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3. As a way to pay back
Wed Sep 4, 2013, 05:44 PM
Sep 2013

the trillions extra they got for oil thanks to George W. Bush. We provide the lives to ruin, they provide the money. I'm really beginning to miss colonialism.

So it's true DJ13 Sep 2013 #1
We're their hired thugs. backscatter712 Sep 2013 #6
"have nukes, will travel" is the new motto. dixiegrrrrl Sep 2013 #23
And, let me guess, we'll be greeted as liberators and it the oil will pay for it, not the taxpayer. Squinch Sep 2013 #2
heard this story before? Supersedeas Sep 2013 #24
Many, many years ago, I knew a kid who used to say, Squinch Sep 2013 #25
As a way to pay back Turbineguy Sep 2013 #3
New potter barn rule 2013 kpete Sep 2013 #4
Well, it is not about a pipeline then nadinbrzezinski Sep 2013 #5
WoW! Such a deal. We should jump at the offer........ wandy Sep 2013 #7
I hope Kerry told them exactly what to do with that money and they're offer Number23 Sep 2013 #8
Shameful. reformist2 Sep 2013 #9
Exactly where Summer Hathaway Sep 2013 #14
By mentioning it. reformist2 Sep 2013 #16
It's on the table. which means it's under consideration. Autumn Sep 2013 #21
Oh, I see. Summer Hathaway Sep 2013 #22
We can too afford it! I knew it! Dr Fate Sep 2013 #10
Sarcasm, I hope? reformist2 Sep 2013 #17
No- I am for these bombings. Dr Fate Sep 2013 #19
Finally: a Jobs program! RobertEarl Sep 2013 #28
Will they pay off the $2,000,000,000,000.00 debt for Iraq and Afghanistan first? Coyotl Sep 2013 #11
What fucking bullshit. Autumn Sep 2013 #12
What did he mean by alfie Sep 2013 #13
First gulf war Pretzel_Warrior Sep 2013 #18
We have gone into Iraq and Afghanistan and removed their leaders, you may remember Autumn Sep 2013 #20
Their oil would pay for it. Remember that line from ten years ago? NightWatcher Sep 2013 #15
Why don't they just hire Blackwater... Whiskeytide Sep 2013 #26
Yep, they're the 'professional' mercernaries. n/t customerserviceguy Sep 2013 #29
Makes me wonder what did Assad do to piss off "Arab countries" so much? 0rganism Sep 2013 #27
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