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are you doing a "legal" tour? Kali Mar 2014 #1
i sooooo gotta do that. so. maybe i would be the only but the DOORman, who continually holds seabeyond Mar 2014 #8
Sadly Colorado Springs has no dispenciaries BainsBane Mar 2014 #40
Actually, Colorado Springs has several dispensaries. mountain grammy Mar 2014 #42
Ya. We are checking it out over wonderful foods. seabeyond Mar 2014 #44
Ha mountain we are now checking it out. May be on a run here. Yee haw.... Nt seabeyond Mar 2014 #45
Evidently not recreational dispensaries BainsBane Mar 2014 #46
cause it is oh so important we make a stance, lol lol. you know. that ole liberal support. nt seabeyond Mar 2014 #47
and anyway, i hear manitou is all that in artsy. how fun is that. nt seabeyond Mar 2014 #48
Oh bummer, that's right. Only about 20 in the whole state. mountain grammy Mar 2014 #49
Most awesome blueamy66 Mar 2014 #2
it is grand. bee u tee ful here. i can so see me living here. and the gals are the blast. nt seabeyond Mar 2014 #10
Have you ever really, you know, THOUGHT about doors? Brickbat Mar 2014 #3
da doors! BainsBane Mar 2014 #4
The Doors - The End Whisp Mar 2014 #7
cool.... bah hahahah. lmFao. you are funny. nt seabeyond Mar 2014 #15
Da doors, da doorzzz... Bah ha haaaaa. Nt seabeyond Mar 2014 #11
Colorado Springs is beautiful this time of the year. William769 Mar 2014 #5
Are you kidding. Had a bit of snow flurry yesterday... Brrrr. Nt seabeyond Mar 2014 #14
beautiful pic JI7 Mar 2014 #6
the best j17. the best. seabeyond Mar 2014 #18
What? You went without me?! riderinthestorm Mar 2014 #9
I know, you would be a blast. I have got to do this more. Too much fun. Nt seabeyond Mar 2014 #17
Is that UCCS?? kentuck Mar 2014 #12
we are right here baby...... nt seabeyond Mar 2014 #20
Ah, that explains niyad's OP. NuclearDem Mar 2014 #13
lol lol lol, really????? connection dso damn slow. cant be following. seabeyond Mar 2014 #21
Did my invitation get lost in the mail? sufrommich Mar 2014 #16
I want you here and I want you here NOW... Lol. Too much. So. seabeyond Mar 2014 #22
At first glance, I thought it was a loaf of bread. seabeyond Mar 2014 #23
I only just now got this... cyberswede Mar 2014 #53
I hope you guys are having a great time! hrmjustin Mar 2014 #24
a blast justin. a toast to you. nt seabeyond Mar 2014 #28
Thanks! hrmjustin Mar 2014 #29
Oh, that is GREAT! Have some fun for all of us who can't be there but wish we could! Squinch Mar 2014 #25
a toast to you.... seabeyond Mar 2014 #31
And to you and all those with you! Squinch Mar 2014 #35
four toasts to you! BainsBane Mar 2014 #96
. Squinch Mar 2014 #99
I Am SOooooooo Jealous !!! WillyT Mar 2014 #26
Willyttttttttt. There with you. Nt seabeyond Mar 2014 #32
I'll just say high to you TomClash Mar 2014 #27
Highhhhhhhh, lol seabeyond Mar 2014 #33
Rocky Mountain High takes on a new meaning Jack Rabbit Mar 2014 #30
So. Ah ha. We have been hav g a blast with that. seabeyond Mar 2014 #34
Missing Colorado right now JAbuchan08 Mar 2014 #36
I dunno. The DOORman gave me an address. Not feeling like the legal I was expecting seabeyond Mar 2014 #39
Looks like you might be in a high altitude. Rex Mar 2014 #37
so high... seabeyond Mar 2014 #52
I hope you all are enjoying your Rocky Mountain High trip! Rex Mar 2014 #55
I'm comin' later!!! DeSwiss Mar 2014 #38
good for you. love this country.... nt seabeyond Mar 2014 #57
chicago mopinko Mar 2014 #41
do it. it is so worth it. really. recommend to all. nt seabeyond Mar 2014 #59
the only time the chicago peeps get together is for out of towners. mopinko Mar 2014 #92
Have fun in the Springs.. mountain grammy Mar 2014 #43
grand lake is looking wonderful. i have been to este park and lake city. seabeyond Mar 2014 #61
Grand Lake is norht of Lake City and north of I70 mountain grammy Mar 2014 #94
By next year Washington should be the in place! pnwmom Mar 2014 #50
washington state? i am there. nt seabeyond Mar 2014 #60
Hey, visit Lafayette in Boulder county! Laffy Kat Mar 2014 #51
there we are talking beautiful country. personally..... seabeyond Mar 2014 #56
Yep. Not without our rednecks, but Boulder county is esp. progressive! Laffy Kat Mar 2014 #87
I will and I will... Nt seabeyond Mar 2014 #89
Ooh, sounds like fun! TDale313 Mar 2014 #54
it is. i recommend to all. and thank you. nt seabeyond Mar 2014 #58
Be careful! Those pot heads are dangerous! rdharma Mar 2014 #62
ya. we are all that bad. lol. nt seabeyond Mar 2014 #66
Check out the Independent. rdharma Mar 2014 #63
the hot looking lesbian with dimple held the door open for us. we didnt need no man... nt seabeyond Mar 2014 #69
So, what you're saying, progressoid Mar 2014 #64
you want I should kick some giggling ass, seabeyond? Skittles Mar 2014 #65
we had a drink for you and you didnt show.... nt seabeyond Mar 2014 #68
bah ha..... nt seabeyond Mar 2014 #72
Wow, that sounds like fun, sea! R B Garr Mar 2014 #67
DOORS and BREAD Tuesday Afternoon Mar 2014 #70
so fuggin' funny.... i am telling you. i have two young door guys, just all over it and an older seabeyond Mar 2014 #73
well, don't let the Bread loaf either ... and take it easy on those Doors Tuesday Afternoon Mar 2014 #76
love the song. bread? loaf of bread? wtf? ya, that. tumlin' dickweed whatever seabeyond Mar 2014 #78
don't I know it. I would love to be there with you all. Tuesday Afternoon Mar 2014 #79
too funny. didnt know wtf the fuck anyone was talking about then the doors... the loaf... nt seabeyond Mar 2014 #80
you all whoop it up. raise a little hell for me and plan big on how Tuesday Afternoon Mar 2014 #81
lorena baguette seabeyond Mar 2014 #82
"Lorena Baguette" Warren DeMontague Mar 2014 #91
it was a collective effort BainsBane Mar 2014 #98
Well then pass that bad boy around, as it were Warren DeMontague Mar 2014 #102
On our way now. BainsBane Mar 2014 #104
AWESOME. Warren DeMontague Mar 2014 #106
Started hearing this song from my back seat. What is the odds.... Love you dude. Nt seabeyond Mar 2014 #108
:) Warren DeMontague Mar 2014 #113
I'm trying to figure out which is worse BainsBane Mar 2014 #119
If you're not seeing integrity and consistency of message Warren DeMontague Mar 2014 #120
OKay BainsBane Mar 2014 #128
What's not friendly? Certainly, my intent in this thread is to express my hope you guys have fun. Warren DeMontague Mar 2014 #129
Good point about mild feather-ruffling. Bonobo Mar 2014 #130
Yeah, I almost did something with a door that said "lounge" on it, but coming from me it would Warren DeMontague Mar 2014 #131
That's exactly the thought process I had. Bonobo Mar 2014 #132
You mean without going ballistic BainsBane Mar 2014 #133
Huh? Bonobo Mar 2014 #134
Of course I can take it. BainsBane Mar 2014 #135
Yeah, the words we put out there provide the most definitive record, don't they. Warren DeMontague Mar 2014 #136
Mocking my concerns about racism and sexism BainsBane Mar 2014 #137
omg. hysterical !! Tuesday Afternoon Mar 2014 #93
OMG!!!! Kali Mar 2014 #107
cant get the pictures from my phone to du. will have to be facebook. nt seabeyond Mar 2014 #74
see ya on FB. Tuesday Afternoon Mar 2014 #77
This message was self-deleted by its author seabeyond Mar 2014 #75
LOL! ismnotwasm Mar 2014 #83
what? lol? da doors? nothing to lorena baguette. i hear. nt seabeyond Mar 2014 #85
Lorena Baguette said she had to deal with a real batard pinboy3niner Mar 2014 #88
LmFao. Da door and da baguettes seem to be connected. Me? I am clueless. Nt seabeyond Mar 2014 #90
New DU username: seadoublebeyond pinboy3niner Mar 2014 #84
the people are so HAPPY here. i dunno... may just stick... nt seabeyond Mar 2014 #86
Colorado ranks high in happiness surveys mountain grammy Mar 2014 #95
I moved away about a year ago..... biggest mistake I ever made. rdharma Mar 2014 #103
Next time ya all need to visit the blue pocket of the state, Boulder county. CrispyQ Mar 2014 #97
Allow me... MineralMan Mar 2014 #100
The night becomes the day seveneyes Mar 2014 #101
Bah haaaaa. Luvs it. Nt seabeyond Mar 2014 #110
Best rhread eveeer JustAnotherGen Mar 2014 #105
You guys are so Fuggin' easy, lol. Nt seabeyond Mar 2014 #111
Sssshhhhh - don't tell my husband JustAnotherGen Mar 2014 #114
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! redqueen Mar 2014 #109
Ahhhh, woman. Nt seabeyond Mar 2014 #112
k&r n/t JTFrog Mar 2014 #115
Woman, what a joy you are. seabeyond Mar 2014 #116
Enjoy! JTFrog Mar 2014 #117
Legal marijuana is very cool BainsBane Mar 2014 #118
It chills people the fuck out. A good idea! Bonobo Mar 2014 #121
Mountain--->No Mountain--->Mountain Warren DeMontague Mar 2014 #122
I am smiling so much right now! Bonobo Mar 2014 #123
It's probably the barium milkshake I had this morning. Warren DeMontague Mar 2014 #124
"Feel so GOOD". Bonobo Mar 2014 #125
Ooooh you do NOT want to go there Warren DeMontague Mar 2014 #126
Life may be sweeter for this, I don't know Warren DeMontague Mar 2014 #127
I'm so confused! Texasgal Mar 2014 #138
well, woman. i did not know that you were in austin. i am thinking another road trip may be in seabeyond Mar 2014 #139
UT is an amazing school! Texasgal Mar 2014 #140
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