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136. You noticed the OP suddenly has nothing to say, huh?
Sat Feb 22, 2014, 07:57 PM
Feb 2014

This is what infuriates me about the "it's not race, it's class" crew. In addition to being astoundingly ignorant about the country's past and present, there is so much preoccupation with the Beyonces and Serena Williamses (see upthread). Because 2 or 20 or 100 black people are dazzlingly rich, racial discrimination doesn't exist or it's "not that big of a deal."

But show them some data that shows their "it's not race, it's class" spew to be the utter bunk that it is, then they suddenly lose their ability to read or respond.


The study, conducted by the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Urban Institute (a nonpartisan think tank in Washington) used a method called "pair testing." Two people — one person of color and one white person — called and then visited a real estate office to ask about an available property for rent or sale. Both of the pair testers told real estate agents that they had about the same income, assets and employment. Both testers were greeted politely and given appointments to look at properties. But whites were told about and shown more units. They were also more likely to be offered lower rent than their testing partners.

So the white couple with the same finances as the non-white couple not only got shown more units but were offered LOWER RENTS. And here's the kicker --

IF that is not WHITE PRIVILEGE then for God's sake, WHAT IS???

And this happened nationally. Not regional -- NATIONAL. Institutionalized. SYSTEMIC. Happens EVERYWHERE, not just in the South or the mid-West or wherever people have convinced themselves that The Racists live. It happens Everywhere in America.

A little-noticed study released last fall by the Pataki administration concluded that black and Hispanic people sentenced for minor felonies or misdemeanors in New York were treated more harshly than whites in similar circumstances. http://www.nytimes.com/1996/04/10/nyregion/a-racial-study-finds-differences-in-jail-sentences.html

Prison sentences of black men were nearly 20% longer than those of white men for similar crimes in recent years, an analysis by the U.S. Sentencing Commission found. http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10001424127887324432004578304463789858002

Tougher sentences for THE SAME CRIMES. The only difference is the race of the perpetrators.

Researchers say they their new study suggests a reason why African Americans are overrepresented in prison. Black defendants are more likely to be sentenced to prison than whites, on average, but the racial gap is even more pronounced among some judges, suggesting that race is influencing the decision, the study found. http://www.abajournal.com/news/article/race_matters_in_sentencing_study_finds/

This is NOT about class!!!! This is about RACE. And until that changes, discussions about white privilege are apt, are relevant and need to be had.
I will just say ... 1StrongBlackMan Feb 2014 #1
I'm not sure I follow (nt) shaayecanaan Feb 2014 #2
Very diplomatic. Warpy Feb 2014 #3
Great post. ZombieHorde Feb 2014 #6
The police hardly ever do random breath tests in Chinese suburbs... shaayecanaan Feb 2014 #10
i would say it's more due to numbers of drunk driving related traffic accidents in the area JI7 Feb 2014 #12
Bingo... shaayecanaan Feb 2014 #18
bad analogy , if a chinese person was in an area they were testing for drunk drivers JI7 Feb 2014 #22
no, because they assume white people have more money Gormy Cuss Feb 2014 #128
This would be Chinese priviledge: A police officer witnesses driving that is consistent with okaawhatever Feb 2014 #19
Arab privilege? shaayecanaan Feb 2014 #24
you don't seem to understand the concept and are arguing republican talking points JI7 Feb 2014 #25
I don't think that you ever understood the concept... shaayecanaan Feb 2014 #91
dlc has nothing to do with white privilege, the history of this country goes back hudreds of years JI7 Feb 2014 #96
The NBA situation wouldn't necessarily be considered tall privilege because height is a factor in okaawhatever Feb 2014 #27
Lone Star Gas wanted employees that were at least six feet tall. Downwinder Feb 2014 #45
*****BINGO!!!***** uponit7771 Feb 2014 #50
Why do you think the Chinese hardly drink? nt okaawhatever Feb 2014 #20
I've known quite a few prodigious Chinese drinkers Warpy Feb 2014 #29
One time... CSStrowbridge Feb 2014 #15
But another time Token Republican Feb 2014 #58
And then you and your friends showered sufrommich Feb 2014 #60
Yup Token Republican Feb 2014 #69
"not being on welfare was completely outside the sufrommich Feb 2014 #72
I think that was their point, that that sort of racism was shocking and not ok. uppityperson Feb 2014 #74
Yes, thank you Token Republican Feb 2014 #78
The white foster kid would have been handed the same set of options Gormy Cuss Feb 2014 #129
What proportion of the US ruling class originally made their family fortunes directly or indirectly El_Johns Feb 2014 #104
Guess you were lucky. Separation Feb 2014 #171
I always love the part about African governments being corrupt malaise Feb 2014 #31
Don't forget who they learned it from malaise! JustAnotherGen Feb 2014 #36
And neo-colonialism is worse malaise Feb 2014 #38
I think you know JustAnotherGen Feb 2014 #43
You know the really sad truth is that there are lots of decent human beings in many of the malaise Feb 2014 #49
Thank you for this post. nt redqueen Feb 2014 #63
Subtle. n/t defacto7 Feb 2014 #8
I think the poorest county in the US is in South Dakota progressoid Feb 2014 #4
4 of the 5 poorest are in SD Bluenorthwest Feb 2014 #46
The US government considers you white. Heidi Feb 2014 #5
Very charitable of them (nt) shaayecanaan Feb 2014 #7
I see what you did there..... VanillaRhapsody Feb 2014 #9
Well it's true JustAnotherGen Feb 2014 #37
It does not matter how our Government defines white or any other race as wocaonimabi Feb 2014 #35
Very insightful Thank you for putting this together. gtar100 Feb 2014 #11
More so than that... shaayecanaan Feb 2014 #16
I appreciate your thorough academic approach. defacto7 Feb 2014 #13
"We're different" shaayecanaan Feb 2014 #21
Have you spent time JustAnotherGen Feb 2014 #39
Thank you for sharing your experience and family history with us. It's very moving. myrna minx Feb 2014 #52
I swear I haven't been able to find it in the archives yet, but... Blue_Tires Feb 2014 #163
I'd love to see that JustAnotherGen Feb 2014 #172
Found it...Not quite the same as I remembered it Blue_Tires Feb 2014 #173
It's the way of thinking JustAnotherGen Feb 2014 #174
You know, I remember that post. M0rpheus Feb 2014 #175
You seem to think I disagree with your statement defacto7 Feb 2014 #122
Excellent post. Racism is indeed different in different cultures ... kwassa Feb 2014 #157
There is NOTHING "academic" about the OP's analysis... Blue_Tires Feb 2014 #162
Was I too subtle? defacto7 Feb 2014 #164
You have no idea what you are talking about trublu992 Feb 2014 #14
Those who have the money control the institutions (nt) shaayecanaan Feb 2014 #17
so indian americans are controlling the institutions ? JI7 Feb 2014 #30
the ruling class controls the institutions (nt) shaayecanaan Feb 2014 #32
in your op you mentioned that indian americans make the most money JI7 Feb 2014 #33
I was not asserting that the ruling class consists entirely shaayecanaan Feb 2014 #79
what is absurd is you claiming no racism and then in the thread excusing racism JI7 Feb 2014 #97
I would note hfojvt Feb 2014 #62
exactly, WHY do certain groups tendto have more than others, it ignores this question JI7 Feb 2014 #23
Exactly! The Indian American reasoning is job and credit extended to them uponit7771 Feb 2014 #51
Climate, largely... shaayecanaan Feb 2014 #83
Oh boy. geardaddy Feb 2014 #201
Thank you. I said pretty much the same thing down thread. Number23 Feb 2014 #93
your arguments are pretty much "how can there be global warming, it's cold and snowing" JI7 Feb 2014 #26
As someone who grew up in America... BaronChocula Feb 2014 #28
People think Blacks are sneaky... shaayecanaan Feb 2014 #81
You say that your family made its vast fortune in the gem trade in Africa. Out of curiosity, Tanuki Feb 2014 #34
All fair questions JustAnotherGen Feb 2014 #42
Very fair question for 'something of a Marxist' wealthy from trading stones in Africa Bluenorthwest Feb 2014 #48
+1 redqueen Feb 2014 #65
Exactly, could you even imagine a marxist growing up in a wealthy family. hughee99 Feb 2014 #73
would a marxist excuse racism and use "they have more money" as justification for discrimination ? JI7 Feb 2014 #98
Would a ruling class flunky wrongly accuse people of racism? shaayecanaan Feb 2014 #101
you have excused it and made lame comparisons to tall basketball players, chinese who don't drink JI7 Feb 2014 #102
To be honest, I probably would walk the tall comment back if I could... shaayecanaan Feb 2014 #110
*the term* "white privilege" doesn't destroy class consciousness, but *white privilege* does fishwax Feb 2014 #40
It didnt matter... shaayecanaan Feb 2014 #82
Of course it mattered. African Americans were systematically excluded from much of labor's gains fishwax Feb 2014 #135
You don't like the term "White Privilege" WestIndianArchie Feb 2014 #41
Maybe you should start reading this shaayecanaan Feb 2014 #100
Just because you do not like the term does not mean it does not exist. Tuesday Afternoon Feb 2014 #44
Of course white privilege exists and every attempt sufrommich Feb 2014 #47
Dishonest title, it is not that you dislike the term, it is that you deny the thing exists. Bluenorthwest Feb 2014 #53
White privilege is actually a very accurate description of the situation it describes. Squinch Feb 2014 #54
OK so let's see gollygee Feb 2014 #55
I think that's it in a nutshell. sufrommich Feb 2014 #56
+1 redqueen Feb 2014 #67
Complete bullshit... shaayecanaan Feb 2014 #86
I actually have LESS privilege than whites as a well off black man. I STILL have to answer to the... uponit7771 Feb 2014 #185
Spot on. geardaddy Feb 2014 #202
There's a problem with your post... 1awake Feb 2014 #57
Apparently I am a racist shaayecanaan Feb 2014 #99
Here's the best personal example I can think of to sum up "white privilege". Spider Jerusalem Feb 2014 #59
It's ALWAYS been about class warfare. Le Taz Hot Feb 2014 #61
Largely agree - TBF Feb 2014 #66
I agree that we can walk and chew gum at the same time. Le Taz Hot Feb 2014 #68
I can't argue with that - TBF Feb 2014 #71
Great post Boom Sound 416 Feb 2014 #64
Using misguided terms like "white privilege" is foolish. gulliver Feb 2014 #70
"White privilege" is not a "sneaky" term. It quite openly states what it is saying. Squinch Feb 2014 #77
In a word Boom Sound 416 Feb 2014 #149
I think a lot of people don't get the Marxism. kjones Feb 2014 #75
Thank you shaayecanaan Feb 2014 #80
Well, that's probably a little much. kjones Feb 2014 #85
"Marxism is all about the class, material conditions and production" Starry Messenger Feb 2014 #166
Maybe it's not stated right. kjones Feb 2014 #168
"Writings on the U.S. Civil War" Starry Messenger Feb 2014 #170
None of them really seem to discuss racism itself. kjones Feb 2014 #176
"Labor in the white skin can never free itself as long as labor in the black skin is branded. Starry Messenger Feb 2014 #191
I experience White Privilege because I look white. Iggo Feb 2014 #76
Maybe this guy says it better shaayecanaan Feb 2014 #84
Thanks for that. westerebus Feb 2014 #90
Of course there's white privilege steve2470 Feb 2014 #87
I am not denying that racism exists... shaayecanaan Feb 2014 #88
Caucasians founded the USA steve2470 Feb 2014 #89
LOL- the circular reasoning bit in order to deny reality. you have out the cart - "material bettyellen Feb 2014 #94
"Barack Obama, for example, did not come from the same social class as "traditional" African America Number23 Feb 2014 #92
I'm not sure why you posted this response, to be honest... shaayecanaan Feb 2014 #95
In the history of America when talking about white privilege, it's race not class. bravenak Feb 2014 #103
and it's often non wealthy whites who support these things JI7 Feb 2014 #105
It's wealthy whites who are pushing, demagoging and enacting them. El_Johns Feb 2014 #107
yes, like koch brothers, but they get support from whites including many who aren't wealthy JI7 Feb 2014 #108
They do, from some, but poorer people are more liable to 1) vote less and 2) vote democratic than El_Johns Feb 2014 #112
the top would then include middle class people who often vote for 1 percent over 99 JI7 Feb 2014 #114
Yes. that's my point. The political base for racist dogwhistles is not "white trash," it's the El_Johns Feb 2014 #117
And poor whites that support them and vote in those candidates to office who will do things bravenak Feb 2014 #111
Not the case. El_Johns Feb 2014 #116
Of course they do. bravenak Feb 2014 #109
Yes, those damn Republicans and their appeal to class struggle shaayecanaan Feb 2014 #137
they appeal to their racism , this is why it was after civil rights that many turned against social JI7 Feb 2014 #138
That's my girl... Number23 Feb 2014 #115
It's the same damn rec list everytime! bravenak Feb 2014 #121
I'm just going to laugh, and move on. Me too. I find myself doing that more and more these days Tuesday Afternoon Feb 2014 #124
I'm over it. bravenak Feb 2014 #133
+10000 JustAnotherGen Feb 2014 #179
So in other words... shaayecanaan Feb 2014 #118
Yep. bravenak Feb 2014 #119
You do realise shaayecanaan Feb 2014 #120
Why should the black woman give up her bently for social change? bravenak Feb 2014 #123
Short answer: because she has far more money than she could ever possibly need... shaayecanaan Feb 2014 #130
How much money do I make? bravenak Feb 2014 #132
Us wealthy non-whites call that the "passenger mentality"... shaayecanaan Feb 2014 #140
you are posting a lot of racist shit JI7 Feb 2014 #142
Post removed Post removed Feb 2014 #145
hmmmm.... El_Johns Feb 2014 #148
Slave narratives are a set of writings from the WPA. bravenak Feb 2014 #152
Thank you JustAnotherGen Feb 2014 #180
you do realize upper income blacks are regularly stopped by police and seen as suspicious at stores JI7 Feb 2014 #125
(a) what an interesting example and (b) you seem completely unaware of spooky3 Feb 2014 #155
lol You're "not sure" why I posted a response saying I "wasn't sure" why you posted this nonsensical Number23 Feb 2014 #106
+1 bravenak Feb 2014 #113
+1000 NOLALady Feb 2014 #134
You noticed the OP suddenly has nothing to say, huh? Number23 Feb 2014 #136
THIS!!! And thank you. I cannot believe this got 27 recs. Sounds like Limbaugh or O Keefe Lite. bettyellen Feb 2014 #141
it is, i wonder if people actually read it , i guess people just saw him claim to be a marxist JI7 Feb 2014 #143
I think it'ss knee jerk agreement with a dislike of the term- they'd be embarrassed if they read on bettyellen Feb 2014 #151
I made largely the same post about a week ago... shaayecanaan Feb 2014 #144
people have posted actual facts and numbers that there is racism and you want to deny it JI7 Feb 2014 #147
That post has nothing to do with mine. And certainly nothing to do with your naive Number23 Feb 2014 #153
I dropped the rope on this thread yesterday JustAnotherGen Feb 2014 #178
Thanks Number23 Feb 2014 #186
Two days later JustAnotherGen Feb 2014 #199
Oh good grief. Number23 Feb 2014 #204
+1, and pls see my post #155 spooky3 Feb 2014 #156
Awesome response. geardaddy Feb 2014 #203
a very interesting perspective. But I do think the African-American experience is somewhat different Douglas Carpenter Feb 2014 #126
That may be true. AverageJoe90 Feb 2014 #160
Thank you for such an in depth post about Pretzel_Warrior Feb 2014 #127
As you can see from the responses ... Bok_Tukalo Feb 2014 #131
Yeah... shaayecanaan Feb 2014 #150
Wow. Absolutely astonishing how proudly clueless you are Number23 Feb 2014 #154
+1000 JustAnotherGen Feb 2014 #181
You just proved my point. bravenak Feb 2014 #184
Good post Harmony Blue Feb 2014 #139
I think a lot of bourgeois liberals misunderstand that term... shaayecanaan Feb 2014 #146
Not so sure about "elitism", to be honest. AverageJoe90 Feb 2014 #159
A very interesting perspective here. AverageJoe90 Feb 2014 #158
Two comments ... 1StrongBlackMan Feb 2014 #187
Two responses. AverageJoe90 Feb 2014 #188
"Used to believe" ... 1StrongBlackMan Feb 2014 #189
..... AverageJoe90 Feb 2014 #190
So ... 1StrongBlackMan Feb 2014 #192
Not all racism is systemic, though. AverageJoe90 Feb 2014 #194
There is no such animal as "Interpersonal racism" ... 1StrongBlackMan Feb 2014 #195
A few decent points, but you're kind of all over the place... Blue_Tires Feb 2014 #161
Be careful Blue JustAnotherGen Feb 2014 #169
Confused about white privilege? Chakab Feb 2014 #165
What a hot mess. Starry Messenger Feb 2014 #167
The OP's last paragraph doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Obama didn't grow up with his father catbyte Feb 2014 #177
Thank you thank you thank you JustAnotherGen Feb 2014 #182
Thank you, JAG. My mom lived through Jim Crow laws in northern Michigan when she was catbyte Feb 2014 #183
i'm having a hard time respecting this post Quayblue Feb 2014 #193
Your insight into the racial politics of America is highly flawed. kwassa Feb 2014 #196
Access to highly paid JustAnotherGen Feb 2014 #197
I'd be interested to hear you expand on the "very different reasons" whites and blacks are poor. nt Romulox Feb 2014 #200
I think there is a possible difference here between the USA and other countries LeftishBrit Feb 2014 #198
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