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Thu Apr 3, 2014, 01:50 PM Apr 2014

What will the "revolution" look like when people have had enough? [View all]

More and more Americans are experiencing the effects of inequality as they work harder and longer, have less leisure time, opportunities and resources, and see a future that offers their children worsening climate crises accompanied by financial insecurity and scarcity.

The pot is boiling, and things like the latest SC ruling and recent U.N. climate change findings only turn up the heat.

As a citizen who has always believed that voting is a responsibility, I am horrified by the condition of our democracy and the direction of our nation. As someone who put in thousands of hours as a Dem activist from the first Earth Day until the election of 2012, I retain a glimmer of hope that a populist movement will arise within the party and set the nation back on course. But it's really as a student of social-cultural history that I find DU most interesting and worthwhile.

The posters I enjoy the most are the ones inclined to pull back and look at the big picture, to see beyond the parties and look at American culture and society at a place in history. I wonder how they imagine the "revolution" - or, rather, the beginnings of the revolution, since what happens next depends on those early days.

So, just for fun, how do you see it? (Please post other ideas too.)

32 votes, 3 passes | Time left: Unlimited
The revolution began with Occupy Wall Street and continues.
2 (6%)
The revolution began with the 2008 Obama campaign and continues.
0 (0%)
The revolution began with the Tea Party and continues.
0 (0%)
A populist movement will arise within the Democratic Party.
3 (9%)
A populist movement will arise outside the Democratic Party.
1 (3%)
There will be no revolution - the U.S. will be plundered 'til there's nothing left.
21 (66%)
There will be violence from the right, targeting fellow citizens.
4 (13%)
There will be violence from the right, targeting the powers-that-be.
0 (0%)
There will be violence from the left, targeting fellow citizens.
0 (0%)
There will be violence from the left, targeting the powers-that-be.
1 (3%)
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If you are over 40, it's not happening in our lifetime 1000words Apr 2014 #1
A few years ago, I would've agreed with you. Marr Apr 2014 #13
"It'll be over before the the powers that be have decided on their talking points." polichick Apr 2014 #17
If people are smart it won't involve social media TBF Apr 2014 #142
I'm not convinced the "revolution" will involve a physical crowd... polichick Apr 2014 #144
Right - not that it wouldn't involve technology TBF Apr 2014 #152
"Anonymous has been successful"... polichick Apr 2014 #153
Ever study American history? BainsBane Apr 2014 #34
I have, actually. Marr Apr 2014 #43
That is because we had a strong socialist presence TBF Apr 2014 #154
I could see it, if the "revolution" is a global one. 1000words Apr 2014 #44
"the biggest legacy of Occupy: an emerging technically-savvy global resistance." polichick Apr 2014 #64
I see it as a continuation of the "unfinished acheivements and ideals" of the 60's & 70's KoKo Apr 2014 #193
Yeah, "unfinished" is a good way to put it... polichick Apr 2014 #198
I tend to agree their press is not as corrupted as the US Ichingcarpenter Apr 2014 #121
I see it as Global, also. Already the austerity imposed by IMF is affecting KoKo Apr 2014 #194
Unfortunately, since there is no mass, organized working-class political movement in the US... YoungDemCA Apr 2014 #2
I imagine something like the riots during the sixties and early seventies. upaloopa Apr 2014 #3
Or maybe the suburbs. RoverSuswade Apr 2014 #6
'set the nation back on course' - what course? leftstreet Apr 2014 #4
Good point. Maybe we could at least live up to our Constitution. polichick Apr 2014 #8
You forgot the "Who cares? Dancing With the Stars is on." option. Glassunion Apr 2014 #5
That one might fit under #6. Brigid Apr 2014 #84
I'm afraid that at this point - a right-wing revolution is more probable than a left-wing revolution Douglas Carpenter Apr 2014 #7
"Viva la revolution! Dance! Dance, you fools!" randome Apr 2014 #9
It would look a lot like the Tea Party as far as sufrommich Apr 2014 #10
I agree theboss Apr 2014 #18
People will just watch more TV mindwalker_i Apr 2014 #11
Until the power is cut? Until someone (burglars?) come for the TV? polichick Apr 2014 #19
Max Headroom CrispyQ Apr 2014 #40
Yup, that's about right mindwalker_i Apr 2014 #41
Never saw this but what an idea! polichick Apr 2014 #54
Yeah. The main character, Edison Carter, frequently throws a blanket over his. CrispyQ Apr 2014 #76
I loved Max Headroom. Blue_In_AK Apr 2014 #61
While Occupy is the obvious answer nadinbrzezinski Apr 2014 #12
Glad you mentioned "forty years ago" - I have always felt that... polichick Apr 2014 #20
You and I my friend share something with people like Waterman (H2O) nadinbrzezinski Apr 2014 #24
For What It's Worth... polichick Apr 2014 #29
LOL llmart Apr 2014 #169
The best ever! :) polichick Apr 2014 #176
Yes, it was a déjà vu! n/t RKP5637 Apr 2014 #109
Have you seen the photos of all the Demonstrations in the past years... KoKo Apr 2014 #199
Totally with you on this... polichick Apr 2014 #202
Doing genealogy I remember reading about the Bacon revolution and thinking we needed someone jwirr Apr 2014 #49
Things are building, and there is a feeling of both nadinbrzezinski Apr 2014 #55
People will be held to inaction. Xyzse Apr 2014 #14
illustrated n2doc Apr 2014 #15
Perfect! 1000words Apr 2014 #42
Too true, unfortunately. Raksha Apr 2014 #53
Perfect illustration nt abelenkpe Apr 2014 #70
I'm 90 percent certain that if there is ever a violent revolution, it will come from the right theboss Apr 2014 #16
Interesting results so far, but B2G Apr 2014 #21
Misplaced anger I guess - manipulated into going after scapegoats? polichick Apr 2014 #22
Well, A) no one is going to attack theboss Apr 2014 #23
If they see their position threatened, they'll react violently (nt) Jeff In Milwaukee Apr 2014 #27
The vast majority of the right AREN'T doing the plundering. Lizzie Poppet Apr 2014 #57
Same reason they did it in Spain, Italy, Germany... Ikonoklast Apr 2014 #94
Come the Revolution, MineralMan Apr 2014 #25
And it's...it's so...beautiful! randome Apr 2014 #106
Some of this....Some of that Jeff In Milwaukee Apr 2014 #26
Not happening Calista241 Apr 2014 #28
The military could have a big say. moondust Apr 2014 #30
The U.S. military is not like that of other, small countries. Nor is it of one mind. randome Apr 2014 #33
that rings true to me marions ghost Apr 2014 #39
That's why I say: Screw the revolution! Let's dance! randome Apr 2014 #60
Not a great response marions ghost Apr 2014 #63
The Republicans are the iceberg approaching America. randome Apr 2014 #86
Being a student of history... Javaman Apr 2014 #31
"I most fear the post-rev years" - me too... polichick Apr 2014 #36
+++ 1,000 +++ n/t RKP5637 Apr 2014 #115
Despite what we do pipi_k Apr 2014 #32
Seems like we're talking about two concepts of revolution marions ghost Apr 2014 #35
True - two very different approaches/concepts... polichick Apr 2014 #38
Exactly! "The middle & lower class Left and Right--have a lot more in common with RKP5637 Apr 2014 #110
The Division Machinery marions ghost Apr 2014 #125
A combo of these two options. CrispyQ Apr 2014 #37
"TPTB will laugh at the teabaggers as they take their anger & frustrations... polichick Apr 2014 #48
We will continue to decline in power and go broke trying to retain it. Tierra_y_Libertad Apr 2014 #45
Yes, there is a lot to be said for this! We continue to stretch this nation financially, RKP5637 Apr 2014 #113
TPTB really, truly, don't want us to believe that vital change is coming, or even possible. AverageJoe90 Apr 2014 #46
I like your optimism marions ghost Apr 2014 #66
Thanks. I don't take anything for granted, either. AverageJoe90 Apr 2014 #90
Most rigid political power trips fail marions ghost Apr 2014 #93
Other: there will be no revolution, and life will go on. N.T. Donald Ian Rankin Apr 2014 #47
^^winner^^ Puzzledtraveller Apr 2014 #135
None of the above MO_Moderate Apr 2014 #50
It will not be till there is a food shortage that there will be a revolution. dilby Apr 2014 #51
And mass migrations due to the food shortage! polichick Apr 2014 #52
ding, ding, ding, ding, part of the answer nadinbrzezinski Apr 2014 #58
If food gets much more expensive there is going to be a food shortage in this RKP5637 Apr 2014 #114
People will stop participating in our corrupt economy, build lives outside it Corruption Inc Apr 2014 #56
"build lives outside it" - I see this beginning to happen... polichick Apr 2014 #59
How is it even possible.... PopeOxycontinI Apr 2014 #120
A couple of things I've seen with twentysomethings I know: polichick Apr 2014 #131
investment in art is largely a wealthy person thing, and young people have always built support JI7 Apr 2014 #165
Investing in art is a good idea for anyone... polichick Apr 2014 #170
as i said, art investment is for the wealthy classes JI7 Apr 2014 #172
WE did that TOO..in early 70's ...(craft groups..not buying Crap..giving our kids REAL Imaginative KoKo Apr 2014 #203
Me too Caretha Apr 2014 #137
This is really interesting - and cool that they are teaching others... polichick Apr 2014 #155
If that happens on a large scale marions ghost Apr 2014 #62
We are in a revolution UglyGreed Apr 2014 #65
But isn't that right-wing "revolution" a reaction to the beginnings... polichick Apr 2014 #67
Yes!!! UglyGreed Apr 2014 #73
Oh and UglyGreed Apr 2014 #75
I'm trying to hold onto a bit of hope. polichick Apr 2014 #79
I understand UglyGreed Apr 2014 #82
So I marions ghost Apr 2014 #74
I used UglyGreed Apr 2014 #81
OK I get that marions ghost Apr 2014 #88
there isn't going to be any reovlution, even the people who talk about it only go so far as internet JI7 Apr 2014 #68
Occupy Wall Street is more. The militias training... polichick Apr 2014 #71
no, none of those things have resulted in a revolution JI7 Apr 2014 #72
I meant more than an internet thing, as you suggested. polichick Apr 2014 #77
yes,but those are not cases of revolutions happening JI7 Apr 2014 #78
Not really, most people are going to work every day, playing with their kids snooper2 Apr 2014 #141
Most people are working more for less... polichick Apr 2014 #146
LOL. Revolution? In the age of Instagram, Flappy Bird, Candy Crush, and selfies? Nye Bevan Apr 2014 #69
Not in the traditional sense, no. AverageJoe90 Apr 2014 #98
You got that right Nye Puzzledtraveller Apr 2014 #136
Francis will Lead the REVOLUTION! YOU PEOPLE DON'T KNOW WHAT IS COMING! snooper2 Apr 2014 #143
WOW. I retract my previous statement. Sign me up! (nt) Nye Bevan Apr 2014 #145
Unfortunately, the folks with the wrong view might come out on top. Hoyt Apr 2014 #80
They will certainly try, anyhow. AverageJoe90 Apr 2014 #102
I rather reluctantly chose #6. Brigid Apr 2014 #83
90% voter turnout with left leaners voting 100% Dem. gulliver Apr 2014 #85
There is already a revolution BlindTiresias Apr 2014 #87
I don't doubt it marions ghost Apr 2014 #89
Well not Hoppe's ideology specifically BlindTiresias Apr 2014 #95
Well, more like a faux "revolution". AverageJoe90 Apr 2014 #92
Are you sure? BlindTiresias Apr 2014 #96
"The myth of historical progression makes us feel good, but it is still a myth." Not at all. AverageJoe90 Apr 2014 #97
Minor social issues in the grand scheme of things BlindTiresias Apr 2014 #99
Again, I understand that things may temporarily seem hopeless. AverageJoe90 Apr 2014 #100
Like I said: let's dance. randome Apr 2014 #104
Great pic! polichick Apr 2014 #105
What would your participation be in MineralMan Apr 2014 #91
I am curious as to why you asked that question. Bonobo Apr 2014 #191
Curiosity led to my asking that question. MineralMan Apr 2014 #192
I have NO idea why some people glorify this "revolution" VanillaRhapsody Apr 2014 #101
Talking about possibilities = "glorifying" to you? polichick Apr 2014 #103
talking about spilling blood is not a part of your "fantasy" revolution? VanillaRhapsody Apr 2014 #129
lol - I don't have a fantasy revolution. Something's going to happen... polichick Apr 2014 #132
OH YES you do... VanillaRhapsody Apr 2014 #139
+1 treestar Apr 2014 #124
Revolutions don't need to be bloody at all marions ghost Apr 2014 #126
but they MOSTLY ARE bloody.....check your history! VanillaRhapsody Apr 2014 #140
I'm talking about non-violent revolution marions ghost Apr 2014 #156
then you are fantasizing..... VanillaRhapsody Apr 2014 #159
I think marions ghost Apr 2014 #161
I think no matter WHAT THEY DO....if WE Vote WE WIN! VanillaRhapsody Apr 2014 #166
And if we win, do we fix what they did? marions ghost Apr 2014 #177
Do you suggest we don't? VanillaRhapsody Apr 2014 #179
We have lost ground marions ghost Apr 2014 #183
Not according to Bernie Sanders we haven't VanillaRhapsody Apr 2014 #184
Some progress is certainly better than none marions ghost Apr 2014 #185
We have one advantage on our side...shear numbers.... VanillaRhapsody Apr 2014 #186
Yes --that is our strength marions ghost Apr 2014 #187
We just need to stop beating our own candidates to a pulp..... VanillaRhapsody Apr 2014 #188
Lo info voters marions ghost Apr 2014 #189
No...they are the mushy middle...they don't pay attention until the end and they are VanillaRhapsody Apr 2014 #190
With the build up of DHS, the militarization of local police, the cross RKP5637 Apr 2014 #107
Good point about the technology "doers" - that's the critical piece, the part... polichick Apr 2014 #134
We need to go around a number of these traditional institutions. They are in RKP5637 Apr 2014 #148
"There needs to be a movement to connect people together... polichick Apr 2014 #150
You mean those Libertarian "tech types" VanillaRhapsody Apr 2014 #178
One thing I know is that it's now inevitable. Warpy Apr 2014 #108
Key words IMO. "The rage is just under the surface." I can feel it too, for RKP5637 Apr 2014 #116
yeah, people are tired of it... PopeOxycontinI Apr 2014 #119
So what positive suggestions do you give them? marions ghost Apr 2014 #130
^^^^^ good points marions ghost Apr 2014 #128
"I can feel it." Me too. polichick Apr 2014 #133
There was a storyline on the cable show "Supernatural" Ilsa Apr 2014 #111
I'm thinking that "revolution" might've already happened. polichick Apr 2014 #112
I keep getting mental images of... 3catwoman3 Apr 2014 #117
A slow revolution has be percolating through our system for some time... Agnosticsherbet Apr 2014 #118
There is already a revolution happening in money Ichingcarpenter Apr 2014 #122
The country would likely split up before any violent revolution. CFLDem Apr 2014 #123
The Oligarchs, Corporations And Banks Own And Control The Politicians That Own And Control Us cantbeserious Apr 2014 #127
In case you haven't noticed the water is rising mikehiggins Apr 2014 #138
Climate change may be the alien invasion we've been waiting for. randome Apr 2014 #147
True - as people are hit with the reality of climate change... polichick Apr 2014 #149
Disruption of the supply chain RandoLoodie Apr 2014 #151
nothing will happen until the rank and file teabaggers realize they've been had. hobbit709 Apr 2014 #157
People Power marions ghost Apr 2014 #158
How would I know? KamaAina Apr 2014 #160
so it looks like you need something horrible to happen for their to be a revolution JI7 Apr 2014 #162
Dennis Kucinich is working at Fox News JI7 Apr 2014 #163
Bookmarking, it is stunning, the power of fear. n/t Jefferson23 Apr 2014 #164
No kidding - some people are too fearful to... polichick Apr 2014 #175
My jaw dropped at where the majority fell in your poll...powerful.n/t Jefferson23 Apr 2014 #182
It really is interesting - I didn't expect those poll results... polichick Apr 2014 #195
I suspect not all, but my reaction was that seems where these feelings of dread stem from. Jefferson23 Apr 2014 #196
Thanks for your input. imo people are seeing how deeply entrenched... polichick Apr 2014 #197
Overwhelmed, yes and agreed, many don't see it yet..which is understandable. n/t Jefferson23 Apr 2014 #200
I think the result would have been diff. even 6 yrs ago. Eleanors38 Apr 2014 #207
I am a writer. I've spent some time considering this very question Savannahmann Apr 2014 #167
That's not marions ghost Apr 2014 #171
Great example of the way it could go... polichick Apr 2014 #174
That is the gruesome scenario that some of the Middle Eastern Countries are living through. KoKo Apr 2014 #206
This thread is revealing about the deeply held institutional conservatism... YoungDemCA Apr 2014 #168
The Y2K Selection was the tipping point IMO lpbk2713 Apr 2014 #173
Most people will go on believing (with varying degrees of hope and despair) that no revolution winter is coming Apr 2014 #180
look at Syria nt Deep13 Apr 2014 #181
More and more leftist 3rd partiers will get elected. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Apr 2014 #201
Liberal Dems are the only ones standing in the way of the TPP... polichick Apr 2014 #208
It will happen in Vermont on a Wednesday. RagAss Apr 2014 #204
The only thing I see coming of an Occupy... Rod Beauvex Apr 2014 #205
Bravo, Polichick. A poll of our Creature from the Id. Eleanors38 Apr 2014 #209
Thank you. 'Course I post here hoping that the needed "populist uprising"... polichick Apr 2014 #210
A year later, we're beginning to see what the "revolution" will look like... polichick May 2015 #211
Kick L0oniX May 2015 #212
Thank-you! :) polichick May 2015 #213
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