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Gun Writer is suddenly a pariah. [View all] Warren Stupidity Jan 2014 OP
k&r... spanone Jan 2014 #1
Wiped his ass with the Constitution! pocoloco Jan 2014 #27
Um, what? eggplant Jan 2014 #117
drunk so early? spanone Jan 2014 #220
Bush eliminated the 4th amendment so why not the 2nd? nt TeamPooka Jan 2014 #258
Gun nuts lose their shit when anyone reaches for their zipper. nt onehandle Jan 2014 #2
Apropos of nothing, the other day I mistook you for oneshooter, Warren Stupidity Jan 2014 #5
Didn't see it. onehandle Jan 2014 #7
I'm waiting with bated breath truebluegreen Jan 2014 #3
I'll take that bate and double it. ananda Jan 2014 #13
go away, batin' AngryAmish Jan 2014 #20
I've always thought I'm a master Packerowner740 Jan 2014 #294
This is not a free speech issue. Jenoch Jan 2014 #254
Lord, lord, lord... truebluegreen Jan 2014 #255
Sarah Palin and her ilk don't even know what planet they're on, Ranchemp. Jan 2014 #256
Best not bate your breath for too long... that leads to fainting and other nasty stuff. 1monster Jan 2014 #276
Imagine if he was edhopper Jan 2014 #4
Wish I could recommend a million times. Everyone needs to read about this. GreenEyedLefty Jan 2014 #6
It is time to remove the Second Amendment. PowerToThePeople Jan 2014 #8
While we are at it.. sendero Jan 2014 #9
"Hope and Change" baby, hope and change.... n/t PowerToThePeople Jan 2014 #10
You might be surprised.... paleotn Jan 2014 #52
Yeah, go ahead and hang your hat on that happening. Ranchemp. Jan 2014 #60
Actually, if you look at demographics, we really should hang our hat on it, so to speak... CTyankee Jan 2014 #186
And yet. Ranchemp. Jan 2014 #190
well, that's one poll of 846 adults nationwide... CTyankee Jan 2014 #200
another Poll: Support for strict gun control drops to pre-Newtown levels Duckhunter935 Jan 2014 #202
"Only" 52%? CTyankee Jan 2014 #205
and some try and link all gun owners into the 8% Duckhunter935 Jan 2014 #208
And therein lies the problem with the pro control movement. Ranchemp. Jan 2014 #214
Yes, most people are not as wrought up on gun control as the pro movemen in this country. CTyankee Jan 2014 #227
You make a good point, Ranchemp. Jan 2014 #232
A telephone poll, maybe. Other types of scientifically done anonymous polls is a different story... CTyankee Jan 2014 #235
I agree with you. PowerToThePeople Jan 2014 #93
I admire your naivete Android3.14 Jan 2014 #134
A feel bad for your lack of a vision for a better future. n/t PowerToThePeople Jan 2014 #145
I could only support that vision... Lizzie Poppet Jan 2014 #183
True, it won't happen at all if no one envisions it treestar Jan 2014 #95
yep send it back to the states Duckhunter935 Jan 2014 #103
Well then, y'all need to get right on it, Ranchemp. Jan 2014 #105
Why would it? treestar Jan 2014 #113
Does the word "pipe dream" come to mind? Ranchemp. Jan 2014 #118
Someday it could happen. treestar Jan 2014 #128
" someone will make a start" Why not you, or are you a keyboard commando? n/t oneshooter Jan 2014 #131
I might, in spite of the attempts to make it seem hopeless. treestar Jan 2014 #152
Talk is cheap. Grt on with it, or cower away. It's your decision. n/t oneshooter Jan 2014 #156
What do you mean cower away? treestar Jan 2014 #159
Even if a repeal of the 2nd Am happend, what do you suppose that would accomplish? Lizzie Poppet Jan 2014 #144
It would make some regulation easier treestar Jan 2014 #153
Perhaps so. Lizzie Poppet Jan 2014 #160
What about state constitutions? hack89 Jan 2014 #297
Slavery was also legal for a long time in this nation. Ikonoklast Jan 2014 #138
And slavery was an abomination, unlike firearms ownership. Ranchemp. Jan 2014 #140
The comparison was that things today can change treestar Jan 2014 #157
I brought up constitutional legalities. You bring up deaths. Why is thar? Ikonoklast Jan 2014 #182
Not again! Kingofalldems Jan 2014 #187
"I am shocked." Ranchemp. Jan 2014 #193
The Third Amendment sarisataka Jan 2014 #222
You need to read this. Jenoch Jan 2014 #259
That's even worse Sgent Jan 2014 #250
How many should it be? Jenoch Jan 2014 #260
That's a different issue Sgent Jan 2014 #266
You need to read up on why The Constitution Jenoch Jan 2014 #269
I'm very familiar with history Sgent Jan 2014 #278
"...California has 65x the population of Wyoming." Jenoch Jan 2014 #279
I never said it would pass Sgent Jan 2014 #286
The point we disagree on that you think small Jenoch Jan 2014 #287
Urban areas. Jacksonville, Houston, Atlanta, SA, Dallas, Eleanors38 Jan 2014 #275
I think edhopper Jan 2014 #11
People constantly misread that, usually on purpose NutmegYankee Jan 2014 #46
So he opposed a draft as well edhopper Jan 2014 #151
Nice red herring. NutmegYankee Jan 2014 #155
Meant that as a giggle and forgot the smiley edhopper Jan 2014 #164
You made assumptions, incorrect I may add, in the other post. NutmegYankee Jan 2014 #172
I wasn't referring to you edhopper Jan 2014 #176
There has never been a single poll, pipoman Jan 2014 #12
Considering it takes 2/3 of both Houses of Congress and 3/4 of states Ranchemp. Jan 2014 #31
Actually, one more SC Justice like those who wrote Dissent in Heller will bring some sanity to Hoyt Jan 2014 #56
Yeah Hoyt, you just hang your hat on that happening. Ranchemp. Jan 2014 #58
Right wingers overturned "settled law" in Heller. Hoyt Jan 2014 #62
Uhhh, no they didn't. Ranchemp. Jan 2014 #65
McDonald v. Chicago Duckhunter935 Jan 2014 #69
That too. Ranchemp. Jan 2014 #74
"I really wish certain people would research before posting" Nuclear Unicorn Jan 2014 #161
Very true, very true. Ranchemp. Jan 2014 #165
You guys need to do research - Heller overturned precedent set in United States v. Miller, 1939. Hoyt Jan 2014 #210
As usual Hoyt, Ranchemp. Jan 2014 #216
This message was self-deleted by its author Hoyt Jan 2014 #224
Considering these rulings affect my profession, I have to keep up Ranchemp. Jan 2014 #228
Yeah sure. Do your supervisors know you are a gun promoter? Hoyt Jan 2014 #246
Post removed Post removed Jan 2014 #247
Seriously, Renchamp, I don't alert on posts here and wouldn't call your sup. I'd delete that if I Hoyt Jan 2014 #251
#1. I'm not promoting guns, Ranchemp. Jan 2014 #253
Can you link to a post Duckhunter935 Jan 2014 #248
Here is the contact number for the immediate office I work out of. Ranchemp. Jan 2014 #252
You keep talking about other people's fear and yet you remain in a constant Nuclear Unicorn Jan 2014 #290
Ha. See if you find any signs of diversity at your favorite gun store, or Guns and Ammo in OP. Hoyt Jan 2014 #292
More racist lies. Nuclear Unicorn Jan 2014 #293
Gun woo? Now there's gun woo? Packerowner740 Jan 2014 #295
The old 'emotion' thingy eh? Kingofalldems Jan 2014 #189
*sigh* Another poster thinks that rights are *granted* by the bill of rights. X_Digger Jan 2014 #59
Don't they teach civics in schools anymore? Ranchemp. Jan 2014 #61
I'm not sure that much is taught in schools today ... spin Jan 2014 #209
Uh? There is no pre-existing right to keep and bear arms. PowerToThePeople Jan 2014 #85
goes back as far as man Duckhunter935 Jan 2014 #91
facepalm PowerToThePeople Jan 2014 #94
Walk through an industrial farm's slaughter house in full production. AtheistCrusader Jan 2014 #139
Personally PowerToThePeople Jan 2014 #149
You did not provide your Thoughts on the fact Jenoch Jan 2014 #262
They need to go to PowerToThePeople Jan 2014 #264
As long as you're not asking for much... Jenoch Jan 2014 #265
You don't carry a weapon... Lost_Count Jan 2014 #274
You are wrong. PowerToThePeople Jan 2014 #280
You are adorable... Lost_Count Jan 2014 #285
Various court cases in the 18th and 19th centuries. X_Digger Jan 2014 #96
Aren't the state National Guard essentially a "well regulated militia" CanonRay Jan 2014 #115
Who supplies the weapons they use for training and when they get deployed? PowerToThePeople Jan 2014 #120
44 states also have 2A rights in their state constitutions NickB79 Jan 2014 #288
That's kinda like pintobean Jan 2014 #14
It is about journalism and politics. Warren Stupidity Jan 2014 #15
Is that what you're shoveling pintobean Jan 2014 #32
Running today in both the NYT and the Boston Globe. Warren Stupidity Jan 2014 #70
My "precious gunz"? pintobean Jan 2014 #88
The times sold the globe and never had editorial control. Warren Stupidity Jan 2014 #92
Please delete that. Union Scribe Jan 2014 #277
Not to mention, he proceeds to vote on an alert on his own thread. X_Digger Jan 2014 #282
" It is about journalism and politics." Ranchemp. Jan 2014 #36
Gun manufacturers are not the "pro 2A movement", or are they? Warren Stupidity Jan 2014 #72
They're about making a profit and satisfying their investors, stock holders, Ranchemp. Jan 2014 #77
Right, so this is primarily about corporate control of media and the squelching of dissent Warren Stupidity Jan 2014 #79
Point taken and received. Ranchemp. Jan 2014 #81
correct, forum rules Duckhunter935 Jan 2014 #18
Liberal gun club. Nt. Warren Stupidity Jan 2014 #19
Platform (2012) PowerToThePeople Jan 2014 #23
yep Duckhunter935 Jan 2014 #38
+1000. eom. Ranchemp. Jan 2014 #39
I fully support this GD host, there are many on DU who support discussions of guns in GD Bjorn Against Jan 2014 #100
you are most welcome. Warren Stupidity Jan 2014 #171
+1...nt SidDithers Jan 2014 #49
Further proof (as if it were needed)..... Paladin Jan 2014 #16
It became difficult when the anti-gun forces... krispos42 Jan 2014 #84
Great post!!!!! Ranchemp. Jan 2014 #89
Not much point in pursuing this with you. Paladin Jan 2014 #101
I'm not an extreme RWer krispos42 Jan 2014 #122
I would'nt lump Phil Robertson in there Mopar151 Jan 2014 #132
Was and is Culture War, based on the threadbare "policy" of shame. Eleanors38 Jan 2014 #106
Collateral Damage otohara Jan 2014 #231
Lets talk about "compromise". beevul Jan 2014 #289
Yeah, we're all teary-eyed about the sacrifices of the pro-gun movement. Paladin Jan 2014 #291
Its been going on since long before those you mentioned were alive. beevul Jan 2014 #299
Keep on believing I actually harbor those pretenses, if it makes you feel better. Paladin Jan 2014 #300
You may not, but your "movement" does. beevul Jan 2014 #301
Here's a link to a scan of the column, if anyone wants it: petronius Jan 2014 #17
The gun radicals are upset about that?! earthside Jan 2014 #51
I've owned firearms for over 50 years and have a carry permit. ... spin Jan 2014 #203
Yep Duckhunter935 Jan 2014 #215
I agree that 8 hours should be sufficient. (n/t) spin Jan 2014 #226
I think what may have gotten some people Jenoch Jan 2014 #263
The gun corporations are running the show.. mountain grammy Jan 2014 #21
You're right. But we are ALL idiots. Eleanors38 Jan 2014 #97
For allowing the corporate bullying! You bet we are. Time to stand up. mountain grammy Jan 2014 #102
I'll join you. And I'll keep my guns. Eleanors38 Jan 2014 #110
I agree, but at the same time, Ranchemp. Jan 2014 #114
I agree Duckhunter935 Jan 2014 #119
+1 Lizzie Poppet Jan 2014 #197
(This is worthy of a separate thread in itself.) Eleanors38 Jan 2014 #281
Perhaps...but I suspect it'd get locked in short order. Lizzie Poppet Jan 2014 #283
What was this guy thinking? He didn't know to expect that they would set their hair on fire Dustlawyer Jan 2014 #22
I think he knew exactly what would happen. Warren Stupidity Jan 2014 #24
I think you are right. Dustlawyer Jan 2014 #28
At the end of the Times GP6971 Jan 2014 #82
The Blacklist is alive and well AngryAmish Jan 2014 #25
Gun nuts have zero interest in anything that limits the ability to kill - nt Ohio Joe Jan 2014 #26
Don't take away a gundamentalist's manhood extension. It's really not fun to see them Nanjing to Seoul Jan 2014 #29
Gutter, shmutter. QuestForSense Jan 2014 #48
Wow!!! Ranchemp. Jan 2014 #53
It's from the gutter. QuestForSense Jan 2014 #180
I don't think they are talking about rational gun owners. Only the nuts. Cold Dead Hands mode. n-t Logical Jan 2014 #219
That is the problem Duckhunter935 Jan 2014 #225
I agree. I own guns and have a CC license. But know that guns cause problems.... Logical Jan 2014 #233
what is your definition of a "Gunadmentalists" Duckhunter935 Jan 2014 #55
Gundamentalists? Mopar151 Jan 2014 #146
Before I moved to the Far East, I was a firearms owner Nanjing to Seoul Jan 2014 #272
Gun culture is a mental illness. 99Forever Jan 2014 #30
. Ranchemp. Jan 2014 #33
Gun hypocrisy A Round Tuit Jan 2014 #34
I think the 2nd is the key- packman Jan 2014 #35
screw the courts then Duckhunter935 Jan 2014 #44
Post removed Post removed Jan 2014 #104
There is no requirement that you be a member of a militia. NutmegYankee Jan 2014 #66
Been there, done that... sarisataka Jan 2014 #241
did not even do that Duckhunter935 Jan 2014 #244
Gun-fuckers are idiots. Iggo Jan 2014 #37
What's a gun fucker? Ranchemp. Jan 2014 #40
no name calling Duckhunter935 Jan 2014 #45
Ooops! Ranchemp. Jan 2014 #47
it does make an Duckhunter935 Jan 2014 #50
A bit higher level then a El Shaman Jan 2014 #143
A extremely intelligent comment that really added to the discussion. ... spin Jan 2014 #237
Unfortunately, that's what happens when you cross the right/white wingers. Hoyt Jan 2014 #41
. Ranchemp. Jan 2014 #42
But what about his First Amendment "Rights"? Tom Rinaldo Jan 2014 #43
Did congress pass a law to shut him up? pintobean Jan 2014 #63
I put certain words in quotes for a reason Tom Rinaldo Jan 2014 #98
I googled and can't find any law the Congress passed Ranchemp. Jan 2014 #68
You're kidding, correct? RC Jan 2014 #73
Correct. Tom Rinaldo Jan 2014 #90
Well, in that case... RC Jan 2014 #109
Here's what really leaps out at me stuarttman63 Jan 2014 #54
"rising tide of gun violence:" Have any links? Thanx. Eleanors38 Jan 2014 #121
Yeah, ya know, screw the FBI UCR Ranchemp. Jan 2014 #125
The doctrinaire myths need constant repitition, esp. in GD. Eleanors38 Jan 2014 #175
Until Skinner finally puts his foot down, Ranchemp. Jan 2014 #178
Comparing this situation to communism is ridiculous. Jenoch Jan 2014 #267
So much for his 'freedom' of speech blackspade Jan 2014 #57
He has the right to express his opinion, Ranchemp. Jan 2014 #64
My post apparently went over your head.... blackspade Jan 2014 #71
Ok, now I get it, Ranchemp. Jan 2014 #80
So its a good thing Duckhunter935 Jan 2014 #67
And you arrived at this conclusion how? blackspade Jan 2014 #75
yep Duckhunter935 Jan 2014 #87
Sad fact is, 300 million guns wont go away even if they were all made illegal 7962 Jan 2014 #76
best to wait until there are 600 million. That will make the problem easier to deal with. Warren Stupidity Jan 2014 #86
Cats outta the bag, thats all I'm saying. 7962 Jan 2014 #129
Common sense gun laws is not equal to making 300 million guns illegal Ohio Joe Jan 2014 #148
Agreed. But advocacy of making them illegal isn't uncommon. Lizzie Poppet Jan 2014 #154
I am unaware of any serious attempt to outlaw all guns Ohio Joe Jan 2014 #163
I wasn't referring to proposed legislation, etc. (obviously) Lizzie Poppet Jan 2014 #169
There is a difference... The gun nut extremists actually block laws... Ohio Joe Jan 2014 #174
I disagree. Lizzie Poppet Jan 2014 #177
If you think anyone that asks for CCW should have one, I see where you fall Ohio Joe Jan 2014 #185
Nice strawman. Does it keep crows away from your garden? Lizzie Poppet Jan 2014 #188
I know what it means as well as how gun nuts want it to work Ohio Joe Jan 2014 #199
How can anyone have a gun if they ask Duckhunter935 Jan 2014 #206
Because what we need is more people going around with guns... Ohio Joe Jan 2014 #212
FYI on issue terminology Duckhunter935 Jan 2014 #201
Done in by freedom-loving gun gulag guardians BeyondGeography Jan 2014 #78
What's a "gun gulag guardian"? Ranchemp. Jan 2014 #83
I always love Duckhunter935 Jan 2014 #99
I await with great anticipation for the new meme. Ranchemp. Jan 2014 #111
You forget the 11th Commandment of Gun Culture: 99Forever Jan 2014 #112
And another deep thought from you. Ranchemp. Jan 2014 #123
Not "deep" at all.... 99Forever Jan 2014 #133
"Not "deep" at all...." Ranchemp. Jan 2014 #142
I begin to suspect you of being an NRA plant. Lizzie Poppet Jan 2014 #147
Now that you mention it..................................... Ranchemp. Jan 2014 #167
I suppose the death threats were something like rock Jan 2014 #107
That's sad. I was hoping it would blow over, TxDemChem Jan 2014 #108
I liked the NYT title, too, "Banished for Questioning the Gospel of Guns." deminks Jan 2014 #116
The Duck Dynasty parallels are unavoidable. Courtesy Flush Jan 2014 #124
Where is the Republican outrage over his right to free speech?...or does that only apply to ducks? world wide wally Jan 2014 #126
death threats. huh. I suppose they wanna shoot him. gun culture at its finest. KG Jan 2014 #127
Since you seem to be in charge of DU, and are now Eleanors38 Jan 2014 #130
go ahead but I will guess Duckhunter935 Jan 2014 #141
He also outs alerters in public forums, despite Skinner having a problem with that. Lizzie Poppet Jan 2014 #150
The nature of elitist politics: Operate among other elites. Eleanors38 Jan 2014 #162
He did it again in post #92 pintobean Jan 2014 #170
So you started off in this thread with a personal attack against me in post 14. Warren Stupidity Jan 2014 #179
That was a personal attack pintobean Jan 2014 #195
I have seen that in ATA, Skinner wants alerters to be not identified Duckhunter935 Jan 2014 #191
Yet the post in which WS does this very thing remains. Lizzie Poppet Jan 2014 #194
hosts != mods. Warren Stupidity Jan 2014 #158
When it comes to guns, I get the two confused. Eleanors38 Jan 2014 #166
If I may... sarisataka Jan 2014 #249
Where the discussion wanders off to does not really affect what an op is about. Warren Stupidity Jan 2014 #257
We agree in that... sarisataka Jan 2014 #268
Walt Kelly: El Shaman Jan 2014 #135
Attention Antonin Scalia!!! perdita9 Jan 2014 #136
Religious cult AlbertCat Jan 2014 #137
It sounds to me like he is beginning to see the light. CTyankee Jan 2014 #181
Gun owners need to know that they have a right to their opinion. gulliver Jan 2014 #168
unbelieveable... Deep13 Jan 2014 #173
These things happen. aikoaiko Jan 2014 #184
You mean Metcalf tried being sensible and the non-sensible gun nuts didn't like it? Vashta Nerada Jan 2014 #192
Wow. These threads really bring out the republicans, don't they? Kingofalldems Jan 2014 #196
. Ranchemp. Jan 2014 #198
I thought you weren't going to reply to me any more? Kingofalldems Jan 2014 #217
They attract you. pintobean Jan 2014 #204
Gee I hope you alerted. Kingofalldems Jan 2014 #211
Like flypaper! nt rdharma Jan 2014 #207
Care to name a few? Duckhunter935 Jan 2014 #221
Against the rules. Kingofalldems Jan 2014 #229
I would think you will be alerting Duckhunter935 Jan 2014 #239
Just an observation. Kingofalldems Jan 2014 #261
As I have said in the past: who voted with progressives in the Heller decision? CTyankee Jan 2014 #234
To the extreme gun owners, nothing can be rationally discussed. Right Wing nuts. n-t Logical Jan 2014 #213
The reverse also applies. Ranchemp. Jan 2014 #218
Do you like the NRA? n-t Logical Jan 2014 #223
Nope, Ranchemp. Jan 2014 #236
You sound rational to me. Gun Control does not work. But their motive I think is to stop people.... Logical Jan 2014 #238
MAIG, Ranchemp. Jan 2014 #240
Mayors Against Illegal Guns Duckhunter935 Jan 2014 #242
I am fine with a liberal gun group. The ones now are right wing idiots. n-t Logical Jan 2014 #243
Agreed nt Duckhunter935 Jan 2014 #245
You didn't answer the question Packerowner740 Jan 2014 #296
correct Duckhunter935 Jan 2014 #230
This message was self-deleted by its author Baitball Blogger Jan 2014 #270
I think you meant to post this in the hosts forum. Warren Stupidity Jan 2014 #271
I sure did. Baitball Blogger Jan 2014 #273
What's wrong with limits? leanforward Jan 2014 #284
Second Amendment is not an absolute right Gothmog Jan 2014 #298
kicking for oneshooter, who wants it hid Electric Monk Jan 2014 #302
:-) Warren Stupidity Jan 2014 #303
Hmmm, looks like Oneshooter has another quesiton in AtA. I wonder what that's about? Electric Monk Jan 2014 #304
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