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25. Top Ten Reasons to Impeach Obama (add your own!)
Tue Oct 15, 2013, 12:22 PM
Oct 2013

Top Ten Reasons For the Impeachment of Barack Obama...

(Add your own!)

10) A ghost writer crafted his autobiography, a prosecutable offense. Proof? No Harvard Law Review editor has the brains to narrate his own life.

9) Older red-state voters still find him weird and scary. Just why is that? Must be something he did, right?

8) Membership in the Communist Party is a felony, and Democrats are the new Communists.

7) Because we say so. Ha!

6) Because he conspired with Bin Laden. Don't believe the liberal media hype. Heck, he probably IS Bin Laden. Just look at the first names!

5) When Michelle Obama spoke at the Oscars, it violated laws against politicians not named Reagan having Hollywood ties.

4) Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi. Ben-Gha-Zee! If you say it often enough, something illegal must have gone down.

3) Because unlike Texas, Chicago is the most corrupt part of America.

2) Because the IRS did its job.

And at number one...

1) Because we say so! Take that, hippies!

What, are they daring him to invoke the 14th Amendment Jackpine Radical Oct 2013 #1
Check the source (sigh) HERVEPA Oct 2013 #4
I get it now, but Jackpine Radical Oct 2013 #22
Forget it... pinboy3niner Oct 2013 #29
Satirical site. Mass Oct 2013 #2
I, for one, knew that but there's very little satire there. randome Oct 2013 #6
Yeah, it's pretty bad pinboy3niner Oct 2013 #15
OP needs satire disclaimer pinboy3niner Oct 2013 #3
Nope. People need tolearn to recognize the obvious. HERVEPA Oct 2013 #9
This attempt at satire is so bad that it's not obvious pinboy3niner Oct 2013 #19
Disagree. HERVEPA Oct 2013 #20
Not far from reality. DCBob Oct 2013 #5
Geez. Is everyone tone deaf??? HERVEPA Oct 2013 #12
too believable, didn't realize it was Satire G_j Oct 2013 #18
Last week Bachmann "Obama committed impeachable offenses" Southside Oct 2013 #28
This message was self-deleted by its author Buddha_of_Wisdom Oct 2013 #8
The Daily Currant is satire. madaboutharry Oct 2013 #10
racist assholes. 'crimes' bachmann? spanone Oct 2013 #11
If I didn't know this was satire, I wouldn't put it past them. n/t cynatnite Oct 2013 #13
Looks Like They Are Declaring Civil War. TheMastersNemesis Oct 2013 #14
Is this a joke? bunnies Oct 2013 #16
Will almost certainly be a genuine headline by next week, bullwinkle428 Oct 2013 #17
BWAHAHAAA hootinholler Oct 2013 #21
Sites like the Daily Currant and The Onion are doomed to failure. SamYeager Oct 2013 #23
This is a joke right? Southside Oct 2013 #24
Probably Is A Joke. Actual Charges May Not Have Been Filed, But There Has Been Talk. TheMastersNemesis Oct 2013 #27
Top Ten Reasons to Impeach Obama (add your own!) M.G. Oct 2013 #25
Is This For Real Or Is This A Piece From The Onion?..... global1 Oct 2013 #26
Facebook Debau2005 Oct 2013 #30
good idea G_j Oct 2013 #31
haha loyalsister Oct 2013 #32
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