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Thu Oct 17, 2013, 08:04 PM Oct 2013

How do you react when I knock your door after dark with election materials in hand? [View all]

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Well, I won't vote for any of these jerks. But I admire your hard work anyway
1 (7%)
This is so exciting! I love voting! How many times can I vote?
0 (0%)
I gotta ten minute rant ready on how I really don't got time to talk right now
1 (7%)
When you ask for me by name, I'll just say "I'm not home!"
0 (0%)
Oh, c'mon, dude! I voted last year, I think. Mebbe it was the year before ...
0 (0%)
I take your lit. I look at it and hand it back to you. Then I decide I want it after all
0 (0%)
Shizz! Turn off the music! Hide the stash! Turn out the lights!
3 (21%)
Hey, look! It's Straggles! Come on in, buddy! Kick off yer shoes! How's bout a beer anna sammitch?
1 (7%)
Anybody's on my porch after dark, I shoot first, ask questions after
0 (0%)
8 (57%)
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Related article below Tx4obama Oct 2013 #1
Yeah. Nobody's ever pulled a gun on me. Yet. Now and then, I'll knock a door struggle4progress Oct 2013 #5
I do not like it when anyone I don't know knocks on my door after dark. CaliforniaPeggy Oct 2013 #2
I usually only knock doors after dark in bad neighborhoods. In the better neighborhoods, struggle4progress Oct 2013 #9
I agree, with one exception, Halloween. Jenoch Oct 2013 #106
Oh, of course! CaliforniaPeggy Oct 2013 #107
It would be awfully hard to knock on my door... yuiyoshida Oct 2013 #3
I haven't learned how to break into garages yet. So you're safe for now struggle4progress Oct 2013 #14
000000h yuiyoshida Oct 2013 #18
I will give you a cookie after telling you what a good job you are doing. we can do it Oct 2013 #4
om! nom! nom! nom! struggle4progress Oct 2013 #13
I won't answer any knock on my door after dark. Sheldon Cooper Oct 2013 #6
Even if it's Penny? nt Wwagsthedog Oct 2013 #20
Even if it's Dave and he's got the stuff. n/t winter is coming Oct 2013 #40
"Dave's not here!" struggle4progress Oct 2013 #43
^^ this ^^ Myrina Oct 2013 #29
That is actually closer to my answer. Jamastiene Oct 2013 #91
Depends on how far after dark Warpy Oct 2013 #7
A few weeks back, I was staying out until 7:30 or 7:45 but now I knock off around 7:00 struggle4progress Oct 2013 #11
After dark? Raleigh has had some wacky... WorseBeforeBetter Oct 2013 #8
It sounds like you live near our Governor's Mansion struggle4progress Oct 2013 #23
Can't it just be during the day? NuclearDem Oct 2013 #10
Lots of folk aren't home until after 5:30, and sunset was around 6:30 today struggle4progress Oct 2013 #15
I will attempt (probably unsuccessfully) to hide my petronius Oct 2013 #12
I guess I could deliver a free pizza to every door I knock, but I can't afford it right now: struggle4progress Oct 2013 #19
I always hide the stash. What? You could be the Mormons from down the street. DevonRex Oct 2013 #16
A lot of folk, who are obviously home, don't answer their doors even in broad daylight struggle4progress Oct 2013 #33
I stopped after an uncomfortable encounter. DevonRex Oct 2013 #74
I wish some of the people I've known were that cautious struggle4progress Oct 2013 #85
I'm probably the only one that picked that I'd give you a beer and sandwhich kydo Oct 2013 #17
If anybody ever offers me food, I'll remember that : "Wait! This could be kydo the serial killer!" struggle4progress Oct 2013 #22
or kydo the cool person with beer food and football kydo Oct 2013 #26
Soliciting after dark? enlightenment Oct 2013 #21
I'M NOT SOLICITING! struggle4progress Oct 2013 #24
But I don't know that, do I? enlightenment Oct 2013 #25
I certainly shouldn't give you grief for being careful about opening your door to strangers struggle4progress Oct 2013 #30
It's just my opinion. enlightenment Oct 2013 #34
I generally knock in the dusk, before the afterglow has entirely faded struggle4progress Oct 2013 #36
Sounds like the best method. enlightenment Oct 2013 #50
Do you look like a process server through the peekhole? antiquie Oct 2013 #101
No. But every now and then, somebody leaves by the back door anyway struggle4progress Oct 2013 #103
I feel the same way about it. Jamastiene Oct 2013 #92
if you are coming to ask for my vote ProdigalJunkMail Oct 2013 #98
You can use the word however you like, I suppose, but its legal sense here, as I understand it, struggle4progress Oct 2013 #104
If you're knocking on my door and i don't know you Warren DeMontague Oct 2013 #139
You can use the word however you like, I suppose, but its legal sense here, as I understand it, struggle4progress Oct 2013 #141
In North Tampa it seriously would depend on the time Johnny Ready Oct 2013 #27
Even in the summertime, with long days, I've never knocked a door after 9:00 PM: a number of folk struggle4progress Oct 2013 #32
I don't talk Niceguy1 Oct 2013 #28
My average contact might be about sixty seconds. I figure folk didn't invite me, struggle4progress Oct 2013 #41
No offense but I'd tell you to take a hike regardless of who you're canvassing for. last1standing Oct 2013 #31
Maybe about one in a hundred of the people, who actually answer the door, tell me to get lost: struggle4progress Oct 2013 #35
That is a bit strange. lol. last1standing Oct 2013 #38
No. You're not alone. Plenty of folk, who are obviously at home, just don't answer the door struggle4progress Oct 2013 #46
I walk the streets of Detroit at night quite often and have never had a problem. last1standing Oct 2013 #48
I would be somewhat upset. oneshooter Oct 2013 #37
I encountered a house with a locked gate yesterday here in the city struggle4progress Oct 2013 #42
There is a telephone at the gate, and a video camera in a tree. oneshooter Oct 2013 #100
That's pretty much the way it would go at my house also ..... oldhippie Oct 2013 #44
Activate the trap door pintobean Oct 2013 #39
Other - I don't open the door but your free to leave the materials in the mailbox. TeamPooka Oct 2013 #45
I'm won't leave materials in your mailbox: I prefer under your mat or rolled into the door handle struggle4progress Oct 2013 #47
thats fine too. I actually have a box on the porch for stuff like this & flyers to new sushi places. TeamPooka Oct 2013 #49
If Honey BooBoo's not on, no problem. rug Oct 2013 #51
Writing note to self: don't interrupt rug's Honey BooBoo time struggle4progress Oct 2013 #62
Thank you. rug Oct 2013 #63
As long as your not selling Religion or magazines, you've got my attention for a while. Agnosticsherbet Oct 2013 #52
I'd be a shizzy door-to-door salesman, and I really can't imagine doing that Mormon/Watchtower thing struggle4progress Oct 2013 #57
Oh hi, always happy to meet another animal lover! Fumesucker Oct 2013 #53
Nice goggie! struggle4progress Oct 2013 #65
If I'm not alone and you identify as supporting a Democrat, Welcome! REP Oct 2013 #54
This is a "non-partisan" municipal election, and the top two vote-getters in each primary slot struggle4progress Oct 2013 #60
I have two attack kittehs. Brigid Oct 2013 #55
I don't have pets, but I meet them regularly doing this, and they're almost always quite friendly struggle4progress Oct 2013 #59
I make sure to vote for the other candidate (nt) Nye Bevan Oct 2013 #56
It's rare, but people do tell me that sometimes struggle4progress Oct 2013 #58
That didn't look like "election materials" to me jberryhill Oct 2013 #61
You just haven't kept up with the latest in modern electioneering struggle4progress Oct 2013 #64
My background in electoral engineering is out of date jberryhill Oct 2013 #66
I don't care what time of day it is--my reaction is the same mnhtnbb Oct 2013 #67
If you say you don't want us knocking your door, I'll make every effort to get your name off my list struggle4progress Oct 2013 #69
After dark here in the winter is about 3:30 p.m. Blue_In_AK Oct 2013 #68
"It can't really be 11:00 PM! Look! The sun's still up!" struggle4progress Oct 2013 #125
Yes, that's the way it is. Blue_In_AK Oct 2013 #135
With shock LWolf Oct 2013 #70
If your place is that hard to find, you're not on my walklist: I have a limit to how much time struggle4progress Oct 2013 #73
It is that hard. LWolf Oct 2013 #96
I tell you to get the hell off my property, Skip Intro Oct 2013 #71
If I'm going thru a walklist, I'm going to try to break at a natural spot: I'd rather finish a page, struggle4progress Oct 2013 #72
It doesn't revolve around what you want Skip Intro Oct 2013 #75
"Sunset was about half an hour ago, and I really should quit. I won't finish these doors tonight." struggle4progress Oct 2013 #124
I don't want to argue the point with you. However, Skip Intro Oct 2013 #138
What a sad thread. Ron Green Oct 2013 #76
I might be able to count on one hand the number of times I've been told in years of door-knocking struggle4progress Oct 2013 #79
especially those bragging about needing to answer the door armed... dionysus Oct 2013 #133
In my years of doing this, I've only heard people mention guns two or three times -- and always struggle4progress Oct 2013 #149
Then I wonder what explains so many DU members being hostile in this way? Ron Green Oct 2013 #153
It's an internet message board. All manner of persons post here with all manner of motives struggle4progress Oct 2013 #155
"No thanks. Goodnight." *slowly close door* nt Deep13 Oct 2013 #77
That you're not working in an official capacity for a campaign frazzled Oct 2013 #78
I'm an unpaid volunteer. But I've done this for years for some well-organized campaigns. struggle4progress Oct 2013 #80
Election day is Nov. 5 and it gets dark early in November. ucrdem Oct 2013 #145
Too many people think these local elections don't matter struggle4progress Oct 2013 #160
If you are a Democrat, which you are bound to be in my neighborhood, I thank you for JDPriestly Oct 2013 #81
I'm pushing Progressive Dems struggle4progress Oct 2013 #84
I live rural, so if someone I don't know ohheckyeah Oct 2013 #82
Your neighborhood is probably too sparse for me. I want to be able to park on the road, struggle4progress Oct 2013 #83
I'm sure you are correct. ohheckyeah Oct 2013 #87
What do you get when you cross a Jehovah's Witness with a Hell's Angel? Douglas Carpenter Oct 2013 #86
What a great idea! I drive onto the lawn on my chopper, bang the door, and tell them struggle4progress Oct 2013 #113
I really have to commend you for what you're doing steve2470 Oct 2013 #88
For many of my efforts, I'll get better responses by "dressing down" struggle4progress Oct 2013 #114
I don't answer the door for strangers after dark. LeftyMom Oct 2013 #89
I do what I can to be considerate. Different people are different. I don't know them all, struggle4progress Oct 2013 #110
I tell political and religious people "thanks but I'm fine" LittleBlue Oct 2013 #90
I've heard "I'm fine" from time to time struggle4progress Oct 2013 #111
Unless you like to be barked and growled at and surrounded by super protective dogs Jamastiene Oct 2013 #93
Tell them it's too early for Trick or Treaters! B Calm Oct 2013 #94
I doubt I'll be door knocking on the 31st struggle4progress Oct 2013 #115
After determining that you are not selling something (easy what with the campaign lit & buttons)... Hekate Oct 2013 #95
I encounter somebody unpleasant now and then. It's rare, and it's impossible to decide struggle4progress Oct 2013 #108
I will look on your treasures Gypsy datasuspect Oct 2013 #97
Might could be yer disappointed, according to what yer hopin t'find struggle4progress Oct 2013 #118
Your question is why I do all my canvassing on weekends, MineralMan Oct 2013 #99
Every door I knock during the week lets somebody else knock another door on the weekend struggle4progress Oct 2013 #120
That raises a question PATRICK Oct 2013 #102
I find most people are polite struggle4progress Oct 2013 #121
I don't open my door after dark shanti Oct 2013 #105
Some states or municipalities might have solicitation laws or ordinances that apply struggle4progress Oct 2013 #122
I don't answer knocks on my door when it gets dark outside. mulsh Oct 2013 #109
I suspect lots of us do that sometimes struggle4progress Oct 2013 #123
My dog is nearly 100 lbs - good luck. TBF Oct 2013 #112
My usual concern about dogs is that I don't let them out struggle4progress Oct 2013 #119
We only have fenced back yards here - TBF Oct 2013 #132
one of these guys knocked on my door so hard that I had palpitations librechik Oct 2013 #116
I don't like when they come to my door or call me. bigwillq Oct 2013 #117
Real politics involves actual contact with people struggle4progress Oct 2013 #126
Chris Christie is coming to your door tonight bigwillq Oct 2013 #127
Just tell me what time: I'll make sure some folk are here who want to talk with him struggle4progress Oct 2013 #128
Do not knock on a door with election materials in hand SheilaT Oct 2013 #129
I agree that daytime knocking can sometimes give good contact rates struggle4progress Oct 2013 #143
If they're GOP or Tea Party materials, I'll chase you off with the water hose, LOL Erose999 Oct 2013 #130
my dog would give you my answer. madrchsod Oct 2013 #131
After dark's currently around 6:30pm here and getting progressively earlier, so meh. (nt) Posteritatis Oct 2013 #134
Yeah, by the end of the month, sunset here will be 6:15 PM, and when Daylight Savings Time ends struggle4progress Oct 2013 #142
I do not answer the door to unexpected unknown visitors. MadrasT Oct 2013 #136
I think it's incredibly rude to intrude in people's lives noamnety Oct 2013 #137
Folk who don't want their doors knocked can always put a Keep Out sign at the lot edge, or struggle4progress Oct 2013 #140
I view the ESP this way: noamnety Oct 2013 #148
Or -- since a number of people I spoke with this week were glad to see me, asked questions struggle4progress Oct 2013 #154
I'm not debating free speech rights noamnety Oct 2013 #156
I'm pretty sure almost everybody recovers quickly from whatever trauma I inflict struggle4progress Oct 2013 #159
I understand your view is that it's a one minute interruption. noamnety Oct 2013 #161
the fundamental roots of grassroots democracy is going door to door - that is the historic method of Douglas Carpenter Oct 2013 #144
Yes, it's a decline of ancient tradition and family values noamnety Oct 2013 #147
I work nights too- quite frequently - if one must not be disturbed - I have at times used a "do not Douglas Carpenter Oct 2013 #150
that whole thing is probably perceived differently by men. noamnety Oct 2013 #151
oh - I get that Douglas Carpenter Oct 2013 #152
Results also vary according to walklist quality struggle4progress Oct 2013 #157
I'd wanna know how the hell you got past the gate Rstrstx Oct 2013 #146
After dark, I would not answer the door. I'd be very alarmed. Ino Oct 2013 #158
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