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Wed May 28, 2014, 01:14 AM May 2014

Misogyny should not be tolerated on DU [View all]

And neither, for that matter, should complaining about "misandry" which is just a reactionary way of complaining about feminism in 99.999% of cases, give or take.

The things that are totally antithetical to Democratic and progressive principles should not be tolerated. Misogyny is among those things.

Lest we forget... http://www.democrats.org/people/women There's a whole section in the Democratic Party devoted to women. There's not an equivalent one for men-as it should be. Know why? Because men aren't a socially disenfranchised class, not historically and not currently in the US. Fact.

Feel free to rec this post if you agree, feel free to trash it if you disagree. But I am tired of seeing the most odious, right-wing talking points re: women and feminism on a supposedly progressive site, routinely, day after day. And I know I am far from alone in that regard.

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Everytime i see misandry i start laughing. bravenak May 2014 #1
Seems to be quite the joke on DU Major Nikon May 2014 #60
I was like 8 when the Bobbit thing happened. bravenak May 2014 #71
How old were you last March? Major Nikon May 2014 #74
So something from last march has you riled up during this particular tragedy. bravenak May 2014 #85
Actually I could give a day old dog shit about what happened last March Major Nikon May 2014 #87
I asked you to mind your business and lecture someone else. bravenak May 2014 #92
Discuss whatever you want Major Nikon May 2014 #94
Blah blah blah, misandry, blah blah. bravenak May 2014 #95
Brilliant! Major Nikon May 2014 #98
Is that you? You are cute! bravenak May 2014 #99
Wow! A clever repackaging of the old worn out, "I'm rubber, you're glue" line Major Nikon May 2014 #111
Wahh!! Misandry!! Blah, blah, blah!!! bravenak May 2014 #116
. Major Nikon May 2014 #120
Misandry? randys1 May 2014 #134
Slavery. bravenak May 2014 #142
They can't so they whine... abakan May 2014 #308
I'm am posting in adoration. Starry Messenger May 2014 #141
Thank you. bravenak May 2014 #151
Are those your babies? randys1 May 2014 #159
Yeah, a few years ago, i need to put a new one but they never stay still. bravenak May 2014 #163
He's playing ismnotwasm May 2014 #280
... opiate69 May 2014 #310
No offense to dudes but those are hilarious mackerel May 2014 #401
Yeah i think so too. bravenak May 2014 #412
One of the best damn posts ever!!! theHandpuppet May 2014 #466
Last one i swear. bravenak May 2014 #502
Can you please provide links to jury results Ms. Toad May 2014 #162
I'm not sure how one would even do that Major Nikon May 2014 #267
You better watch it, sulphurdunn May 2014 #320
It's kinda like Churchill said... Major Nikon May 2014 #326
you didn't answer the question. why didn't you speak out against the post she's referring to? CreekDog May 2014 #270
Because I never saw it Major Nikon May 2014 #271
you didn't see it because you don't post in favor of women's rights CreekDog May 2014 #272
So you ask a question, completely ignore the answer, and then answer it for me Major Nikon May 2014 #291
It is hurtful to belittle someone else. Che1969 May 2014 #388
Pot, liberalhistorian May 2014 #405
Did you? pintobean May 2014 #396
Great response BrainMann1 May 2014 #316
Grear response BrainMann1 May 2014 #317
Is it possible to fight against all forms of discrimination at once? joeglow3 May 2014 #184
Because the thread is about misogyny. bravenak May 2014 #199
The position, as laid out above, was clearly not in relation to this thread only joeglow3 May 2014 #274
That's cool man. bravenak May 2014 #367
Well, I can walk and chew gum at the same time joeglow3 May 2014 #387
But the thread is about misogyny. bravenak May 2014 #389
Conversations flow and can cover multiples topics joeglow3 May 2014 #392
Is that a real question? bravenak May 2014 #393
Bullshit joeglow3 May 2014 #398
It is because some whining man always tries to scream misandry! bravenak May 2014 #399
Thanks for finally being honest joeglow3 May 2014 #402
Oh, no, I think you've just shown liberalhistorian May 2014 #408
Go back and re-read what I said joeglow3 May 2014 #452
Oh, I'm perfectly capable of reading. liberalhistorian May 2014 #474
Apparently you need to brush up on your reading joeglow3 May 2014 #475
I am brave enough to rarely lie. bravenak May 2014 #411
Good to know you only care about oppression that affects you joeglow3 May 2014 #456
There is no systematic oppression of males by females in our society. bravenak May 2014 #460
I would not have addressed but for its inclusion in the OP joeglow3 May 2014 #467
And too many posters like you simply liberalhistorian May 2014 #406
Good Lord, do you not realize just liberalhistorian May 2014 #403
WHY is it that, whenever there's a thread liberalhistorian May 2014 #404
Show me those threads and I will talk about fighting ALL oppression joeglow3 May 2014 #453
so, we focus on the women and womens issues, we just do not use the word woman, we use people, so seabeyond May 2014 #462
I was just commenting on the OP joeglow3 May 2014 #472
i commented off your words, was looking for your meaning. seabeyond May 2014 #491
Or the New Black Panther Party. eom. 1StrongBlackMan May 2014 #301
Yeah. bravenak May 2014 #368
Wait wait... abakan May 2014 #309
You mean Joe? bravenak May 2014 #370
THIS --> "You should start a foundation. Men against women laughing at men. You'll make money." bettyellen May 2014 #200
Lots of money in that. bravenak May 2014 #201
I remember when men outed themselves as rapists here and were allowed to stay roguevalley May 2014 #313
That's disgusting. bravenak May 2014 #364
There are also men here who call liberalhistorian May 2014 #409
oh lord I missed those. Given that my nephew's wife is roguevalley May 2014 #413
And then there are all of those baseless comments Art_from_Ark May 2014 #81
Do you have a link to the suggestion that all males be castrated at puberty? nt el_bryanto May 2014 #89
. Major Nikon May 2014 #102
Thank you - that's pretty obscure and it would have taken me a long time to find it on my own el_bryanto May 2014 #104
I'm pretty sure it is a minority view Major Nikon May 2014 #119
Possibly because males have much more power to impose their hang ups than females? el_bryanto May 2014 #122
Possibly Major Nikon May 2014 #148
"I don't care if someone is drunk in a bar..." thucythucy May 2014 #321
It was obviously sarcastic gollygee May 2014 #149
Yes, I've heard that one before Major Nikon May 2014 #155
and maybe it is not meant to be funny. you know. ha ha. maybe it is meant for people to think seabeyond May 2014 #161
Do you think sarcastic = necessarily funny gollygee May 2014 #168
Thank you Captain Obvious Major Nikon May 2014 #250
You're wrong gollygee May 2014 #251
You appear to be not so masterfully dodging the issue, so here it is again Major Nikon May 2014 #252
You are creating a false comparison gollygee May 2014 #254
You are still dodging the question Major Nikon May 2014 #273
It would probably depend on how it was done gollygee May 2014 #275
I'm pretty sure if it were done like the post in question it would get the expected response Major Nikon May 2014 #293
But it's not sarcastic the other way... Dems2002 May 2014 #188
There's lots of male genital mutilation going on right here! AAO May 2014 #341
That's why I refused to have liberalhistorian May 2014 #410
I've got a good Circ story AAO May 2014 #444
The only argument I usually hear is cleanliness. AAO May 2014 #445
So would "sarcastic" misogyny be equally tolerable? n/t lumberjack_jeff May 2014 #257
well in response to genuine misandry I guess it could be: time to trot out Valerie Solanas again! bettyellen May 2014 #285
She said two lines down *in the same post* that it wasn't her point of view. nt redqueen May 2014 #185
There you go interjecting facts again. MadrasT May 2014 #242
Of course it is obscure to a community dedicated to and invested in ignoring it. n/t lumberjack_jeff May 2014 #256
Was it alerted on? Ms. Toad May 2014 #166
it's not that misandry is nonexistent, it's that it's a fake issue paulkienitz May 2014 #269
Exactly. bravenak May 2014 #365
You are certainly not alone in that. TDale313 May 2014 #2
Misogyny is already not allowed davidn3600 May 2014 #3
I smell another witch hunt brewing. zeemike May 2014 #8
You might be right, sadly. nt AverageJoe90 May 2014 #32
you're right because "they" love to obfuscate the issues hopemountain May 2014 #36
So Othering is great psiman May 2014 #43
I considered myself a feminist at one time here. polly7 May 2014 #203
humanist ~ i like this better, too hopemountain May 2014 #489
I'm sorry, does your discomfort require that we change the subject? Hekate May 2014 #42
O rly? How about this for misogyny: geek tragedy May 2014 #12
"radical feminist friends" Skittles May 2014 #16
I said it in reference to a story that was posted davidn3600 May 2014 #19
How many regulars in the MRA group have geek tragedy May 2014 #27
How many regulars in the 2nd feminist group have been banned for being TERFs? Major Nikon May 2014 #31
4thlaw was quite the champion for you guys. geek tragedy May 2014 #40
I just wanted to know how the guilt by association fallacy thing works Major Nikon May 2014 #44
I have no idea what a terf is, and I didn't cite anyone geek tragedy May 2014 #78
A TERF is someone who's transphobic... Violet_Crumble May 2014 #82
When's the last time anyone in a DU feminist group geek tragedy May 2014 #90
About two years ago when Feldspar and Iverglas were there. Why? Is there some time limit you apply? Violet_Crumble May 2014 #93
Transphobia is bigotry, we do not disagree. geek tragedy May 2014 #165
I enjoyed the hot celebrities thread... Violet_Crumble May 2014 #169
Do you think you should pay more for geek tragedy May 2014 #177
No to all of those n/t Violet_Crumble May 2014 #180
I agree with you. nt geek tragedy May 2014 #181
And on that note of agreement, I might head off for the night... Violet_Crumble May 2014 #186
Good morning where I am. geek tragedy May 2014 #190
This message was self-deleted by its author Warren DeMontague May 2014 #331
Republicans have a libertarian wing. geek tragedy May 2014 #332
This message was self-deleted by its author Warren DeMontague May 2014 #342
If you had read more carefully, I noted that the folks in a certain geek tragedy May 2014 #344
This message was self-deleted by its author Warren DeMontague May 2014 #346
you go thru your huge sighs... when we discuss issue. why? you say. WHY??? must we talk seabeyond May 2014 #333
Huh? Warren DeMontague May 2014 #343
The only bit I got was 'you and yours work very very hard at censoring.' Violet_Crumble May 2014 #416
See, those trolls banned from Men's Group were just speaking for themselves kcr May 2014 #144
Does that mean that "smearing" right wingers is fraught with danger, by that same logic? kcr May 2014 #107
I'm not sure what logic yr using. The Men's Group aren't right wingers... Violet_Crumble May 2014 #115
I'm using the same logic you are kcr May 2014 #124
No, yr not... Violet_Crumble May 2014 #128
I'm doing no such thing kcr May 2014 #135
Huh? I was right there where the transphobia was happening... Violet_Crumble May 2014 #138
Look at my start date. So was I. kcr May 2014 #139
What baseless accusations? Violet_Crumble May 2014 #145
The claim about the presence of terfs in HOF and DU feminists kcr May 2014 #147
That's not baseless. They definitely were there... Violet_Crumble May 2014 #153
Baseless. kcr May 2014 #156
How can it be baseless when there were transphobic trolls there? Violet_Crumble May 2014 #167
Because there weren't transphobic trolls there kcr May 2014 #170
Uh, Feldspar definitely was transphobic... Violet_Crumble May 2014 #171
Oh, three? Well, then, never mind. kcr May 2014 #173
What? n/t Violet_Crumble May 2014 #174
Huh? kcr May 2014 #176
I'm pretty positive you don't know what my case is... Violet_Crumble May 2014 #182
I'm sorry, but it appeard to me that when you jumped to the defense of someone who was kcr May 2014 #211
Don't sweat it..... boston bean May 2014 #295
I notice you didn't provide a link with yr creative interpretation of what happened... Violet_Crumble May 2014 #415
No nothing else, except thanks for proving my point. boston bean May 2014 #420
You had a point in all that? Violet_Crumble May 2014 #421
No, my own points. nt boston bean May 2014 #422
Three people were wrong on the internet 2 years ago... PassingFair May 2014 #325
Yr wrong. Plus those transphobes weren't 'supposed terfs' Violet_Crumble May 2014 #414
How exactly do you give someone a "warm welcome" that never even crosses your threshold? Major Nikon May 2014 #86
It's funny when you go back and look at the "favorite group".... ProudToBeBlueInRhody May 2014 #372
Thank you. nt redqueen May 2014 #191
The MRA group? pintobean May 2014 #46
Tell us what % of the posts there are dedicated to: geek tragedy May 2014 #77
You tell us pintobean May 2014 #103
those are actual issues. i do not think i have ever heard pb discuss actual issues. seabeyond May 2014 #108
pinto and pintobean are different DUers. n/t winter is coming May 2014 #121
i shorten everyones name winter. thanks for expressing the need for clarification. i will change seabeyond May 2014 #126
Then you don't pay much attention. pintobean May 2014 #175
LOL, that's all you do! boston bean May 2014 #178
Listen to you pintobean May 2014 #193
You were blocked, not banned. nt boston bean May 2014 #195
lol lol lol. omg. truly. the only posts i have read of yours is discussions of duers. that is it seabeyond May 2014 #179
Bullshit sea pintobean May 2014 #189
you cant "bullshit sea" on this. literally, i have only read posts of yours seabeyond May 2014 #197
So says the king of meta who never ventures geek tragedy May 2014 #223
It's unmistakable. redqueen May 2014 #192
Throw a rock in the air . . . nt geek tragedy May 2014 #198
Yep. I keep seeing the 'only a few' line, but they have their little coterie redqueen May 2014 #207
ya. well. the efforts or whatever to get you kicked off, is not yours alone. for sure. lol. nt seabeyond May 2014 #206
Of course not, but the effort to get me kicked off simply for pointing out that fact redqueen May 2014 #208
yes. sure. there have been so many obvious. but... it also makes it interesting if seabeyond May 2014 #217
comtec, the guy who originally proposed that group, was banned here twice Starry Messenger May 2014 #212
so much. so much to remember. and thank you for reminding me. redq and i were probably seabeyond May 2014 #218
When issues were raised that were genuine, like male parenting Starry Messenger May 2014 #222
i do not think it was a matter of overestimating. i think it may be a learning curve seabeyond May 2014 #225
I know nothing about the events you describe. Laelth May 2014 #322
It is what it is. n/t JTFrog May 2014 #196
You should stop your slanders. DU doesn't have an "MRA group." Comrade Grumpy May 2014 #258
how are their opposition to pay equity measures, conspiracy theories about domestic geek tragedy May 2014 #268
There is no fucking MRA group here. polly7 May 2014 #263
Of course there is Spider Jerusalem May 2014 #417
No, there's not. Violet_Crumble May 2014 #423
Sorry, but... Spider Jerusalem May 2014 #424
Why did you just ignore every question I asked you? Violet_Crumble May 2014 #425
Oh, no, rational people such as yourself boston bean May 2014 #428
Huh? Yr not making any sense at all now... Violet_Crumble May 2014 #433
Again denying that you make any broad brush generalizations. boston bean May 2014 #435
Yes, yr imagining that I said that... Violet_Crumble May 2014 #441
We discussed this in the other thread. I made it clear to you I was responding boston bean May 2014 #443
I did NOT say many at all. I'm not giving you the benefit of the doubt any more... Violet_Crumble May 2014 #449
Oh, but this not many are enough of a road block boston bean May 2014 #451
Yes, they are... Violet_Crumble May 2014 #454
Well, then, if you take your own advice boston bean May 2014 #457
No. You...don't....get....it.... Violet_Crumble May 2014 #458
Oh, ok, so when you see someone calling out HoF we can expect these boston bean May 2014 #463
I've said exactly the same thing about people broadbrushing HoF... Violet_Crumble May 2014 #464
So, if we keep it on a more personal DUER level versus boston bean May 2014 #465
Are you replying to the wrong post? That's got nothing to do with the post you replied to... Violet_Crumble May 2014 #468
Except I didn't say "hate group". Spider Jerusalem May 2014 #429
But MRA's *are* hate groups... Violet_Crumble May 2014 #434
Would you prefer if I'd said... Spider Jerusalem May 2014 #436
Or even better. There are some DUers who use MRA talking points... Violet_Crumble May 2014 #439
Except... Spider Jerusalem May 2014 #440
Since we agree MRA's are hate groups, and someone is using the same arguments boston bean May 2014 #437
Yeah, feminists tried a truce with them, that proves what in your mind? boston bean May 2014 #427
My understanding was it was a three-way truce... Violet_Crumble May 2014 #430
What is going on Violet? boston bean May 2014 #432
What's going on is you seem to be following me round this thread yelling at me... Violet_Crumble May 2014 #438
I presume you think I'm not one of those people you could have a discussion with. Ok. boston bean May 2014 #442
You presumed correctly in this one instance... Violet_Crumble May 2014 #446
The fact is the arguments are identical to those groups BainsBane May 2014 #448
No, I haven't bee to that reddit site... Violet_Crumble May 2014 #450
Well, it would seem to me BainsBane May 2014 #455
But I *do* understand what you said about misandry and MRA critters... Violet_Crumble May 2014 #459
very well stated. Tuesday Afternoon May 2014 #470
This message was self-deleted by its author polly7 May 2014 #469
You should start an OP, Titled I like to Grave Dance bahrbearian May 2014 #338
Or maybe it should be called: "These women hating trolls should never have been on a liberal site, Squinch May 2014 #378
Thanks for sharing Dems2002 May 2014 #26
the definition has changed so much that how people answer the question is meaningless. Demit May 2014 #194
thank you for bringing this up. and let me say. i did not call me a feminist until about a year ago seabeyond May 2014 #215
I turned 18 in 1970, so was growing up in what they call the second wave of feminism. Demit May 2014 #236
and i was right in that time end of 70s, beginning of 80s when i had the most freedom ever, with the seabeyond May 2014 #240
do you meaned banned by mirt or drive by trolls are on mirt? uppityperson May 2014 #239
Agreed and appalled Dems2002 May 2014 #4
Great post. TDale313 May 2014 #6
Ditto to the change making me more vocal Dems2002 May 2014 #9
It's why I decided to stop lurking and start posting betsuni May 2014 #18
I appreciate all three of you in this subthread, and the OP writer very much. Thanks for being here. freshwest May 2014 #23
Yes, to the jury system. Whisp May 2014 #24
You should post more often, Dems2002. SunSeeker May 2014 #7
Thanks for the encouragement Dems2002 May 2014 #11
juries was the change steve2470 May 2014 #21
no moderators, no rules, this is what you get. the minorities will always be at a disadvantage. and seabeyond May 2014 #25
Great post A Little Weird May 2014 #131
my son and i were having that very conversation just yesterday. that the misogyny on du surpasses... seabeyond May 2014 #172
POST MORE! Squinch May 2014 #380
Countless posts on the same topic, like a dead horse beaten and dragged, reanimated, beaten again Puzzledtraveller May 2014 #5
Then stop whining about things that don't really exist - like "misandry." nomorenomore08 May 2014 #14
It's called "Trash Thread." Maedhros May 2014 #30
+1 Jamaal510 May 2014 #38
Ouch A's Fan? HangOnKids May 2014 #265
Was that a threat? Seemed like one. n/t Darkhawk32 May 2014 #339
If there was any lecturing it was from the OP..nt Jesus Malverde May 2014 #62
I'm glad we're having this discussion on the Internet. Maedhros May 2014 #260
Right. Cause stating that misogyny shouldn't be tolerated is such a controversial thing here. Squinch May 2014 #381
Oh I'm sorry, does this topic make you uncomfortable? I'll change the subject then.... Hekate May 2014 #39
. Jesus Malverde May 2014 #63
^^^^This^^^^ Jesus Malverde May 2014 #61
the same can be said about those of you that jump into womens issue threads for a little snark seabeyond May 2014 #118
Thats the guy that told me that i should be happy thats racism is almost over or something. bravenak May 2014 #125
wowser. seabeyond May 2014 #129
I noticed the difference. bravenak May 2014 #133
. Jesus Malverde May 2014 #137
You want i should repost that nasy business? bravenak May 2014 #140
. Jesus Malverde May 2014 #152
You just can't quit me can you? bravenak May 2014 #157
And yet YOU seem to feel the need to discuss it in a great number of posts. Go figure. Squinch May 2014 #382
Ignoring a problem would help how? uppityperson May 2014 #241
What problems get solved here? Puzzledtraveller May 2014 #366
So should the anti Iraq war posts have been banned because they didn't solve the Iraq war? Squinch May 2014 #383
i have had seabeyond May 2014 #384
There's a substantial minority of MRA cranks here. Spider Jerusalem May 2014 #10
You are not alone Hekate May 2014 #13
Uncomfortable??? What the heck are you talking about? AllTooEasy May 2014 #47
What happened these past days? I live where all those youngsters were slaughtered. Hekate May 2014 #51
The original poster talked about misogyny on DU AllTooEasy May 2014 #59
No one should be made to feel unwelcome because of who they are. nomorenomore08 May 2014 #15
Agreed, should be no argument about this imho nt steve2470 May 2014 #17
Fuck yes, "I am tired of seeing the most odious, right-wing talking points re: women and feminism.. bettyellen May 2014 #20
THANK YOU. The Democratic Platform is clear, sane and many of us expect to see it supported at DU. freshwest May 2014 #22
The best framework for gender unity I've seen on DU. Thank you. We need to know the enemy, and it's ancianita May 2014 #209
Rec! Nt. Lunacee_2013 May 2014 #28
First put down that cup of fresh roasted coffee... 951-Riverside May 2014 #29
Helpful hint: It's not their maleness that makes them part of a socially disenfranchised class. Spider Jerusalem May 2014 #33
Helpful hint: Take a long walk outside of suburbia. 951-Riverside May 2014 #35
I never said they weren't. Spider Jerusalem May 2014 #37
"that has nothing to do with their masculinity" Major Nikon May 2014 #52
Paternalistic sexism benefits women in some instances, quelle surprise. Spider Jerusalem May 2014 #53
Which is just another term for sexism against men Major Nikon May 2014 #56
No, it really isn't. Spider Jerusalem May 2014 #58
Fair enough. Then if sexism that benefits women isn't really sexism against men Major Nikon May 2014 #64
Except I didn't say that. Spider Jerusalem May 2014 #65
Actually you did Major Nikon May 2014 #68
It isn't sexism against men because it's based on paternalistic assumptions about women. Spider Jerusalem May 2014 #69
For all your rhetoric you have yet to explain how this matters to the black male Major Nikon May 2014 #72
You know what? I'm just going to put you on ignore. Spider Jerusalem May 2014 #73
Do you remember how many weeks we tried to explain the harm of benevolent sexism? redqueen May 2014 #204
all three that snark most, and created such a battle at that time, has since used seabeyond May 2014 #220
I call it being "deliberately obtuse". It is another p/a tactic. Tuesday Afternoon May 2014 #262
Please don't throw me in that briar patch! Major Nikon May 2014 #314
At least you might try to relate that to the post being shown as a fraud intaglio May 2014 #91
Your words are almost making complete sentences Major Nikon May 2014 #96
Spider called out a fraud that attempted to show slavery was a sign of misandre intaglio May 2014 #101
Ummm, nope Major Nikon May 2014 #109
racism gets discounted in importance by the same six guys who discount the relevance of sexism here bettyellen May 2014 #283
are you serious?! first of all: it's inner city noiretextatique May 2014 #45
+1 nomorenomore08 May 2014 #49
They were disenfranchised because they weren't white. Not because they were male. n/t nomorenomore08 May 2014 #50
this Hispanic man DonCoquixote May 2014 #76
So now you want to talk about Slavery which Kalidurga May 2014 #34
His discomfort and denial require that we change the subject to spare his feelings.... Hekate May 2014 #41
yeah if I had to change the subject every time I said something Kalidurga May 2014 #492
Which was because they were Native, Hispanic, or black. NuclearDem May 2014 #88
Oh, this argument again YoungDemCA May 2014 #243
For example? AllTooEasy May 2014 #48
Here's an example of something we evidently can't complaint about Major Nikon May 2014 #54
Thanks, but I was requesting a DU misogyny example AllTooEasy May 2014 #55
Yes, it's a figment of your imagination. Spider Jerusalem May 2014 #57
"same collective power" does not mean what you think it means Major Nikon May 2014 #66
79 female representatives out of 435, 20 female senators out of 100... Spider Jerusalem May 2014 #67
"collective power" is exercised by the right to vote Major Nikon May 2014 #70
yeah he has a point DonCoquixote May 2014 #79
wow. don. and they aer right. i am exhausted. all of us are. i know too many on du are. and still seabeyond May 2014 #114
L. Ron Hubbard was a scourge. He's still killing people by proxy. chrisa May 2014 #146
Exactly! JTFrog May 2014 #205
Wow, excellent post. redqueen May 2014 #210
The "Gish Gallop" but used against feminists. Starry Messenger May 2014 #227
Sorry, but you don't get your own set of facts Major Nikon May 2014 #318
now to destroy this prop DonCoquixote May 2014 #349
You most certainly did burn down that strawman Major Nikon May 2014 #355
now for this DonCoquixote May 2014 #360
I'm really just not that amused by those who can only argue by analogy Major Nikon May 2014 #374
wow, a whopping 80 cents on the dollar DonCoquixote May 2014 #480
i'll have to rec it. barbtries May 2014 #75
As usual, I prefer more speech over less speech. Laelth May 2014 #80
Should we tolerate a little racism, too? nt redqueen May 2014 #216
If it fosters useful and constructive dialogue, then, yes. Laelth May 2014 #281
male speech. you are for more male speech, or males right to speech. this is an interesting seabeyond May 2014 #221
It remains quite depressing ... Laelth May 2014 #279
on the contrary. you and i disagree just that much. but, no. you like challenging thought? seabeyond May 2014 #284
Thank you. Laelth May 2014 #288
?? trekbiker May 2014 #323
If anyone has the jury results for this post I would love to see them. nt redqueen May 2014 #226
I am shocked that my post, above, was alerted upon. Laelth May 2014 #277
There is only one way to stop it. boston bean May 2014 #83
Misogyny should not be tolerated, but misandry should be allowed? baldguy May 2014 #84
What's misandry? betsuni May 2014 #100
Misandry is hatred for men and/or boys... Violet_Crumble May 2014 #105
I'm sure the poster understands the definition of the word. baldguy May 2014 #112
I figured I'd play the straight guy to a lame attempt at a joke... Violet_Crumble May 2014 #117
'Kay another joke betsuni May 2014 #132
I don't sense any improvement between attempt 1 and 2... Violet_Crumble May 2014 #143
Well then betsuni May 2014 #154
It's like when girls don't let men be the boss. bravenak May 2014 #130
omg... i am so stealin'. i LOVE. h a ha. lol. nt seabeyond May 2014 #136
Good one randys1 May 2014 #330
Generally, "misandry" refers to the hatred and oppression of men on a genotypic basis. redqueen May 2014 #214
but tv shows can just call women liars as if we all accept that. chuckle chuckle. no bashing there seabeyond May 2014 #230
No, you are definitely not alone. demmiblue May 2014 #97
+1 LiberalLoner May 2014 #113
Agreed! Thank you for saying it! City Lights May 2014 #106
I like this idea CFLDem May 2014 #110
It's hard to see men putting their heads in the sand scruboak May 2014 #123
"Misandry" is a dopey dog-whistle. chrisa May 2014 #127
While the term is a real one, I agree it's not a systematic form of bigotry... Violet_Crumble May 2014 #150
Trust me, the rest wasn't a rose garden either. chrisa May 2014 #160
I trust you on that... Violet_Crumble May 2014 #164
just like "reverse racism" noiretextatique May 2014 #261
Ahhh, you haven't been to a typical family court then, have you? LMAO. ;) n/t Darkhawk32 May 2014 #336
i have. a number of times. point? nt seabeyond May 2014 #345
Nothing that I could having a reasonable discussion with you about. Darkhawk32 May 2014 #348
mmmmmm. lol. i hear ya. seabeyond May 2014 #350
. Squinch May 2014 #385
it's just one small handful of clowns making it look bad by posting over and over.... dionysus May 2014 #158
Yes, but it also should not be tolerated anywhere lostincalifornia May 2014 #183
Absolutely, misogyny should not be tolerated. polly7 May 2014 #187
Here is the flaw in the theory DonCoquixote May 2014 #351
And here is the flaw in yours. polly7 May 2014 #395
your flaw DonCoquixote May 2014 #477
Don't put words in my mouth. polly7 May 2014 #479
Remember, though, that one outrageous statement against women does not a misogynist make. ancianita May 2014 #202
nu uh. lol seabeyond May 2014 #233
Sorry, I don't get your meaning. I was just making the case for being judicious. ancianita May 2014 #246
lol. seabeyond May 2014 #248
... ancianita May 2014 #249
the best... seabeyond May 2014 #253
Well, I went an looked at a dictionary... rrneck May 2014 #213
Nothing sexist about calling women overly emotional geek tragedy May 2014 #228
well, that is why we cannot, like, you know, feed ourselves or choose our sex partners, ya know. seabeyond May 2014 #235
Are you feeling overly emotional? rrneck May 2014 #264
whoosh nt geek tragedy May 2014 #266
As a sentient being, a thinking, feeling, perceptive member of the Human Race allow me to Tuesday Afternoon May 2014 #229
oh my fuggin' goddess you are. lol. seabeyond May 2014 #237
woman, ya got that right! Have a great day, sea Tuesday Afternoon May 2014 #244
meh... i will work harder next time, on what works. love this show seabeyond May 2014 #255
'substitute the word human for feminist' Yoo Hoo! Love it! freshwest May 2014 #276
Interesting. rrneck May 2014 #373
Typical reply except it took you all day. Tuesday Afternoon May 2014 #375
I work for a living. rrneck May 2014 #377
... Spider Jerusalem May 2014 #238
.... seabeyond May 2014 #247
I don't think you're off base at all. rrneck May 2014 #376
Somebody looked in the dictionary again. bravenak May 2014 #219
I'm surprised that people aren't being attacked for saying "mansplalning". redqueen May 2014 #224
It will happen soon. bravenak May 2014 #231
This sometimes happens with discussions of homophobia. Starry Messenger May 2014 #232
Straight pride? Are we not proud enough yet? bravenak May 2014 #234
Yep yep. Starry Messenger May 2014 #245
'Misandry is their Benghazi.' I'm gonna remember that one! freshwest May 2014 #278
Sums it up Nicely ismnotwasm May 2014 #282
So if I understand correctly, misogyny should not be tolerated because it is totally hughee99 May 2014 #259
no, read it again maybe? bettyellen May 2014 #286
Which part do I have wrong? hughee99 May 2014 #287
I've read this thread, and seem to have the same understanding as you. Science Crow May 2014 #289
Or perhaps you could get a tutor to help you? bettyellen May 2014 #290
Apparently not. n/t hughee99 May 2014 #292
Posters who are angry about misogyny are not guilty of misandry. Maedhros May 2014 #294
I never suggested otherwise hughee99 May 2014 #296
There is no recourse, as it did not occur. Science Crow May 2014 #297
In the present context, trying to pry into posts discussing misogyny and divert the discussion Maedhros May 2014 #298
I'm not suggesting that I support false charges of misandry, hughee99 May 2014 #299
You make sense, and I agree with you Science Crow May 2014 #300
It's an understandable mistake. Maedhros May 2014 #303
There is no mistake Science Crow May 2014 #306
I think you are being purposefully obtuse if you can't put this OP in the context of the ongoing Maedhros May 2014 #307
I can't Science Crow May 2014 #311
Alas, you can't see the context. Maedhros May 2014 #312
Not only is it tolerated... The MRAs got their own group Ohio Joe May 2014 #302
Women have 5 groups here and men have 1 davidn3600 May 2014 #304
Not counting GD, which seems to be little more than overflow from some of the others Major Nikon May 2014 #305
it's the content... Ohio Joe May 2014 #319
Not agreeing with feminists on every single thing doesn't automatically equal misogyny davidn3600 May 2014 #334
I wish someone would write the history of how the HOF group came to exist. ProudToBeBlueInRhody May 2014 #358
there has been a feminist issue you agreed with? Ohio Joe May 2014 #476
Well...let me think.... davidn3600 May 2014 #485
"What I disagree with is some of these radical ideas like "rape culture."" Ohio Joe May 2014 #490
Im not going to sit here and play these circular word games davidn3600 May 2014 #494
Debate? I agree with you... You defined what an MRA is as well as defined yourself as one. Ohio Joe May 2014 #495
Im done talking about it with you anymore.... davidn3600 May 2014 #496
oh... But I'll miss you so much... Ohio Joe May 2014 #497
dont you think that women should pay more in health care? dont you think there is not a pay seabeyond May 2014 #498
Im tired of words getting put in my mouth davidn3600 May 2014 #499
asking a question is the opposite of putting words in your mouth. it is asking a question for seabeyond May 2014 #501
Don't forget oogling celebrities thucythucy May 2014 #337
Yeah, it's the most viewed thread on DU, thanks. Warren DeMontague May 2014 #353
OOOOO!!!! opiate69 May 2014 #357
This message was self-deleted by its author Warren DeMontague May 2014 #359
Isn't that the singer from The Vinnie Vincent Invasion?? opiate69 May 2014 #362
This message was self-deleted by its author Warren DeMontague May 2014 #363
To be fair to old Vinnie, I think the band in that picture is actually Nitro. opiate69 May 2014 #369
This message was self-deleted by its author Warren DeMontague May 2014 #371
Oooh, the "why isn't there a white history month?" argument. Always a winner. nt LeftyMom May 2014 #335
<squawk!> MRA! <squawk!> You are a one-trick pony. And it's not a very good trick. Comrade Grumpy May 2014 #354
A-yup. opiate69 May 2014 #361
How does he even have time to PLAY video games? Warren DeMontague May 2014 #391
I guess everybody needs a hobby.... opiate69 May 2014 #394
it seems I spend a lot less then those who oppose equality Ohio Joe May 2014 #478
why do you anarchists hate roads so much, dorothy? Warren DeMontague May 2014 #482
you should visit the "men's" group... you would see its true Ohio Joe May 2014 #483
I know there's a "hot celebrities" thread there, which is like the WORST THING EVAH Warren DeMontague May 2014 #484
This may have been said already passiveporcupine May 2014 #315
Sure, that's it Major Nikon May 2014 #324
You have been reading the same threads I have passiveporcupine May 2014 #328
I'm not sure how one can speak "in defense of all women" without trying to speak for all women Major Nikon May 2014 #340
"There's also quite a bit of fear associated with that." polly7 May 2014 #347
Well said Major Nikon May 2014 #352
Very well stated and thank you for providing us with voices we can all unite behind... cascadiance May 2014 #379
Let's assume you are right. Laelth May 2014 #327
I'm not sure it's our place to fix all the broken people in the world passiveporcupine May 2014 #329
Agreed. It's not our responsibility to fix all the broken people of the world. Laelth May 2014 #418
I agree with you that change causes a fear backlash passiveporcupine May 2014 #487
Good post. Thanks. Laelth May 2014 #488
When women and people of color had NO rights, they were very afraid. What did those who were Squinch May 2014 #386
I agree that it's not our responsibility to do anything about these fears. Laelth May 2014 #419
Sorry, but someone who said being against censorship.... ProudToBeBlueInRhody May 2014 #356
Yeah.... Che1969 May 2014 #390
...unless it is supporting a candidate for national political office and the year is 2008. McCamy Taylor May 2014 #397
neither should vanity threads Doctor_J May 2014 #400
I take into account the context of the posts and OP I am reading. Rex May 2014 #407
Trash Feral Child May 2014 #426
Wait! Not all men.... sofa king May 2014 #431
Just wanted to say... flashbang May 2014 #447
I think you underestimate the scope of this problem. Laelth May 2014 #461
I do? flashbang May 2014 #471
Not sure what to do with your hostile reaction. Laelth May 2014 #473
Probably best if we allow the experts in the HOF group to ban as needed... Demo_Chris May 2014 #481
It's so adorable how a few people here simply cannot resist trying to derail these discussions redqueen May 2014 #486
like chris hayes says, wow the way some men get so worked up over a few women. seabeyond May 2014 #493
Exactly. Rhinodawg May 2014 #500
Once again it feels like gay men get ignored. Hosnon May 2014 #503
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