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7. Saw him on WMUR Sun, AM
Mon May 12, 2014, 03:08 PM
May 2014

Fucking lying shitstain of a snake. Takes any Democratic success, twists it 180^, says it's all wrong, and he's got the answer. Sanctimonius twit!

K&fuckingR.... daleanime May 2014 #1
Recced, because fuck that guy tkmorris May 2014 #2
Juanita Jean has some good comments about Rubio Gothmog May 2014 #3
She's good.. "Marco Rubio is hugging the rightwing wall and leaving scratch marks." Cha May 2014 #14
and he also appears to be exceptionally disingenuous. nt ladjf May 2014 #4
Mosquito Rubio VA_Jill May 2014 #5
About that climate thing ... aggiesal May 2014 #6
Saw him on WMUR Sun, AM Mopar151 May 2014 #7
On his way to becoming a Pox News The Wizard May 2014 #8
"These scientists" will kick your ass all over your soon-to-be drowned state malaise May 2014 #9
a million k&r's BlancheSplanchnik May 2014 #10
Big ol' K&R riqster May 2014 #11
You can't simply "disagree" Dollysmom May 2014 #12
It is the Republican argument BrotherIvan May 2014 #13
The only thing you need to know if you're a politician these days.... elzenmahn May 2014 #15
Paying her way through pre-med program as she works as a manager at Burger King??? What a sick joke. reformist2 May 2014 #16
Ya know not everyone is smart enough for Med school does that mean classykaren May 2014 #17
I love the way he writes OLDMDDEM May 2014 #18
So, when Fla is underwater, freebrew May 2014 #19
Dear Marco Thespian2 May 2014 #20
well stated and welcome! frylock May 2014 #22
Brilliant take down Iwillnevergiveup May 2014 #21
Motherfucker, it's 2014, not 2000. frylock May 2014 #23
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