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No prayers... But I wish him well and to be successful JimDandy Nov 2013 #1
Don't do prayer. But as far as high priests in bad hats go, he's not doing too awful Scootaloo Nov 2013 #2
+1 Tien1985 Nov 2013 #3
I certainly wish him well, but... Lizzie Poppet Nov 2013 #4
Someone once frogmarch Nov 2013 #5
hehehe progressoid Nov 2013 #6
He is a tremendous breath of fresh air Aerows Nov 2013 #7
Francis has the same positions on social issues and rights as NYC Liberal Nov 2013 #8
No, he doesn't Aerows Nov 2013 #11
So Francis has better PR and does photo-ops. NYC Liberal Nov 2013 #27
The Church was so corrupt under Benedict Aerows Nov 2013 #34
I know. nt arely staircase Nov 2013 #48
Well, the article in the OP says he is about to issue an encyclical on "care for the planet" MH1 Nov 2013 #87
Benedict was better, on a "truth in advertising" basis. FarCenter Nov 2013 #20
I'd like to believe that the nuns that help the poor and the sick Aerows Nov 2013 #22
Pray to What/ Who Heather MC Nov 2013 #9
I'm not even going to waste my time reading the article because of the ridiculous title alone. Vashta Nerada Nov 2013 #10
It's not about atheists. musical_soul Nov 2013 #90
It's an offensive title. Vashta Nerada Nov 2013 #91
Of course a theist is going to plea that atheists pray. longship Nov 2013 #12
You summed it up nicely...thanks! Morphia Nov 2013 #53
Uh no, for the same silly reason atheist don't belong in a church. giftedgirl77 Nov 2013 #13
What giftedgirl77 said. BlueJazz Nov 2013 #84
Happy to praise, no need to pray. wickerwoman Nov 2013 #14
what is this, some kind of trick?? BOG PERSON Nov 2013 #15
I'm not Catholic, or even religious, but I like this guy. He's moved the needle ... Scuba Nov 2013 #16
Yeah... needle moved to "be nice to disabled people" and sibelian Nov 2013 #18
It's better than Aerows Nov 2013 #23
Well if that isn't damning with faint praise I don't know what is... sibelian Nov 2013 #50
How is ANY of this even vaguely interesting? What, he believes mildly sensible things? sibelian Nov 2013 #17
I'm going to go out on a limb Aerows Nov 2013 #24
No and no. Don't pray to any big daddy in the sky. n/t RebelOne Nov 2013 #47
No. Well, sort of, if you count wibbly Scottish Episcopalianism as a religion. sibelian Nov 2013 #54
Just what would that have to do with anything? cleanhippie Nov 2013 #67
I did, and what Pope Francis says is in line with traditional Catholic doctrine.. Humanist_Activist Nov 2013 #76
I hope he is successful Uncle Joe Nov 2013 #19
Fuck that. Obama is no Progressive giant, but he supports equality for women and LGBT. PeaceNikki Nov 2013 #21
+1000 Vashta Nerada Nov 2013 #26
That whole piece linked in OP is nothing but fluffy bullshit. PeaceNikki Nov 2013 #28
All the pope threads that have been posted in the last week have been nothing but fluffy bullshit. Vashta Nerada Nov 2013 #29
Agreed. This one doesn't even have a single 'news' or current event twist to it. PeaceNikki Nov 2013 #31
Oh good. It's been a couple of days since we've had a thread glorifying Pope Photo-Op...nt SidDithers Nov 2013 #25
Pope Photo-Op? Aerows Nov 2013 #30
Religious leaders should be doing the first three things anyway. Vashta Nerada Nov 2013 #33
It's quite disgusting to see a bigot praised here constantly. NYC Liberal Nov 2013 #35
But he drives a Renault!!... SidDithers Nov 2013 #36
Any other totally pointless activities you'd like to advise me to do? Warren DeMontague Nov 2013 #32
Warren's going to Hell!! Warren's going to Hell!! Kaleva Nov 2013 #57
which explains the bucket. Warren DeMontague Nov 2013 #99
They say that the eyes are the windows of the soul. janlyn Nov 2013 #37
My oppinion will change when he apologises for homophobic bigotry, anti-choice BS, paedophilia, idwiyo Nov 2013 #38
Real atheists don't pray. Like how gangsters don't dance we boogie. bravenak Nov 2013 #39
My feelings exactly..... paleotn Nov 2013 #44
Exactly. bravenak Nov 2013 #46
Pope Francis is somewhat to the poor as Democrats should be. It is surprising to read Thinkingabout Nov 2013 #40
Democrats treat homosexuals as human beings. Vashta Nerada Nov 2013 #41
i am not so sure you are right in this. Thinkingabout Nov 2013 #43
The Pope built his reputation in Argentina as a fire breathing activist opposing marriage equality Bluenorthwest Nov 2013 #71
Just as you have opinions Pope Francis gives opinions and statements, things change over time Thinkingabout Nov 2013 #74
Uhm, his opinions are those that were put in the Catechism of the Catholic Church... Humanist_Activist Nov 2013 #77
So, are you saying if a person says or does one thing you do not agree with then the person is Thinkingabout Nov 2013 #79
You are comparing a bigoted opinion to an innate trait? Humanist_Activist Nov 2013 #83
Here you go, now you are graded by your opinion, you might be a bad person who is bigoted. Thinkingabout Nov 2013 #86
Is there something wrong with judging people by the beliefs they hold, particularly... Humanist_Activist Nov 2013 #88
Exactly, this was my point, you expressed your opinion, sounded bigoted and one should Thinkingabout Nov 2013 #97
What bigotry did I express? n/t Humanist_Activist Nov 2013 #98
You listed several issues of your dislike of Pope Francis, I did not see your appreciation of his Thinkingabout Nov 2013 #101
What a horrific thing for you to say. Bluenorthwest Nov 2013 #103
I thought the same about several post about Pope Francis. Thinkingabout Nov 2013 #106
What Francis says about gay people being an 'attack on God' is hate speech. He is free to apolgize Bluenorthwest Nov 2013 #102
Your knee jerk reaction speaks for itself. You dont like attack on your family members and you want Thinkingabout Nov 2013 #104
Why the fuck should a LGBT person apologize for attacking a homophobe? Humanist_Activist Nov 2013 #112
If you like attacking others and helps you then by all means make yourself happy, if you don't Thinkingabout Nov 2013 #115
while they compromise on food stamp cuts, etc. G_j Nov 2013 #56
What actual help has he offered to the poor? Words and words alone? Bluenorthwest Nov 2013 #65
So sorry that he isn't perfect Courtesy Flush Nov 2013 #42
This Episcopalian has included the Bishop of Rome in my prayers at mass for several weeks now arely staircase Nov 2013 #45
Offensive headline scheming daemons Nov 2013 #49
Agreed. The whole piece is offensive and not political, despite hosts' opinions. PeaceNikki Nov 2013 #55
GD Hosting is a joke... SidDithers Nov 2013 #61
GD hosting is and always has been a joke. But currently I think the 'hosts' are intentionally Bluenorthwest Nov 2013 #64
That was a disgusting lock. Arugula Latte Nov 2013 #92
Yup... SidDithers Nov 2013 #111
Wow talk about a disgusting double standard giftedgirl77 Nov 2013 #107
Then there's this one... SidDithers Nov 2013 #109
Ugh, what the hell? giftedgirl77 Nov 2013 #113
"Praying is the act of a deluded mind. It is talking to oneself."... SidDithers Nov 2013 #60
I quite like the guy Riftaxe Nov 2013 #51
He says gay families are 'an attack on God' and that gay parenting should not be legal because Bluenorthwest Nov 2013 #63
Pope Francis asks bishops: How can the Church help same-sex couples? cali Nov 2013 #85
He should then instantly fire those Bishops who have been attacking gay people in the press Bluenorthwest Nov 2013 #100
Things are not black and white. musical_soul Nov 2013 #94
He is much better than his predecssor LostOne4Ever Nov 2013 #52
no silly. you pray to steve buscemi! dionysus Nov 2013 #95
For those of you comforatbale with the Alec Baldwin Lexicon and anti gay attitude, Francis is great! Bluenorthwest Nov 2013 #58
Agreed. But the defense of Francis is no surprise. NYC Liberal Nov 2013 #75
Not a big deal. If people want to pray for him, that's fine. If not, that's fine too. Kaleva Nov 2013 #59
The SOP of General Discussion says no threads about religion, why are the current hosts not Bluenorthwest Nov 2013 #62
I concur. PeaceNikki Nov 2013 #66
If the Pope was a politician, and people here still supported him, Vashta Nerada Nov 2013 #70
It's more than a free pass, they allow promotion of him in GD where religious subjects are Bluenorthwest Nov 2013 #72
Touche. Vashta Nerada Nov 2013 #80
Defender of child rapists, persecutor of women and homosexuals, sounds like a great guy. nt Demo_Chris Nov 2013 #68
Says the leader of the proto-typical multi-national corporation... Wounded Bear Nov 2013 #69
In the first place, atheists don't pray. MineralMan Nov 2013 #73
Well, as a leader to one of the world's largest religions, one would think that he would have Vashta Nerada Nov 2013 #81
True enough. MineralMan Nov 2013 #82
I don't pray…the pope has control of many people's minds and hearts…he would do well to.. Tikki Nov 2013 #78
Why do I have a horrible feeling for Pope Francis's safety? musical_soul Nov 2013 #89
Instead of praying, I think I'll hop on one foot and snap my fingers. Arugula Latte Nov 2013 #93
No. RedCappedBandit Nov 2013 #96
I'm not Catholic but an Episcopalian. Fallen Away when we Invaded Iraq KoKo Nov 2013 #105
Yep. I pray to Zeus every night for the Pope. stopbush Nov 2013 #108
The more I hear about him, the more I like him. sabrina 1 Nov 2013 #110
This centuries old practice of melding the church and the Establishment needs to be shaken up... WCGreen Nov 2013 #114
says they dude at the head of the single wealthiest organization in the world TorchTheWitch Nov 2013 #116
Just have to stick my nose into and old thread. defacto7 Nov 2013 #117
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