder blacks and other minorities. HolyMoley Sep 2013 #23
ack, missed the smiley Skip Intro Sep 2013 #28
Sadly though HolyMoley Sep 2013 #29
I believe it. SYG was pushed by the NRA, and backed by the bigoted Republicans in Florida. Hoyt Sep 2013 #55
How many steps in retreat is a woman legally obligated to make when confronted by a rapist? Nuclear Unicorn Sep 2013 #24
Some of us actually know the law BainsBane Sep 2013 #30
Yes, no duty to retreat. That's right. Skip Intro Sep 2013 #31
"Some of us actually know the law" rrneck Sep 2013 #33
You only know what you want to believe Nuclear Unicorn Sep 2013 #39
I hear a lot about "rape culture" on this forum. rrneck Sep 2013 #45
We're supposed to wait for big, burly men to come rescue us fair damsels. Nuclear Unicorn Sep 2013 #46
I like SYG LittleBlue Sep 2013 #27
No. Juries should weigh each case individually Recursion Sep 2013 #32
Please add the "Fuck no!" option to your poll. Th1onein Sep 2013 #35
****STATISTICALLY A WHITES ONLY LAW***** I'd support it if the judges were held to a strick uponit7771 Sep 2013 #36
Blacks successfully use it too. It isn't a "Whites only" law. GreenStormCloud Sep 2013 #41
Blacks have a higher acquital rate in Florida in SYG cases than whites do. hack89 Sep 2013 #42
The statistics don't say what you think they do. Bazinga Sep 2013 #50
Support the concept but not always the implementation/application by DA's and such The Straight Story Sep 2013 #37
Virginias self defense laws aren't that bad IMHO. ileus Sep 2013 #40
I don't carry a gun, wild bird Sep 2013 #48
SYG isn't about guns whoiswithme Sep 2013 #49
I see no way in which SYG won't be abused horribly. LostOne4Ever Sep 2013 #57
Without solid, concrete rules for what constitutes a genuine "threat" LadyHawkAZ Sep 2013 #60
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