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Get Ready For Secession in CO Over Guns otohara Sep 2013 #1
Why do you want pro Obama districts to ceede from CO? davepc Sep 2013 #2
They Won't Be Blue After This otohara Sep 2013 #3
Or you can pull a fast one and change the rules by not allowing mail in ballots in this effort... CTyankee Sep 2013 #29
We need to make Zimmerman the posterchild of pistol owners coldmountain Sep 2013 #4
It didn't work when he was relevent... John_Carter Sep 2013 #6
I agree but you'll hear nothing but crickets from our gun enthusiasts on HIM! CTyankee Sep 2013 #31
He was YOUR poster child for gun control rl6214 Sep 2013 #40
Oh, his infamy will live on... CTyankee Sep 2013 #43
His infamy may live on but rl6214 Sep 2013 #48
Of course you are "glad" to see him over and done with. Only he clearly ISN'T, is he? CTyankee Sep 2013 #49
It was a victory Turbineguy Sep 2013 #5
But tonight they sleep soundly in their beds, safe from the hoards of liberals who might otherwise gtar100 Sep 2013 #7
They sleep soundly having reminded their legislators whom they represent badtoworse Sep 2013 #27
It all comes as a package. Republicans do not support any of those issues. They are all about the gtar100 Sep 2013 #37
There are plenty of Democrats that support RKBA badtoworse Sep 2013 #50
Hey, I support the right to keep and bear arms too but not indiscriminately. gtar100 Sep 2013 #62
This message was self-deleted by its author Koko Ware Sep 2013 #68
Man, did you misread my post. Unless you meant to respond to the person gtar100 Sep 2013 #69
A couple of points in response badtoworse Sep 2013 #70
This is the first I've heard of gun owners wanting changes in laws for their benefit. gtar100 Sep 2013 #71
What I would want in exchange? badtoworse Sep 2013 #73
Regarding the politics of this recall, I think the issue is more complex than two reps getting their gtar100 Sep 2013 #72
No reasonable person supports threats of violence in a political process badtoworse Sep 2013 #74
But pro gun Dems are a shrinking minority coldmountain Sep 2013 #65
If it was that simple, why did they change the rules on the mail in balloting? CTyankee Sep 2013 #47
What difference does that make? Both sides were subject to the same rules. badtoworse Sep 2013 #52
It's a voter suppression tactic, designed to get the minority a win. CTyankee Sep 2013 #54
I didn't follow it closely enough to know whether it was legitimate or not. badtoworse Sep 2013 #57
the facts in this case are pretty clear. CTyankee Sep 2013 #58
AWBs are risky propositions for Democrats aikoaiko Sep 2013 #8
That's what the NRA keeps telling us SecularMotion Sep 2013 #9
And rational democrats. aikoaiko Sep 2013 #10
And election results. Nuclear Unicorn Sep 2013 #11
And trolls. SecularMotion Sep 2013 #14
troll on dear, SecMo. aikoaiko Sep 2013 #20
Only if you consider outing NRA shills as "trolling" SecularMotion Sep 2013 #21
Is that what you think you do? aikoaiko Sep 2013 #23
Please explain the mechanism by which citing election results is shilling. Nuclear Unicorn Sep 2013 #25
Bill Clinton is an NRA shill? oldhippie Sep 2013 #32
No - that is what election results keep telling us. nt hack89 Sep 2013 #12
Bloomberg outspent the NRA 6:1 rl6214 Sep 2013 #42
Sadly, it wasn't even an AWB. sir pball Sep 2013 #60
This argument is perhaps the weakest in favor of gun control. Bazinga Sep 2013 #13
Bullshit TheMastersNemesis Sep 2013 #15
Apparently. Bazinga Sep 2013 #16
Well played Fla_Democrat Sep 2013 #33
And I see you started early. Eleanors38 Sep 2013 #39
You are right warrant46 Sep 2013 #24
They Come From The Same Element That Is OK Attacking The Vulnerable. TheMastersNemesis Sep 2013 #34
I understand where you are coming from warrant46 Sep 2013 #46
People who endorse self-defense want to keep people vulnerable? Nuclear Unicorn Sep 2013 #55
This lack of self-awareness goes to 11. Nuclear Unicorn Sep 2013 #28
Nice. Your humanity is overwhelming. aikoaiko Sep 2013 #30
I'm pretty much in favor of a universal RKBA; but I'm thinking TMN shouldn't be allowed to own guns. Nuclear Unicorn Sep 2013 #56
The irony meter...is asplode! Lizzie Poppet Sep 2013 #35
Who are you saying can't be reasoned with? Mr. Pot meet Mr. Kettle. badtoworse Sep 2013 #36
And another bunch of baseless accusations. rl6214 Sep 2013 #44
This message was self-deleted by its author wild bird Sep 2013 #59
Nicely-stated. Welcome to DU! n/t appal_jack Sep 2013 #17
Great post. (n/t) spin Sep 2013 #18
At least in NH, the gun huggers make a convincing argument Mopar151 Sep 2013 #19
PPOTD... ileus Sep 2013 #38
Nice job. So much repeating the same, and wanting a different solution. Eleanors38 Sep 2013 #41
Sour grapes. They were smart enough to win the election. badtoworse Sep 2013 #22
Apparently they were also outspent by Bloomberg et al 6 to 1 warrant46 Sep 2013 #26
What's worseforus Democrats is we had our troops out door-to-door. Eleanors38 Sep 2013 #45
Gun control should be dropped as a priority by Democrats badtoworse Sep 2013 #53
"Guns" didn't appear in the national Democratic Platform before 1968... Eleanors38 Sep 2013 #64
... rrneck Sep 2013 #51
They used peaceful, legal, democratic process. GreenStormCloud Sep 2013 #61
Gee...if only we consulted you before every decision. NaturalHigh Sep 2013 #63
SAdly, they own Congress Yandorio Sep 2013 #66
And ordered to move to Wyoming or Idaho Koko Ware Sep 2013 #67
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