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Fri Jan 10, 2014, 02:08 PM Jan 2014

What jokes and forms of humor would you want banned from DU? [View all]

21 votes, 2 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Fat jokes only
0 (0%)
Fat jokes, and jokes based on gender, for instance "dumb blonde" jokes would be banned too
0 (0%)
Fat Jokes, gender jokes, and jokes based on physical appearance, example "he/she is so ugly, that..."
2 (10%)
Fuck it, all forms of humor should be banned! Yea, I am that uptight! (fuming)
1 (5%)
Every joke should go through an approval process first, before being posted.
1 (5%)
Meh, I am generally ok with most forms of humor
3 (14%)
None, I have a big sense of humor!
14 (67%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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Hmm...seems to be an agenda here. Atman Jan 2014 #1
Its all very slanted. Katashi_itto Jan 2014 #20
these are the same people so very offended by discussions of sexism and white privilege... bettyellen Jan 2014 #28
it is a moderated site, with a purportedly progressive POV. why is that a problem? it ain't Reddit. bettyellen Jan 2014 #2
Perchance the Purportedly Progressive POV has been Purloined by Purple Pirates Warren DeMontague Jan 2014 #117
gosh you should spend more time surfing there, seems to be more your cup of tea. bettyellen Jan 2014 #134
I'm flattered that you seem to think you know so much about me. Warren DeMontague Jan 2014 #136
The problem is that such jokes aren't usually funny el_bryanto Jan 2014 #3
All jokes are good at du unless hidden by a jury. NCTraveler Jan 2014 #4
Holy Generality, Batman! Atman Jan 2014 #9
I know, a whole bunch of comedians, some considered comic geniuses, just found out they are flawed.. quinnox Jan 2014 #12
Many many comedians have severly flawed characters. NCTraveler Jan 2014 #15
yep, and that is perhaps one reason they are so funny quinnox Jan 2014 #25
Here is a great one for you. NCTraveler Jan 2014 #31
here is something for you - Jesus said - How can you say to your brother, quinnox Jan 2014 #38
Exactly. Understand your own flaws in finding humor in fat and other hateful jokes. NCTraveler Jan 2014 #43
All I ask is you consider those words, and think about how they might apply to yourself quinnox Jan 2014 #45
You have been absolutley schooled on your need to find humor in fat jokes. NCTraveler Jan 2014 #52
Yet what happens when we rationalize that plank in our own eyes as merely "comedy"? LanternWaste Jan 2014 #112
I am glad to know you find humor in fat jokes. NCTraveler Jan 2014 #14
Come down to Florida? I'm from Florida. Atman Jan 2014 #18
If someone is in high school or older... NCTraveler Jan 2014 #23
your blatant misogyny got you banned from the feminist group. geek tragedy Jan 2014 #33
The self-defined martyr's way of stating, "I hate the consequences of what I speak freely". LanternWaste Jan 2014 #114
The self-defined word police way of stating "I will tell you what is appropriate to say." Atman Jan 2014 #118
From Florida BainsBane Jan 2014 #129
A resort beach town Atman Jan 2014 #133
psst. geek tragedy Jan 2014 #19
You put a lot of work into that. Atman Jan 2014 #48
actually, finding it was very easy. 2 minutes of work. geek tragedy Jan 2014 #58
Note that you also ingored everything I said. Atman Jan 2014 #62
anyone can claim to be a civil rights hero in real life. geek tragedy Jan 2014 #64
Keep making shit up. Keep it up. Atman Jan 2014 #66
roll the tape. geek tragedy Jan 2014 #68
Go ahead. I've stated myself clearly. Atman Jan 2014 #72
yes, you care so much about GLBT people and women geek tragedy Jan 2014 #75
The quote you post are pretty damning...to you. Atman Jan 2014 #79
which is why every glbt person in that thread was reading you the riot act. geek tragedy Jan 2014 #81
Keep it up. Keep it up. Atman Jan 2014 #83
ah, now you're using mental illness as an insult. geek tragedy Jan 2014 #89
And I don't give you props for anything. Atman Jan 2014 #94
OMG. NARAL again BainsBane Jan 2014 #135
Can you find a single fat joke I've posted? Atman Jan 2014 #29
I can pass judgement on anyone I want. NCTraveler Jan 2014 #36
Come down to Florida, Capt. Obvious Jan 2014 #49
While yet still others may simply rationalize debasing others for amusement as... LanternWaste Jan 2014 #110
I agree. redqueen Jan 2014 #22
Of course you do. Atman Jan 2014 #51
Why don't you take this opportunity to explain how rape culture is "a HoF invention" redqueen Jan 2014 #55
Yes, in fact, I already responded to that. Atman Jan 2014 #59
You didn't reply to me. nt redqueen Jan 2014 #70
I'm sorry that you can post something as innocent as..... NCTraveler Jan 2014 #67
Well I'm glad you did. redqueen Jan 2014 #78
None, if that was good enough for George Carlin, it should be good enough for DU. 11 Bravo Jan 2014 #5
Polls like this one. Brickbat Jan 2014 #6
It's funny. A-Schwarzenegger Jan 2014 #7
"(censored), (censored) and (censored) walk into a (censored) and the (censored) says..." brooklynite Jan 2014 #8
LOL quinnox Jan 2014 #10
Alerting. I know exactly the joke you mean. (nt) Nye Bevan Jan 2014 #46
"Chickens" should still be on the table Brother Buzz Jan 2014 #11
Bigotry BainsBane Jan 2014 #13
Hmm...I'll put you down as a vote for "Fuck it, all forms of humor should be banned! Yea, I..." quinnox Jan 2014 #16
No, put me down for expecting humor BainsBane Jan 2014 #24
just for the record, I do no 'hate' fat people. Whisp Jan 2014 #65
As shocking as this may be BainsBane Jan 2014 #120
This message was self-deleted by its author BainsBane Jan 2014 #120
So you are going to quit making fun of Mitch McConnel for looking like a turtle? snooper2 Jan 2014 #93
That's gonna leave a mark! Atman Jan 2014 #95
Hope he has a tough shell! JoePhilly Jan 2014 #101
right. . .. BainsBane Jan 2014 #130
Did you actually read that thread? BainsBane Jan 2014 #119
I've only got so many minutes dedicated to finding snooper2 Jan 2014 #138
Your effort was clearly BainsBane Jan 2014 #141
Try this pintobean Jan 2014 #147
Because rape is so funny? frazzled Jan 2014 #17
*double take* quinnox Jan 2014 #21
because it's a common topic of comedy BainsBane Jan 2014 #26
From the poll's implicit suggestion that frazzled Jan 2014 #32
Only jokes about disability. In particular, intellectual disability. lumberjack_jeff Jan 2014 #27
so jokes about children getting raped is okay with you? men getting raped? good to know. bettyellen Jan 2014 #35
I find it hard to imagine a funny joke about those topics. n/t lumberjack_jeff Jan 2014 #42
you never made that a criteria. and rightfully so, because it's subjective. Bigotry is less so. bettyellen Jan 2014 #47
I suspect the word "funny" or "humorous" shows up in the definition of "joke" somewhere. n/t lumberjack_jeff Jan 2014 #53
HA. if only all jokes were as funny as this post. there are many attempts at humor that fail. bettyellen Jan 2014 #57
"Three fat lesbians walk into a sex shop..." cherokeeprogressive Jan 2014 #30
no comment quinnox Jan 2014 #54
Knock-knock jokes Spirochete Jan 2014 #34
I guess too many beachbum bob Jan 2014 #37
I bet you know some TERRIFIC Pollack jokes tkmorris Jan 2014 #50
I've got a funny one for you: Orrex Jan 2014 #139
Unfunny ones Capt. Obvious Jan 2014 #39
Last three weeks, we've had gender wars, woo wars, Vashta Nerada Jan 2014 #40
All fought by pretty much the same people, against the majority of DU. RC Jan 2014 #96
Post #27. Vashta Nerada Jan 2014 #98
Yep, that's the one. RC Jan 2014 #100
Your momma's so fat, she ate your poll! Nye Bevan Jan 2014 #41
I generally think that humor should be fine. Xyzse Jan 2014 #44
I voted 'pass' because it's not the subject of the jokes that matters, but the attitude implied LeftishBrit Jan 2014 #56
bingo -"There are good jokes that have been told about almost anything, including gender, ethnicity quinnox Jan 2014 #60
If it is, you failed utterly in attempting to make that point. redqueen Jan 2014 #82
speak for yourself quinnox Jan 2014 #88
LOL redqueen Jan 2014 #91
Failed Utterly? ProfessorGAC Jan 2014 #140
Really? Seriously? redqueen Jan 2014 #146
That's a good point. redqueen Jan 2014 #63
yep, jokes meant to entertain and enlighten are different than thinly veiled hate. nt geek tragedy Jan 2014 #76
This OP? Orsino Jan 2014 #61
I chose none, because of my sense of humor, we are all adults and Skinner has given us trash thread Autumn Jan 2014 #69
Everything should be made into a joke. No seriousness allowed. nt CJCRANE Jan 2014 #71
Some jokes are just in bad taste... cynatnite Jan 2014 #73
what about everyone favorite past time,mocking the religious leftyohiolib Jan 2014 #74
This thread was about humor, but congrats for getting my favorite pastime (it's one word) in there HERVEPA Jan 2014 #80
thanks for the english lesson while im sure youre perfect in everything you do the op leftyohiolib Jan 2014 #87
I am fat* warrprayer Jan 2014 #77
Well said. redqueen Jan 2014 #90
thanks warrprayer Jan 2014 #92
I believe in 'Freedom of Jokes'. democratisphere Jan 2014 #84
All of them. redwitch Jan 2014 #85
Things that are out of a person's control... Shandris Jan 2014 #86
I don't get it... CFLDem Jan 2014 #97
You don't get what I'm saying? Or something different? Shandris Jan 2014 #102
Hmm good point... CFLDem Jan 2014 #107
I think it's -theoretically- possible for... Shandris Jan 2014 #113
lighten up, francis. pansypoo53219 Jan 2014 #99
Ah yes, the siren call of every mean person -ever-. (n/t) Shandris Jan 2014 #103
Sirens ... hum ... mythical women of the sea, temptresses who caused men JoePhilly Jan 2014 #106
Are you making fun of the Pope ???!!!?????!!!!! kwassa Jan 2014 #123
No Limericks!!!! I hate Nantucket!! JoePhilly Jan 2014 #104
Let's just say that the jokes about him are greatly exaggerated. Initech Jan 2014 #105
That's IT! ... no jokes on DU ... but ... you can post just the punch lines! JoePhilly Jan 2014 #108
Ask and ye shall receive! Initech Jan 2014 #109
Bigotry against Massachusetts islands? kwassa Jan 2014 #122
G.D. is a serious forum for serious people discussing serious topics. lol n/t leeroysphitz Jan 2014 #111
Knock. Knock jokes. Makes light of battery against doors. And... alphafemale Jan 2014 #115
"Drunken Monkey Puppet" Jokes Warren DeMontague Jan 2014 #116
I just wanna see the schedule of our weekly war topics. Liberal Veteran Jan 2014 #124
Anyone who thinks that is a new phenomenon or that it's unique to certain people is sorely mistaken PeaceNikki Jan 2014 #127
The humorless are not amused. Comrade Grumpy Jan 2014 #125
this friggen site donco Jan 2014 #126
wait... what? FOX News is too politically correct for you? PeaceNikki Jan 2014 #128
I know, it's so damn inconvenient to stop making offensive jokes NuclearDem Jan 2014 #131
This joke here, right out. Whatever you do, do not post this joke on DU ;-) Electric Monk Jan 2014 #132
None Unrepentant Fenian Jan 2014 #137
First they came for the fat jokes... Captain Stern Jan 2014 #142
I am astounded at the vote for "None, I have a big sense of humor!" William769 Jan 2014 #143
Stupid shit that isn't funny. But, really I don't even want it banned. The First Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2014 #144
I'm sick of the PC in speech. B Calm Jan 2014 #145
Bingo (except they don't really take it differently) Captain Stern Jan 2014 #148
Straw Man Brigade are ruining GD. B Calm Jan 2014 #149
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