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Thu Oct 3, 2013, 02:19 AM Oct 2013

Um, this has more to do with 20+ years of Third Way Dems appeasing real crazies, [View all]

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than it has to do with the fantasy that Liberals stayed home in 2010.

When you appease crazies, they just push it further next time. And after enough go-rounds... well, here we are.

Hey, ConservaDems, cut the BS. You played with fire, we all got burned. Own it.

The time grows near for FDR Liberals to crawl out from under the bus, dust ourselves off, and get FDR results.


First-Way Manny

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Obama's got this. Cali_Democrat Oct 2013 #1
Whoosh! cui bono Oct 2013 #7
ROFLMAO! NealK Oct 2013 #150
Perfect! polichick Oct 2013 #153
Yeah, and then what? Scootaloo Oct 2013 #8
... and then Hillary JustABozoOnThisBus Oct 2013 #21
If Clinton couldn't pull ahead in '08, no reason to think she could do so in '16 Scootaloo Oct 2013 #24
Why do people call me a BOGer? Cali_Democrat Oct 2013 #58
By your posts. Warren Stupidity Oct 2013 #92
I was opposed to the attack on Libya Cali_Democrat Oct 2013 #93
It's happened to me as well. AverageJoe90 Oct 2013 #166
Spam deleted by MIR Team 762ParallaxView Oct 2013 #12
Welcome to DU gopiscrap Oct 2013 #42
Post removed Post removed Oct 2013 #52
And that's what you call an attack? Looks to me like he was trying to turn an rhett o rick Oct 2013 #65
Post removed Post removed Oct 2013 #66
So it isnt about discussion is it? It's about ridicule and derogatory comments. I am proud of my rhett o rick Oct 2013 #68
Welcome to DU Cali_Democrat Oct 2013 #59
Kabuki Theatre. blkmusclmachine Oct 2013 #2
Are the first two posters having a Vulcan mind meld or something? n/t Fumesucker Oct 2013 #3
There is no way to appease crazies. pnwmom Oct 2013 #4
Negotiating with terrorists...for years. truebluegreen Oct 2013 #5
it's called 'bi-partisianship' KG Oct 2013 #30
Not when it is all give and no get. truebluegreen Oct 2013 #39
Not quite FiveGoodMen Oct 2013 #63
Yes--much better. Thanks. truebluegreen Oct 2013 #91
First Way. First Cause. highprincipleswork Oct 2013 #136
I agree with you. the social change required after decades of christian, radica repuke infiltration BlancheSplanchnik Oct 2013 #140
And that is what is disturbing DissidentVoice Oct 2013 #149
K&R. JDPriestly Oct 2013 #6
knr Douglas Carpenter Oct 2013 #9
I'm sorry, Manny, but while this WAS indeed part of the problem...... AverageJoe90 Oct 2013 #10
Pure unmitigated bullshit eridani Oct 2013 #13
I wish it was. AverageJoe90 Oct 2013 #15
"Greenwald/Hamsher types" happen to be politically active eridani Oct 2013 #18
Keep trying to deflect the blame.. sendero Oct 2013 #32
^ Best Post Ever ^ Myrina Oct 2013 #38
And a hat tip for sendero Phlem Oct 2013 #103
I fear that you are right. zeemike Oct 2013 #130
And unfortunately, misinformation such as..... AverageJoe90 Oct 2013 #183
1st Dimensional Chess n/t reddread Oct 2013 #184
+1 ^^^this^^^ L0oniX Oct 2013 #137
Everything.you.just.said. nt laundry_queen Oct 2013 #138
Exactly. cui bono Oct 2013 #155
And how much further does it have to sink? Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Oct 2013 #174
Tell it to Obama.. sendero Oct 2013 #176
How about answering my question? Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Oct 2013 #181
Bullshit on toast. Oregon, very libreal Oregon, had record setting mid term turnout Bluenorthwest Oct 2013 #40
The thing is, though, these are all amongst THE most reliable Democratic states. AverageJoe90 Oct 2013 #69
Ah Texas which actually factually sent some glorious Tea Birds to DC! Bluenorthwest Oct 2013 #105
"Your position is pure fantastia. It is also painfully simplistic thinking." Quite the opposite..... AverageJoe90 Oct 2013 #114
Assertions again, and no data whatsoever. eridani Oct 2013 #142
Firebaggers? I don't think so. Real activist progressives, maybe. Not Firebaggers. AverageJoe90 Oct 2013 #143
The active ones are the lefties, period. eridani Oct 2013 #146
BS that has been debunked numerous times, bvar22 Oct 2013 #57
Often wrong, but never in doubt pscot Oct 2013 #70
I could say the same for a lot of the emoprogs, too, but I'd actually be right. AverageJoe90 Oct 2013 #71
climate doomers? frylock Oct 2013 #96
I guess you've never been around E & E much. AverageJoe90 Oct 2013 #117
What is an emoprog? Change has come Oct 2013 #123
The GOTV effort plays into that, too. joshcryer Oct 2013 #17
How do we stop those Firebaggers MannyGoldstein Oct 2013 #37
You tell them "Obama said he wanted to put everything on the table." joshcryer Oct 2013 #126
It remains an objective fact that Oregon had the highest midterm turnout ever. Bluenorthwest Oct 2013 #41
I think the vote-by-mail on the West Coast has a lot to do with that. cemaphonic Oct 2013 #64
Oregon is my State. I keep pointing out that only SOME places had crappy turnout Bluenorthwest Oct 2013 #109
That's due in part to Measure 74. joshcryer Oct 2013 #128
Agreed. I NEVER skip voting -- Never! whathehell Oct 2013 #31
So why did they say on DU treestar Oct 2013 #48
Both of them! Who cares what disrupters say? Change has come Oct 2013 #124
Bullshit. Scuba Oct 2013 #25
Show us your MannyGoldstein Oct 2013 #35
I've been posting that link a lot Capt. Obvious Oct 2013 #36
and that was likely posted by a "self-identified liberal" frylock Oct 2013 #55
How did you know? Capt. Obvious Oct 2013 #56
just a hunch frylock Oct 2013 #173
Only 39 million Democratic voters in 2010...... AverageJoe90 Oct 2013 #72
No, it was the personality cultists who stayed home in 2010 QC Oct 2013 #74
Complete bullshit. I'm sorry, but that's what it is. nt AverageJoe90 Oct 2013 #75
Sure, but it's no more wrong than the falsehood QC Oct 2013 #81
What grudge? I'm a liberal myself, bubba. AverageJoe90 Oct 2013 #110
Here's the proof: 2006 Independents 59-37 Democrats. 2010 Independents 55-39 Republicans. neverforget Oct 2013 #141
True, but as I've said, it doesn't quite explain the rather large discrepancy. AverageJoe90 Oct 2013 #144
First, you are comparing the numbers of a midterm election (which are generally sabrina 1 Oct 2013 #147
Midterm elections ALWAYS have less turnout than presidential elections. I'm a Liberal neverforget Oct 2013 #161
Very true, but again, look at the discrepancy. AverageJoe90 Oct 2013 #169
You're comparing a Presidential election (an apple) to midterm elections (an orange). neverforget Oct 2013 #177
I don't know where you're getting your information, Blue_In_AK Oct 2013 #77
As I pointed out, not all progressives stayed home. AverageJoe90 Oct 2013 #78
Not to disagree with you, Blue_In_AK Oct 2013 #80
Good for you. Because many of your compatriots DIDN'T. AverageJoe90 Oct 2013 #111
You keep saying that but you have yet to provide any data to back up your assertion. cui bono Oct 2013 #156
I have worked on elections for over a decade with pretty much the same people showing up to help. rhett o rick Oct 2013 #82
Pissing off the 'emoprogs' is one way. GeorgeGist Oct 2013 #95
I tried to figure that out. Phlem Oct 2013 #100
Bullshit Vanje Oct 2013 #101
yep. Phlem Oct 2013 #102
Bring the facts, not baseless assertions. quakerboy Oct 2013 #104
certain factions amongst our fellow liberals who did indeed stay home in 2010." Vanje Oct 2013 #107
Joe, that is not true. Liberals voted in slightly more numbers in 2010 than they sabrina 1 Oct 2013 #135
I'm sorry, Sabrina, but the discrepancy was just too large...... AverageJoe90 Oct 2013 #145
You've been asked for data, for proof LondonReign2 Oct 2013 #159
"Blame-o-tantrum"? Really? AverageJoe90 Oct 2013 #162
Yes, really LondonReign2 Oct 2013 #164
It's not just a gut feeling. It's common sense. n/t AverageJoe90 Oct 2013 #167
then fucking back it up for fuck's sake.. frylock Oct 2013 #168
+1000 LondonReign2 Oct 2013 #179
Again, this doesn't fully account for the loss. AverageJoe90 Oct 2013 #180
and again, you have nothing frylock Oct 2013 #182
BWHAHAHAHHA LondonReign2 Oct 2013 #178
You're spouting a disproven lie LondonReign2 Oct 2013 #158
" and it was NOT left liberals that stayed home." Not all, certainly. AverageJoe90 Oct 2013 #163
Du rec. Nt xchrom Oct 2013 #11
If yr talking about the shutdown, it's got everything to do with utter lunatics on the Right... Violet_Crumble Oct 2013 #14
Tell that to Grayson and Feingold. joshcryer Oct 2013 #16
You are right it has nothing to do with elections Egnever Oct 2013 #19
Nailed it...nt SidDithers Oct 2013 #29
and keep up the fantasy that if only we'd run a real liberal treestar Oct 2013 #47
Yes, that's exactly what I wrote MannyGoldstein Oct 2013 #54
At least the left has principles. Ask a so-called centrist what their principles are and they rhett o rick Oct 2013 #84
THANK YOU Skittles Oct 2013 #20
And remember we can't control them tblue Oct 2013 #22
Seems to me the RepubliCONS have been threatening a shutdown ever since they fasttense Oct 2013 #23
The House Democrats hated the tax cut extension. joshcryer Oct 2013 #27
They hated it but voted for it. This makes the 'hate' rhetorical, the support actual. Bluenorthwest Oct 2013 #44
but they really really REALLY wanted to vote against the extensions.. frylock Oct 2013 #97
Yes, refusing to show up at the signing ceremony is important. joshcryer Oct 2013 #131
Yeah, tax hikes to millions of Americans in a recession. joshcryer Oct 2013 #129
Thanks Manny. Again. Scuba Oct 2013 #26
Kicked and recommended. Enthusiast Oct 2013 #28
Exactly. 99Forever Oct 2013 #33
They're bullies who think they can get away with anything... ananda Oct 2013 #34
Yes. Exactly like George Lakoff said was happening. The appeasing is Zorra Oct 2013 #43
Lakoff did a great job saying what I've been trying to say! Dark n Stormy Knight Oct 2013 #90
Its not just Dems appeasing right wing wackos, its also the Republican party. apnu Oct 2013 #45
FDR never compromised? LOL treestar Oct 2013 #46
Let's see... Obama has 4 vetoes, while FDR... MannyGoldstein Oct 2013 #50
Oh... Oilwellian Oct 2013 #51
Haha, what legislation did the 112-113 Congress' pass? joshcryer Oct 2013 #132
Manny, this is a BAD talking point. FDR's vetoes were at times very bad. joshcryer Oct 2013 #148
Aren't there some un-bashed liberals somewhere? Slacker. n/t Egalitarian Thug Oct 2013 #60
Thank you, Manny. jsr Oct 2013 #49
If the Democrats want the left to vote...appeal to the left rather than the right. Tierra_y_Libertad Oct 2013 #53
So you're saying ... keeping thugs like Cruz out of office isn't enough to get "the left" to vote? MH1 Oct 2013 #122
I should have said.... Tierra_y_Libertad Oct 2013 #139
The Ringleader for the liberal bashers was shown the door. Rex Oct 2013 #61
Such a damn shame.....and no, MichDem was no "liberal basher" either. AverageJoe90 Oct 2013 #79
No. No one has to admit something that isn't true. cui bono Oct 2013 #157
"There is no way you are a liberal if you buy into what he's selling." I'm sorry you feel that way. AverageJoe90 Oct 2013 #165
Where are your stats showing this assertion? The only stats I've seen are that moderates sat out. cui bono Oct 2013 #170
who needs stats when they can continue to fall back on "common sense?" frylock Oct 2013 #172
you know who else is a liberal bashing divisive troll? frylock Oct 2013 #171
You are playing in the same muddy field as michigandem I see. Pretzel_Warrior Oct 2013 #62
So you're not a fan of MichDem all of a sudden? What changed? DisgustipatedinCA Oct 2013 #73
It's Obama's Fault!! cry baby Oct 2013 #67
No one thinks "liberals" stayed home. JoePhilly Oct 2013 #76
Good post +1 Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Oct 2013 #175
No no no, this has nothing to do with the rightward swing decades in the making RedCappedBandit Oct 2013 #83
Damn right gopiscrap Oct 2013 #85
Faux dems? ConservativeDemocrat Oct 2013 #86
. MannyGoldstein Oct 2013 #88
The left is organized. We drink together once a month at Drink Liberally around the country. rhett o rick Oct 2013 #87
What happened to Third Way Manny? rucky Oct 2013 #89
Way to go blaming what you call 'Third Way Dems' Grateful for Hope Oct 2013 #94
There we go. Good post, man. n/t AverageJoe90 Oct 2013 #115
Thanks AverageJoe90 Grateful for Hope Oct 2013 #118
Spot on! K&R oxymoron Oct 2013 #98
Now don't leave out Ted Cruz's amazing idiocy and arrogance! Rex Oct 2013 #99
I think he had a plan MannyGoldstein Oct 2013 #106
What was it then? Rex Oct 2013 #108
Whew! Everyone on the internet is blaming the Repubs for this! zappaman Oct 2013 #112
A freakin Men lobezen Oct 2013 #113
manny i love to read your stuff..... SwampG8r Oct 2013 #116
I hear you. MannyGoldstein Oct 2013 #120
choose whether you are acting or reacting SwampG8r Oct 2013 #125
Supreme nailage! K&R whatchamacallit Oct 2013 #119
I disagree MFrohike Oct 2013 #121
Nicely said DissidentVoice Oct 2013 #127
It's really weird to me how people are so willing to blame fellow liberals. liberalmuse Oct 2013 #133
First Way. First Cause. highprincipleswork Oct 2013 #134
oh, I like that last line. "The time grows near for FDR liberals to crawl out from under the bus, liberal_at_heart Oct 2013 #151
Right. 40 Republican teabaggers and a weak-assed Speaker are holding the House hostage... SidDithers Oct 2013 #152
One of us has a reading disability. MannyGoldstein Oct 2013 #160
We totally need to stop the Limbaugh like anti-left, anti-liberal, conservative, self-described Zorra Oct 2013 #154
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