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Wed Dec 4, 2013, 08:26 PM Dec 2013

Martin Bashir Lost His Job For What Rush Limbaugh Gets Away With Every Day [View all]


Martin Bashir Lost His Job For What Rush Limbaugh Gets Away With Every Day
By: Jason Easley
Wednesday, December, 4th, 2013, 6:23 pm

Martin Bashir resigned from MSNBC today over comments that were tame compared to what Rush Limbaugh gets away every single day on the radio.

In his statement Bashir said that he was resigning because he didn’t want to be a distraction, but the reality is that there is a double standard at work in our media and it benefits conservatives on a daily basis.

Here a small sample of what Rush Limbaugh gets to say with no consequences on a daily basis.


Here’s the deal according to our corporate owned media. Conservatives get to say whatever they want, no matter how racist it may be, especially if it relates to the current president. However, someone who is calling out the right’s deplorable racism will lose their job if they are too aggressive or truthful.

Martin Bashir was too honest, so he is out of a job. He confronted Sarah Palin’s ugly racism with an equal ugliness, and the media wouldn’t tolerate it. The rules are different for the left. They aren’t allowed to use the right’s own tactics against them.

What Rush Limbaugh gets away with, Martin Bashir can’t. There is a bias in the media, but it isn’t liberal. The outrage over Bashir’s departure is so strong because it is more proof of the existence of the media’s conservative bias even on so called forward leaning progressive channels.

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And the entire Fox News lineup. nt onehandle Dec 2013 #1
write to phil griffin grasswire Dec 2013 #2
I just did. pangaia Dec 2013 #33
That would be a waste of time. He's a wanker. go west young man Dec 2013 #46
Cenk Uygur and the Young Turks, too. lob1 Dec 2013 #47
he is a wanker grasswire Dec 2013 #56
If you don't speak up than no one knows you object riverbendviewgal Dec 2013 #81
GE top tier = you mean the multinational that pays little to no USA taxes ... MindMover Dec 2013 #61
My email to Mr. Griffin: Feral Child Dec 2013 #77
I wrote to him too Wgles Dec 2013 #99
Oh...I blasted him! mithnanthy Dec 2013 #113
I have never been more disgusted with the "liberal" media than I am now. City Lights Dec 2013 #3
+1000 Blue_Tires Dec 2013 #7
I do not know why people think MSNBC is "liberal" or "progressive" rurallib Dec 2013 #23
And Mrs. "My husband helped to create the 2008 crash" Greenspan. nt valerief Dec 2013 #28
I believe that it is "Chuck Toad" olegramps Dec 2013 #70
What do you make of this? Dawson Leery Dec 2013 #4
And there are DUer's Puglover Dec 2013 #5
Sad, but true. (nt) Paladin Dec 2013 #71
Keep Martin leanforward Dec 2013 #6
Martin belongs in primetime. They need to ditch Tweety. nt BumRushDaShow Dec 2013 #8
MSNBC double standard has been alsame Dec 2013 #9
I didn't know that about 2004 renate Dec 2013 #85
Joe wasn't an MSNBC employee in 2004 SpartanDem Dec 2013 #86
Yes he was, he hosted the evening alsame Dec 2013 #87
K&R! TeamPooka Dec 2013 #10
And that's the truth malaise Dec 2013 #11
Keep in mind leanforward Dec 2013 #12
you're not the first new DU member to say that today. grasswire Dec 2013 #57
The number of dumb people tricked into voting Republican by Rush Limbaugh is incalculable. ... JEFF9K Dec 2013 #13
Bashir works for MSNBC, Limbaugh owns his own show. hughee99 Dec 2013 #14
well he has a contract with clear channel hfojvt Dec 2013 #34
Yes. He "owns" the show, hughee99 Dec 2013 #37
radio stations can dump him, universities can refuse to broadcast sports on L stations, businesses certainot Dec 2013 #90
Yes, but no one can fire him. hughee99 Dec 2013 #93
I suggest a new hashtag. Indyfan53 Dec 2013 #15
good one! 2banon Dec 2013 #51
C'mon! Sarah was talking about the happy slaves. You know, the ones singing in the fields brewens Dec 2013 #54
This message was self-deleted by its author felix_numinous Dec 2013 #17
+100000000. You are so right. n/t BlancheSplanchnik Dec 2013 #27
"GWBush's" pedophilia? 1KansasDem Dec 2013 #52
I just said the same thing to a friend. Curmudgeoness Dec 2013 #18
How does Martin lose his job and Mark Halperin keeps his after saying trublu992 Dec 2013 #19
Fecking double standard! arthritisR_US Dec 2013 #20
I call bullshit on this. ChairmanAgnostic Dec 2013 #21
Preach it! eom mike dub Dec 2013 #39
I propose a brand new show Iwillnevergiveup Dec 2013 #22
"There is a bias in the media, but it isnít liberal." marmar Dec 2013 #24
Tell the truth & lose your job. NorthCarolina Dec 2013 #25
OooooKay Jack Rabbit Dec 2013 #26
he still nailed the truth. nt dionysus Dec 2013 #42
2 + 2 = 4 and you, sir, have scum for brains. Jack Rabbit Dec 2013 #55
Exactly! Redford Dec 2013 #58
He's a real classy guy... delete_bush Dec 2013 #88
ignoring limbaugh and RW radio (palin's prof and university) has really worked well the last 25 year certainot Dec 2013 #91
We've been ignoring Limbaugh for 25 years? Jack Rabbit Dec 2013 #97
there is NO organized attempt to know what those think tanks launder through those 1200 coordinated certainot Dec 2013 #101
You raise some good points Jack Rabbit Dec 2013 #104
i think the main reason for their success it that they've been getting so little attention and compl certainot Dec 2013 #111
In that case, Limbaugh is getting exactly the kind of attention you want him to get Jack Rabbit Dec 2013 #114
yes that's been a bright spot- needs to expand to all RW radio! certainot Dec 2013 #115
IOKIYAR blkmusclmachine Dec 2013 #29
It was a stupid thing for a grown man to say on the job. LuvLoogie Dec 2013 #30
"Sarah Palin's ugly racism" hfojvt Dec 2013 #31
But , does MSNBC want to be like Rush Limbaugh? AlbertCat Dec 2013 #32
His sincere apology should have been enough. Bring Bashir Back!! AzDar Dec 2013 #35
Exactly. This was a bullshit move by a second rate network. sybylla Dec 2013 #96
Dern! mike dub Dec 2013 #36
What did he say that was wrong? hog Dec 2013 #38
Just Rush? chuckstevens Dec 2013 #40
MSNBC MFM008 Dec 2013 #41
So, "Rush Limbaugh does it" is our new philosophy? brooklynite Dec 2013 #43
+ struggle4progress Dec 2013 #44
No, Rush Limbaugh does it constantly----and gets away with it. Paladin Dec 2013 #73
+1000! Puglover Dec 2013 #82
Who do you include in your "our"? nm rhett o rick Dec 2013 #106
For the umpteenth time watoos Dec 2013 #45
WHAT??? ailsagirl Dec 2013 #48
And we'll do nothing about it Doctor_J Dec 2013 #49
Got that right. n/t GP6971 Dec 2013 #50
well, their loss. Bashir was the only program I tapped. I work during the day (gasp, a lib work) sad-cafe Dec 2013 #53
"Keith, Martin & Cenk" Rockyj Dec 2013 #59
mr bashir shows he is the better human being by resigning. fuck ru$h spanone Dec 2013 #60
No kidding. The double standard at MSNBC is obvious. Major Hogwash Dec 2013 #62
Dickface Mark Halperin calls the President a Cha Dec 2013 #63
I'm so sorry to hear this. I have always enjoyed Martin Bashir. Hekate Dec 2013 #64
Triple ditto here ailsagirl Dec 2013 #98
They will shit can Ed, too, Enthusiast Dec 2013 #65
I suspect Dorian Gray Dec 2013 #66
Did he not merely describe her as an idiot (etymology) grahamhgreen Dec 2013 #67
I'm so disgusted and disappointed that he won't be back. nt Raine Dec 2013 #68
"Martin Bashir Lost His Job For What Rush Limbaugh Gets Away With Every Day" avebury Dec 2013 #69
This is crap! OLDMDDEM Dec 2013 #72
Spewing hatred and division is Limbaugh's job. Was it Bashir's? n/t winter is coming Dec 2013 #74
You are looking at this the wrong way............ NM_Birder Dec 2013 #75
Double standard betsuni Dec 2013 #76
Martin Bashir needs his own radio program then Puzzledtraveller Dec 2013 #78
All the levers of power sulphurdunn Dec 2013 #79
WHY is anyone wasting freebrew Dec 2013 #80
because msnbc is such a "caring" company. russspeakeasy Dec 2013 #83
"Martin Bashir Lost His Job For What Rush Limbaugh Gets Away With Every Day" Jenoch Dec 2013 #84
He can be fired by those that buy his shit. nm rhett o rick Dec 2013 #108
What exactly do you mean by this? Jenoch Dec 2013 #109
Maybe I missed your point. Rush works for those that buy his show. If they dont buy his show he is rhett o rick Dec 2013 #110
He just inked a 3 year syndication deal with Cumulus. Jenoch Dec 2013 #116
Thank you. Both for saying the obvious, and just saying it, period. closeupready Dec 2013 #89
As well as Beck and Coulter and countless others of lesser prominence. lpbk2713 Dec 2013 #92
Seriously, Rush Limbaugh is much worse and so is Sarah Palin herself. avaistheone1 Dec 2013 #94
palin has 1200 unchallenged radio stations in her sails. bashir has them in his certainot Dec 2013 #95
It Sounds Easy but Ccarmona Dec 2013 #100
i think it was more fairness doctrine- even without a monopoly they would have found a way certainot Dec 2013 #103
I think it's the standards that are different loyalsister Dec 2013 #102
Maybe he can get a job with Clear Channel? nt silvershadow Dec 2013 #105
Wished he stayed. hrmjustin Dec 2013 #107
Neither Bashir nor Limbaugh should have media jobs in the first place. duffyduff Dec 2013 #112
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