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4. Hey, you got some fine balls! Yeah, why don't you jiggle those sweet balls over this way?
Mon Dec 30, 2013, 09:26 PM
Dec 2013

This is pretty damn fantastic and fairly easy to understand to anyone who isn't, as this guy says, a dick.
"I can walk down the street without hearing, "Hey! Nice Cock!" NYC_SKP Dec 2013 #1
Yeah, I didn't post it to start another fight, I posted it because maybe people will listen to a guy LeftyMom Dec 2013 #3
it's kinda funny hfojvt Dec 2013 #139
There's a big difference between teenagers saying their friend likes you and grown men shouting LeftyMom Dec 2013 #145
"Show me your p¤ssy." KitSileya Dec 2013 #147
it is not like this has not been told, repeatedly, by TOO many women. what is the need seabeyond Dec 2013 #150
I know, I know, and I should start to recognize which usernames show good faith KitSileya Dec 2013 #153
seems to me that it was post 147 hfojvt Dec 2013 #172
Your stories didn't show crimes that happened to those persons simply because they were men. KitSileya Dec 2013 #180
except the fool in the video said hfojvt Dec 2013 #215
He's very aware that there are degrees of male privilege. NuclearDem Dec 2013 #220
The situations you posed were not equivalent. Squinch Jan 2014 #283
equivalent to what? hfojvt Jan 2014 #285
Do you think that "Suzie likes you" is the same as Squinch Jan 2014 #286
no, it doesn't seem as bad hfojvt Dec 2013 #165
I didn't see any of those as attempt to tell me I was desirable. KitSileya Dec 2013 #169
yes, you might try changing your think. not about compliment. to embarrass. harass, humiliate. seabeyond Dec 2013 #176
no the old man was not complimentary hfojvt Dec 2013 #196
what that old man was doing was absolutely about a control, totally about making you uncomfortable seabeyond Dec 2013 #199
Your examples keep being universal, not gender-specific. KitSileya Dec 2013 #203
that's kinda my point - universality hfojvt Dec 2013 #221
And you completely and totally made the video's point. NuclearDem Dec 2013 #223
False equivalency. NuclearDem Dec 2013 #148
"Susan likes you" ???? gollygee Dec 2013 #158
What was that thing about good intentions... TreasonousBastard Dec 2013 #246
Eh. 75+ recs, dozens of positive responses, and half a dozen pissed off MRAs. LeftyMom Dec 2013 #265
The fact that these threads are so incendiary, especially on a liberal forum, is very telling... PoliticalPothead Dec 2013 #276
point. nt seabeyond Dec 2013 #277
+1 redqueen Jan 2014 #284
Try keeping it your pants for a change... awoke_in_2003 Dec 2013 #54
Thank you...I've been waiting about forty years to hear a man say that whathehell Dec 2013 #78
What? awoke_in_2003 Dec 2013 #85
You're surprised? whathehell Dec 2013 #88
I am surprised... awoke_in_2003 Dec 2013 #91
I'm not sure the eye roll was directed at you. NuclearDem Dec 2013 #92
You may be right... awoke_in_2003 Dec 2013 #94
"Misogyny is the last acceptable bigotry of the Left"...Katha Pollitt, The Nation whathehell Dec 2013 #108
This message was self-deleted by its author Drew Richards Dec 2013 #160
this man is kick ass excellent. thanks. nt seabeyond Dec 2013 #2
Hey, you got some fine balls! Yeah, why don't you jiggle those sweet balls over this way? racaulk Dec 2013 #4
k&r Starry Messenger Dec 2013 #5
Recommend nt Zorra Dec 2013 #6
Awesome. Thanks! smirkymonkey Dec 2013 #7
I'd like to think that this didn't need to be explained here Gormy Cuss Dec 2013 #8
Very cool. Baitball Blogger Dec 2013 #9
Dude rocks! DeSwiss Dec 2013 #10
Let me also add: Don't tell me I'm NOT a feminist BainsBane Dec 2013 #11
Jamie's incredible. Love this guy. NuclearDem Dec 2013 #12
Loved it! (nt) gtar100 Dec 2013 #13
Oh that is good, thank you. Laughing at several parts. uppityperson Dec 2013 #14
Which parts are you laughing at? whathehell Dec 2013 #90
Lol. Pretzel_Warrior Dec 2013 #15
Did you read the part about walking to the car with keys clenched as a weapon? BainsBane Dec 2013 #16
Do you disagree with what I said? Pretzel_Warrior Dec 2013 #17
Was what you said relevant to the topic? No. Gormy Cuss Dec 2013 #21
The topic was privilege Pretzel_Warrior Dec 2013 #43
even a white middle class woman will still experience sexism. is her life more privileged seabeyond Dec 2013 #46
Exactly. Barack Obama was a millionaire by 2006 Pretzel_Warrior Dec 2013 #53
still experiences racism.... check. does she still experience racism and sexism... check seabeyond Dec 2013 #57
And poor men are discriminated against due to their lack of wealth. You seem to be ok with that one. Romulox Dec 2013 #118
you bring it out of the blue and conclude i am ok. liberal!! fight for the poor!! seabeyond Dec 2013 #123
Yes, expanded it and distracted from the focus of the OP. Gormy Cuss Dec 2013 #70
You haven't answered my question BainsBane Dec 2013 #24
You have amazing powers of discernment Pretzel_Warrior Dec 2013 #51
I know what you posted this morning BainsBane Dec 2013 #77
I think he is getting antsy about his forced vay kay. Rex Dec 2013 #232
Statistics demonstrate that you are much more likely to be assaulted... Gravitycollapse Dec 2013 #75
I do now BainsBane Dec 2013 #76
Ever had someone grope you at a public concert in the park? ScreamingMeemie Dec 2013 #171
Why yes I have, just the other night. Soundman Jan 2014 #301
I'm a big guy. I can (and unintentionally do) intimidate people. FrodosPet Dec 2013 #100
Somebody was going to be too thick to get it. Congrats on being the first to admit it. LeftyMom Dec 2013 #18
Depends on your generation and the local culture and family in which you grew up. JDPriestly Dec 2013 #22
I do appreciate your response. And I would like to hear your story Pretzel_Warrior Dec 2013 #56
You are relentlessly defensive in virtually chervilant Dec 2013 #30
The funny thing is I'm not really defensive. Pretzel_Warrior Dec 2013 #58
Playing Devil's Advocate with the lived experiences of half the human race is a shitty thing to do. KitSileya Dec 2013 #105
This poster's homophobic remarks are what got him tombstoned from DU2. demmiblue Dec 2013 #106
I didn't know that. KitSileya Dec 2013 #107
And the women are called the "perpetually outraged brigade"... odd that. PeaceNikki Dec 2013 #112
Yet still treated like a sex object... awoke_in_2003 Dec 2013 #62
For the record KentuckyWoman Dec 2013 #64
Which is something that Jamie and his wife stress repeatedly on their podcast. NuclearDem Dec 2013 #68
You can have privilege in many areas and not in others Matariki Dec 2013 #79
And I understand/agree with the concept of privilege Pretzel_Warrior Dec 2013 #81
I think when it's put like "women are more likely to get catcalled than men" most will agree. El_Johns Jan 2014 #306
Lol.. whathehell Dec 2013 #86
That is called intersectionality cinnabonbon Dec 2013 #109
The problem is that this sort of approach reduces oppression to a Pokemon-card style trading system shaayecanaan Dec 2013 #194
Ugh. I get what you're saying, but that's the same crap Dawkins said. NuclearDem Dec 2013 #197
It is "ugh" precisely because it is true, I suspect... shaayecanaan Dec 2013 #208
That's the point of movements like Occupy, though. NuclearDem Dec 2013 #217
choristosexual shaayecanaan Dec 2013 #229
Yes, we will. And there's nothing wrong with that. NuclearDem Dec 2013 #231
Not at all shaayecanaan Dec 2013 #239
Got it, including new minorities and orientations is too much work for you. NuclearDem Dec 2013 #279
Right because men have to endure sex trafficking, genital mutilation, and being spouse's property Hippo_Tron Jan 2014 #287
But fourth-world men do have to endure being press-ganged into armed conflicts shaayecanaan Jan 2014 #290
Class is one of the ways to oppress people, yes cinnabonbon Jan 2014 #289
response shaayecanaan Jan 2014 #291
Hmmmm. cinnabonbon Jan 2014 #292
further response shaayecanaan Jan 2014 #293
Thanks for the response cinnabonbon Jan 2014 #294
further further response shaayecanaan Jan 2014 #296
this is like intersectionality in action. cinnabonbon Jan 2014 #299
My original post shaayecanaan Jan 2014 #300
I don't know what you mean when you say "New Left". Elaborate, please. cinnabonbon Jan 2014 #302
From wikipedia shaayecanaan Jan 2014 #304
Uh, you know hunger and obesity aren't mutually exclusive, right? NuclearDem Jan 2014 #295
Did you miss the part where he said "Don't be a dick?" RetroLounge Dec 2013 #121
lol, and that is the question. nt seabeyond Dec 2013 #124
OOoOO you stepped in it now...here it comes wait for it... Drew Richards Dec 2013 #164
This message was self-deleted by its author seabeyond Dec 2013 #178
Why do you feel the need to dismiss one kind of privilege in order to point out another Hippo_Tron Jan 2014 #288
I love this man and every man like him. sufrommich Dec 2013 #19
I'm a man. I'm not a dick. I don't hate women. I'm a feminist. Paulie Dec 2013 #20
lol. you go dude. nt seabeyond Dec 2013 #31
heeee! good one! BlancheSplanchnik Dec 2013 #39
He's pretty funny! Matariki Dec 2013 #23
Why does it matter that he's white? oberliner Dec 2013 #25
Why don't you listen to the video and let that get explained in context? LeftyMom Dec 2013 #26
Fair enough oberliner Dec 2013 #27
Why are you posting on a thread for a video you haven't watched? LeftyMom Dec 2013 #29
Was intrigued by the thread title oberliner Dec 2013 #32
Yum. flvegan Dec 2013 #28
I am a man. RC Dec 2013 #33
"So why do some around here treat me as if I am a dick" cause every post you diss us? seabeyond Dec 2013 #34
"Diss?" This poster somehow...disses (who says that anymore?) "us" with every post? flvegan Dec 2013 #52
you could always do a post search and clue yourself in, or continue on with you rant, unobstructed. seabeyond Dec 2013 #55
I'd rather wait for your answer. flvegan Dec 2013 #63
This post is not about internicine wars on DU. I think the role of women in society is important, LeftyMom Dec 2013 #36
This group I was talking about, colors the whole of DU, whether anyone thinks so or not RC Dec 2013 #37
IP? The MRA group? The gungeon? The conspiracy group? LeftyMom Dec 2013 #38
I am glad you did, too. cinnabonbon Dec 2013 #110
This message was self-deleted by its author Drew Richards Dec 2013 #159
You Rock! as always LeftyMom. Drew Richards Dec 2013 #173
Well said Pretzel_Warrior Dec 2013 #60
That poster does an excellent job of attacking a phenomenon that does not exist. LeftyMom Dec 2013 #61
Well I was attacked for nothing more than Pretzel_Warrior Dec 2013 #66
Nobody has a problem with discussing intersectional privilige. LeftyMom Dec 2013 #67
Exactly laundry_queen Dec 2013 #71
Way to perfectly prove his point. Egnever Dec 2013 #102
Being told that his post is out of place cinnabonbon Dec 2013 #111
Simply saying "Way to perfectly prove his point." does not prove anything RetroLounge Dec 2013 #122
your subject line in response to the OP was "Lol." fishwax Jan 2014 #305
Thank you. RC Dec 2013 #65
However anyone treats you BainsBane Dec 2013 #219
Win! BlancheSplanchnik Dec 2013 #35
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2013 #40
Did you even listen to that video? Asking for tolerance is being a bully? Oh. uppityperson Dec 2013 #41
And pizza in 3...2...1... NuclearDem Dec 2013 #42
Aw, can't we keep it and play with it for a while? uppityperson Dec 2013 #45
No, they keep peeing all over the damn rug. NuclearDem Dec 2013 #47
Well, there is that. uppityperson Dec 2013 #50
So, you disagree with his position? cyberswede Dec 2013 #44
Here's the deal: white dude is easy mode. LeftyMom Dec 2013 #49
Like John Scalzi said catrose Dec 2013 #59
I'm sure I'm going to be accused of being a straight white male for this... Shandris Dec 2013 #87
That's a blog about the World of Warcraft, apparently. It's not a scholarly piece. nt Romulox Dec 2013 #120
Post removed Post removed Dec 2013 #72
You know, when you get banned, that means stay away. NuclearDem Dec 2013 #73
Aren't you the one who couldn't answer why wealth shouldn't "count" when defining "easy mode"? Romulox Dec 2013 #119
No. You appear to have confused me with some other poster. LeftyMom Dec 2013 #132
i was the one that asked you why.... you concluded i did not care about poor people, seabeyond Dec 2013 #151
and the great thing about hearing that hfojvt Dec 2013 #281
OMG!! BlancheSplanchnik Dec 2013 #48
Wow. He gets it. Hell Hath No Fury Dec 2013 #69
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2013 #89
How exactly do women have an easier life? Do tell. NuclearDem Dec 2013 #93
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2013 #95
Those stereotypes and ideas are constructs of the patriarchy. NuclearDem Dec 2013 #96
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2013 #97
If you want respect, be respectible. LeftyMom Dec 2013 #98
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2013 #101
No, they're not. NuclearDem Dec 2013 #99
He is small and not handsome. He can't claim full privilege. Throd Dec 2013 #74
Oddly I thought the same thing almost immediately. Egnever Dec 2013 #103
Not odd at all, actually...When trying to refute an argument, people will check everything whathehell Dec 2013 #113
small = not man enough, (effeminate) is what I got out of the post. boston bean Dec 2013 #114
I didn't think of that but you might be right. n/t whathehell Jan 2014 #282
You're not. Throd Jan 2014 #297
I'm not WHAT? whathehell Jan 2014 #298
He comes across as a self-congratulatory jerk oberliner Dec 2013 #80
Post removed Post removed Dec 2013 #82
"gang-educated" boston bean Dec 2013 #115
Rape 'jokes' are not 'funny'. xulamaude Dec 2013 #127
Ah, a gang-rape joke. Stay classy, PW. NuclearDem Dec 2013 #126
That video from the link was from several years ago. NuclearDem Dec 2013 #83
There's an ongoing issue in secular organizations about safe space policies and excluding predators. LeftyMom Dec 2013 #84
see this AVFM link boston bean Dec 2013 #128
But DU doesn't have an MRA problem! LeftyMom Dec 2013 #129
much of it could be copied and pasted. boston bean Dec 2013 #130
Yep - chapter and verse. xulamaude Dec 2013 #143
The poster who referred to women as "cum receptacles/toilets" still posts here. demmiblue Dec 2013 #155
Bingo! NuclearDem Dec 2013 #131
The same exact tactics used to basically attack feminism. boston bean Dec 2013 #133
My mind is still blown by the numbers I discovered yesterday about violent crimes. KitSileya Dec 2013 #135
Exactly. A punch in the face, while not okay and not defensible, is not the same as a rape. NuclearDem Dec 2013 #136
Aggravated assault Major Nikon Dec 2013 #137
Yes, I know what aggravated assault is. NuclearDem Dec 2013 #138
Then why claim it was a punch in the face? Major Nikon Dec 2013 #149
I never said it couldn't be traumatizing. NuclearDem Dec 2013 #152
It's not the same because they are different crimes Major Nikon Dec 2013 #157
read this story, of this cop, that was raped. THEN come back and chat with us seabeyond Dec 2013 #162
Claiming I said there was no difference is intellectually dishonest Major Nikon Dec 2013 #175
you absolutely were comparing. it is a mans experience. and excellent story for insight and seabeyond Dec 2013 #183
You are still building your strawman Major Nikon Dec 2013 #188
raped, gang raped, tortured and murdered. are we really to the point where we are in competition seabeyond Dec 2013 #190
They absolutely should not be in competition Major Nikon Dec 2013 #193
two different animals. you want to make them comparable and really has nothing to seabeyond Dec 2013 #200
Strawman rhetoric is most certainly derailing the conversation Major Nikon Dec 2013 #204
like the kid that sticks fingers in ear, keep saying strawman, ignore what is posted, then add seabeyond Dec 2013 #209
I have no issues addressing my own assertions Major Nikon Dec 2013 #242
There are far more factors than just what the legal system says about severity. NuclearDem Dec 2013 #167
Some victims of aggravated assault are made tetraplegic or worse Major Nikon Dec 2013 #182
Some, not all. NuclearDem Dec 2013 #192
Who exactly is making those arguments on DU? Major Nikon Dec 2013 #198
who in the fuck would say "severe violent crimes like aggravated assault and homicide" is not bad. seabeyond Dec 2013 #207
I didn't bring it up Major Nikon Dec 2013 #226
dodge, weave, weave, dodge, but NEVER address what is posted to you. seabeyond Dec 2013 #228
Quote my actual statement Major Nikon Dec 2013 #245
nuclear dem did shaayecanaan Dec 2013 #241
you obviously did not read my post either, did you. the point. who is not appalled by seabeyond Dec 2013 #247
aggravated assault is just a "punch in the face", apparently shaayecanaan Dec 2013 #249
again. you totally ignored the point of my post. if you cannot even address the seabeyond Dec 2013 #257
Well, you could try punctuating it properly... shaayecanaan Dec 2013 #260
when all else fails about your argument, go to grammar. lame. seabeyond Dec 2013 #262
I was talking two categories, one a sub-category of the other. KitSileya Dec 2013 #154
I've been the victim of rape and attempted murder (separate incidents, same perpetrator) LeftyMom Dec 2013 #156
Lefty (HUGS) boston bean Dec 2013 #163
They can say whatever they want, obviously I've made it through worse. LeftyMom Dec 2013 #168
I worry, tbh, about what I share on DU. KitSileya Dec 2013 #174
I have no doubt many here are victims of both of those crimes Major Nikon Dec 2013 #166
Arguing with women who have been raped about how traumatic rape is? That's anti-woman. LeftyMom Dec 2013 #170
I'll thank you not to inject words or meanings I never stated or intended Major Nikon Dec 2013 #177
I'll thank you to show respect to women on this thread or GTFO. LeftyMom Dec 2013 #179
+1000, arguing MRA stats on a thread like this is extremely disrespectful. boston bean Dec 2013 #181
What are "MRA stats" and where were they made exactly? Major Nikon Dec 2013 #248
The stats you were twisting to try to make it seem boston bean Dec 2013 #250
The twisting of stats that were given to make it diminish boston bean Dec 2013 #251
Quotes would certainly make it more clear Major Nikon Dec 2013 #254
Were there or were there not stats mentioned at the beginning of this sub thread boston bean Dec 2013 #255
The post in which you replied was in reference to me Major Nikon Dec 2013 #259
You were using the stats and the difference between assault, rape and aggravated assault. boston bean Dec 2013 #263
I never mentioned any stats Major Nikon Dec 2013 #268
You took the classifications mentioned in the stats boston bean Dec 2013 #272
You mean the "MRA stats", right? Major Nikon Dec 2013 #274
I've explained it a bunch of times. boston bean Dec 2013 #280
I'm not being disrespectful to anyone Major Nikon Dec 2013 #184
You're disrespecting women, downplaying their experiences, and attempting to derail the discussion. LeftyMom Dec 2013 #185
I'm sorry you feel that way Major Nikon Dec 2013 #205
throwing up a strawman picture, dismissing what is being posted IS disrespectful and seabeyond Dec 2013 #186
Logical fallacies should be dismissed Major Nikon Dec 2013 #189
no. it feels like a game. i am sorry. and i am done seabeyond Dec 2013 #191
Have you considered that the laws might not have caught up to the changing views on rape? KitSileya Dec 2013 #195
If someone is making a strawman argument, they get a strawman pic Major Nikon Dec 2013 #201
That's not what NuclearDem said, tho. KitSileya Dec 2013 #206
Quotes Major Nikon Dec 2013 #213
More derailing tactics. Aggravated assault can be a punch in the face. boston bean Dec 2013 #218
You can die from a punch in the face Major Nikon Dec 2013 #224
Right so it isn't always dependent upon a weapon, it is the severity of the assault, that is key. boston bean Dec 2013 #225
So why specifically mention a punch in the face? Major Nikon Dec 2013 #243
I didn't mention a punch in the face, although that can be aggravated assault, as you now know. boston bean Dec 2013 #253
Demonstrably untrue Major Nikon Dec 2013 #256
OMG, It was in response to your insistence it was NOT aggravated assault. boston bean Dec 2013 #258
Context matters to some Major Nikon Dec 2013 #261
Context certainly does matter and any objective reading boston bean Dec 2013 #264
Post removed Post removed Dec 2013 #266
I'm irrelevant? I'll let me loved ones know. boston bean Dec 2013 #267
As much as you want to be Major Nikon Dec 2013 #269
classy. boston bean Dec 2013 #273
... Major Nikon Dec 2013 #275
Absolutely Major Nikon Dec 2013 #222
Oh, for heaven's sake. KitSileya Dec 2013 #227
I'm not pretending they are equal Major Nikon Dec 2013 #252
"not the actual experiences of actual women they're arguing with" xulamaude Dec 2013 #238
The same is true for all experience Major Nikon Dec 2013 #278
Yeah, and even though I picture aggravated assault as something more violent KitSileya Dec 2013 #140
Yeah, I just used punch in the face for rhetorical purposes. NuclearDem Dec 2013 #141
Tbh, I wasn't sure what counted as aggravated assault. KitSileya Dec 2013 #146
Why did you attempt to minimise it in that way? shaayecanaan Dec 2013 #244
Filled my BINGO card, yessah. Gormy Cuss Dec 2013 #142
It's almost verbatim. People just don't understand what it is we are dealing with here. boston bean Dec 2013 #144
they have a small little group to blame. the problem, most of the OPs are not made by the small seabeyond Dec 2013 #161
The owners of the site have the ability to understand the pattern and act to correct it. Gormy Cuss Dec 2013 #187
It really is admins issue. Or we will just have to keep beating the drum boston bean Dec 2013 #202
I think that as long as the site is adequately monitized, there will continue to be Sheldon Cooper Dec 2013 #210
And I suspect the ongoing drama/hostilities A-Schwarzenegger Dec 2013 #216
You are right. More page hits = more $, and big flame wars lead to way more page hits. Sheldon Cooper Dec 2013 #233
Helps what? Egnever Dec 2013 #104
K&R - Thanks for posting. It's too bad this needs to be posted here, but I'm myrna minx Dec 2013 #116
LOL at this being right under the Laura Dimon thread! Even that women has white male privilege! nt Romulox Dec 2013 #117
Great video. Thanks for posting it. nt DLevine Dec 2013 #125
Hey, that was good! nt valerief Dec 2013 #134
Reminds me of this Louis CK bit. AtheistCrusader Dec 2013 #211
exactly. a duh. and still it is argued thru out the thread. but, ya, i have seen this seabeyond Dec 2013 #214
i gotta say, my rw knuckledgraggin fox watching brother would say this is a duh. seabeyond Dec 2013 #212
Gosh, by now I should have realized that other thread was in response to Rex Dec 2013 #230
never mind. just saw what you were talking about. nt seabeyond Dec 2013 #234
Another thread. Rex Dec 2013 #235
ya, rex. happy new years, to you and yours... let 2014 be all seabeyond Dec 2013 #236
You too. Rex Dec 2013 #270
Of course BainsBane Dec 2013 #240
Yeah I think it is like 50/50 now GD/meta. Rex Dec 2013 #271
Exactly on point. blackspade Dec 2013 #237
92 recs for this and 134 for the anti-harassment PSA BainsBane Jan 2014 #303
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