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Mon May 12, 2014, 04:55 PM May 2014

Is White Male Straight Privilege Real? [View all]

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Just curious to see where we are on this.


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Attend a white privilege conference. JaneyVee May 2014 #1
Of course it is. NuclearDem May 2014 #2
Here's some real data to prove it is real. s-cubed May 2014 #3
Of course it is. Iggo May 2014 #4
Affluent privilege is real. JJChambers May 2014 #5
It is the "icing on the cake" privilege... malokvale77 May 2014 #9
Who has more privilege? JJChambers May 2014 #13
My point was... malokvale77 May 2014 #22
It is getting harder and harder to argue that one can change their wealth dsc May 2014 #59
WWZK? Demeter May 2014 #54
^^^^^^^^^^^^!!!!!!! Squinch May 2014 #58
My answer is "no, yes, no". Donald Ian Rankin May 2014 #6
When one group receives preferential treatment relative to another group, Maedhros May 2014 #7
That is the exact definition of privilege malokvale77 May 2014 #10
I think that the problem for some folks is that they have a definition of "privilege" in their heads Maedhros May 2014 #61
it's also called entitlement noiretextatique May 2014 #29
Yes, clearly 951-Riverside May 2014 #8
I love polls that mock the issues with options that have no bearing boston bean May 2014 #11
I didn't intend disrespect. It's just the way I do polls. nt el_bryanto May 2014 #14
IMHO, it is disrespectful of a very important topic and seemed to boston bean May 2014 #15
I deleted the two options el_bryanto May 2014 #17
No, it isn't about her feelings. If you want to apologize then apologize for blatantly minimizing redqueen May 2014 #18
OK - you are ascribing malice where there was none el_bryanto May 2014 #19
You neglected to add right handed! whistler162 May 2014 #12
Able-bodied, non-veteran, straight white males from 17 to 45 are legally unprotected FarCenter May 2014 #16
"Do racial discrimination, sexism, and anti-gay discrimination exist in the US today?" Nye Bevan May 2014 #20
Why is the term privilege flamebait? el_bryanto May 2014 #21
I understand that your question in the OP essentially means the same thing Nye Bevan May 2014 #24
Well yes but a black person who is unemployed, or about to lose their job el_bryanto May 2014 #25
In general yes, but everything I said about the "privilege" framing still applies (nt) Nye Bevan May 2014 #27
I don't really agree. el_bryanto May 2014 #30
There's a reason you don't often hear politicians talking about "white privilege". Nye Bevan May 2014 #32
Useful for understanding the world - not everything has to be boiled down to it's utility el_bryanto May 2014 #36
If a white friend in a bar was telling you how they were broke and being evicted, Nye Bevan May 2014 #39
Probably not - does that mean I can't use the term ever? nt el_bryanto May 2014 #45
Ah, now we're getting somewhere. Nye Bevan May 2014 #47
because DUers are assumed to be a step ahead in understanding the world el_bryanto May 2014 #53
I think DUers are more representative of your friend in the bar than you think (nt) Nye Bevan May 2014 #60
No, but in other contexts I might. Nothing inherently wrong with picking your battles. n/t nomorenomore08 May 2014 #46
Of course they will if you butcher the meaning of privilege like that. NuclearDem May 2014 #33
If you had a broke white friend being evicted would you talk to them about their "privilege"? (nt) Nye Bevan May 2014 #35
I'm a straight white man who's been out of work for a year and has PTSD. NuclearDem May 2014 #38
That doesn't really answer my question (nt) Nye Bevan May 2014 #41
Yes it does. NuclearDem May 2014 #48
So PoC who've had family members murdered by police etc. should tread carefully nomorenomore08 May 2014 #44
I would suggest they frame it as something like Nye Bevan May 2014 #49
I would never suggest such a thing. They can frame it any damn way they please. nomorenomore08 May 2014 #52
You have begun at least two threads on the subject BainsBane May 2014 #23
I believe I have only ever started threads that discourage the "privilege" framing. Nye Bevan May 2014 #26
Exactly BainsBane May 2014 #28
Hmmm. I don't recall starting *any* threads telling members of color what words not to use. Nye Bevan May 2014 #31
But you do kinda whine a bit when it's used. bravenak May 2014 #34
If suggesting that one framing is less constructive than another is "whining", Nye Bevan May 2014 #37
It's the fact that we heard you and decided to deny your request. bravenak May 2014 #40
Perhaps I am wrong, and that lecturing whites about their "privilege" will, indeed, help Nye Bevan May 2014 #43
It will help once they recognize it and change it. bravenak May 2014 #50
OK, well good luck. We all want the same result in the end (nt) Nye Bevan May 2014 #51
You made clear you objected to the use of the word BainsBane May 2014 #65
Why conflate these? lumberjack_jeff May 2014 #42
what the hell are you talking about? kwassa May 2014 #55
gibberish. lumberjack_jeff May 2014 #62
Irritation doesn't preclude white privilege. kwassa May 2014 #63
I acknowledge my white privilege. Like I did in 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010... lumberjack_jeff May 2014 #64
No. NuclearDem May 2014 #57
Throw "Non-Disabled" on there KamaAina May 2014 #56
If You Could Push A Magic Button.... That Would Turn You Black And/Or Female... WillyT May 2014 #66
Few adults would. lumberjack_jeff May 2014 #67
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