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get the red out

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39. We would jump all over ourselves to claim it was
Mon Dec 23, 2013, 05:16 PM
Dec 2013

And go as deeply into denial as possible and proclaim a great and wonderful freedom for all.

Should Polygamy be illegal? [View all] cthulu2016 Dec 2013 OP
It's already sort of illegal now. DanTex Dec 2013 #1
It is more impossible than it is illegal. cthulu2016 Dec 2013 #7
I can't think of any legal reasoning about why it shouldn't be legal penultimate Dec 2013 #2
i go with anything being legal as long as its consenting adults, everyone should be able to suffer loli phabay Dec 2013 #3
I think you and I are at the same place with that. nt stevenleser Dec 2013 #4
No and yes and why the government should not be involved in religious rites at all. Egalitarian Thug Dec 2013 #5
If the inherent issue of imbalance of power is addressed, I'd be happy to look at the issue. LanternWaste Dec 2013 #6
Amazing looks into this culture. Did you read "Under the Banner of Heaven?" Squinch Dec 2013 #45
I'm almost afraid to read Banner. For me, Shattered Dreams was difficult enough to get through LanternWaste Dec 2013 #48
It is horrible. But it is also fascinating how people allow this handful of men Squinch Dec 2013 #53
Another rec for Under The Banner of Heaven. riderinthestorm Dec 2013 #68
I couldn't care if they married a brick named Eloise. There are other things besides their marriage Squinch Dec 2013 #8
K & R Thinkingabout Dec 2013 #49
There is also an aspect of absolute worship of the few powerful men that inevitably leads to Squinch Dec 2013 #54
Should reverse polygamy be legal? pscot Dec 2013 #9
That would be polyandry. Together they are polyamory. n/t Egalitarian Thug Dec 2013 #93
A limerick shows the way: riqster Dec 2013 #10
Polygamy as it's mostly practiced today should indeed remain illegal. Sheldon Cooper Dec 2013 #11
None of that has anything to do with the question cthulu2016 Dec 2013 #14
Sorry about your inability to read and comprehend. Sheldon Cooper Dec 2013 #17
Yes, it should be illegal. ohheckyeah Dec 2013 #12
Okay. Can you tackle the second question? cthulu2016 Dec 2013 #16
The lawful marriage ohheckyeah Dec 2013 #27
You are absolutely correct get the red out Dec 2013 #40
Wouldn't be the first ohheckyeah Dec 2013 #42
No, consenting adults should be able to make whatever agreements between themselves as they kelly1mm Dec 2013 #13
You would need an overhaul of a number of other laws jberryhill Dec 2013 #15
There is no question of state recognition in sight. cthulu2016 Dec 2013 #21
Oh, then I don't understand the question jberryhill Dec 2013 #26
But jberryhill's point is an interesting one. There is a question with the majority of the Squinch Dec 2013 #43
No. It should be legal LittleBlue Dec 2013 #18
I am against such accommodation. cthulu2016 Dec 2013 #22
Long-term, I think this will be viewed no differently than gay marriage LittleBlue Dec 2013 #28
The value of one sex comparable to the other get the red out Dec 2013 #37
When I read that, it feels like the rationalizations LittleBlue Dec 2013 #66
Read "Under the Banner of Heaven" by John Krakauer. It's a lot more than "ewwww." Squinch Dec 2013 #67
Actually, I have LittleBlue Dec 2013 #69
So you are aware there is a lot more than "ew" here. Squinch Dec 2013 #70
No. Because I could write a book 100 times as lengthy LittleBlue Dec 2013 #71
Not abuses that encompass women, children and men, Squinch Dec 2013 #73
lol what nonsense LittleBlue Dec 2013 #74
Oh, dear lord. You really are invested in believing that. Squinch Dec 2013 #83
Those aren't institutionalized into the entity of marriage get the red out Dec 2013 #88
No, it doesn't read like that get the red out Dec 2013 #87
No to polygamy. Yes to polyamory. Blue_Adept Dec 2013 #19
If there is informed consent on the part of everyone involved... Lizzie Poppet Dec 2013 #20
How is it informed consent ohheckyeah Dec 2013 #29
Well that wouldn't be informed consent, would it? (nt) Lizzie Poppet Dec 2013 #31
We would jump all over ourselves to claim it was get the red out Dec 2013 #39
The question, though, is an interesting one. In, say, the FLDS, is informed consent possible? Squinch Dec 2013 #55
Only thing I can think of is, people might take advantage of group marriage for tax reasons. Warren DeMontague Dec 2013 #23
No tax implications, since no government recognizes the unions. cthulu2016 Dec 2013 #25
I guess I misunderstood the question, then- Warren DeMontague Dec 2013 #32
I do not see how people living together can be illegal get the red out Dec 2013 #41
Strange this came up when it did... ohheckyeah Dec 2013 #47
No complaints get the red out Dec 2013 #89
Something else not talked about is ohheckyeah Dec 2013 #91
Hmm...it's currently only illegal if the parties attempt MineralMan Dec 2013 #24
"currently" cthulu2016 Dec 2013 #90
Illegal. I can't even begin to imagine how you'd work out the legal contractual problems. riderinthestorm Dec 2013 #30
+1000000 CFLDem Dec 2013 #34
So only a man with many wives? get the red out Dec 2013 #33
What's the difference between polygamy and polyamory? n/t cherokeeprogressive Dec 2013 #35
No. Nor should polyandry. Or, any other combination among consenting adults. Tierra_y_Libertad Dec 2013 #36
short of claiming any kind of legal rights and responsibilities arising from the geek tragedy Dec 2013 #38
Sure, adults can marry any other adults they like... Demo_Chris Dec 2013 #44
And the polygamy is a ohheckyeah Dec 2013 #51
Absolutely correct. Assuming we can eliminate that as an issue... Demo_Chris Dec 2013 #57
Of course, but I ohheckyeah Dec 2013 #58
You could be correct. Hopefully we will one day find out. nt Demo_Chris Dec 2013 #62
I don't care what they do, but...... dem in texas Dec 2013 #46
I don't think it's so much about the sex ohheckyeah Dec 2013 #50
I support the rights of consenting adults. Vashta Nerada Dec 2013 #52
If you can find a woman who ohheckyeah Dec 2013 #59
as long as all the participants are consenting adults, no it shouldn't be illegal. liberal_at_heart Dec 2013 #56
I would love to know, ohheckyeah Dec 2013 #60
Are you talking about ones who know they are in one? jberryhill Dec 2013 #61
If they don't know they are in one, ohheckyeah Dec 2013 #65
If you want more information ohheckyeah Dec 2013 #63
Cohabitation is not Illegal On the Road Dec 2013 #64
Cohabitation in many countries Harmony Blue Dec 2013 #75
No, it should not be illegal (nt) bigwillq Dec 2013 #72
No. As long it's between consenting adults. PeteSelman Dec 2013 #76
Hell no. Polygamous communities are unhealthy and abusive lanlady Dec 2013 #77
Consenting adults should be able to marry Blanket Statements Dec 2013 #78
Polygamy doesn't work due to findnacial reasons alone Harmony Blue Dec 2013 #79
What about polyandry? hobbit709 Dec 2013 #80
Yes treestar Dec 2013 #81
No. People should be able to marry whoever they want. MadrasT Dec 2013 #82
It should absolutely be legal Riftaxe Dec 2013 #84
I would agree with you IF ohheckyeah Dec 2013 #92
Right....because forcing men and women Riftaxe Dec 2013 #94
It's not about my ideals... ohheckyeah Dec 2013 #97
Ask the married men you know... KinMd Dec 2013 #85
I was going to go with multiple mothers in law, but that works, too. ManiacJoe Dec 2013 #86
Good point davidpdx Dec 2013 #95
Between consenting adults, quaker bill Dec 2013 #96
No, but only if I could have more than one husband. n/t RebelOne Dec 2013 #98
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