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Sat Dec 28, 2013, 02:36 PM Dec 2013

Are the Feminist / MRA Argument Threads a means to "Divide and Conquer" DU - POLL [View all]

Lets face it folks its run the gamete far beyond reasonable discussion

But I'm asking for your opinion

28 votes, 2 passes | Time left: Unlimited
YES - it is an absolute distraction from issue that will make up the 2014 Mid Terms
22 (79%)
MAYBE - because these are 2 fringe groups batteling it out
1 (4%)
PROBABLY NOT - They are acting immuture but have a Democrat agenda
0 (0%)
NOT AT ALL - These are the issues we are facing in 2014
4 (14%)
OTHER - I cringe at the thought of clicking on 1 of those threads
1 (4%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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No, I think liberals truly disagree treestar Dec 2013 #1
You think its really about "Getting Laid" FreakinDJ Dec 2013 #4
It's odd how much mature wisdom sometimes resembles being too tired to bother Fumesucker Dec 2013 #10
Yeah, exactly. Quantess Dec 2013 #205
Relating to actual human beings in a meaningful way is like that. PassingFair Dec 2013 #33
Kodachrome... Eleanors38 Dec 2013 #201
FFS NoOneMan Dec 2013 #5
+100.5 Katashi_itto Dec 2013 #58
Well that is what I think MRA types usually are treestar Dec 2013 #74
And that's what you honestly feel is going on here on DU? NoOneMan Dec 2013 #76
Absolute Rubbish. MicaelS Dec 2013 #100
i do not believe that to be true. too often i have a good conversation, whether agreement or not is seabeyond Dec 2013 #106
Is there really such tremendous desperation out there to get laid? Sarah Ibarruri Dec 2013 #189
Sorry, Tree, my girlfriends are smoking hot, highly sexual and liberal. They are also polite, kind, grahamhgreen Dec 2013 #195
Can you describe what the difference is between competing in a feminine way vs. PassingFair Dec 2013 #355
they were summer dresses as opposed to office suits? nt seabeyond Dec 2013 #356
Ahhh...we forgot the SUNDRESSES! PassingFair Dec 2013 #360
your laugh is infectious. nt seabeyond Dec 2013 #369
Sure grahamhgreen Dec 2013 #576
Because clearly, this is a realistic example. PassingFair Dec 2013 #578
Masculinity and femininity are socially constructed ideals that should be deconstructed. Gravitycollapse Dec 2013 #417
hey... seabeyond Dec 2013 #424
I thought they were biological. grahamhgreen Dec 2013 #575
Nope. Social constructs. Gravitycollapse Dec 2013 #579
Feminist thought has a place on a liberal/Democratic message board... demmiblue Dec 2013 #2
I seek truth - don't exclude any honest, truthfull discussion FreakinDJ Dec 2013 #7
What IS MRA ideology? sibelian Dec 2013 #8
Denying that you become enraged if a woman decides not to sleep with you NoOneMan Dec 2013 #9
The hostility is just pouring out of your post. demmiblue Dec 2013 #16
Many feminists have a bizarre concept of what everyone else thinks NoOneMan Dec 2013 #18
Um, I would venture to guess that DU consists of an overwhelming majority of feminists... demmiblue Dec 2013 #27
No, not overwhelming, in that no man can be a feminist NoOneMan Dec 2013 #29
Yes, overwhelming. demmiblue Dec 2013 #39
No. NO man can be a feminist. The feminists movement entirely excludes men NoOneMan Dec 2013 #43
Please. bb is not the authority on The Feminist Movement. redqueen Dec 2013 #47
"The FACT is, most men on DU support feminist goals." NoOneMan Dec 2013 #60
A few vocal men ... 1StrongBlackMan Dec 2013 #285
So despite men here saying they support feminist goals, polly7 Dec 2013 #290
I think you misread ... 1StrongBlackMan Dec 2013 #316
"there are a few very vocal men denying rape culture, male privilege" NoOneMan Dec 2013 #318
Yes there are ... 1StrongBlackMan Dec 2013 #325
No, I'm not up to the "challenge" NoOneMan Dec 2013 #328
I did really think you were ... 1StrongBlackMan Dec 2013 #335
What issue? What side? What side do you think I am on? NoOneMan Dec 2013 #341
Okay ... 1StrongBlackMan Dec 2013 #349
Its hard to take the high road and be insulting at the same time, isn't it? NoOneMan Dec 2013 #350
Funny ... 1StrongBlackMan Dec 2013 #364
. Squinch Dec 2013 #430
I'm not!? boston bean Dec 2013 #136
You might want to explain that to the 17 people who recommended the thread. lumberjack_jeff Dec 2013 #358
Wow, 17 whole DUers agreed? Well hell, we should send a memo to the millions of other feminists redqueen Dec 2013 #370
LOL.. boston bean Dec 2013 #389
again lumberjack it was a thread of discussion, done in respect. not something to hide, seabeyond Dec 2013 #376
The belief that men can't be feminists is a legitimate viewpoint, and is obviously widely held. lumberjack_jeff Dec 2013 #466
Not clicking your link, because it is more than likely shit-stirring for the sake of shit-stirring. demmiblue Dec 2013 #48
No, its actually quite relevant NoOneMan Dec 2013 #53
Still didn't read it. demmiblue Dec 2013 #62
Don't tell me what I have by guessing. If I did the same to the HOFers, they'll jump all over my... NoOneMan Dec 2013 #67
Well, at least you admit that you are a patriarchal, authoritative ass. demmiblue Dec 2013 #81
Cheers for the sarcasm inept NoOneMan Dec 2013 #84
Go sulk in the corner and suck your thumb because I won't... demmiblue Dec 2013 #89
Funny. Puglover Dec 2013 #94
he thinks it is a gotcha moment. i actually think it is a very good conversation about seabeyond Dec 2013 #167
You should have clicked it before you said it 'more than likely shit-stirring for the sake of sabrina 1 Dec 2013 #185
YES men can be feminists. Are you from the past? Matariki Dec 2013 #69
The HOFers exclude all men as feminists. Am I to dismiss this as bullshit? NoOneMan Dec 2013 #71
What is a HOFer? And what are you talking about? Matariki Dec 2013 #75
History of Feminism NoOneMan Dec 2013 #83
Thanks for the link Matariki Dec 2013 #90
No, I am not hostile to women NoOneMan Dec 2013 #93
I didn't say you were. I said that some of your posts come off that way. Matariki Dec 2013 #121
"then I extricate myself from the conversation" NoOneMan Dec 2013 #126
when most all of your posts have to include a diss against hof, even though you did not specifically seabeyond Dec 2013 #142
+1,000,000 I tried to read the last few days "feminist" post and have come to the conclusion Drew Richards Dec 2013 #226
if you will look at the very long discussion we had in the thread, you will see a lot of respect, seabeyond Dec 2013 #105
No, they don't. kcr Dec 2013 #204
Huh? NuclearDem Dec 2013 #438
I provided a link above.... NoOneMan Dec 2013 #444
Derp, just saw that. NuclearDem Dec 2013 #446
I'm not even sure how to measure footing in the fight towards equality... NoOneMan Dec 2013 #451
It's about privilege. NuclearDem Dec 2013 #454
The self-appointed leaders on DU are doing a bang-up job NoOneMan Dec 2013 #456
quit. just quit. this is your crap. this is a discussion board. no leaders. NONE. quit that seabeyond Dec 2013 #462
Jury results! sheshe2 Dec 2013 #482
i had that sent to me in pm. one person will not be alerting on my posts for a day..... seabeyond Dec 2013 #485
we value mens voice in hof. that was a challenging thread to have seabeyond Dec 2013 #458
It's true that there are many reasons to recommend a thread. lumberjack_jeff Dec 2013 #487
Jury: Agreed that this is feminist-bashing. Having read several other posts by this person .. Coyotl Dec 2013 #95
Thnx. I qualified the statement. It was a hasty generalization. NoOneMan Dec 2013 #101
i do not believe we are nasty to people. i am sorry you feel that way and feel the need to seabeyond Dec 2013 #107
And there you go again! Coyotl Dec 2013 #323
Well, just so he knows - I'm a feminist, and so happy to be one! nt Sarah Ibarruri Dec 2013 #192
And some people have a bizarre concept of what feminists think. Coyotl Dec 2013 #98
Ya. True. I guess we could get a little clarity if we all strove towards civility and understanding NoOneMan Dec 2013 #104
The Tone Argument has nothing to do with "MRA types" redqueen Dec 2013 #116
Consider Occam's Razor. Maybe people think you are just being utterly rude and nasty NoOneMan Dec 2013 #119
I didn't make the term up. redqueen Dec 2013 #130
"that pretty much says all that needs to be said" NoOneMan Dec 2013 #138
I posted the Indian PSA, there was no insulting content. redqueen Dec 2013 #144
yes. nt seabeyond Dec 2013 #147
a PSA made in india addressing what they feel is a very real issue is "insulting"? seabeyond Dec 2013 #164
Did I reference that thread anywhere? NoOneMan Dec 2013 #312
she was specific and you dismissed. when just putting soemthing up with nothing and being called as seabeyond Dec 2013 #330
"that you were in the middle of" NoOneMan Dec 2013 #332
whatever noneman. you are throwing out accusations and we are suppose to seabeyond Dec 2013 #337
I remember once upon a time when I Soundman Dec 2013 #551
+1000 n/t TroglodyteScholar Dec 2013 #371
O, Rly? opiate69 Dec 2013 #170
Thanks for the link! Squinch Dec 2013 #440
Damn...someone just drips hostility Katashi_itto Dec 2013 #20
Interesting NoOneMan Dec 2013 #25
Really? People are noting all the threads you don't rec? cui bono Dec 2013 #28
No, it's because you're too resenful to realize and accept that women's issues are HUMAN issues whathehell Dec 2013 #160
What does a vaginal knitting thread have to do with this? Sarah Ibarruri Dec 2013 #188
On DU, MRA is apparently defined as a man not agreeing with a certain group of women. RC Dec 2013 #45
MRA is short for what? Katashi_itto Dec 2013 #55
"MRA" means "men's rights activist." RC Dec 2013 #59
Thanks! Katashi_itto Dec 2013 #64
+1000 nt rrneck Dec 2013 #127
Human rights are what Feminism is all about. It does NOT exclude men! CTyankee Dec 2013 #151
We are on DU. RC Dec 2013 #157
I believe that Feminism is much more inclusive than that. CTyankee Dec 2013 #159
Actual Feminism, yes, DU's brand, by the select group of suspects here, not so much. RC Dec 2013 #168
why must you always insult us in every single one of your posts? seabeyond Dec 2013 #173
RC, referring to people as "suspects" is never a good idea if you wish to sell your idea. CTyankee Dec 2013 #177
Are you volunteering to be one of the usual suspects? RC Dec 2013 #222
this one, a PSA from india. that 130 recommended. and many voices. is your issue. not a handful. seabeyond Dec 2013 #232
Wait, you didn't see her as a suspect before, but now you are starting to see one? boston bean Dec 2013 #248
Way to twist things around there. RC Dec 2013 #259
Oh good to know. Are you being serious, you got a list? boston bean Dec 2013 #262
Yep and I have checked it several times and haven't had to up date for quite sometime. RC Dec 2013 #266
Who are you santa clause? LOL boston bean Dec 2013 #272
For some people, yes. RC Dec 2013 #297
Ya know what, RC? I'm done. I'm good. CTyankee Dec 2013 #308
One letter shy of "NRA." Talking Points, too! One acronym, many self-packaged slurs. Eleanors38 Dec 2013 #213
Anyone gonna answer this? grahamhgreen Dec 2013 #216
sure seabeyond Dec 2013 #243
Seems pretty obvious to me. nt redqueen Dec 2013 #13
Well, it isn't to me... sibelian Dec 2013 #23
No sh*t! etherealtruth Dec 2013 #172
+1 Hong Kong Cavalier Dec 2013 #253
"Runs the gamete?" Jackpine Radical Dec 2013 #3
Second that! grahamhgreen Dec 2013 #225
Hm. sibelian Dec 2013 #6
There is no MRA group here. polly7 Dec 2013 #11
Aren't women's rights a foundation of the Democratic Party? NuclearDem Dec 2013 #12
Agreed FreakinDJ Dec 2013 #15
They're not mutually exclusive. NuclearDem Dec 2013 #19
Exactly. cui bono Dec 2013 #22
How about 25% of men in prison are Raped FreakinDJ Dec 2013 #30
It's an issue. Feel free to go start a thread about it. n/t cui bono Dec 2013 #35
As I recall, sea and I were among the first to start calling out statements redqueen Dec 2013 #41
I certainly don't paint you as a disruptor FreakinDJ Dec 2013 #51
Here, this says most of what needs to be said on these issues much better than I could Spider Jerusalem Dec 2013 #50
I think the commonality of "False Acqusations" during Divorce Proceedings FreakinDJ Dec 2013 #57
What commonality of false allegations? Spider Jerusalem Dec 2013 #86
Wow. sibelian Dec 2013 #61
That is definitely an issue Matariki Dec 2013 #82
Male rape is a result of rape culture. NuclearDem Dec 2013 #96
Jesus fucking H Christ. sibelian Dec 2013 #108
Rape culture isn't just about women gollygee Dec 2013 #114
"Rape culture" seems to be about whatever anyone says its about. sibelian Dec 2013 #158
When did I say that? NuclearDem Dec 2013 #149
No, it fucking doesn't. sibelian Dec 2013 #174
Alright, I see what you mean. NuclearDem Dec 2013 #193
how about sexual brutality? Just a thought. It might get more play across the sexes and economic Drew Richards Dec 2013 #234
Sexual brutality is the act. Rape culture is the societal attitudes and practices Squinch Dec 2013 #452
I know what *I* call it. sibelian Dec 2013 #473
Ah, I get what you're saying. NuclearDem Dec 2013 #478
I stand humbled those two defining adjectives are the best way to describe it hands down. Drew Richards Dec 2013 #491
If it's deviating from the image of men kcr Dec 2013 #492
I think that Nuclear Dem was saying that rape is about rape, and no one should be raped. Squinch Dec 2013 #450
Not only that... DisgustedCynic Dec 2013 #542
women probably started the movement on this issue. i know on du, us feminists are the ones that seabeyond Dec 2013 #109
Well to be fair, polly7 Dec 2013 #113
you would be wrong. not from the start. though, many did come on board, in time. seabeyond Dec 2013 #115
Well I'm positive you didn't read every post then, because I saw and participated in, polly7 Dec 2013 #120
ya. pretty sure it was redq and i. a new concept that had to be accepted. seabeyond Dec 2013 #123
Na ...... it was a lot more people than you and redqueen way back then, right from the start. nt. polly7 Dec 2013 #124
I only said we were among the first. redqueen Dec 2013 #133
Agreed, this issue goes back to DU 1 and 2 maddezmom Dec 2013 #122
That's exactly how I remember it. nt. polly7 Dec 2013 #125
YES! The Feminist men in my family and my life know this and they love and respect the feminist CTyankee Dec 2013 #91
How are issues important to men, liberal issues of course, being excluded? cui bono Dec 2013 #21
This message was self-deleted by its author grahamhgreen Dec 2013 #247
I have been trashcanning them and Duck Dynasty threads. n/t PowerToThePeople Dec 2013 #14
"Fringe groups"? "Democrat"? Is this thread meant to divide and conquer? cui bono Dec 2013 #17
In terms of the average voter - How do you think that "Ranks" for a vote deciding issue FreakinDJ Dec 2013 #24
What does that have to do with what I posted? Whether or not something is a voting issue does not cui bono Dec 2013 #34
Should the world revolve around sexism and women's issues FreakinDJ Dec 2013 #37
Are DUers only able to discuss one issue at a time? cui bono Dec 2013 #38
People did ask LGBT and black posters that question, often, during the primaries. redqueen Dec 2013 #42
*sigh* It's a wonder anyone actually thinks DU is a liberal board. cui bono Dec 2013 #44
Its only "Human Nature" that 1 issue be more important to you FreakinDJ Dec 2013 #72
Again you post something that has nothing at all to do with what I said. cui bono Dec 2013 #180
You hit it on the head here. "fringe" my ass. bettyellen Dec 2013 #214
+100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 BainsBane Dec 2013 #165
Your subject line is screwing up the thread view pintobean Dec 2013 #171
The "right side" you say? Eleanors38 Dec 2013 #236
This message was self-deleted by its author tammywammy Dec 2013 #386
The problem is when violence is conflated with looking at a girl who is dressed to kill. grahamhgreen Dec 2013 #217
so the way she dresses has to do with how she is treated? seabeyond Dec 2013 #252
I think this "MRA" is largely a bogeyman. Comrade Grumpy Dec 2013 #26
Me too NoOneMan Dec 2013 #31
The National Coalition for Men (ncfm.org) ranks #1,293,376 on Alexa. Comrade Grumpy Dec 2013 #46
Bwaa-ha-ha!! Drag those troglodytes into the light of day! Eleanors38 Dec 2013 #260
Wait, what?? TroglodyteScholar Dec 2013 #380
I'm sorry, I meant Morlocks... Morlocks. That's it. Eleanors38 Dec 2013 #415
... TroglodyteScholar Dec 2013 #464
It's a growing movement, and they are dangerous. redqueen Dec 2013 #56
How are they dangerous? sibelian Dec 2013 #85
The articles at the links contain a lot of information about that. nt redqueen Dec 2013 #99
OMG! 232 viewers on Reddit! Man, er, staff, the barricades! Comrade Grumpy Dec 2013 #210
Read the articles. These men are changing laws. redqueen Dec 2013 #245
Half of those 200 some-odd are probably from here, looking for "material" to be outraged about. MADem Dec 2013 #377
Well said MADem maddezmom Dec 2013 #395
are we feminists allowed to address the man we should speak femininely and wear sundresses, seabeyond Dec 2013 #443
Sure you can maddezmom Dec 2013 #447
Between the first women's right's convention and women getting the vote, there Squinch Dec 2013 #459
Sure does, but I have seen the same battles on DU for about 10 years maddezmom Dec 2013 #463
I've been on DU since 2001 kcr Dec 2013 #477
Well am I a feminist and I agree maddezmom Dec 2013 #479
I'm sorry you were treated badly by another feminist kcr Dec 2013 #481
yes. i do believe that staying silent in sexism only allows it to grow. and yes, i will seabeyond Dec 2013 #460
Sorry sea but you have called women/fellow feminists because we haven't joined in certain threads maddezmom Dec 2013 #468
i am not gonna argue or try to defend such a general statement but i can absolutely agree with the seabeyond Dec 2013 #470
So following DU's Community Standards Waiting For Everyman Dec 2013 #461
wtf.... seabeyond Dec 2013 #465
Do you think that's what she was saying? kcr Dec 2013 #474
Having trouble following the subject? Waiting For Everyman Dec 2013 #494
I'm having no trouble at all. kcr Dec 2013 #500
So you think certain feminists are exempt from Community Standards? Waiting For Everyman Dec 2013 #506
I'm not following how thinking women should be able to wear what they want kcr Dec 2013 #508
Lol! Sure. Waiting For Everyman Dec 2013 #510
I guess the idea that women should be able to dress as they please kcr Dec 2013 #512
Why Waiting For Everyman Dec 2013 #519
See my edit. n/t kcr Dec 2013 #520
Did you read the articles I linked? This isn't about "bad behavior", but about changing laws. redqueen Dec 2013 #439
Until today, I didn't realize "MRA" was not a formal organization... Eleanors38 Dec 2013 #244
It is entirely a bogeyman lumberjack_jeff Dec 2013 #361
This message was self-deleted by its author redqueen Dec 2013 #375
I don't think it's a matter of divide and conquer. mokawanis Dec 2013 #32
I think there are a few trolls up in there, having a great time. MADem Dec 2013 #36
The poll doesn't match the question asked hootinholler Dec 2013 #40
'Gender issues' are counterproductive. Vox Moi Dec 2013 #49
Disagree on equal pay JustAnotherGen Dec 2013 #161
I ended up hiding those forums liberalmuse Dec 2013 #52
I did that yesterday. Front page looks much better once again! NoOneMan Dec 2013 #73
Are the threads on LGBT issues meant to divide and conquer? BainsBane Dec 2013 #54
I don't think the OP ever mentioned the word 'Trivial' Raine1967 Dec 2013 #134
The subtext is clear BainsBane Dec 2013 #153
I've noticed that ... 1StrongBlackMan Dec 2013 #301
Did you see post #78? redqueen Dec 2013 #156
Yes, I did. and you bet there is room for interpretation. Raine1967 Dec 2013 #237
Did I SAY it was "all about women"? He's saying feminist topics should be banned from GD. redqueen Dec 2013 #250
he's also saying something else. Raine1967 Dec 2013 #261
On slow news days these threads are more common. Laelth Dec 2013 #63
I find it really unfortunate that any progressives think women's issues are 'fringe' Matariki Dec 2013 #65
Feels like a no win situation to me libodem Dec 2013 #66
Well said, libodem. polly7 Dec 2013 #79
And thus divisive libodem Dec 2013 #117
It's impossible to know who the trolls are and who the genuine posters are. liberal_at_heart Dec 2013 #128
Yes libodem Dec 2013 #140
I don't really understand the agenda either of demonizing progressives polly7 Dec 2013 #137
wouldnt it be nice that ALL agree. unfortantely that has not been the case. we see it in abortion, seabeyond Dec 2013 #148
Very good points, polly7 libodem Dec 2013 #169
No, but I find I'm able to cover everything I enjoy posting about regarding injustices polly7 Dec 2013 #279
It's not my narrative either libodem. When you look around the globe at liberal_at_heart Dec 2013 #118
Well said. rrneck Dec 2013 #139
If you disagree with some here you're just a pathetic "eager female cohort" to the men. tammywammy Dec 2013 #154
Dogs, pathetic creatures who live for the attention of men, MRA cheerleaders, polly7 Dec 2013 #162
Well, pat me on the head libodem Dec 2013 #166
It became clear a long time ago LadyHawkAZ Dec 2013 #514
Sadly I don't think there will ever be actual discussion on these topics on DU. n/t tammywammy Dec 2013 #516
Sadly, I suspect you're right n/t LadyHawkAZ Dec 2013 #517
My goodness. Thank you for your display of guts. Eleanors38 Dec 2013 #255
guts? she expressed her opinion. no one said a word. lol. it is as it should be. lmfao seabeyond Dec 2013 #258
Yes, but due to the tone of them, not the issues nadinbrzezinski Dec 2013 #68
I'm sorry, you're spouting MRA garbage. I know, cause I read it in the HOF. Comrade Grumpy Dec 2013 #135
Since I studiously avoid both groups, nadinbrzezinski Dec 2013 #294
Consensus achieved. I say keep all feminism/MRA Pretzel_Warrior Dec 2013 #70
AGREED - if they want a "Playground to sling mud in" FreakinDJ Dec 2013 #78
Every time you fix a private sandbox rrneck Dec 2013 #141
good it will keep them busy... Niceguy1 Dec 2013 #342
Sandbox! Sandbox! grahamhgreen Dec 2013 #289
Concur. (n/t) Shandris Dec 2013 #129
so, we exclude womens issues on a progressive board? that is odd. how about class issues?, racisim seabeyond Dec 2013 #150
It is exactly for this reason that I concur. Shandris Dec 2013 #175
this was the post you concured with. i do not know what i did wrong in interpretating you agreed seabeyond Dec 2013 #178
Perhaps you are thinking of 'board' in a different manner than I did... Shandris Dec 2013 #182
feminists actually think that feminist issue are issues about women. but, thank you. i may have seabeyond Dec 2013 #184
No problems, it's very easy for us to both get confused on a medium... Shandris Dec 2013 #190
conversation. i do love. really, lol. PSA from india. that would be a subject some may see seabeyond Dec 2013 #198
I would definitely not want to be the one who had to make the decision... Shandris Dec 2013 #219
lol... seabeyond Dec 2013 #249
No kidding. This is f***ing embarrassing LittleBlue Dec 2013 #132
Why? Why not allow feminism discussion in GD? NuclearDem Dec 2013 #197
No. It bothers me some use it to browbeat others over Pretzel_Warrior Dec 2013 #220
back.... and ya. some of use see the harm in giving "a woman scorned" because we understand how seabeyond Dec 2013 #257
No one told you you couldn't speak out about it! polly7 Dec 2013 #268
I do protect your right to speak out as you've seen. Pretzel_Warrior Dec 2013 #339
You do have the right to speak out, Seabeyond... NaturalHigh Dec 2013 #546
that would be a given seabeyond Dec 2013 #554
No, she was flagged because she was being alert stalked. NuclearDem Dec 2013 #283
That's not true Violet_Crumble Dec 2013 #333
People see the alerts. They don't have to know who alerts to know they're bs alerts. kcr Dec 2013 #527
I saw them and understand why each and every one was hidden.... Violet_Crumble Dec 2013 #529
I'm sorry, but I don't agree. kcr Dec 2013 #530
We'll have to agree to disagree... Violet_Crumble Dec 2013 #537
That might be part of it kcr Dec 2013 #539
Why not allow I/P or Gun Issues in GD? NoOneMan Dec 2013 #362
Good question.... Violet_Crumble Dec 2013 #531
Really Violet? Sincerely, you think feminist issues ought not be posted in GD? boston bean Dec 2013 #549
Sorry, I meant to add a clarfication to my post yesterday... Violet_Crumble Dec 2013 #596
They end up being divisive because DU is too big tent. kcr Dec 2013 #535
This is what I learned on DU NobodyHere Dec 2013 #77
I'll venture your still young FreakinDJ Dec 2013 #80
What? redqueen Dec 2013 #145
When is it OK to look at a sexy woman, and telegraph that you want her? grahamhgreen Dec 2013 #292
Staring is always rude. Whether at a woman, or anyone else. redqueen Dec 2013 #299
"hitting on people should be a rarity, that time when all the planets align." Seriously? grahamhgreen Dec 2013 #556
Seriously? Lovers already know each other, obviously, so that's completely unrelated to this issue. redqueen Dec 2013 #581
I guess it's OK if she's wearing a sundress but don't stare at any of those masculine women in suits PassingFair Dec 2013 #431
he also believes we should not creep shame. he had an op on the subject. seabeyond Dec 2013 #434
OMG I live in Hollywood, it happens everyday. I actually find it flattering. grahamhgreen Dec 2013 #557
ahhh, the shallowness of hollywood, lol. that just explains so much. nt seabeyond Dec 2013 #560
Here's a good primer. NuclearDem Dec 2013 #457
Not bad, but I have asked some women what they were listening to on their mobile device and its led grahamhgreen Dec 2013 #561
What the hell did you THINK you'd learn? PassingFair Dec 2013 #374
you are doing it again. seabeyond Dec 2013 #381
Good in theory, but sometimes there is a loneliness that only love can fill. grahamhgreen Dec 2013 #565
Why so many posts complaining of the existence of this debate? treestar Dec 2013 #87
I don't see too much "Discussing" in those threads FreakinDJ Dec 2013 #92
That's the most revealing part of all this. redqueen Dec 2013 #112
Everyone has their own "very important" issues in the party. Tierra_y_Libertad Dec 2013 #88
No one knows how it started klook Dec 2013 #97
Yes, but it's not a distraction. nt rrneck Dec 2013 #102
Like this thread? retread Dec 2013 #103
exactly. nt seabeyond Dec 2013 #111
Those threads divided and conquered DU for a few days before and during Christmas. Vashta Nerada Dec 2013 #110
feminist issues should be of interest to democrats A Little Weird Dec 2013 #131
This poll presumes that all we should be talking about here is the 2014 midterms. DanTex Dec 2013 #143
AND, gender issues are sure to be a VERY important part of the 2014 election Squinch Dec 2013 #467
I cannot imagine how to "divide and conquer" a website as fractured as DU Demeter Dec 2013 #146
This is just unfreakin believable. boston bean Dec 2013 #152
I haven't been around much... one_voice Dec 2013 #411
Because the Democratic Party should only consider issues of importance BainsBane Dec 2013 #155
See Gamete run ... GeorgeGist Dec 2013 #163
While I think they CAN be divisive ... 1StrongBlackMan Dec 2013 #176
This whole debate arises out of a mutual confusion Shankapotomus Dec 2013 #179
please point out where a single post from junior or otherwise feminist uses all men in anything. seabeyond Dec 2013 #181
The point of my post was not to find examles on DU Shankapotomus Dec 2013 #191
i am sorry. personal ownership is important to me. as is truth. the foundation of what i post. seabeyond Dec 2013 #202
It's not a personal ownership, seabeyond. Shankapotomus Dec 2013 #206
thank you. i can easily keep my eyes open to any feminist suggesting it is all men, at any time, seabeyond Dec 2013 #212
Thanks! That's it exactly, IMO. I think feminism without femininity breeds patriarchy, as it puts grahamhgreen Dec 2013 #223
Competition IS the terms of the masculine ethos Shankapotomus Dec 2013 #235
That's why radical feminists focus on patriarchy as the source. redqueen Dec 2013 #280
You don't see the reverse as true? Shankapotomus Dec 2013 #305
Biological determinism only goes so far, though. redqueen Dec 2013 #321
sorry but that is a generalization and a stereotype. liberal_at_heart Dec 2013 #238
How does femininity relate to feminism? grahamhgreen Dec 2013 #240
Some women enjoy wearing business suits. There is nothing liberal_at_heart Dec 2013 #256
Radical feminism seeks to end the ridiculous concept of "femininity". redqueen Dec 2013 #284
feminism without femininity? how a woman dresses? just eeew. nt seabeyond Dec 2013 #254
But we're the problem on DU. kcr Dec 2013 #264
yup. and dare to say eeeew, to a man that demands women be his version of feminine to be heard. seabeyond Dec 2013 #265
But we just want to divide DU kcr Dec 2013 #282
they ignore them? nt seabeyond Dec 2013 #288
Or they actually agree with them kcr Dec 2013 #291
Who is 'them' polly7 Dec 2013 #293
Who is them? kcr Dec 2013 #296
Bullshit! polly7 Dec 2013 #300
I didn't say you did. kcr Dec 2013 #304
I didn't ask you what a humanist was, and obviously you don't have a clue. polly7 Dec 2013 #307
Pardon me. You asked me what was wrong with being a humanist. kcr Dec 2013 #311
As didn't anyone else here. I guess whatever point you were thinking you made was polly7 Dec 2013 #314
i am sorry. i get i have nothing to do with any of this. but i am sorry. seabeyond Dec 2013 #336
Really? polly7 Dec 2013 #340
Eh. It's the internet kcr Dec 2013 #347
Good. Glad to see you got out that mirror. nt. polly7 Dec 2013 #378
I know. It's only the feminists who get nasty. n/t kcr Dec 2013 #382
Aw. there's that old switcheroo again! polly7 Dec 2013 #388
Or you could claim someone's making things up kcr Dec 2013 #390
Well yeah, I did just claim it. Because it's true. Your posts are STILL here. nt. polly7 Dec 2013 #393
Or, maybe, when discussing things on DU kcr Dec 2013 #399
Jeebus, calm down. polly7 Dec 2013 #403
Jeebus, calm down.... seriously? you are suggesting kcr calm down as you have reamed her thru out seabeyond Dec 2013 #410
I've 'reamed her'!!! polly7 Dec 2013 #419
yes!!!!! seabeyond Dec 2013 #425
Proud of all that are you? polly7 Dec 2013 #426
I've 'reamed her'!!! yes!!!!! you really do not get it when i say i stop reading your posts seabeyond Dec 2013 #432
Oh I don't blame you - again! (and again and again) polly7 Dec 2013 #435
But you did the very same thing, in the very beginning. kcr Dec 2013 #413
I made nothing up. polly7 Dec 2013 #420
Okay, polly kcr Dec 2013 #427
You DID ascribe things to me I didn't say, ffs. polly7 Dec 2013 #429
Nope. kcr Dec 2013 #433
You said I asked you what a humanist was. polly7 Dec 2013 #436
Talk about muddying the waters kcr Dec 2013 #441
k. So stop the nasty crap towards me, if you're now admitting this. polly7 Dec 2013 #442
Well, I'm really sorry n/t kcr Dec 2013 #445
I don't know if you're sincere or not, but I'll gladly take that, and polly7 Dec 2013 #448
Yeah, kcr! You "accused her" of asking you a question! redqueen Dec 2013 #414
Read better. nt, polly7 Dec 2013 #422
true that. and you are probably right. seabeyond Dec 2013 #295
It's a shame the way you're treated on DU, Sea kcr Dec 2013 #298
Well I certainly know of no one else who's harvested delicate, personal information polly7 Dec 2013 #303
Well, I've never known anyone who broke into a safe, stole the hope diamond kcr Dec 2013 #306
Trivializing cruelty upon another woman. polly7 Dec 2013 #310
Well, I wouldn't trivialize grand theft, either kcr Dec 2013 #313
They weren't wild accusations. polly7 Dec 2013 #315
Well kcr Dec 2013 #317
No shit! polly7 Dec 2013 #320
Yes, basically that whole conversation of your twisting words and playing gotcha kcr Dec 2013 #322
LMAO!!!!! polly7 Dec 2013 #324
And the whole point of your posting revealed. n/t kcr Dec 2013 #326
Oh, hell no! polly7 Dec 2013 #329
You asked me what was wrong with being a humanist. kcr Dec 2013 #331
Wow. polly7 Dec 2013 #334
More twisting kcr Dec 2013 #343
It may come across that way to you. polly7 Dec 2013 #345
Well, why aren't you just 'you'? kcr Dec 2013 #351
First - WHERE did I call you ugly? Was that another of your 'mistakes'? polly7 Dec 2013 #354
Many denigrate half the population? Really? kcr Dec 2013 #357
So I didn't call you ugly? polly7 Dec 2013 #359
I guess we didn't read the same HOF then. kcr Dec 2013 #363
Or you conveniently miss all the nasty bullshit when it's directed towards those polly7 Dec 2013 #365
Otherwise known as confirmation bias. opiate69 Dec 2013 #367
Exactly. polly7 Dec 2013 #368
Amazing isn't it maddezmom Dec 2013 #379
It sure is, maddezmom. polly7 Dec 2013 #383
Wow kcr Dec 2013 #263
Holy shit! Here, grab a sundress and come with us! Retreat! PassingFair Dec 2013 #408
lol lol. and CALM down. someone is gonna have to define feminine for me though. nt seabeyond Dec 2013 #412
OMG you were serious about the sundresses! PassingFair Dec 2013 #385
you did it a third time... lol. ah hahahah. got to this point i see. and the dots are connected. seabeyond Dec 2013 #394
I am in a state of bemused disbelief. Come on, girls, back to HOF!! PassingFair Dec 2013 #404
sheeeit, we have the sundresses on now, we will be safe. and... heard. hear me roar, lol. nt seabeyond Dec 2013 #416
Oh, come on. You didn't just say that, did you? Squinch Dec 2013 #476
i am gigglin'. you are making me giggle. this thread was worth every womans shock seabeyond Dec 2013 #486
I could swear I read that, but maybe I'm just dreaming that I live in crazy town. Squinch Dec 2013 #534
Apparently, yes, lol! grahamhgreen Dec 2013 #568
You know that's really loony, right? Squinch Dec 2013 #573
Please tell me you were being sarcastic. nt stevenleser Dec 2013 #504
Not a chance, and, grahamhgreen Dec 2013 #569
So, women in business meetings should be wearing sundresses because then they'll get more dates? Squinch Dec 2013 #574
ROFL, at this point, why not! grahamhgreen Dec 2013 #577
Why not? Gravitycollapse Dec 2013 #582
Wow. That's pretty ridiculous. Unless you're over 80. Which is what I am guessing. Squinch Dec 2013 #592
Because the goal of dating is quantity of dates, not quality? Gravitycollapse Dec 2013 #585
Hmmmm. I just got the phone number of a charming waitress... grahamhgreen Dec 2013 #588
Cool story bro. Gravitycollapse Dec 2013 #589
From my experience, grahamhgreen Dec 2013 #590
Oh good so anything a woman does is a sign of her interest. Gravitycollapse Dec 2013 #591
Of course not, but if caresses grahamhgreen Dec 2013 #593
I think your attempt to diversify your opinion is amusing. Gravitycollapse Dec 2013 #594
No, I love my mineshaft! In my view, women feeling compelled to wear suits to a business meeting grahamhgreen Dec 2013 #597
It's important to take your argument within context. Gravitycollapse Dec 2013 #598
Not what I'm trying to express. grahamhgreen Dec 2013 #599
Because obviously it's normal and natural and "correct" for women to wear... sundresses? MadrasT Dec 2013 #544
Yes, ladies, it is completely normal and natural for women to wear sundresses:) grahamhgreen Dec 2013 #571
Come on, then--something for everyone. The fight isn't over until men feel free to MADem Dec 2013 #548
False equivalency. boston bean Dec 2013 #242
I may have intentionally Shankapotomus Dec 2013 #246
When Republicans were obstructing progress and hurting this country kcr Dec 2013 #373
yes kcr. this is how i see it. and this is what the suggestion reminded me of. we know, seabeyond Dec 2013 #397
It's exactly what it reminds me of. kcr Dec 2013 #406
Maybe the false equivalency Shankapotomus Dec 2013 #401
See my post 406 kcr Dec 2013 #407
not one feminist has accused any du man a rapist. and not one feminsit has claimed all du men seabeyond Dec 2013 #423
Again, I wasn't addressing Shankapotomus Dec 2013 #449
i type words. plain and simple. if somebody reads something into it, i will clarify. anyone can seabeyond Dec 2013 #469
There will be other threads Shankapotomus Dec 2013 #480
i know that is NOT what you were going for. why i pause.... and will pay attention later. seabeyond Dec 2013 #484
Well no, there were a couple of threads... (TRIGGER WARNING) redqueen Dec 2013 #453
yes. seabeyond Dec 2013 #475
Oh, my Goddess libodem Dec 2013 #302
If it's any consolation Shankapotomus Dec 2013 #309
Yes libodem Dec 2013 #352
Sorry you had to encounter people like that Shankapotomus Dec 2013 #366
I'll get over it libodem Dec 2013 #372
Feminism has it's own section in topics. Shouldn't all posts be in the Feminism sarcasmo Dec 2013 #183
no discussion of womens issues in GD? AA and lbgt has its own forum. no race or gay issues seabeyond Dec 2013 #186
Let it get over run by one topic then the section becomes dominated by one topic. sarcasmo Dec 2013 #187
Why is that a bad thing? NuclearDem Dec 2013 #208
I'm not saying don't discuss them FreakinDJ Dec 2013 #196
i cannot really address that as i have started no OPs in GD. nt seabeyond Dec 2013 #203
And I'm not pointing fingers at anyone or any 1 group FreakinDJ Dec 2013 #209
i can hear you on that. what i cannot see though, a PSA that is valued, appreciated by many, seeing seabeyond Dec 2013 #215
You lost me there - What PSA ? FreakinDJ Dec 2013 #428
this is what started the last round. seabeyond Dec 2013 #437
Don't know what to think of arguing about that FreakinDJ Dec 2013 #472
Where's the option for "It's what passes for a hobby, for a group of people who dearly miss META" Warren DeMontague Dec 2013 #194
I think the people who endlessly argue back and forth and back and forth might want liberal_at_heart Dec 2013 #200
Intellectual Masturbation FreakinDJ Dec 2013 #211
"I still jerk off manually" Warren DeMontague Dec 2013 #221
OTHER - Where's the entertain and LMFAO button, HAHA! grahamhgreen Dec 2013 #199
Is there something going on? Agschmid Dec 2013 #207
Feminists got uppity again, is the short of it. nt boston bean Dec 2013 #228
What get me kcr Dec 2013 #218
Personally I like to concentrate my efforts on working with men and women liberal_at_heart Dec 2013 #224
Nothing wrong with that. kcr Dec 2013 #231
I don't think any DUer is above being told they are being obnoxious stevenleser Dec 2013 #241
Of course not. But I don't think that's what's happening. kcr Dec 2013 #251
You're kidding, right? Did you see the links I gave you? Anti-semitism is a huge issue here. stevenleser Dec 2013 #267
Where did I say it wasn't? kcr Dec 2013 #270
Now we are getting somewhere. stevenleser Dec 2013 #275
No kcr Dec 2013 #276
it was not strawman steven, it was experience. i am well aware of your argument. i know what you seabeyond Dec 2013 #287
It's a total strawman. I said one thing, you changed it to mean something else. stevenleser Dec 2013 #495
your whole post is about feminists shutting up about porn. YOU do not get to tell us feminists what seabeyond Dec 2013 #501
No, it's not. That is your strawman. You dont get to tell me what my words are after twisting them. stevenleser Dec 2013 #502
bullshit. you and i both know the difference you refer about the two waves. your fuckin porn. seabeyond Dec 2013 #507
Two of your favorite underhanded tactics in one subject line. Strawman and accusation of "my porn" stevenleser Dec 2013 #511
it is a hoot and so are you. seabeyond Dec 2013 #518
excuse me - Tuesday Afternoon Dec 2013 #521
For the record, I was not the alerter. nt stevenleser Dec 2013 #522
I didn't think you were, stevenleser. I have my suspicions as to whom it is and, it is not you. n/t Tuesday Afternoon Dec 2013 #523
Didn't mean to imply you were accusing me, just wanted that out there. nt stevenleser Dec 2013 #525
Although I have to say I agree with the alert, even if I didn't push the button myself. stevenleser Dec 2013 #526
I think she meant it as the general you not, the personal you. That is how I took it. Tuesday Afternoon Dec 2013 #528
Yep, she did as you note. She and several other folks routinely accuse people of that who stevenleser Dec 2013 #532
steven.... we have had conversation about this for a very long time. no, it is not the seabeyond Dec 2013 #538
but, you argue porn is fine and has value. so it is not an insult to you. there is nothing wrong seabeyond Dec 2013 #536
No, that is not what I argue. Are we going to set a strawman record for you in this thread? stevenleser Dec 2013 #540
omg. i brought levity to the thread with my cartoon. thanks tuesday. seabeyond Dec 2013 #524
so you, will define what we are allowed to discuss? nah. doesnt work that way steven. seabeyond Dec 2013 #271
Thank you for giving a perfect example of what I am talking about. nt stevenleser Dec 2013 #273
we already went thru the attempted purge of some feminist discussion. it failed. seabeyond Dec 2013 #277
What attempted purge of feminist discussion? nt. polly7 Dec 2013 #286
Yeah, I can't wait to see the answer to that one, since only the admins would be able to do such a stevenleser Dec 2013 #496
There won't be an answer. polly7 Dec 2013 #497
If I recall, you wanted HoF shut down. boston bean Dec 2013 #553
Glass houses give an illusion of spaciousness. lumberjack_jeff Dec 2013 #558
I'm not the one denying it ever happened. boston bean Dec 2013 #559
You started it. No you did... NaturalHigh Dec 2013 #562
Yeah, but I'm not entirely sure how that fits here. boston bean Dec 2013 #563
LOL...okay. NaturalHigh Dec 2013 #570
Sorry... it sounded as if you were criticizing someone for trying to shut down your group. lumberjack_jeff Dec 2013 #566
To me it sounded exactly as what I wrote. boston bean Dec 2013 #567
Do yourself a favor, LJ... NaturalHigh Dec 2013 #572
The wars would NOT be "never ending", because the posters would be banned immediately. PassingFair Dec 2013 #418
If you actually clicked on the links, you would see that is not true. stevenleser Dec 2013 #493
I think these are legitimate issues. I stay away from most the threads though Number23 Dec 2013 #227
I am not afraid I'm going to get raped every time I leave the house like women liberal_at_heart Dec 2013 #230
Thank you for so exquisitely making my point Number23 Dec 2013 #233
thank you for only taking a part of what I said and disregarding the rest. liberal_at_heart Dec 2013 #239
There was no argument. Your intentions may be good but that comment was exactly why Number23 Dec 2013 #269
You know nothing about me, but go on believing that you can judge the entirety of who I am based liberal_at_heart Dec 2013 #278
If you'd rather put me on ignore than check your own cultural biases, that's on you Number23 Dec 2013 #281
+1, a little self reflection goes a mile. boston bean Dec 2013 #344
I wouldn't have minded actually having a conversation about it, to be honest Number23 Dec 2013 #488
You really truly did prove the point, in this case. Gravitycollapse Dec 2013 #409
. Squinch Dec 2013 #483
It's sad that it has come to this. stevenleser Dec 2013 #229
That makes a lot of sense libodem Dec 2013 #338
Yep, Look at my #267 and the response in #271 stevenleser Dec 2013 #498
. libodem Dec 2013 #505
Yes, and for the first time in almost 10 years... Hosnon Dec 2013 #274
There is a certain group of people... one_voice Dec 2013 #319
and there is this... CTyankee Dec 2013 #327
A means by whom to divide and conquer? Iggo Dec 2013 #346
This thread shows that DU is at least finally admitting that there are MRA posters here. Squinch Dec 2013 #348
Who? polly7 Dec 2013 #353
People who do these things: NoOneMan Dec 2013 #384
Wow, that's quite the thread. nt polly7 Dec 2013 #398
Yep, a long thread about trying to characterize DUers as MRAs. stevenleser Dec 2013 #503
I'm starting to see it as similar to how Bush needed to invent terra in Iraq ... polly7 Dec 2013 #509
That is an interesting observation. It certainly is a lot of time and effort invested stevenleser Dec 2013 #513
Exactly, steven. nt polly7 Dec 2013 #515
That is not an MRA. Not even close. 10 seconds on an actual MRA website will show you that. stevenleser Dec 2013 #499
Careful, remember the threat of libel lawsuits, and PPR campaigns. redqueen Dec 2013 #387
Considering some of the sites you've linked to and the ugly crap you've introduced here polly7 Dec 2013 #391
Your posts contain so much projection, it's not even funny. nt redqueen Dec 2013 #402
No, they don't. polly7 Dec 2013 #405
Eek! Squinch Dec 2013 #392
Name one, then we'll ask him if you're right. n/t lumberjack_jeff Dec 2013 #471
You can see the divide and conquer right in this very thread. Vashta Nerada Dec 2013 #396
+1 Marr Dec 2013 #455
I find it interesting that a thread on one of these subjects was posted a couple hours after this: Vashta Nerada Dec 2013 #489
Try explaining the idiocy of idiots to the idiots themselves. Gravitycollapse Dec 2013 #400
+1000 TheBlackAdder Dec 2013 #533
over 400 replies and over 5000 views..... madrchsod Dec 2013 #421
It's not only intended to disrupt, it's inherently and entirely a strawman. lumberjack_jeff Dec 2013 #490
There is not one person on DU who self-identifies as a Republican troll. Is that evidence there are seaglass Dec 2013 #545
One can go to other websites... lumberjack_jeff Dec 2013 #555
This message was self-deleted by its author davidn3600 Dec 2013 #541
Other...since I don't think disagreeing with the HOF crowd... NaturalHigh Dec 2013 #543
I think both groups take their issues seriously - TBF Dec 2013 #547
Good post trumad Dec 2013 #550
No, I don't think there's any conspiracy. Crunchy Frog Dec 2013 #552
If one is truly a supporter of equality, evaluate each argument against the equal rights amendment. lumberjack_jeff Dec 2013 #564
How did you get it in your head that a single law... Gravitycollapse Dec 2013 #580
The authors of the ERA did it perfectly. lumberjack_jeff Dec 2013 #583
Ah but does the law mention the difference between sex and gender? Gravitycollapse Dec 2013 #584
Give me an example of a sexually discriminatory law that would pass ERA muster. n/t lumberjack_jeff Dec 2013 #586
My point this whole time has been that making the ERA... Gravitycollapse Dec 2013 #587
SIMPLE... This recent madness needs to be discussed in one or more of the gender forums. NYC_SKP Dec 2013 #595
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