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Fred Sanders

(23,946 posts)
38. Huff Post Refugees, Unite
Fri Dec 13, 2013, 07:29 PM
Dec 2013

Just quit HP half an hour ago, after one year and 43,000 posts, I posted my first comment here and felt much better.
HP is going to lose a lot of people I am sure and DU is going to get a lot of new members, the linking to Faceplant will be intolerable to many, many commentators there, and I have noticed a drastic drop off in the number of comments to threads since.

Can not agree more that the infotainment part of HP filtered imperceptibly but steadily towards untruths in the political news.

Having said that it was a great site, turned into a crappy site by the usual suspects, greenbacks.

All things happen for a reason.

Adios Huffington Post [View all] Brainstormy Dec 2013 OP
Same here LittleBlue Dec 2013 #1
As far as I'm concerned, either you invite public comment, or you don't derby378 Dec 2013 #2
I hope more sites adopt this model, to be honest, but I understand your concerns. politichew Dec 2013 #3
is your DU user name your legal name? elehhhhna Dec 2013 #16
oooooh... dixiegrrrrl Dec 2013 #22
No, it is: politichew Dec 2013 #24
People will just run around with fake FB IDs. JVS Dec 2013 #18
+1 Go Vols Dec 2013 #61
And when you make laws against theft... gcomeau Dec 2013 #98
I disagree. Bradical79 Dec 2013 #26
Good point. JEFF9K Dec 2013 #57
Why? I don't "do" Facebook question everything Dec 2013 #67
The CIA Facebook Project Zorra Dec 2013 #79
For our kids safety, please read this feedback! thecytron Mar 2014 #100
Yes but Lefty615 Dec 2013 #82
It is a worrying trend... Ron Obvious Dec 2013 #4
Very much so. Facebook wants to end Internet anonymity. Incitatus Dec 2013 #41
FB also wants to be a part of all internet traffic. arcane1 Dec 2013 #53
It usually is just about the money, but as their presence increases, anonymity will diminish. Incitatus Dec 2013 #59
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2013 #5
that is really sleazy of HuffPo. Unbelievable. Whisp Dec 2013 #6
They want your phone number, too. nt Brainstormy Dec 2013 #8
I have a FB account but rarely visit the site. RebelOne Dec 2013 #92
It was the idea of the same nitwit who changed the layout of the Comments section pangaia Dec 2013 #19
Agreed. MsPithy Dec 2013 #40
Bad move on HuffPo's part. No fucking way I'm using Facebook. . . DinahMoeHum Dec 2013 #7
I am staying on just to flag comments randr Dec 2013 #9
I posted there fairly infrequently IDemo Dec 2013 #10
I feel the same way. MANative Dec 2013 #11
I quit Huff Po Isoldeblue Dec 2013 #12
I've never done HP but this sounds like a really dumb move. Cha Dec 2013 #13
I've always avoided that site, so I can't join you except to say, good on you. n/t Egalitarian Thug Dec 2013 #14
Never had a FB account--never intend to. Deleted my HuffPo account as soon as the policy hlthe2b Dec 2013 #15
You find out who your friends are - TBF Dec 2013 #17
yep. I booted a cousin awoke_in_2003 Dec 2013 #86
I've got a few of those too TBF Dec 2013 #87
I like Talking Points Memo Shankapotomus Dec 2013 #20
I stopped when Huffington sold it and haven't returned except accidentally. QuestForSense Dec 2013 #21
Me too Quest. Jazzgirl Dec 2013 #37
Ditto! oldandhappy Dec 2013 #23
Exactly grandpamike1 Dec 2013 #25
All about $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Fred Sanders Dec 2013 #44
Who is Adrienne? Agschmid Dec 2013 #51
Perhaps neither smart nor cowardly, but simply practical. malthaussen Dec 2013 #27
To force commenters to Facebook is absolutely insane. If they stick to it, HF deserves oblivion. Faryn Balyncd Dec 2013 #28
Just create a fake Facebook account, docgee Dec 2013 #29
NO NO NO Skittles Dec 2013 #68
+1 (nt) question everything Dec 2013 #77
You realize... gcomeau Dec 2013 #30
since you've done it Brainstormy Dec 2013 #72
I've checked and can't see any way they could... gcomeau Dec 2013 #85
You don't think that you've been "tracked/connected" by "FB?" KoKo Dec 2013 #95
I'm sorry gcomeau Dec 2013 #96
As if the celebrity gossip, upskirt shots, and nip-slips wasn't bad enough.. X_Digger Dec 2013 #31
Done I've used my twitter account to post there.... Historic NY Dec 2013 #32
I will never understand sharing credentials between sites dickthegrouch Dec 2013 #33
I thought you finally realized their content was mostly stolen link bait...nt Jesus Malverde Dec 2013 #34
I was out when Arianna sold HuffPo and they started letting right wingers have columns WhoIsNumberNone Dec 2013 #35
You can't write "shit" or "fuck" Stainless Dec 2013 #36
Huff Post Refugees, Unite Fred Sanders Dec 2013 #38
Welcome to DU! LisaLynne Dec 2013 #42
Welcome! PasadenaTrudy Dec 2013 #50
Welcome! Dash87 Dec 2013 #84
make a new facebook d_r Dec 2013 #39
I'm done with HP! marew Dec 2013 #43
OK, I have to admit Stellar Dec 2013 #45
AOL AOL AOL Submariner Dec 2013 #46
In life you always get what you pay for! thecytron Feb 2014 #99
I left too PasadenaTrudy Dec 2013 #47
I largely gave up on Huffington Post a while back... markpkessinger Dec 2013 #48
I really enjoyed posting on Huffpo, in the old format. MsPithy Dec 2013 #49
I wouldn't have mind... Bryce Butler Dec 2013 #52
Welcome here! n/t PasadenaTrudy Dec 2013 #71
Thank you Bryce Butler Dec 2013 #91
Sometimes I will see a story on their front page, riqster Dec 2013 #54
I will NEVER link myself with Facebook SCVDem Dec 2013 #55
I can't believe how many people have fallen for this facebook garbage Skittles Dec 2013 #69
Requiring a Facebook membership means that most of their comments will be made by 14-year-old girls. JEFF9K Dec 2013 #56
I'll still read it, I just won't post anymore thesquanderer Dec 2013 #58
I stopped going there when AOHell bought them. n/t hootinholler Dec 2013 #60
huffpo has long been a joke. i stopped reading a couple years ago. just found out about fb thing now freedumb Dec 2013 #62
Yes and it sucks. And they are lying. It's not about "civil discourse". Come on. catbyte Dec 2013 #63
I stopped for this very reason. It wants all of your info from Facebook. It's part of the sell-the- okaawhatever Dec 2013 #64
a pox on EVERYONE who made that little twerp Zuckerberg a multi-billionaire Skittles Dec 2013 #70
I feel the same way about the little guy Mosaic Dec 2013 #74
do you see what is happening Skittles Dec 2013 #88
That seems to be the plan Mosaic Dec 2013 #90
So make a fake fb account. Vashta Nerada Dec 2013 #65
Why is it so hard for these entitites to understand: Le Taz Hot Dec 2013 #66
I wrote about HP here years ago Mosaic Dec 2013 #73
+1. jsr Dec 2013 #75
I think you can make it so those posts don't show up on FB, but I'm not sure alarimer Dec 2013 #76
to answer your question alp227 Dec 2013 #94
Forcing people to use FB and their "real" name PumpkinAle Dec 2013 #78
That's the reason why I stopped posting at The Huff. Beacool Dec 2013 #93
I don't "do" Facebook, and if everything is going there, too bad. northoftheborder Dec 2013 #80
HuffPo is a woo-infested dump. nt Codeine Dec 2013 #81
I hate Facebook Dash87 Dec 2013 #83
I've been spreading my leftie propoganda on HP for years, but now I'm out. Vinca Dec 2013 #89
I quit posting under the new policy also. eom mfcorey1 Dec 2013 #97
HP is a cheesy "snooze" site, imo. 2banon Mar 2014 #101
I left HuffPo as well, didnt understand why they allowed the trolls to take over . Now its an asylum SummerSnow Mar 2014 #102
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