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Mon Apr 28, 2014, 05:47 PM Apr 2014

This short video might inspire you, and it will certainly inform. Also, goodbye and good luck. [View all]

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This short documentary explores ongoing resistance and self-organization in the midst of the economic and social crisis in Madrid, Spain.

As social conditions continue to deteriorate across the country, people have been turning to the streets and to each other to find for solutions to the crisis. This film tells a story of the massive mobilization that saw millions of people converge on Madrid on March 22nd 2014, the story of the proliferation of social centers, community gardens, self-organized food banks, and the story of large-scale housing occupations by and for families that have been evicted. The film pieces together many of the creative ways that people have been coping with crisis and asks what the future may hold for Spain.

Filmed and edited in March/April 2014, it is part of the Global Uprisings documentary series. View more at globaluprisings.org

I'll use this post to also say goodbye to DU - I'll be turning my attention to the struggles closer to me. Since I'm neither American nor a Democrat, actively posting here was always weird I guess. FWIW, I found DU just after the Bush selection, and it has kept me going in dire times.

But, using as small a brush as possible, the pervasive american exceptionalism and party cheering I can't stomach.

Good luck to all of you in the struggles ahead - never forget to find joy in the simplest of things - a smile at another person.

With a big thanks for all the enlightening and inspiring things I've read here,

PS: thanks in advance for all your replies. I won't reply individually, as I don't want this to look like a "look at me" post. I don't matter. WE does.
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Carry on, Belgian Mad Cow. Fight where you need to. Comrade Grumpy Apr 2014 #1
U.S.A., U.S.A., U.S.A., U.S.A., U.S.A., U.S.A., ---- Hoppy Apr 2014 #5
I did not read the OP as focusing on provincialism. merrily Apr 2014 #61
k&r... spanone Apr 2014 #2
Keep fighting the good fight BelgianMadCow. progressoid Apr 2014 #3
"... the pervasive american exceptionalism and party cheering I can't stomach." Yeah, me either. Scuba Apr 2014 #4
Me too. Enthusiast Apr 2014 #38
Same. laundry_queen Apr 2014 #55
Yeah, those things and the rest of the conservative stuff. merrily Apr 2014 #60
good speed in your endeavors rurallib Apr 2014 #6
Sorry to see you go. K&R Tierra_y_Libertad Apr 2014 #7
Thanks BMC for your insights...... DeSwiss Apr 2014 #8
I feel that way often..I just come to read the news and hear wonderful clips like this one xiamiam Apr 2014 #21
Namaste. DeSwiss Apr 2014 #32
So sad that you are leaving. Mira Apr 2014 #9
I have followed many of your posts from way back when to current... Tikki Apr 2014 #10
Thank you. nt kelliekat44 Apr 2014 #11
I'll miss you. Solly Mack Apr 2014 #12
You'll be missed. WilliamPitt Apr 2014 #13
What Will said. On both counts. villager Apr 2014 #62
Don't be so final about it. Come back for visits. Good luck in all your endeavors. TeamPooka Apr 2014 #14
Good luck in your acitvities, and don't throw away the password muriel_volestrangler Apr 2014 #15
Hey, many thanks and good luck to you, too, BelgianMadCow. calimary Apr 2014 #16
I will miss you. You offered a unique and valued perspective. Luminous Animal Apr 2014 #17
I will miss you. All the best... panader0 Apr 2014 #18
American Exceptionalism? busterbrown Apr 2014 #19
Started with the right, of course. merrily Apr 2014 #63
Drag... whatchamacallit Apr 2014 #20
not goodbye, BlancheSplanchnik Apr 2014 #22
"the pervasive american exceptionalism and party cheering" - TBF Apr 2014 #23
+++ swilton Apr 2014 #46
You were right, BelgianMadCow Iwillnevergiveup Apr 2014 #24
Well I will miss you greatly, zeemike Apr 2014 #25
... RainDog Apr 2014 #26
and regarding the exceptionalism/party cheering, etc RainDog Apr 2014 #27
i always enjoyed your contributions, you will be missed.. 2banon Apr 2014 #28
Please don't abandon us completely Warpy Apr 2014 #29
I will miss your input and insight... Cheers! Agony Apr 2014 #30
I'm very sorry to see you go - although I totally understand. scarletwoman Apr 2014 #31
My friend! I'm so sad! MannyGoldstein Apr 2014 #33
don't go, just take a break.. i've always enjoyed your posts. dionysus Apr 2014 #34
Thank you, and good luck in all you do. Hekate Apr 2014 #35
I enjoyed your posts. Starry Messenger Apr 2014 #36
Stop back anytime. moondust Apr 2014 #37
Au revoir. dipsydoodle Apr 2014 #39
This message was self-deleted by its author MelungeonWoman Apr 2014 #40
So long and best wishes deutsey Apr 2014 #41
We should all have waffles in your honor.... Spitfire of ATJ Apr 2014 #42
You'll be missed swilton Apr 2014 #43
I am a lump of protein. We are so much more and are under attack.... Junkdrawer Apr 2014 #44
Inspiring video...your voice and perspective will be missed here. KoKo Apr 2014 #45
Thank you for your participation BMC Demeter Apr 2014 #47
I'll miss you. OnyxCollie Apr 2014 #48
Interesting to note snot Apr 2014 #49
I'm the granddaughter of Spaniards - all 4 grandparents were born in Spain. I also lived in Spain.. Sarah Ibarruri Apr 2014 #50
Good points about organizing. Strong unions also play a role in European strikes and demon- merrily Apr 2014 #64
Thank you, and yes, it's not Americans per se. It's the lifestyle and layout of communities. It's Sarah Ibarruri May 2014 #67
Sounds wonderful. merrily May 2014 #68
That's great that your parents voted Democrat. Of course everyone can't agree with everything Sarah Ibarruri May 2014 #69
Maybe Spanish media is more pro-worker than our corporate establishment media? merrily May 2014 #71
I think the Spanish media is way less corporate. I do know one thing tho... Sarah Ibarruri May 2014 #72
I say the same thing all the time. merrily May 2014 #75
I think the reason Democrats and libs don't have 1 organization, is because we are a freer group... Sarah Ibarruri May 2014 #79
I don't think putting the official Democratic Party and liberals in the same basket merrily May 2014 #80
I'm not in favor of a one-party system either, but already we have had a one-party mentality in Sarah Ibarruri May 2014 #81
thank you for being here. mopinko Apr 2014 #51
Thanks for what you've done here. Remember you are alway welcome back. nm rhett o rick Apr 2014 #52
Fare well, BelgianMadCow. malthaussen Apr 2014 #53
This was the first of your posts that caught my attention. chknltl Apr 2014 #54
Losing your voice here is DU's loss me b zola Apr 2014 #56
Put it up on my twitter feed. mackerel Apr 2014 #57
Not everyone touts American exceptionalism, BMC, some do also criticize within our own political mother earth Apr 2014 #58
Sorry to see you go hootinholler Apr 2014 #59
Please return. merrily Apr 2014 #65
bump... nt Jesus Malverde Apr 2014 #66
Dear Belgian Cow, I am sorry to see you leave. But I understand. I too need to move on from sabrina 1 May 2014 #70
I agree woo me with science May 2014 #74
Please see my Reply 76. merrily May 2014 #77
I won't allow it. Someone has to post the truth. merrily May 2014 #76
Thank you for coming here. woo me with science May 2014 #73
I am sorry that you feel compelled to leave. I see you registered long ago. merrily May 2014 #78
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