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34. Yeah, good question.
Thu Dec 19, 2013, 02:38 AM
Dec 2013

I read through thirty responses on this thread. And maybe there is not one answer alone.

Several people have suggested in their own parlance, that they hate the "other", and several have included non-Christians as a constituent of the other. Sometimes this is true, but sometimes the Christian is a constituent of that other. Ayn Rand was never a Christian, and became a selfish atheist. Ayn Rand is considered a "Conservative" heroine. O, and by the way the worst writer in the English language. She is wretched in fifty pages, yet she puts a thousand in a book, and it still sells now.

Many of these hate filled conservatives profess to be Christians. Some are liars on that subject too, others are pharasaic, hypocritical Christians. But yes, that hypocrisy is a more salient characteristic; for it is not only in the religious sphere of morality, in which one shows hypocrisy. We have those who call for thrift, and spend lavishly on themselves. We have those who call for war, and made sure they never went. The listing of self contradiction in word compared to deed is quite long.

There is a meanness, it is very evident and palpable. I see where fear would explain some of it, i also see egotism, selfishness, mental aberration. I would suggest that the mean spirit is of an hateful nature; and to speak in theological terms, hate is like evil (or hate is an evil), and evil can be defined by the absence of love.

Aggression is a response to fear. Gravitycollapse Dec 2013 #1
I totally agree, gravity. All...every single one.. of the right wingers I know personally is scared loudsue Dec 2013 #19
Yep and that fear is raised exponentially by the right wing media.. SomethingFishy Dec 2013 #48
"Misery loves company" LadyHawkAZ Dec 2013 #2
They can't own every thing, every person, every planet. Kurovski Dec 2013 #3
Two words: status anxiety YoungDemCA Dec 2013 #4
I was actually just reading a piece by Slavoj Zizek discussing this anxiety you speak of. Gravitycollapse Dec 2013 #9
Indeed. YoungDemCA Dec 2013 #11
Prepare yourself because Zizek is kind of psychotic. Gravitycollapse Dec 2013 #16
Takes one... nikto Dec 2013 #23
You may have something there. zeemike Dec 2013 #25
+1 freshwest Dec 2013 #14
you nailed it. nt Duppers Dec 2013 #39
Tough economic times always bring out rabid racism and classism... Orsino Dec 2013 #41
They are hoarders consumed by the fear that someone else is happier than they are. winter is coming Dec 2013 #5
Well said. It's a zero-sum game to them. YoungDemCA Dec 2013 #6
Lots of truth to that statement. Ikonoklast Dec 2013 #51
They are anal retentive and fullbof hatred. That's painful. Hoyt Dec 2013 #7
There's a solution for that: freshwest Dec 2013 #15
They have become reactionary... that is, they don't merely resist liberals, they do the opposite. reformist2 Dec 2013 #8
Not just unthinkingly attack new ideas, but wishing to go back to a past utopia that never was.... YoungDemCA Dec 2013 #10
Medulla Oblongata. n/t lumberjack_jeff Dec 2013 #12
LOL Hassin Bin Sober Dec 2013 #24
kick to read thread later Voice for Peace Dec 2013 #13
A lack of exposure Jamaal510 Dec 2013 #17
This is a big part, too. CrispyQ Dec 2013 #46
Good thing no one here is ever mean. Bonx Dec 2013 #18
Please tell us all about it HangOnKids Dec 2013 #35
CONservatives are 17 year-old kids trapped in adult bodies. blkmusclmachine Dec 2013 #20
I think you're being very generous. n/t Egalitarian Thug Dec 2013 #50
Hey.... wait a minute.... Bigmack Dec 2013 #56
Their arguments and value-system are LOSERS nikto Dec 2013 #21
an "anyone can achieve anything" versus a "there but for fortune go you or I" view of the world Douglas Carpenter Dec 2013 #22
"Tough love" is their excuse ErikJ Dec 2013 #26
Its due to a chemical imbalance chknltl Dec 2013 #27
I just can't help but think how much it must suck to be them. catbyte Dec 2013 #28
What makes them so mean? ReRe Dec 2013 #29
They are hypocrites dem in texas Dec 2013 #30
This unconscionable! JRLeft Dec 2013 #33
They don't like us. nt BootinUp Dec 2013 #31
They are in horror to think of themselves as "minorities". Spitfire of ATJ Dec 2013 #32
Yeah, good question. rustbeltvoice Dec 2013 #34
I wish there was a feature to rec your post. JRLeft Dec 2013 #36
You win the thread with that answer. pacalo Dec 2013 #38
Excellent post, thanks. Scuba Dec 2013 #40
The Bible says God is love Chrom Dec 2013 #61
They got a friggin Cha Dec 2013 #37
They have no hearts. Jamastiene Dec 2013 #42
The self righteous are always mean. JoePhilly Dec 2013 #43
They are always angry. JRLeft Dec 2013 #44
I think they're pissed off & afraid. CrispyQ Dec 2013 #45
That isn't that hard to figure out. HappyMe Dec 2013 #47
They believe God authorizes their behaviors Blue Owl Dec 2013 #49
they had no unconditional love as children grasswire Dec 2013 #52
You are very close to the truth. Jamastiene Dec 2013 #54
Hmmmmm. Mojo Electro Dec 2013 #53
Fear. Iggo Dec 2013 #55
yes I totally agree maryellen99 Dec 2013 #58
Media propaganda n2doc Dec 2013 #57
They can't help it.... Bigmack Dec 2013 #59
Ever looked around pecwae Dec 2013 #60
I think it's the reverse Ratty Dec 2013 #62
It's their myriad of mental maladies they purposely choose to ignore Corruption Inc Dec 2013 #63
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