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5. The pigs in DC work for the highest bidder, banks are among the highest, they work for the banks
Wed Sep 25, 2013, 11:36 PM
Sep 2013

They are not the only problem, there are other extremely high bidders like military contractors, international corporations that seek to have everyone working for third world wages (or simply ship jobs to third world wage countries), big energy (including, oil, coal and natural gas that get paid by DC to poison us and our water supplies), big Pharma, Big Agro, Insurance vampire organizations that earn profit from misery and pain by denying as much care as possible while getting paid so well by us for the opposite, and of course the myriad medium-large donors that do not get their every wish like the big boys but enough to prosper at our expense.

Occupy is very smart actually, they focused largely (but not exclusively) on the biggest fish, the one that just a few years ago brought the entire world to their knees and prospered doing so, they left a great deal of permanent damage leaving millions destitute while stealing hundreds of thousands if not millions of homes and destroying so many peoples lifetime of retirement planning forcing them to work again into their eighties.

They picked a whale and I am quite proud of them.

That sad bunch of hired janitors in DC are just employees that do what they are told for their money.

Help Occupy take down the whale and help us that are working quixotically to end the strange legality of buying laws with cash by working a system that allows open bribery of the pols that work for them.

Sound like a reasonable plan?

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The pigs in DC work for the highest bidder, banks are among the highest, they work for the banks Dragonfli Sep 2013 #5
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