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27. I think an appropriate reward
Thu Oct 3, 2013, 10:30 AM
Oct 2013

is to get to shine the President's shoes every day for the next year. They can each take a turn, and when we run out of Repigs, they start over again. And when the shoes are shined, they should have to genuflect and say "Here are your shoes, Massa." If they are lucky Obama won't spit on them and just tell them to get the fuck back to work.

a rock pie sounds appropriate too. n/t Whisp Oct 2013 #1
A tee-shirt and a baseball cap to match would be a better compromise Coyotl Oct 2013 #8
I AGREE 100% SEND IN THE MARSHALS! dreampunk Oct 2013 #48
lol! HappyMe Oct 2013 #2
A time out. NuclearDem Oct 2013 #3
poop. give them poop. Lil Missy Oct 2013 #4
A wedgie. MgtPA Oct 2013 #5
The finger mmonk Oct 2013 #6
I think a recommendation from the 60's remains DonViejo Oct 2013 #7
Heh... I still have the album MgtPA Oct 2013 #10
LOL. Me too! eom DonViejo Oct 2013 #12
Kay and Arr. n/t L0oniX Oct 2013 #33
i was thinking of a hankie n/t librechik Oct 2013 #9
Anybody see The Help? MiniMe Oct 2013 #11
Love it! mountain grammy Oct 2013 #13
Stutzman sounds like a 5 year old getting ready to throw a tantrum in the checkout line ... Myrina Oct 2013 #14
Ya know what the problem is with this site? Jackpine Radical Oct 2013 #30
they should lose health care for themselves, their families and staffs rurallib Oct 2013 #15
My cats have generously offered . . . Brigid Oct 2013 #16
Ha! Even better! (nt) PotatoChip Oct 2013 #18
mine are throwing in justabob Oct 2013 #21
Lol! Perfect! PotatoChip Oct 2013 #17
How about....an indictment? Half-Century Man Oct 2013 #19
This ^^^^^ and since *they* don't wanna close Gitmo... Amonester Oct 2013 #24
Yeah on their way out! florida08 Oct 2013 #20
Give them discounted tickets to see "Atlas Shrugged II" at the DC Multiplex. Warren DeMontague Oct 2013 #22
That's prohibited by the Constitution. Brigid Oct 2013 #46
Heh Warren DeMontague Oct 2013 #47
I'm not generally in favor of negotiation on this but a2liberal Oct 2013 #23
Here's Michael Corleone With Your Offer Of Compromise, Republicans ChoppinBroccoli Oct 2013 #25
Just let them defund ACORN again MSMITH33156 Oct 2013 #26
I think an appropriate reward landolfi Oct 2013 #27
A kick in the ass out the door would work for them....!! nt MADem Oct 2013 #28
I think something better would be Thav Oct 2013 #29
Or Jackpine Radical Oct 2013 #31
How about a chemical peel and some botox to sweeten the deal? nt Zorra Oct 2013 #32
Marlin Stutzman ...the new batshit crazy replacement! L0oniX Oct 2013 #34
In this case, it should be spelled "stoopid" ffr Oct 2013 #35
I'm thinking more a package of Earl Gray tea, wrapped in a note that says "go *&%$ yourselves" av8rdave Oct 2013 #36
Don't waste good tea (Earl Gray) on those jerks bigbrother05 Oct 2013 #44
As long as they don't fit, I am OK with that. Motown_Johnny Oct 2013 #37
And a bag of sand and a hammer. nt awoke_in_2003 Oct 2013 #38
I year's supply of dihydrogen monoxide krispos42 Oct 2013 #39
I'll give them my pony. bluesbassman Oct 2013 #40
Actually, I would give them a brown paper bag caseymoz Oct 2013 #41
What to really give the Republicans OLDMDDEM Oct 2013 #42
Tea is misspelled, bigbrother05 Oct 2013 #43
I'll throw in a fart in their general direction. TheKentuckian Oct 2013 #45
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