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Sun Jan 12, 2014, 12:19 PM Jan 2014

Steve Kornacki's theory on the Christie scandal [View all]

Bridgegate Motive: Mystery Solved

by sharman

This was the speculation on Steve Kornacki's show this morning. There is no question in my mind that he has put his finger squarely on it.

It is indeed, as the Mayor vaguely intuited, about Fort Lee's big crown jewel: The billion dollar redevelopment project at the foot of the bridge.

Some either wants a piece of that project, or wants to ratfuck it. Screw with the project's bridge access, and the project is dead.

Here are the dots that Kornacki connected:

1) The timing. Bridgegate went down just before major financing for the next phase of the project was to be secured. That financing did not get back on track til Bridgegate was called off.

2) Christie's initial dickish press conference: I'd noticed this too, but did not see the trail: Not only did Christie go out of his way to mock Fort Lee's pain, he gratuitously volunteered that the real scandal he sees--once Fort Lee and its bridge access came on his radar screen--was how the heck did that little pissant town get 3 bridge lanes. Said Christie, "That's what gets me sauced."

3) Kornacki played that clip, and this leaps out like a red flare: Christie goes on to say: "I've talked to Samson (head of the Port Authority and Christie's appointee) about (the travesty of Fort Lee having 3 lanes). I think that's something that should be looked at."

Neon lights, guys. That's absolutely what this is all about. The Samson connection is particularly telling--isn't he really juiced with major economic players? For him to control something as valuable and vital as access to the GWB, that's a gold mine.

So that is the motive. Stick a monkeywrench in the project, just in time to stall its financing. Make it clear that the Gov and his friends can take away your bridge access. Then someone gets something they want very much. Perhaps a piece of the project. Perhaps they want to kill the project, because it competes with another project.

And either way, I am sure Christie is in it up to his eyeballs.


Christie's recent press conference was a con job, an attempt to dazzle people with bullshit.

Here is the response from the press conference mentioned in the piece above:

“The fact is, I didn’t know Fort Lee got three dedicated lanes until all this stuff happened, and I think we should review that entire policy because I don’t know why Fort Lee needs three dedicated lanes to tell you the truth,” Christie said at the time. “And I didn’t even know it until this whole, you know, happening went about.”


Another quote:

CHRISTIE: I didn`t know Fort Lee got three dedicated lanes until all this stuff happened. I sat in that traffic before I was governor, the fact that one town has three lanes dedicated to it? That kind of gets me sauced.


That's a about 3:50 into the first tape posted here: http://www.democraticunderground.com/10024303805

He was "sauced."

He wasn't upset about the dangerous situation created by the lane closures, he was "sauced" that Fort Lee had "three lanes dedicated to it." (lie)

Then there are the repeated lies involving David Samson, who we now know met with Christie a week before the "time for a traffic jam" message and who threatened Patrick Foye, leading to a Christie phone call to Governor Cuomo.

Samson, who claimed he wasn't told of bridge plot, threatened Foye in email

NJ Port Authority Chief (Foye) Warned That Bridge Lane Closures Were Illegal

To quote another DUer: "Foye is sticking his neck out here, as we know from the other documents: the Christie people were seeking retaliation against him, and Christie himself later went to Cuomo to complain about Foye. This is courage."


To quote Josh Marshall: "...I do not see how that (Christie's call to Cuomo) doesn't gravely undermine the credibility of the story Christie told in his epic press conference on Thursday."

Here is John Wisniewski's statement confirming Christie's meeting with Samson.

N.J. Lawmaker: New Docs Mention Christie Meeting With Port Authority Chair

The New Jersey lawmaker who's been leading the state assembly's investigation into the scandal surrounding lane closures on the George Washington Bridge said Friday that newly released documents raise further questions about the extent to which New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's (R) administration covered up the mess.

Assemblyman John Wisniewski (D) in a statement drew particular attention to a document showing an apparent meeting between Christie and one of his top appointees at the Port of New York and New Jersey, which oversees the bridge, just days before his deputy chief of staff wrote an email to a Port Authority executive saying it was "time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee."

Read Wisniewski's full statement below:

“As with so much else we’ve discovered during this investigation, these documents raise many more questions. It’s obvious that senior members of the governor’s staff were involved in spin control once this story broke.

“Given everything we’ve seen and heard, there are two glaring questions that exist right now.

“How much of the full picture was the governor’s senior staff given regarding the development of this lane closure project? With the tight control this administration maintains, it doesn’t stretch the imagination that they were given more information than they let on. When they were preparing spin control, how could they not have been given the whole story?

“Secondly, the documents submitted by David Wildstein and his attorney are documents they deemed specifically related to the lane closures at the George Washington Bridge as per our subpoena request. Included in these documents is a reference to what appears to be a meeting between Port Authority Chairman David Samson and the governor one week before Bridget Kelly issued the order to cause ‘traffic problems’ in Fort Lee. By submitting these documents, Mr. Wildstein is telling us they are related to the lane closures in some way. The question that demands answering is how?

“These are just two of the many answers we will be seeking in the days and weeks ahead.”


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Does anyone have a link to the video of Kornacki's presentation? Bjorn Against Jan 2014 #1
Well, ProSense Jan 2014 #6
I agree that he is a petty asshole, but I still don't understand why he wanted to kill this project Bjorn Against Jan 2014 #9
Rachel's theory ProSense Jan 2014 #11
If I can find a video link to Kornacki's presentation of his theory I will watch it Bjorn Against Jan 2014 #17
Perhaps both Rachel and Kornacki are correct. kristopher Jan 2014 #36
I think the point in your OP is that Christie may be angling for a cut, maybe a lucrative contract JDPriestly Jan 2014 #98
Political points are worthless; money is the mother's milk of politics FarCenter Jan 2014 #99
Follow the money... tosh Jan 2014 #15
That is a good question and if someone could provide an answer I may find this theory more plausible Bjorn Against Jan 2014 #18
+1 I'm similarly confused & would welcome a more clear explanation of the 'theory' ... brett_jv Jan 2014 #37
The contracts related to the Hudson Lights Phase 1 were essentially done before the bridge closure onenote Jan 2014 #38
Have not refreshed my memory of Kornacki's show, tosh Jan 2014 #60
I have found no evidence that the announcement of the financing was delayed for a week onenote Jan 2014 #61
But it was miraculously cleared up just a couple of days after the strong-arm tactics. Atman Jan 2014 #67
If I understand what I just read, the idea was one of two things. (1) Threaten the project, not to tblue37 Jan 2014 #30
The project was already underway. It would have eventually proceeded. Atman Jan 2014 #54
What contracts and how? onenote Jan 2014 #56
The value of the development to potential tenants tosh Jan 2014 #62
The project as approved provides for the addition of two roads onenote Jan 2014 #63
There were two phases to the project. Phase two hadn't yet secured financing. Atman Jan 2014 #66
I never did really buy the "endorsement" thing... marions ghost Jan 2014 #83
The Koch front governorships all do this. The public be damned. Follow the money. n/t freshwest Jan 2014 #25
Just riffing here.. but, maybe because Cha Jan 2014 #8
...and, given the lack of one public official in this pic: Cooley Hurd Jan 2014 #12
Oh, yeah.. that ground breaking pic. I saw that Cha Jan 2014 #14
Maybe, but it would show a level of stupidity I just can't fathom Bjorn Against Jan 2014 #13
I hear ya.. I don't know either.. It's just all that talk Cha Jan 2014 #19
I think you are confusing two different projects. onenote Jan 2014 #41
I guess I am confused..thanks. Sounds like it's right next door then..? Cha Jan 2014 #45
I'm confused too but there may be something there chowder66 Jan 2014 #22
Here's some history on the site. onenote Jan 2014 #52
Thanks! eom chowder66 Jan 2014 #72
You might want to reconsider that. Remember the subway tunnel to NYC? kristopher Jan 2014 #40
Figure out why he killed the rail tunnel project... TreasonousBastard Jan 2014 #86
Most likely because it benefited NY real estate developers more than NJ real estate developers FarCenter Jan 2014 #87
Maybe, but I doubt it... TreasonousBastard Jan 2014 #89
The NJ Transportation Trust Fund funds intra-state projects benefiting NJ developers, etc. FarCenter Jan 2014 #90
But it's been broke for years... TreasonousBastard Jan 2014 #91
It funds NJDOT and NJT to the tune of about one and a quarter billion annually FarCenter Jan 2014 #94
Look at how many Republican governors killed high speed rail projects in their home state. There okaawhatever Jan 2014 #65
Kornacki video links below Tx4obama Jan 2014 #71
Yes, 'cause it's all about Christie's feefees.. Cha Jan 2014 #2
Between Rachel Maddow's and Steve Kornacki's theories... Cooley Hurd Jan 2014 #3
If there was a lawyer involved, (Charlie) they knew it was illegal. Baitball Blogger Jan 2014 #7
I agree -- and I posted something similar on another thread starroute Jan 2014 #24
There's also the story in LBN about Rove pushing Christie as a candidate starroute Jan 2014 #31
I think Rove is absolutely right. pangaia Jan 2014 #50
The mayor kept repeating this initiative in his interviews. boston bean Jan 2014 #4
It all comes down to patronage contracts, doesn't it? Baitball Blogger Jan 2014 #5
Winner! tosh Jan 2014 #16
Same for the $4 million marketing contract for Sandy Repair...the $2 million quote was not chosen libdem4life Jan 2014 #101
An investigation should be held to find out who got that money, because Baitball Blogger Jan 2014 #102
In this case it was a blatant decision to hire the firm, at nearly double the other firm's quote, libdem4life Jan 2014 #103
Thanks ProSense! livetohike Jan 2014 #10
Thanks. ProSense Jan 2014 #27
fantastic summary ProSense, as always. grantcart Jan 2014 #20
Thanks. n/t ProSense Jan 2014 #32
So glad you posted this! I think BOTH Maddow and Kornacki are in the right ballpark. Ninga Jan 2014 #21
Watching Up right now ColumbusLib Jan 2014 #23
LOL! Giuliani: ProSense Jan 2014 #26
Sure, kinda like Nixon Major Nikon Jan 2014 #35
Ghouliani would know a little something about cover-ups and backing the "official story". Fuck him! ChisolmTrailDem Jan 2014 #55
Good details here. another_liberal Jan 2014 #28
Possible. The 2016 Fervor (and his staff's hunger for cabinet positions was a large influence). TheBlackAdder Jan 2014 #29
Interesting and plausible. n/t ProSense Jan 2014 #33
FYI, Kornacki stated on Chris Hayes' show that he worked for Wildstein early in his career. (nt) proverbialwisdom Jan 2014 #34
Yeah, he said that on Rachel's show Cha Jan 2014 #39
Wildstein ran Politickernj ProSense Jan 2014 #47
Valuable context. Thanks! (nt) proverbialwisdom Jan 2014 #57
He's made no secret of this, and disclosed it quite a while ago. Atman Jan 2014 #68
No judgement implied but it remains noteworthy, IMO. proverbialwisdom Jan 2014 #74
3 clips dated today, Jan 12, up at Kornacki's web page NJCher Jan 2014 #42
Thanks. n/t ProSense Jan 2014 #48
Thank you everyone. oldandhappy Jan 2014 #43
Hey! New Jersey ain't Vermont after all. sulphurdunn Jan 2014 #44
Christie is an organized crime thug. Arugula Latte Jan 2014 #46
HMMM - this was buried in Maureen Dowd's mocking column yesterday - LiberalElite Jan 2014 #49
Excellent OP ProSense malaise Jan 2014 #51
Thanks. Hey: ProSense Jan 2014 #58
Bwwwwwwwwwwwwah! malaise Jan 2014 #59
He's losing this ProSense Jan 2014 #70
Without Steve and Rachel this scandal might have gone away... polichick Jan 2014 #53
Josh Marshall: Following the Money on Bridgegate ProSense Jan 2014 #64
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Kornacki's Theory Just Might Have Some Merit... Laxman Jan 2014 #78
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Jared Kushner is married to Ivanka Trump FarCenter Jan 2014 #84
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Whatever the motive, ProSense Jan 2014 #92
Message auto-removed Name removed Jan 2014 #93
Given what we know, ProSense Jan 2014 #96
NJ Dem: Development Theory Is 'Absolutely' Plausible In Bridge Scandal ProSense Jan 2014 #95
Sokolich mentioned this construction project when talking motive on Rachel's show last week..... bettyellen Jan 2014 #100
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