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20. Huh? Its simple.....
Thu Sep 26, 2013, 04:12 PM
Sep 2013

Look at the rise in food prices, check out the falling wages. When people can't afford to eat, they will be out in the street. (And we are going to need a pitchfork smiley.)

KNR joeybee12 Sep 2013 #1
Worse yet, it's Ancien Regime without noblesse oblige. n/t winter is coming Sep 2013 #2
or art! MisterP Sep 2013 #6
And with no revolutionary ending. Dark n Stormy Knight Sep 2013 #8
Yet.... daleanime Sep 2013 #12
neoliberalism was concocted to be revolution-proof MisterP Sep 2013 #15
Huh? Its simple..... daleanime Sep 2013 #20
even the cake will be gone libdem4life Sep 2013 #21
Latin America's often managed to do just that, so that's an important area to study MisterP Sep 2013 #22
very true..... daleanime Sep 2013 #23
It is said . . . Brigid Sep 2013 #29
Your right. If you want to see desperation... daleanime Sep 2013 #31
well, the kids are too exhausted from corporate ed reform to resist zazen Sep 2013 #51
I AM SPARTICUS...... AnneD Sep 2013 #49
k/r Dawson Leery Sep 2013 #3
It's not just the bail out. It's built into every day subsidies for oil companies, etc... cui bono Sep 2013 #4
k&r for the truth, however depressing it may be. n/t Laelth Sep 2013 #5
It's class sociopathy. The wealthy believe they are entitled to be wealthy. rhett o rick Sep 2013 #7
That's the window dressing Hydra Sep 2013 #9
I think they are sociopaths and dont recognize that they are doing anything wrong. rhett o rick Sep 2013 #11
Lloyd Blankfein has said as much Hydra Sep 2013 #14
I like your term: Misery Makers. JEB Sep 2013 #38
By all means! Hydra Sep 2013 #46
I 'had' a friend. Enthusiast Sep 2013 #17
that is why many of them quote John Calvin DonCoquixote Sep 2013 #27
Exactly. God likes them best. Dark n Stormy Knight Sep 2013 #10
Call it by what it is: Divine Right JHB Sep 2013 #45
Exactly right and I believe the TPP is going to be taking this "Divine Right" to be profitable rhett o rick Sep 2013 #47
Krugman for Chairman! Cryptoad Sep 2013 #13
That would be great. n/t Cali_Democrat Sep 2013 #25
Wall Street would never allow it. nt awoke_in_2003 Sep 2013 #41
Congress made the bills...now they don't want to pay them judesedit Sep 2013 #16
The uber rich 1% are all for trickle down fasttense Sep 2013 #18
Not to mention the outrageous retirement packages they get along with superb gov run health care at judesedit Sep 2013 #19
Republicans are getting insane... The "Takers" have jobs and work their entire lives only to die... Taitertots Sep 2013 #24
What is there not to love about how he exposes the parasites of this nation? Jefferson23 Sep 2013 #26
k&r Electric Monk Sep 2013 #28
krugman nails it again arely staircase Sep 2013 #30
K&R. pacalo Sep 2013 #32
OH I'm so sorry! We didn't know you had been lynched before!! Tigress DEM Sep 2013 #33
Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe Sep 2013 #34
too bad that Krugman wants HIS tax cuts too hfojvt Sep 2013 #35
His argument was for tax relief and absorbing debt to pump up the economy. harun Sep 2013 #39
try a few thousand, not a few hundred hfojvt Sep 2013 #48
Nice try. Attacking the messenger doesn't change the message. Raffi Ella Sep 2013 #50
except the message is wrong hfojvt Sep 2013 #52
It is ‘gas lighting‘ on the part of rich. They applegrove Sep 2013 #36
Good article. Thank you! emsimon33 Sep 2013 #37
Those poor rich bastards /sarcasm off/ SHRED Sep 2013 #40
knr Douglas Carpenter Sep 2013 #42
Why isn't Krugman treasury sec? Puzzledtraveller Sep 2013 #43
And the Government shut down The People when they rose up against it. Raffi Ella Sep 2013 #44
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